Pizza Delivery with a Twist Ch. 01


My name is Bryce and for most of the week I’m the skinny guy who works at the Home Improvement store. As the weekend approaches, I may introduce myself as Brie. Lucky you or lucky me if we meet on the weekend.

Seven months ago, my friend Jimmy J invited me to ride along with him on his pizza delivery route on a Friday night. It was May, the weather was nice and it was something to do. Food delivery services everywhere were really busy so it shouldn’t be boring.

Jimmy J knows who and what I am so I asked him if he would mind if I dressed for the evening.

Jimmy J said he had no issues with that because the pizza shop owners were a thirty something gay couple and he was used to it. I quickly reminded him that I am a cross dresser and not gay. He apologized and said he would pick me up at 5 pm on Friday.

I have been cross dressing for quite sometime so I had plenty of clothes and equipment to choose from. I settled on a simple outfit. Leggings with thick socks, high tops, my shoulder length brunette wig, a shirt and a light hoodie. My ankles are the perfect size but my ankle bones are pronounced so I cover them with the thick calf high socks.

I use a small battery razor every few days so my groin stays bare. I have found that once you are shaven clean it’s easier to keep it that way with quick trims every couple of days.

I showered and started getting ready about 3 pm. It’s funny to look at myself in the mirror wearing a bath robe and facial make up. I pinned the wig in place and looked in the mirror again. My reflection was taking shape and looking better. The semi low cut shirt identified me as a 34B but did not let you know what color my bra was. I slipped on a black thong and the black leggings. Thongs are very uncomfortable but they are a must with Leggings.

Jimmy J pulled up to my Condo right on time and honked his horn once. I grabbed my little bag, a black mask, my gray hoodie and slipped on high-top shoes and headed out the door. I jumped into Jimmy J’s car and said “Hello.”

Jimmy J said “Hello” and stared at my chest.

I said “yes I have boobs tonight, let’s go.” I put my seat belt on and positioned it right between my bra cups. I think they call this the seat belt effect.

On the way to the Pizza shop Jimmy J explained that I didn’t really need to do anything tonight. He would go inside and grab the take-outs, make the deliveries and take care of the money. I had no issues with that and sat back in the seat. I was dressed in public for several hours so I was pleased.

However, within 2 hours it was quite obvious that this Pizza shop was very popular and the take-outs were non-stop. Jimmy J was a very busy person and was making that paper. As darkness settled in, I decided to ask Jimmy J if wanted me to help him.

I said “I could make some of the deliveries tonight. istanbul escort You drive and I’ll take the order to the door.”

Jimmy J said “I would have to discuss it with my bosses first.” That made sense so I just sat back and enjoyed to ride.

We finished his evening route and he took me home. He handed me some cash but I refuse his offer. He said “it’s OK, just take it, I made good tips tonight and I enjoyed the company tonight.”

I reached over the seats to verified that he had a good time tonight. It was affirmative. I took the cash and stated that I would consider the funds as my first “paid to appear” gig similar to what some celebrities do. I’m on my way to fame.

I asked Jimmy J if he wanted to come in for a night cap and to relax for a few minutes.

He said it was a long night and he had to do it all over again the next day and that he should go home to get some sleep.

I said “look, I am not gay, have never had fem boy sex and I don’t want a boyfriend but it looks like you could use some company. Plus, I had fun tonight being out with a trustful good friend while dressed. I also got a few looks, good or bad, from passing cars, so it was a good night for me.”

He agreed to come in for a quick night cap and turned off his engine.

Before we entered my Condo, I turned to Jimmy J and started to brush him off with my hands. He was covered with flour and that needed to stay outside. In the back of my mind, I wondered if of my neighbors were looking out their window asking themselves “who is that girl at Bryce’s house?”

He asked me what I was doing.

I said “pizza places and pizza guys have flour everywhere, but my Condo doesn’t.” He laughed and allowed me to rub him up and down. I think there were three or four boner verifications.

Once inside I sat him on the small couch and grabbed him a beer from the frig. If he was looking, I gave him a long look of me bending over to get the beer. This is why beer is always kept on the bottom shelf.

I walked right in front of him and extended the beer bottle. Jimmy J was peeking at my crotch as he grabbed the bottle from me. I knew I was hard and so did he.

I told him to enjoy his beer and that I would be right back.

I went to my bedroom and pulled off my leggings and the very uncomfortable thong. What a relief. I kept my top on and changed into standard blue bikini panties. I slipped on my PJ bottoms and went back to the Living Room.

Jimmy J had almost finished his beer and stated he should get going. I stood up and dropped my PJ bottoms right in front of him. He immediately became nervous and was squirming around on the couch.

I said “It’s OK to look. I’m your business partner.”

He said “did you change your underwear?”

I said “So you did peek at me when I escort bayan handed you the beer. And call them panties, my kind like the word panties. I have under wear for my day job and panties for the weekends.”

Jimmy J confirmed that he looked at me earlier while I was directly in front of him. He said “there was nowhere else to look.” I asked him he liked what seen.

“Yes, but I’m not gay.”

I asked him which panties he liked better.

“These panties provide more coverage. I could see everything when you were in your thong.”

I said “Thongs don’t work very well for cross dressers, but did you like what you saw?”

“I’m not gay but you have an amazing body and it had a huge effect on me all night.”

I asked him if he was still “worked up” as I reached down to check for myself.

He moaned “If you’re not gay why are you feeling me up now, like you on the front porch?”

I replied that I normally get frisky when I have a chance to dress and having someone stare at my fake boobs all night amplified my senses.

I said “look, all CD’s want to turn a guy on at least once. I think I accomplished that tonight. I am a committed weekend CD but have no interest in sex with men. I am a bottom virgin and plan on keeping that status.”

I continued with “But I know you worked hard tonight and had to go most of the night with a boner at my expense so maybe there is something we can do about that.”

He replied “I’m not gay either so I don’t think there is much we can do.”

My response was to walk around to the rear of couch and bend over on my elbows and said “come over here and let me know if you like the view.”

He nervously came up behind me and asked “What should I do Bryce?”

“Call me Brie when I’m dressed. Drop your pants and try rubbing off on my panties.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before Brie.” Out of the corner of my eye I seen his jeans hit the floor.

I said “Neither have I, but if you thrust your hips and rub yourself on my panties, I will wiggle back at you and see what happens.”

“I don’t want to put it your butt.”

“I don’t want it my butt either, now start rubbing.”

He started to thrust and rub and I did my best to wiggle my butt all over him. We probably looked ridiculous but I think the job was getting done. I like this activity, but knew I would have to get better at it.

Jimmy J had one hand on my hip and one hand holding himself down on my ass and was getting after it when I felt my panties getting pushed aside. I wasn’t ready to hit the panic button yet so I let the activity continue. I also felt the front of my panties getting wet.

A few moments later I felt his skin on my skin. He managed to push my panties aside and had his hot man meat right in crack. It felt great so I let it go for a Kurtköy escort moment or two and then said “Watch what you’re doing partner.”

Jimmy J was still working himself deep into my butt crack when I felt my own release. Good thing I still the panties on or there would been a mess beneath me.

Then he started grunting so I knew what was about to happen. I wanted him to squirt all over the back but I was afraid to ruin the carpet if he missed.

It seemed like I had no choice but to spin around and drop to my knees and open my mouth. So, I did and said “Put it in my mouth and finish.” Jimmy J did not miss a beat and entered my open mouth while still thrusting his hips. Yeah, right Jimmy J, this is your first time LOL.

His release filled my mouth full. There must have been five or six streams. The temperature was overwhelming. I hardly noticed the salty taste. I figured it had been a minute since Jimmy J had sex due to the amount of cream to shot into me.

Jimmy J felt back against the wall and starting panting. The poor guy was totally spent. It seemed like my job was half over, now I had to do something with my mouthful of man seed.

I did not want to ruin the moment by running to the Kitchen to spit it out so I doubled down and swallowed. It was a hard swallow, but I did it in one throat motion. His taste was different than my own but it was basically the same.

“Thanks Brie, that was amazing, but I’m not gay so I don’t know how to take care of you. I cannot do what you just did.”

I stood up and pointed to my very soaked panties. I said “It happened when I felt the warm skin of your fat cock between my butt cheeks.”

I peeled down the wet panties and took them off to protect against leakage on the carpet. I took the opportunity to show him my fully shaved crotch and said “you need to trim down there if you like my mouth.”

“You mean this might happen again?”

“I don’t know, it might be gay if we did.”

“I’m not shaving myself bald.”

“A little trimming will do. Just take it down a bit and be careful with the clippers.”

“Maybe you should it for me.”


He was still staring at my wet and shaved crotch when I broke the ice with a “my boobs are here” joke. We both chuckled. I said “for two guys who are not gay, that was a fair amount of sex.”

“What happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.” I nodded in agreement.

I knew he was spent but I dropped back down and sucked on him for another minute. I may have graduated from a weekend cross dresser to a cross dressing cock slut.

Jimmy J said he had to go and that he would discuss our delivery partnership proposal with his bosses the next day.

I told him to make sure his bosses knew exactly what I was bringing to the proposed partnership so there were no misunderstandings. I was planning on dressing for the job every Friday night.

“Eat more oranges or strawberries.”

He looked at me with a puzzled face.

“It improves the taste” and I closed the front door.

End Pizza delivery with a twist 01

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