My Mother-In-Law Needs It Ch. 02


It had been five days since my mother-in-law, Lola, asked me to have sex with her. That night, I fucked her while the fireworks were going off. Then, unbeknown to Lola, Bob, my friend, came in the room and fucked her, thinking it was me going for seconds. While he is fucking my mother-in-law, I got hard again and she received her first double-penetration. At the end of the Fourth-of-July party that my mother-in-law threw, I told her that Bob and I would drop by to see how she is “doing”.

On Thursday morning, around 9 am, I went back to my mother-in-law’s house. My wife had just left for work and her 18-year old sister, Heather, had just left for summer school. I found Lola wearing a robe and having coffee and reading a newspaper. I knocked on the back door and she opened it, letting me and Bob in the house. She asked us to sit and if we wanted to have anything to eat. I could only think of one thing that can satisfy my appetite. She poured herself another cup of coffee and sat between me and Bob. She said that although Saturday night was fun, it was also a mistake, that she had a little too much to drink and that she shouldn’t have let it go that far.

Bob, beginning to think that he might not get any pussy from this woman, interrupted her and said that she had loved being fucked and Beylikdüzü Zenci Escort had begged him to keep going Saturday night. I said that it was too late to go back and now she had two hard dicks hanging around her kitchen. Lola looked at me, shocked at what I said. I gave Bob a nod and watched as he pinned my mother-in-law against the wall and started untying her robe. My friend Bob was big and tall. He grabbed both of her wrist with one hand and used the other to strip her naked. I walked towards my mother-in-law’s bedroom, motioning for Bob to carry her and follow. Completely naked, bob picked her up and carried her to the same bed that we had fucked her Saturday night. She begged us to stop and not rape her but we didn’t care.

I started rubbing her mound while Bob tried to stick his cock in her mouth. Lola managed to keep her mouth shut and avoid it for a while until I pushed two fingers into her pussy and began finger-fucking her. In and out, my fingers went. The faster I pushed, the less she resisted and her mouth opened up to moan. Bob found it easier to slide his cock into her mouth. The more she moved her head to remove his cock out of her mouth, the more of a blow job she was giving him. When my mother-in-law stopped trashing her head around, Beylikdüzü Manken Escort he started fucking her mouth.

It didn’t take long for Lola to cum on my hand. Another orgasm hit her for a second time and she almost passed out. Bob’s rapid thrust into her throat brought her back to reality and she knew he’s about to cum. He came in her mouth and swallowed all of it. She just laid there motionless as we pondered on what to do next. It was only 9:30 in the morning.

We moved Lola on her hands and knees. I knew at this point she wouldn’t be refusing any more fucking. I had removed my clothes and placed my cock in front of her face. Contemplating, she stared at my cock, pre-cum dripping out of it. Bob stuck his hardening cock into her pussy and her mouth opened to let out a cry of pain and pleasure. As soon as Lola’s mouth opened, I filled it with my cock.

Bob went in deeper with each stroke until he had his entire 10-inch cock into her. His balls slapped her clit every time he pounded deep in her. I was trying to do the same with her mouth. I kept pushing deeper until she gagged. It didn’t take long before she was cumming again. This encouraged me and pushed harder with my cock into her mouth, my balls hitting her chin. My mother-in-law was Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort now deep-throating me. Both of us pounded Lola’s pussy and throat hard and both came at the same time.

Lola was wasted and unable to move. Bob pulled his cock out of her sloppy pussy and I wasted no time filling it with mine. I fucked her for a minute then pulled out. I did this a few times. When I pulled out, I rubbed my cock between her pussy and asshole, making her guess on which hole I would push my cockhead into. She had no idea until I started pushing the head of my cock into her asshole. She begged me to stop, but I just kept going deeper with each stroke. Once all the way in, I started to pound it hard. Her legs gave way and I fell on her, still sliding in and out until I came in her ass and pulled out.

Bob and I continued to take turns on her all morning. Both of us fucked her five more times. I fucked her ass one more time while Bob was in her pussy. I unloaded twice in her pussy and one more time in her mouth. We needed to clean up so we all went into the shower. Once inside, we immediately started to grope her and poke her with our cocks. I hoisted Lola up and slid into her pussy while Bob got behind her and pushed himself into her ass and started sliding in and out of her sore holes. The whole time we squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. In the four hours that we fucked her, she came 23 times. The only reason that we stopped was because school was about to let out and her 18-year old daughter would soon be home. Bob and I quickly got dressed, thanked Lola for a wonderful fuck, and that we would see her again soon.

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