My Daughter – My Husband!


“Oh yes, Jenny oh yes, yes, yes,” he said as I ran my fingers along the crease in his bum as he fucked me. “That’s so good.”

It didn’t register at first, but then it hit me.

“Jenny, what the fuck do you mean Jenny?” I shouted at my husband.

“I said honey,” he replied.

“Don’t lie, I heard what you said and I know who you mean it’s that little tart at the golf club isn’t it?” I said pushing him off and feeling his cock sliding out of me.

Fuming I got out of bed and switched the light on.

“Get out,” I screamed.

“What do you mean?”

“Get out of the house that’s it, I’ve had enough, just fuck off out of my life,” I nearly screamed at him as I slipped into a pale blue, silk robe and tied the sash up tight round the waist.


It was the third time I had caught him cheating although I suspected that there were more and I really had had enough. We screamed and shouted at each other as he packed a suitcase.

“What’s going on mum?” my nineteen year old daughter Sally asked as she came downstairs in what served as her pyjamas a white singlet and pale blue shorts to where I was in the lounge drinking a glass of wine.

As I waited for him to go I explained to her as best I could what had happened and told her that her dad was leaving. As I said that I heard the front door crash shut and his car starting up. ‘He’s gone,’ I said to myself half pleased, but also half scared of the future.

“Oh Christ mum I am so sorry,” she said pouring herself a glass of white wine and sitting down opposite me across the glass topped coffee table.

I explained that it had happened several times before and that this was the final straw.

“What the one that broke the camel’s back?” she smiled putting her hand on mine and squeezing it. That felt nice and I smiled my gratitude to her.

“Thanks Sal,” I said looking at the beautiful young creature that the bastard of my husband Paul and I had created.

“Mum, I really am so, so sorry,” she whispered her eyes filling with tears.

That got to me and I started to cry as well. “We’ll be ok, don’t worry love,” I whispered getting up and moving round the table to sit beside her on the sofa.

“I know mum we’ll make it work, just you and me now, the rotten bastard’s gone.”

“No Sally don’t think of him like that he is still your dad.”

Sitting very close with our legs and shoulders frequently touching we discussed the future for a while until Sally said. “Let’s get pissed mum, I’ll get some more wine.”


Sally is our only child. We had considered more but somehow we were both too busy with our work and our social lives we just never got round to it. She and I had always been close. We looked similar with both of us having blonde hair, hers long and tumbling onto and past her shoulders and mine shorter in more of a bob style with a fringes sweeping across my forehead. Sally was wonderfully slim with long, slender legs to die for and a bum that was so pert it looked as if it had been manufactured. I was of a slightly sturdier build and body shape than she weighing in at around nine and half stone or one thirty five pounds. Although she had shapely boobs this was the area of our bodies where mum with my 34C boobs came out a clear winner for Sally was desperately disappointed with her 32 A cups. We had discussed her having a boob job, but I had persuaded her out of doing that so far for her frame was slender and C or larger on her would look out of balance.

I was flattered that occasionally we were mistaken as sisters even though, oddly that tended to be only by guys and then usually when we were sunbathing or alone in a bar.

Life with Paul had got increasingly difficult in the past few years. We both owned small businesses and worked very hard in them, but I made sure that I never left Sally out in the cold and that I spent quality time with her although Paul did not see things that way. We rowed more and more and often Sally was at the core of the argument with Paul accusing me of always taking her side against him and being far too lenient and generous towards her. But then we were well off financially so why not I thought?

Paul had always been a flirt, which I should have realised before we married that he was more than that and was a real player. Twice I had caught him kissing other women whilst we were engaged, but I had forgiven him so I should not have been surprised when he started it again after we were married. To some extent, after the second or was it the third time I had found him cheating on me I almost accepted and was of the mind to have an open marriage with him. That is until I factored Sally into the equation for I could not envisage me going out with other men and getting laid and telling her lies.

As Sally went and got the wine I sat on the sofa wondering just what the hell the future might bring for a forty something divorced woman with a nearly twenty year old daughter. I began to sob and when she returned Escort bayan with the bottle she saw the tears streaming down my face.

“Oh mum stop it come on,” she said taking me in her arms and cuddling me. She pulled my face against her chest and I felt the softness of her small boob pressing against my cheek. I stayed like for a while as she stroked my hair and held me tight; it felt nice and made me feel secure and better.

I told her that I would be ok and sat up. We held both of each other’s hands resting them on her bare knees as we stared at each other seemingly not knowing what to say or do. But then she started to cry and of course that started me off again and once more we were in each other’s arms though this time the top halves of our bodies were pressed together so that my larger breasts somewhat engulfed hers. Although we were a rather touchy feely family this much contact with Sally was making me feel odd, but I could not quite put my finger on why and precisely how.

As my daughter comforted and consoled me in her arms it gradually dawned that I was feeling just as I had when Philippa from the tennis club had held me as we danced at a club fundraising do. As she had pulled me tightly against her and as her lips had grazed my neck, as her hand had run down my back and as it had rested on the swell of my bum. As later she kissed me and as even later she had undressed me. Yes as I cuddled up to my daughter I was getting the same sort of charge as I had from my bisexual encounter with another woman.

I had no idea what to do or how to respond to the way Sally was holding me. It had, I was sure, started as being comforting, consoling and reassuring, but, in my mind and body at least it had changed to something else. It had a different tone and nature. It was different to how it had been when we had embraced before Paul had left. There was, or so I thought, more intensity, more warmth and certainly I felt more intimacy. Surely there could not also be more sexual arousal, or could there?

Over the past couple of years as Sally had transitioned from being a girl to a woman so her sexiness had become apparent. She was ogled continually by guys of all ages with some at the golf club being sickeningly in their fifties and sixties and still leching after a teenager! She had a few boy friends with one, Barclay becoming a steady with whom she slept with at our house. I can’t say I was completely happy with that, but I did not want to be like King Canute trying to stop an irresistible force so I turned a blind eye and ignored the opening and closing of doors and the creaking of floorboards in the night. She had many friends and we were often pleased to entertain numerous young ladies with Sally often having stayover with one or two of her friends sleeping with her.

Strangely as she got older and had lovers so we became if anything closer. She confided in me more, told me about her feelings and worries and we discussed her boy-friends and the problems of growing up, being a teenager and changing into a woman.

I had not thought that much about it at the time, although it did register in the back of my mind, but if anything we became more ‘touchy feely.’ She, certainly, but also maybe me as well seemed to so often be touching the other usually on the arm or hand, but now and then on the legs or back and more frequently than probably we had previously we were closer together when, for instance, cooking in the kitchen or even sitting around watching TV. We had always been a family that was not at all prudish and it was only in the last couple of years that Paul had started to avoid being seen naked by Sally; I had often wondered why that was? I hadn’t started ‘hiding’ myself from her and it was not at all unusual for me to see her naked or just in her panties and occasionally, but on reflection more frequently of late, she would wander into the bathroom as I was bathing and we would chat away.

Whilst it takes some to time to write about such events and almost as long to read them, they can go through one’s mind in almost milliseconds and that is precisely what they did as my daughter and I held each other. And as those thoughts flashed through my brain so I found myself holding Sally more tightly and her grip on me tightened also or , was I imagining that? I wasn’t sure just what was happening, but it felt so lovely being held and comforted and, I realised that it was because it was her and not just anyone that made it so special. I realised that it was similar to how I felt when Philippa had held me, but then I rationalised that was sexual, that was my bisexual awakening and a prelude to having lesbian sex. Surely this was not like that? Surely not with my own daughter? Surely my daughter could not feel the way towards me, her mother that Philippa had felt? But then she had not moved. She was still holding me, my boobs were still squashed against hers and our knees were pressed together. And now she was stroking my hair. Oh fuck what do I do?

I Bayan escort pulled away and sat up straight looking at her. The look in her eyes and the expression on her face hit me and made me wonder if she was feeling the same as I was. Her gaze and the slight smile on her lips suggested that she might be and the light pressure she was applying to my hand supported that. But the mother side of me, my alter ego and my rational mind said just the opposite. It was surely impossible, such things didn’t happen; mothers and daughters do not have lesbian affairs, do they? As I looked at her I saw something else. A slight widening of her eyes, a small raising of her eyebrow and her gaze flitting down to my chest. I looked down and saw that the lapels on my robe had parted and that on one side it was caught on my nipple and on the other nearly my entire, full breast was exposed. I slid my hands away from hers and went to pull the lapels together, but Sally said quietly as she smiled.

“There’s no need to do that mum.”

“What?” I stammered.

“I said,” she muttered in a croaky tone as she pushed her hair that had fallen over one eye back. “You don’t need to cover yourself up; I have seen you naked many times.”

That was, of course true, but those times had not been like this one or, was I misreading everything? Was the extreme desire I was feeling blurring my thinking? Was it all one sided? Was I being ridiculous in even for one second thinking that my daughter wanted me? And would I make a total fool of myself and possibly lose her affection for ever if I made a move on her and had got it wrong? My head told me all those things. But as I looked at the gorgeous young woman sitting next to me and felt her knees pressing against my leg that was bare as the skirt of the robe had parted and fallen off my knees, my body told me something entirely different.

“Ok, I’ll leave it,” I whispered removing my hands and placing them on my knees. Sally reached forward and took them in her hands again.

“In fact mum you can take it off if you like.”

‘If I like? If I fucking like? I can take it off if I like? Oh my god what did that mean, what did she mean?’ I was thinking as such wild thoughts ran through my mind.

“What? Er what do you mean Sal?”

“I mean mum,” she whispered stroking the back of my hand. “I would like you to.”

“Like me to what?” I asked feeling excited and terribly guilty at the same time.

“Oh mum,” she groaned reaching out and taking me I her arms. “Am I being terrible?”

“What darling, what do you mean?”

“Don’t you feel it? You do don’t you, I can tell you do, well sometimes I can,” she said, her voice muffled by my hair.

“What do you mean Sally?” I asked as, almost unconsciously I ran my hand up and down her back in the thin tee shirt.

“Oh mum I can’t say it, help me, please mum help me.”

It hit me. I got it now. I saw her problem, which really was the same as mine, well I hoped that it was. Moving my head a little so that I was looking into her eyes I whispered.

“How Sally, how do you want me to help you?”

“Don’t put all the pressure on me?”

“What do you mean?” I asked thinking that I probably did know exactly what she meant, well I hoped that I did, but I like her was scared to show my cards.

“Don’t tell me you don’t feel it,” she said squeezing my hands and looking as if she might cry, which was precisely what I felt like doing.

That statement got to both of us and without saying anything we fell into each other’s arms. This time though the mood and feeling was not that of comfort and consoling, but of intimacy, affection and yes, sexual gratification.

“Let me kiss you?” she breathed looking into my eyes as if asking my permission, which of course she was. I nodded.

It was undoubtedly the most sexually exciting moment of my life. Holding my daughter’s face in my hands I looked into her eyes before slowly moving my face towards hers. We held onto each other’s gaze until our faces were almost touching and our eyes lost focus so we both closed them and then our lips met. It was absolute magic.

The kiss was soft, slow and sensual to start with. There was no use of tongues, our mouths were closed and our lips stayed fairly still. But slowly the passion got to both of us. I slid one arm round Sally’s neck and the other round her waist and hers went round me her hands on my back through the silk sending shudders of affection and desire through me. Our bodies moved closer together and again my fuller breasts engulfed her pert boobs. Our tongues probed at the other’s lips that we both opened and squirmed together. It just went on and on and on as our hands roamed the other’s body, but at first only the top halves and then just at the back.

I was aching to go further. I wanted to feel and taste my daughter and see her nudity. I wanted to talk to her and find out more. I wanted to know how long she had felt like this about me and if she was experienced Escort in girl on girl sex? There were so many things I wanted to talk to her about, so many things I wanted to know and so many things I wanted to do. But holding her and having our upper bodies pressed together as we kissed so beautifully was not the time for that. Now was the time for love, sexual exploration and pleasure.

“You ok with this mum?” she whispered drawing her face back a little so she could look into my eyes.

I was taken back somewhat by the question as it sort of implied that she was leading the way when I thought I had been making the running. I felt confused as I mumbled.

“Yes Sally, yes I am.”

Smiling she slid her hand up my side, round to the front and onto my boob, which she cupped and squeezed. A serious look came onto her face as she said.

“And this.”

It always feels great when my breasts are touched and caressed or squeezed and stroked. This, though, was something special. I think the emotional turmoil I was going through combined so beautifully with the physical pleasure that the effect on me was amazing and so much stronger than I could recall before from having one breast cupped.

“Oh my darling, yes, yes, yes it is ok. It’s more than ok,” I groaned as my body was filled with such stimulating feelings.

Still smiling and still very much in control of the situation she whispered. “Good I am so pleased.”

Then, removing her hand from my breast she made probably the most erotic move I had ever seen. Taking the hem of the tee shirt in her hands in one movement she pulled it up, over her head and off.

“Still ok mum?”

“Yes Sally, I am.”

“Even better,” she said grasping the lapels of my robe and pulling them apart to expose my breasts. “God mum your tits are fab,” she groaned leaning forward and kissing them. “I have wanted to do this for so long,” she went on her hand finding the tie at my waist and undoing it. She pulled it open and whispered. “Take it off mum.”

My hands were actually shaking as I slid the silk robe off and sat next to my daughter naked. It felt so different to the times she had seen me in the bath or shower, but then, from my perspective at least there were no sexual undertones whereas now there were sexual fanfares.

“Mum you have such a gorgeous body, you are truly beautiful,” she whispered kissing me as she caressed and squeezed my breasts. She moved closer and pushed me back so that I was in the corner of the sofa with my legs stretched out before me. She was alongside me half lying on me with her right boob pressing into my left one. She was stroking my head with her left hand and I was running my left hand up and down her arm. I moved from that and stroked her breast and felt her body jerk as I gently pinched her nipple.

“Mmmmm that’s lovely, do it more.”

I squeezed the small mound of youthfully firm flesh and pinched her dark, quite long nipple.

“Harder mum, pinch it harder,” she groaned as I obliged. “I like some pain,” she somewhat shocked me by saying.

Her hand left my breast and I felt it trailing down my chest, past my waist and onto my stomach. My heart began to pound even harder as her fingertips reached the top of my pubic mass. They nestled into it a little way then stopped. ‘What the fuck is she doing?’ I thought wondering if she had lost her nerve. I need not have worried for she pressed me mid-way down my thatch of tawny pubes sending a sensation to my clit, which of course was now where I wanted her fingers. Her mouth was close to my right ear into which she whispered.

“Is this too ok mum?”

“Yes Sal, yes it is,” I moaned willing her to go further and do what now both my mind and body desired.

“Oh my god Sal,” I cried out quite loudly as her fingers found my clit that is quite heavily covered in the folds of my labia. She pressed right on it and almost immediately I started to cum.

“Oh Christ, oh my god, oh fuck Sally.”

“Nice mum, is it good?”

“Oh yes it is so good,” I moaned as I felt her fingers move again to this time run along my soaked lips. We were alternating kissing with talking and moaning and groaning and I was now squeezing my daughter’s tits quite firmly and pinching her nipples hard as she demanded.

“Open your legs mum,” she whispered.

I did as she asked and then revelled in the sensations that seemed to fill my entire body as her fingers slid into me. Again she asked if it was ok and gripping her wrist and pulling her fingers deeper inside me I told her that it was. I had my eyes tightly closed with my mouth open gasping for air as I puffed and panted. My head rolled from side to side and I clamped my thighs shut trapping her hand between them as she pumped her fingers in and out of me. It was precisely what I needed and I started to cum.

“Oh my darling I am cumming, you are making me cum.”

“Yes darling, yes I am, cum for me cum for Sally,” she whispered into my ear adding the words that sent me right over the top. “Then mum I want you to make me cum.”

She held me as I climaxed; it felt good. She planted little kisses in my hair and all over my face as at the same time she gently stroked my breasts.

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