No Small Business


So the truth was, I’d hired her for her tits. The benefit was, she was sharp as a tack, the heart and soul of the daily operations as it turned out. The fact that Theresa had looks, and like I said a great pair of tits that she (sort of) enjoyed showing off was an obvious factor when I had hired her on. Being damn intelligent and multi-functional, I only learned after she had started working for me. Theresa had an olive complexion, long dark hair with deep-set brown eyes and full lips that were just begging to be kissed every time she looked at you. And boy was I tempted to do that too. Something made harder by the fact we spent a great deal of time alone in the office with no one else there to walk in or bother us, except on very rare occasions.

As a small business owner, most of which was conducted via the Internet, we had a staff of twenty additional employee’s all of which worked from their homes, so it was rare that any of them had to come in, unless it was for training, especially new hires, which Theresa and I handled together. But beyond that, it was usually just her and I that were there all alone during the day.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea that I had hired her either. Though I’m not sure I could have done without her once she had settled in. The problem was, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, what she looked like nude, and those amazing tits…always the tits. Sometimes Theresa would wear something just a “little” lower in the neck on occasion, that would give me a titillating view of those soft firm slopes, though never anything overly suggestive, or even daringly sexual if there even was such a thing. And I was always careful about looking too, never making it obvious or overtly flirtatious in any way. For one, I didn’t want to chase away the best employee I’d ever had, and two…Theresa had a boy friend.

Oh and three. I was twice her age. Theresa was just a year out of high school at nineteen, and for all I knew, still a virgin though just to look at her, I highly doubted that. I was thirty-eight, married and now divorced, and adding to that, being so busy with the new business as of late, I had put everything else on hold, including my sex-life. Now that things were starting to take shape the way I’d envisioned it, the old urges were coming back again, but there were no prospects on the horizon at the moment. Just my right hand and secret fantasies of Theresa that I allowed myself to indulge in periodically throughout the course of the day.

But that’s as far as it ever went.

Theresa had been working for me for over three months when she came into work on Monday after a long three-day weekend. She looked like shit, first time I ever remembered her looking all haggard and worn out. I could only imagine, but then I saw the look on her face and realized it hadn’t been one of those kind of weekends.

“Hey? You ok?” I asked. She looked like she was about to cry at any moment. I’d never seen her look like that before.

“I will be,” she answered, then stiffened her lip to keep it from quivering. “Eventually.”

Normally I wouldn’t have pushed it, given her some space, but I was truly concerned as she sat there not at all looking like she had any desire to be.

“Listen kiddo,” something I always called her around the office, which usually never failed to bring a smile, but this time it didn’t. “If you need some more time…”

Theresa hadn’t as yet earned any time off work, but I wasn’t about to offer it without paying her for it either and told her so. “Thank you, I appreciate the offer, but really Jack, I’m better off here than moping around at home by myself.”

She’d only called me “Mr. Meuff” once, I’d told her straight away that from now on, it was Jack, and she had called me by my first name ever since. Though that first initial conversation had been interesting enough the day I’d hired her. She had sat looking at me for a moment, then with all seriousness on her face she grinned. “I’m sorry, but you do know what that sounds like yes?”

Yeah, I’d heard it a lot, especially growing up in the States though my parents were Dutch and had brought me over here to live when Dad got transferred, and though my last name wasn’t exactly pronounced like that, it didn’t take long for people to pick up on the obscene phrase and most often question me about it.

“Yeah, but it’s pronounced more like ‘Meeuuf’, not…me off,” I told her, though it obviously did sound a little like I was saying that whenever I introduced myself. “Jack Meuff,” I said once again…and laughed as Theresa blushed. Another reason I had decided to hire her on the spot, obviously she was a good sport, open-minded, and didn’t get all freaked out over something that could be even more awkward than it already was.

“So…what happened?” I asked her back in the present though the memory of that day still lingered in the back of my mind as I looked at her, her face still reddened with the non-meant implication as I had shook her hand.

“Bobby and I broke up,” she said simply. Though I was pleased that she felt comfortable enough to tell me that for one, and pleased in muğla escort another way as though I had only met him one time, I hadn’t liked him then when I did. He seemed smug, over confident, and obviously full of himself, though I had never told her that.

“How come?”

“It’s pretty icky,” she said her eyes threatening to spill over.

“So’s my name if you say it wrong,” I told her, “Not that that is mind you…but sometimes people look at me like I am or something.”

That she did smile at…remembering, just as I’d been doing, and then actually laughed. “Thank you…I sort of needed that,” she said, though once again, the smile had disappeared.

“Seriously Theresa, you can tell me, anything…you should know that by now,” and hopefully she did as she looked up and began speaking though the tears which had been threatening to fall began to.

“Well, on Friday when you let me off half a day to make a long weekend even a longer one? I drove over to my boyfriends place to surprise him, and got a little surprise of my own.” I handed her a tissue, she blew her nose, took another for her eyes that were now smeared with mascara and continued. “Wanting to surprise him, I let myself in, and first thing I heard was some girl screaming out at the top of her lungs as she came.”

This was getting pretty nitty gritty here, but I wasn’t about to stop her either. “Go on…” I coaxed instead, and saw her relax, once again giving me a half smile along with a nod of her head and began.

“So anyway, I walk down the hall towards the bedroom, though I don’t know why I didn’t just turn around and leave. I’d been suspecting something for a while now, but I guess I needed to see it in order to confirm my suspicions. Sure enough, I walked in to the bedroom, and there Sherry was, facing me, riding my boy friend’s cock. He couldn’t even see me, had no idea I was there, but Sherry did. And all she did was smile at me, continuing to ride him, and now screaming even more loudly than she had been as Bobby’s yelling ‘Yeah baby yeah…fuck my hard big cock!”

Obviously I had never heard Theresa talk like this before, and I wasn’t about to go in to some sort of diatribe about appropriate conversations or words we should or shouldn’t speak in the workplace. Especially when I had been thinking far worse thoughts than those nearly every single day since she’d started here.

“Damn kiddo, I’m sorry.” Even that one didn’t bring about a smile, she was way past that one now.

“Yeah well, should have been expecting it. But like an idiot, even though I wasn’t a hundred percent sure the two of them were over one another, I started seeing him anyway. All he wanted to do was get inside my pants, which he eventually did of course, my bad…but I guess I wasn’t even good enough in that department to keep him from wandering back to her.”

“Listen, Theresa, I don’t think it had anything to do with your being bad…or even good in that department as you call it. I think…the boys an idiot, and would have done what he did regardless, he thinks too much of himself, and far less about you, or any other woman for that matter to give it a second thought.”

It was the truth, but I could see that she was obviously still upset by it, and had just as obviously been crying over it nearly the entire weekend as I could see. “Maybe, but I still feel like a total idiot!”

“You shouldn’t…” I began.

“Not because of what he did, but because I knew better, I had even told myself it was eventually going to happen, and I went ahead and dated him anyway, and even let him take me to bed. That’s what I’m mad about more than anything…not him so much, but myself!”


Theresa took a breath, and really did blush then as she sat looking at me, mulling over whether she should say anything more to me or not about it. “You sure you want to hear that too?” she asked.

“Another icky one?” I smiled.

“Depends on how you look at it I guess, and maybe you’ll look at me differently if I do tell you,” she stated with a very serious and very worried expression on her face.

“Every time I introduce myself to someone who doesn’t know me, I get a pretty different look too kiddo.” I had thrown her a double punch there, hoping to lighten her up some. It seemed to help, and though she didn’t exactly smile at me, she did take a deep cleansing breath.

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she told me. “And I truly hope this doesn’t shock you too much, which it may.”

I steeled myself wondering what on earth she could possibly say that would shock me any more than she already had in speaking so freely, though I had chalked that off to her being upset and needing to tell her story. But then…she did.

“It’s not like I’ve slept around, or been with a lot of men. I haven’t, in fact…only two. But I decided a long time ago that if and when I did, I wasn’t going to hold back either, I was going to explore it, explore myself and enjoy it, which is something I have always done Jack, and never looked back on it with any regrets. The bottom line is, I am a very, very sexual person. I enjoy sex, I crave it, and I love it, and I’m not about to deny it either. But having said all that, and in doing so, I’m telling you that there wasn’t anything Bobby didn’t ask me to do for him that I wasn’t willing to do. And I did, even when I wasn’t at first sure about it, I still did. Things I can’t even bring myself to tell you about. But the bottom line is this, even after all that, even after giving him whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it…however he wanted it, he still ended up going back to his ex-girl friend. So that’s what I’m really upset about Jack, not Bobby so much and what he did, I should have known better. But I’m more mad at myself for allowing myself to be this way more than anything else.”

I truly was speechless and just sat on the corner of the desk looking at her with my mouth hanging open.

“See? I did shock you didn’t I?” she said, the water works once again starting up.

“No! No! Theresa, shock me? No. Surprise me a little? Yes!” I said, standing as I did, surprising myself then, and perhaps her to some extent as I pulled her up from her chair and hugged her, letting her cry, sobbing now into my shoulder as she did. “It’s gonna be ok,” I said soothingly. “You’ll see…you’ll eventually forget all about him and go on…”

“I already have,” she said gathering herself. “Bobby I mean. But it’s me that I’m worried about because of the other thing.”

“The other thing?”

“Yeah…the sex thing. Maybe I should get help or something Jack, I mean, is it normal for me to want it as much as I do? Enjoy it as much as I do? Even if it was with….with what’s his name?”

That made me laugh. “I should be so lucky,” I said not realizing I had spoke that aloud. “It’s been so long since I’ve been with anyone, I’ve forgotten what it even feels like!”

Theresa stepped back, looking at me. “You?”

“Yeah…me, and since we’re being honest with one another here,” I told her. “I think I’ve got an even higher sex-drive than you do, and here I am…damn near celibate again, though not on purpose mind you, hell Theresa, I’m constantly thinking about it, all the time in fact…especially when we’re here…” Now I did catch myself, and shut up, though my wide-open eyes had already spoke volumes.

Theresa stood looking at me. I wanted to swallow…anything in fact, but there was nothing too swallow, my mouth had gone completely dry. “You’ve had thoughts…about me?” I felt my face suddenly turning scarlet. There was no denying that I had, and I didn’t need to say the words to tell her I obviously had been either.

“How could I not?” I heard myself saying, though it sounded like someone else’s voice was speaking when I did. “You’re a beautiful woman Theresa, and yes…I’ve fantasized about you, a lot in fact, but out of respect for you, I’ve kept my distance, for obvious reasons.” I added. “And I would never…never want to do anything to chase you away either, so I have behaved myself, as much as I wish I hadn’t.”

For a moment she just stood there looking at me. Even the expression on her face didn’t give anything away, confusing me further. “I don’t want sex coming between us,” she stated. “I like working here, I like my job…and I like you.”

Somewhat relieved, though simultaneously disappointed too, I answered. “Listen Theresa, I would never ever ask you, expect you, or force you…”

She interrupted me, not with words, but suddenly reaching down and pulling the form fitting lightweight sweater she was wearing up and over her head. Whatever words I was about to say, dissipated like rain on a hot sidewalk.

“No one forces me to do anything,” she said as she now stood there, her gorgeous boobs even though encased in a black lacy bra, stood prominently, beckoning to me. “As long as you promise me a couple of things, sex is just sex between us. I don’t want it to change how you treat me, or that you will show me any favoritism. I couldn’t handle or accept that. And if and when you decide no more…and that door closes, then you need to know it will never open again either, just as it never will for Bobby, or anyone else as long as we are. So if you decide you want to have sex with someone else, then fine…I’ll accept that, but the door has to close then too, ok?”

“Ok,” I said simply, still stunned that I had just heard what I had, but she was smiling, tears no longer rolling down her face. “Cool, now…go lock the front door and meet me in your office.”

By the time I got back to my office, Theresa had already cleared off my entire desk. I wasn’t exactly a neat freak, not by any means, but I had never left my desk really cluttered either. She was entirely naked, lying on my desk when I came in. I stopped, trying to catch my breath, she was beautiful, a vision that I thought would certainly shimmer and fade away as though dream.

“You’re not the only one who’s had fantasies Jack,” she informed me. “Once, when you’d gone out to lunch, I came in here, and masturbated, right here on your desk, just like this…” She was doing so even now. Her legs spread, bent at the knee, her fingers busily working the folds of her pussy as she lay there looking up at me. “Surprise you? So see? I’ve thought about you too, like I said earlier Jack, I am a very sexual person, and I don’t mind admitting it, I just am. And yes…I have thought about you, wondered what it would be like to have sex with you, though I wouldn’t have acted on it either, until now.”

I was so hard, I could have become petrified as I stood there. Even Theresa looked down towards my crotch, seeing the obvious bulge that had formed there. “Come here…” she said wiggling her finger at me. “I have something for you. But first…take off the clothes!”

In two seconds, I was as naked as she was, stepping up to the desk, she was the perfect height as she reached down, grasping my hard cock for the first time and began using it to masturbate herself with. “Jack? Did you know I never wore any panties to work since I’ve been here?”

Suddenly images filled my head. Obviously we dressed casually at work, almost too casually, or rather I did anyway. Theresa had very often worn shorts yes, but she had also worn several summer dresses, always looked nice, and now I had images of her wearing them, with nothing on beneath. “Oh my God!” I mewled as she continued rubbing my cock against herself.

“It made it so easy for me to sit at my desk and finger myself, even when you were back here in your office working, I think I came at least three times a day doing that,” she informed me, making me even harder than I already was, if that was even possible. “And once…when you were leaning over my shoulder, pretending to show me those new spread sheets? Though I knew damn well you were also looking down my blouse? Well…what you didn’t know, was that I had a vibrator in my pussy at the time, something I always keep in my purse, and was getting off as we sat there, and you never even knew that I was.”

Once again I moaned, the spunk threatening to explode from the tip of my cock any second now, far too soon…but oh so needed. “It’s nice being able to tell you all this now Jack, telling you all my dirty, naughty secret thoughts, all the fantasies I’ve had about you, and now…now holding this stiff cock against my pussy, feeling it throb, knowing how much I want to have you inside me.” She let go then, and I shoved, slipping into her easily, fully. I felt the warmth of her sweet tight cunt engulfing me as I hilted myself into her as deeply as I could. I heard her breath escape between her lips as I did so, and without thinking, simply leaned over, kissing those full luscious lips of hers, something I had been dying to do ever since the first time I had seen her.

“Fuck me Jack, fuck me!” she hissed as we continued kissing, our tongues dancing together as I began sliding in and out of that hot wet passage, slow at first until I felt her hands digging into my back, urging me on. “Fuck me hard Jack…hard, make me cum with you, let me feel your hot juicy cum filling my cunt!”

The urgency was too much, the need too great. In moments, I felt the first hard surge of my spunk filling Theresa’s pussy, her own lubrications suddenly joining mine, the near ear piercing scream of her pleasure filling the room as we climaxed together.


Coming to work before had always been a joy and pleasure for me. But now, not only did I come into work with a smile on my face, but also a hard-on in my pants. Theresa worked just as hard and efficiently as she always had, perhaps even more so that she had put her idiot boyfriend behind her. There was a constant smile on her face now, which naturally kept one on mine as well. But what I loved about her beyond all that, was the excitement, spontaneity and unbridled excitement that she had brought into my life.

Now knowing that she never wore panties to work made other things a lot easier as well. And if I had thought I had a high sex drive, I soon learned that Theresa’s was probably even greater than my own. She hadn’t been kidding when she’d told me that, and enjoyed teasing me, flirting with me whenever she could, or whenever the job actually didn’t get in the way of her doing so. There were times I would come out to hand her something that needed to be added to the spreadsheets we kept. Wearing one of those sexy comfortable dresses she had been, Theresa would hear me, stand, without even looking back towards me, and then lean over the edge of her desk, facing out towards the window. Something else that never failed to get a rise out of me whenever she did that. Our office was small, sandwiched between a small print shop next door, and another small shoe repair business on the other side. Because of that, there were the occasional few people coming and going, walking or passing by our own store. We both knew of course, that unless you walked right up to the window and peered in, it was difficult to see much of anything. There was only a hint of activity inside, as we had both seen and realized. But it was the thought of standing there, as I was now, having walked up behind her as she leaned over, revealing that sweet juicy split which sat winking at me. Even as I saw her as I emerged from my office, I was already unzipping my pants, my cock long ago hard as I had sat looking out towards her, watching her working.

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