My Grandmother, My Teacher Ch. 04


The week had gone by so fast and here it was, Friday night and grandma and I had made love in every room of the house. Every day was nothing but fucking and sucking in every position possible. Well except for Thursday, she said that she was worn out and needed a rest. But Friday morning we were back at it! She started the day by climbing on top of me and sitting on my face. I woke up with my nose buried in that beautiful hairy jungle and started licking and sucking like my life depended on it. She soon started to cum, flooding my face and mouth with her juices. I still have never tasted anything better in my life.

But then she climbed off and told me that I had to wait for my satisfaction until later. Man was I pissed off.

The day went on and she told me that Marti was coming over for pizza and a movie. Would I please be a gem and help her over to the house. Sure.

Walking down the street I saw Marti coming out of her house with a big bag.

“Hold on, I’ll get that.”

I took the bag and it had three bottles of rose wine. I took her by the arm and we walked back to grandma’s house. We got in the house and grandma was in the bedroom and called for Marti. Minutes later they both came into the living room dressed in what they thought were sexy nighties. Both wee short and showing a lot of cleavage but nothing else. I had to smile because I knew what the actual plan was for the evening. We settled down with glasses of wine and started chatting. I was getting a little impatient so I leaned over and started kissing grandma. Marti sat and watched and started caressing my back and shoulders while grandma and I were tongue wrestling. Then she said she wanted a little taste. I turned to her and kissed her. She was hungry. She shoved her tongue into me and went a little crazy. I reached out and started rubbing her tummy and moved up to her tits. They were smaller than grandma’s but her nipples were definitely bigger and I had to have a taste!

I pulled Beylikdüzü Anal Escort her tit out and started sucking.

“Oh my goodness, it’s been years! Please suck me! More, god please don’t stop!”

Grandma got up to get more wine while I was sucking Marti’s tits sending her into a quivering mess.

Grandma came back and said that we needed to go to the bedroom before we made a mess of the couch.

Once there the ladies quickly took my clothes off and both were naked in seconds.

We laid down and I tried kissing both but when I started getting into one, the other pulled me back. To avoid this I took both of them by the back of their heads and pulled them in for a three way kiss. They both pulled back because neither of them had done that before.

As reluctant as they both were, I tried again and they both closed their eyes and did as I wished. Both of their tongues fighting for mine but making contact with the other. Then I pulled back and they continued to kiss. The sight was amazing.

I sat up and pushed them closer together. I grabbed grandma’s right tit and brought it over to Marti’s left tit and sucked both nipples at the same time. While I did this they kept on kissing. I sat up on my knees and watched them as my hands went to work on their pussies. Looking at my left hand I saw Marti had a really hairy bush that spread down her upper thighs and there was a treasure trail going up her tummy. I found each ladies pussy was soaking wet and I started playing with their clits. Both were moaning as they continued kissing. Then Marti started to climax she grabbed grandma’s head and started kissing harder which pushed grandma’s buttons and she did the same. Both of them were cumming as I played with their clits.

When they finished I moved down and started licking Marti out. She had a muskier scent than grandma but it was still a good taste. I had to see if her ass was as hairy as grandma’s Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort so I lifted her knees toward her chest and she was hairier but I’m not sure if that was because of the darker hair, but either way she tasted great. I dove in and started tongue fucking her asshole. She was writhing around not being able to say a word just making a sound that was between a moan and a scream. Grandma took one of her tits and stuffed it into her mouth to quiet Marti a little bit. Marti was uncontrollable! Then she let out a scream and went stiff as a board. She was shaking and started squirting like a sprinkler! I had her juices dripping off of my face and grandma came to me and started licking them off.

“So who tastes better sweetheart?”

“Let me find out Beth.”

I moved over and went down on grandma.

It was no contest. Grandma tasted and smelled better but I would go back for some Marti pussy anytime!

But I went down on grandma for at least half of an hour and made her cum on my face at least three times.

This was done so I could go fuck Marti. I needed to feel her from the inside. So with her lying on her back and lifted her heels up to my shoulders. She gasped when I slid into her tight pussy and it wasn’t because I had a huge cock, but because she hadn’t had any dick for years and damn was she tight. I jumped in there and started banging away but then she started yelling,

“Fuck me in the ass, Beth said you have been fucking her ass and I want you to fuck my virgin ass!

So I pulled out of her pussy and lined my cock up with her ass. I started going in slow because she had never done it before but she grabbed my ass and pulled me in. Fuck it was so tight that it actually hurt me a little going in. I could only imagine how much it was hurting her! She screamed from the pain of her asshole being stretched out but started pumping at me, almost ignoring the pain. She was an animal that Beylikdüzü Elit Escort wanted to be fucked good and proper. So I went at it good and hard.

She was rubbing her clit as I fucked her tight ass until I couldn’t take it anymore. I moaned and dumped my load into her. I was about to pull out when I felt her pussy muscles grip onto my cock, squeeze and then she came again squirting her juice all over.

We laid back with my left arm around grandma and my right around Marti. Again, I was in heaven.

I got up to go to the bathroom and clean up a bit. When I came back, Marti was on top of grandma kissing her just as savagely as before but with different intentions this time. She broke the kiss and started sucking grandma’s big tits. Then without warning she moved down and went down on grandma. Sucking and licking her hairy pussy like there was no tomorrow. I sat back and watched in total amazement!

I watched grandma as she started sweating and the beads of sweat were forming between her tits. It looked so sexy, like the day she was working in the yard. I leaned down and started licking up the sweat. It was salty and kind of sweet. I lifted her arms and licked the sweat from her armpits. Salty an sour.

She came again from Marti eating her pussy and we all just called it quits for the day.

Worn out and exhausted, the ladies slept in my arms while I thought about how it was going to suck leaving the next day.

This love affair between the three of us lasted for 6 years. The ladies of course took care of each other when I wasn’t around and grandma learned that she too loved the taste of Martin’s wonderful hairy pussy.

I would go spend weekends and vacations with my two loves and it was the best I could ever imagine.

But then, grandma became ill and the last year of her life I was there almost all of the time taking care of her.

When she passed I was devastated. Although I knew it was going to happen, it still hurt.

When her will was read she left the house to my dad, her only son but asked that I live in it until I felt the need to leave. Then he could sell it.

I moved in the day after her funeral.

I laid down on her bed and cried.

I will always miss my one first love.

This is a true story.

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