My Neighbor


Fall 2000, 20yrs. Old

I’d just turned 20 when I saw my neighbor, Josh. It was my day off, and I had been to a pretty lousy Sci-Fi movie. I noticed my neighbor struggling to unlock his door and carry in his groceries. I’d met Josh a few weeks earlier and we’d speak in passing.

Josh was about 40. He’d been in an accident when he was younger and was now wheelchair bound. He was slender, with blonde hair and brown eyes. He was usually smiling and whistling.

But not today. He was obviously in a lot of pain. I helped him in and put away his groceries. I helped him into his recliner. He relaxed after I got him settled. He offered me a beer and we visited a while. He suffered severe headaches regularly and one had come on while he was out.

I still saw pain in his eyes. I closed his curtains, darkening the room slightly, and turned down a couple of lights. I stood behind him and massaged his temples and head. (My mother used to have migraines and I learned what helped ease her pain.) I rubbed and kneaded his shoulders and neck.

“That feels wonderful!” he exclaimed. Thank you!”

I rubbed his head a few more minutes until I noticed he’d fallen asleep. I let myself out. I left my phone number and mentioned he could call me, if he needed anything.

About two hours later, Josh called, and apologized for falling asleep. I laughed it off. He asked if I’d like to come over for supper. I accepted and put one of my few casual dresses. Dinner was simple Pendik Grup Escort and nice. I found I enjoyed Josh’s company. After that evening, I’d go over a couple of times a week for coffee and a nice visit. Sometimes, I’d go over and cook for him. He didn’t have visitors. I’d see a guy come over 2-3 times a week and thought it might be his physical therapist.

I could tell Josh thought I was attractive: I’d catch him checking out my bottom when he thought I wasn’t looking. I thought he was cute and was a little disappointed he didn’t seem interested in me.

One evening, I heard a loud argument followed by the front door slamming. I waited a few minutes then went over. Josh looked depressed, but didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t push, but sat across from him, legs tucked under my skirt. I could see him looking at me differently, almost, but not quite, lustfully.

Before I left, he asked me to help him into his bed. His muscles were hurting after his therapy. His therapist normally helped him, but they’d had a fight and he stormed off in a huff. I massaged his back a while then went home.

Josh started letting me stay when his new therapist came. The therapist taught me how to better massage Josh. Occasionally, I’d administer the massage and let the therapist leave early.

One evening, he was on his back and I was working his thighs. I noticed a bulge under his boxers. Josh turned red.

“May I help you with that?” I asked, Pendik Manken Escort then stroked his shaft with my oily hand.

He was about six inches erect, but nice and hard, with a slight curve. He came after a few strokes and turned even redder. I wiped us up, then went back to work on his thighs. His cock stiffened again!

“Hmm! Needs more work!” I teased.

With my back towards him, I leaned over and took him into my mouth. He gasped with pleasure.

“You don’t have to do that,” he said quietly.

“I don’t mind,” I replied. “I like sucking cock…Unless you want me to stop.”

He didn’t reply, so I kept sucking. I felt his hand on my back, slowly moving down to my bottom. He lightly caressed me awhile. I stopped and removed my panties, then started sucking again. He took the hint and put his hand under my skirt feeling my bare skin. I lightly sucked a few more minutes, then stood and removed my top. I stepped out of my skirt.

“I don’t want to offend you, but I’m Gay, “he said.

“How do you feel about Transsexuals?” I asked as I turned around.

He smiled as he saw my now erect cock. “I think I’m going to find out!”

He then added, “You’re going to have to ride me, though.”

I smiled, then climbed on the bed straddling him. I reached behind him and guided his cock into my waiting asshole, sliding down onto him. I rocked up and down his shaft. Josh groaned in delight. He played with my breasts a little, Pendik Masöz Escort but was more interested in my cock.

I leaned back slightly and rested my hands by his thighs. As I rode him my cock danced enticingly before his eyes. Soon, he was running his fingers underneath my shaft and caressing my balls before gently cupping them. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft. As I rocked and bucked on his cock, I was fucking his fingers with mine. With his other hand, he traced the lines of my stomach.

I came, covering his stomach with my cream. I kept riding him and was soon rewarded with him filling my ass. I angled forward and lay against him.

“I want to kiss you,” I said. “You can close your eyes and pretend I’m another guy, if you like.”

He kept his eyes open. Josh held me close and kissed me like I desired!

He asked me to turn around so he could watch his cum leaking out my asshole. I raised myself and positioned my ass over his mouth. He pulled my down and proceeded to lick his cum out of my ass. He stroked my cock while his tongue probed into my asshole. I soon came again.

I told Josh I wanted to lick his stomach and cock clean. And that I would be pleased if he played with my asshole. He teased my rim with a fingernail while I sucked him back to life. His head rubbed against my tongue. I heard him groan as he neared another orgasm. I swallowed all his delicious load.

Afterwards, I lay in his arms. Josh stroked my hair. I cleaned us up and fixed a snack.

“I could get used to this!” he exclaimed. “You’re better than my last boyfriend. And prettier, too!”

We saw each other several more times, but only fucked once or twice more. Josh found a new boyfriend. But we remained friends until he moved.

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