My Big Brother Ch. 02


“So how was your first semester at college?” Dan asked.

We were back home for the winter break and had the bathroom doors open talking to each other while he finished unpacking and we each got ready for bed.

“It was okay,” I said, without enthusiasm. “It took some getting used to having a roommate and living in the dorm. I’m still not sure if I like it.”


“I miss having my own space and privacy.”

He nodded his understanding. “Yeah. It took me a bit to get comfortable bringing girls back or even stroking one out with Steve around but we got over that quick.”

I moved to stand in the doorway between my bedroom and the bathroom disbelieving what I had just heard. “You jerk off and fuck with your roommate there? In the room?”

“Yeah. Where else am I going to do it?”

His nonchalance took me by surprise. The fact that he did such private things with an audience was unexpected.

As if to demonstrate his openness, he stood at the toilet and, after pulling his penis out of the fly of his boxers and peeling back his foreskin, began to empty his bladder. In all our years sharing the bathroom, this was the first time he had ever whipped it out in front of me this way. Naturally, we’d walked in on each other a number of times, but this was different.

I couldn’t help staring at him piss. Not because of my surprise at him doing it in front of me, but because I had forgotten how big his dick was. It had been months since we had fucked and though I still occasionally looked at the pictures I had of him, seeing it in person was much different. Completely soft, it was an impressive six inches of long, thick flesh. Even the outline of its bullet shaped head had been visible behind the almost excessive fold of foreskin that hung off the end before he pulled it back to pee.

“Whatcha looking at Davey?”

Dan’s voice brought my eyes back up to his. I saw a corner of his mouth turn up in a knowing smirk.

As his stream trickled to a stop, he said, “I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about what happened over the summer. That was the best head and ass I’ve ever had.”

“I liked it, too,” I said softly. I watched with longing as he tucked himself away and moved over to the sink.

There was a pregnant silence as he washed his hands.

Since I last saw him, Dan had become more handsome. His body was more defined, like he had lost the remains of his baby fat from his already lean body. Instead of the goatee I had last seen him with, he now wore perpetual stubble on his face that enhanced his bright, blue eyes. After he finished washing his hands, he moved into my space. My eyes traveled up his tighter, but still undefined torso to look up into his eyes as he spoke.

“Do you want to do it again?” Dan’s voice was smooth and silky. Without touching me, he stood close enough that I could feel his body heat warming me, blending with the heat of my own growing arousal. If this was how he spoke to women, I understood how he got them into bed.

My voice was embarrassingly honest when I responded. “I do.”

“I still think it’s a bad idea but I wouldn’t mind it, either.”

I felt something brush against my leg. Breaking eye contact with Dan, I looked down and saw his cock pulsing as it hardened beneath his boxers. It flexed at random intervals and grazed my thigh, teasing me with its growing presence.

While my head was down, he placed a heavy hand on one of my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees while the other struggled to pull his hardening cock out of his fly. Once in position, I assisted him, and heard him sigh as my hand wrapped around his shaft. Despite rapidly filling with blood, it was still soft and pliable as it stretched out toward me.

I wanted to take my time to watch and feel his amazing appendage grow but with my mouth watering in anticipation, I sucked it in eagerly. Above me, he let out a soft groan as my tongue dived into his shrinking tunnel of foreskin.

“That’s it.” He moved the hand that had been on my shoulder to my head. “Get it wet and hard. I’m taking a piece out of your ass tonight.”

It was obvious he was as turned on as I was because even before he reached full hardness, his cock began to push out precum. His taste was every bit as musky and bitter as I remembered and I couldn’t get enough of it.

“Oh, shit,” he muttered as he pulled back and rapidly tried to put his stiff dick back in his boxers through the fly.

I had heard the knock on my bedroom door as well and quickly got to my feet. After adjusting my own erection so it wouldn’t be noticeable, as Dan walked into his room and closed the connecting bathroom door, I opened my door to our parents. We had a brief chat during which they again expressed their happiness to have me back home and we shared the obligatory kiss good night before they left. A moment later, I heard them in Dan’s room doing the same.

Once they finished there and went about doing whatever it was they did after we were in bed, I expected Dan to reopen his door so we could finish what we started. When minutes passed with nothing from him, I crossed the bathroom Escort bayan and opened the door to his room. He had turned out his light and was in bed under the sheets, obviously waiting for sleep.

“What’s up?” he asked as if he had no idea why I would be there.

“Your dick, hopefully.”

“Look, we can’t. Okay? I’m sorry for what happened earlier. It was wrong of me. I was thinking with my dick. Sorry.”

My mouth all but dropped open in disbelief upon hearing that and it took me a moment to be able to speak. “What the hell’s the matter with you? Not ten minutes ago you were telling me you wanted my ass and now you’re just going to roll over and go to sleep? Fuck that.”

I knew it was my own dick and ass doing the thinking for me but I couldn’t stop myself. Having tasted him again, I was horny for what Dan had started and needed to get off. My hand alone wasn’t going to satisfy me after months of wanting to feel him inside me again.

I pulled off my brother’s blanket and climbed onto the bed between his legs.

“Stop.” He tried to push me away as I reached for his crotch. “Get the fuck out of here, Davey.”

We began to struggle against each other, eventually coming to blows. Though he was much taller, because of my slightly larger musculature we were a pretty even match, each taking and landing the same number of hits. There was so much noise that our parents came in to break us up. After yet another lecture on brotherly love and solving our problems with words not fists, they sent me to my room promising a punishment for both of us to follow.

We were both scheduled to be home for about three weeks between semesters and for the first two we were confined to the house together as punishment. Yes, our parents had grounded their nineteen- and soon to be twenty-one-year-old sons. Additionally, we were tasked with shoveling the snow as needed for the duration of our break in addition to taking over Daphne’s chores and completing our own.

For the first week, Dan and I did not speak to each other. While our parents were out of the house at work, we opted to remain in separate rooms. Whenever we were together, such as for dinner, we glared and grunted in the other’s general direction if necessary. Our parents mostly ignored us with the threat of a summer of hell if we struck each other again. Like a good sister, Daphne tried to instigate further discord between us that only resulted in us turning on her.

By the time the second week rolled around, Dan and I had begun speaking in short sentences but still opted to remain in separate rooms most of the time.

I was in the family room watching TV one afternoon when Dan came in. Our parents had also taken the TVs, game systems and laptops out of our rooms so we had nowhere else to entertain ourselves unless we wanted to play on our phones or read. It was inevitable that this would eventually cause a flare up in our anger toward each other.

“Get out,” Dan ordered. “I want to watch something.”

“Fuck off,” I responded without looking at him.

“Excuse me?”

I met his eyes and extended the middle finger of one hand for him to see. “Fuck. Off.”

He slowly stepped toward me with anger in his eyes. Unflinchingly, I met them, ready for the second round that had been simmering. After closing the distance, he snatched the remote out of my hand. Naturally, I had to grab for it and all too soon, we were on the ground grappling and throwing punches. Though I outweighed him with muscle, his taller, lean frame was hard to contain. I would succeed in subduing him, getting him on the ground only to have one of his gangly limbs strike out and land hard on me. With no one to break us apart we fought out our anger to the point of near exhaustion.

Despite the violence, I felt myself becoming aroused by Dan’s proximity. Though it was cool in the room, we were both sweating heavily and I could smell his musky scent in the air. Stray stands of his hair fell across his face, getting matted in his sweat. At one point he wrestled himself to the top position and I felt his erection press against me briefly before I had him below me again.

As we continued struggling against each other, our crotches seemed to remain in constant contact and I found myself wanting more. After he had fought his way above me yet again, I wrapped my legs around his and grabbed his ass, pulling him closer.

A grunt of need was Dan’s only protest as he began to dry hump me in earnest. He dropped his body to mine, pinning me beneath him. His hips thrust against mine with purpose and he began to gnaw on my neck between heavy pants for breath. Somehow, at the same time, he moved his hands between us and opened his jeans before opening mine. He rolled off me and lowered his boxers to free his hard cock before roughly maneuvering me to my knees in front of him. Just as violently, he lowered my jeans just enough to give him access then I heard him slick himself with spit before the tip of his cock touched my hole.

As I turned my head, he anticipated my protest.

“I’ll go easy on you.” The gentleness of his tone was a sharp contrast to the tension Bayan escort still in the air and our violence just moments ago.

True to his word, Dan took his time easing his cock into me even though he did nothing to prepare me. His fat cock hurt like hell prying me open and I almost wished he had shoved all thirteen inches into me in one go, but, either way, I wasn’t going to stop him. This dry fuck was the only way this could have ended.

As he reached the halfway point, he stopped and draped his body over mine. His voice was soft in my ear and more concerned than I had ever heard from him since I’d been born when he asked, “You okay?”

My ass hurt from the unprepared entrance but I was so aroused and happy to have him in me that it was secondary to the pain I was feeling. I nodded and pushed back against him.

“I’m so sorry, Davey,” Dan said with genuine emotion in his voice as he resumed working his way deeper. “I have so many problems with Mom and Dad that I can’t risk them finding out about this. You know they’d flip their shit and blame me for everything. They’d probably have me locked up saying I forced you.”

“I get it.” I really did. Dan was blamed for anything that happened, even when it wasn’t his fault. Admittedly, sometimes it was justified but even then our parents blew it out of proportion. It was easy to see that he never got a fair shake. “I should’ve stopped when you told me to but I was so fucking horny and wanted a fuck from you so bad.”

“Well, you’re about to get it.”

With Dan finally buried inside me and the apologies out of the way, we got down to fucking. There was nothing gentle about the act as we burned off the residual anger and energy. If ever there was a grudge fuck, this was it. His thrusts were aggressively short and fast and, because of the length of his cock, they were sometimes painful against my inner walls. At the same time, I pushed back against him, grunting and unashamedly whimpering and moaning from the pain.

Though it was quick, it was worth the wait. Because of my extreme arousal and his fat dick rubbing my prostate, I shot onto the carpet without a single stroke from my fist. And with my ass muscles spasming around his cock, he unloaded deep inside me with a roar worthy of a conqueror.

When our parents got home, they were surprised by the change in our attitudes toward one another. Though our cuts and bruises gave us away, they were happy to ignore them since we were friendly again.

Daphne, however, was a different story. She didn’t meet our eyes and generally avoided being alone with us. I couldn’t blame her after the way we had treated her. But, at the same time, she had deserved it.

For the remaining time we were at home, I orally serviced Dan a few times but we didn’t fuck again.

A few weeks into the spring semester, I got a text message from Dan one afternoon asking if I was alone. I told him I was hanging out with my girlfriend but could be in my dorm room in about twenty minutes. He told me to let him know when I was there. I received no response when I asked why.

Once home and alone, I informed Dan. He then asked me to video chat with him. Full of curiosity, I did as instructed. Once connected, I broke into a smile when I saw Dan centered in the window sitting topless at his desk in his dorm room. His beard was fuller than it had been during the winter break and his hair was pulled back in a half-ponytail.

Suppressing a grin, he greeted me with, “Hey. How’s it going?”

“Good.” We didn’t need to catch up too much because it had been less than a month since we left home and usually no more than a day went by without us sending texts to each other. Even though I now had an idea of his intentions, I asked, “What’s this?”

“I was thinking about finding some ass for tonight then thought about you and that really hot fuck we had over break.” The grin he held back developed into a mischievous smile. “I figured it’d be nice to keep that going. Maybe that way we don’t have to spend so much time looking for someone to hook up with.”

He rolled his chair back slightly and I saw that he was actually naked. Pointing out over his right hip his cock was hard and I could already see the glint of moisture at its tip. He wrapped his hand around it and began to stroke it slowly. “What do you think? I know it’s not the same as actually getting a piece of ass but…”

“Fuck, Dan. This is a damn good idea.” My own cock was now growing in my pants. “But what about your roommate? What if he walks in?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time. He’s walked in on me pounding a guy before so he knows that I like a piece of jock ass every now and then. I’ve even seen him stroke out a load watching me fuck somebody.”

“But what if he catches you doing it with your brother?”

“He’s never seen a picture of you so he wouldn’t know you’re my brother. But how hot would it be if he did walk in?”

“You’re sick, dude.”

“Takes a brother fucker to know one. Now get that cock out.”

Not needing any more encouragement, I opened my fly and fished my erection out.

Dan nodded appreciatively. Escort “Never noticed before. You got a nice piece, Davey. I bet your teammates were jealous as hell seeing that thing swinging around the locker room.”

“They were. But even I’m a jealous of yours.” Other than Dan having about three more inches than me and being slightly thicker, our dicks were nearly identical. Like him, I was also uncut and had the same reverse hourglass shape that made my dick thicker in the middle. However, while Dan’s was practically straight, mine had a slight bend to the right from years of wearing cups. When I stood, my dick came to rest just above horizontal while, due to its mass, Dan’s cock head never rose to be parallel to the floor. Part of me was always surprised by how stiff his shaft got because of how it drooped. “I bet you scare girls off.”

“Sometimes. But that’s ok. I like showing it off and seeing reactions. People don’t expect it. Back home I used to sit in class and whip it out when the teacher wasn’t looking and play with it.” I saw Dan’s cock jump at the memory. “That’s one of the reasons my roommate is cool. He doesn’t do dick but he’s fascinated by this thing. He likes watching me jack off and I don’t mind giving him a show.” He pulled his hand down to the base and slapped it against the open palm of his other hand a few times before resuming his stroking. “Would you like a show, Davey?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“You like seeing your big brother’s big, fat cock?”

“Fuck, Dan. That thing is amazing. Just like you.” I hadn’t meant to say it with such emotion but it just came out.

Dan, of course, didn’t let it pass. He gave me a sly smile as he asked, “You crushing on me, little brother?”

I figured since we had gone this far and we had already discussed the fact that I was bi, why not put everything out in the open. “For years. I thought it was just hero worship because you are an awesome guy. Really. I mean that. Even when I was pissed at you, I thought you were amazing. But after we started fucking around, I knew the truth. You’re hot, Dan. I can’t tell you how many times I stroked one out to those pics before you let me suck you off. I’ve been with one guy since and it wasn’t the same.”

Dan let go of his cock and relaxed in his chair. His cock took up its previous position leaning on his leg. More aroused now, it flexed and jerked intermittently. I could see a thick strand of precum leaking from the tip with a heavy drop waiting to break off and fall away. “Good to hear you say that ’cause when I told you I like getting jocks on this, I was always picturing you and that tight ass of yours. I really wanted to hate fuck you for the longest ’cause of how perfect Mom and Dad think you are. I wanted to make you my bitch. That’s part of why I ended up in your room that night drunk and trying to fuck you. It was in my head so long and even though you’d sucked me off, you weren’t acting like you wanted to fuck so I figured the only way I’d ever get you on it would be just to take it. Sorry.”

I shrugged dismissively, having gotten over his attempted rape the moment I decided to sit on him that night.

He continued, “I know this is gonna make me sound like a perv, but even before we started messing around, I always thought you would be the best dude to fuck ’cause you’re always such a fucking goody two shoes. I just knew that if I got you on my dick, I’d turn you out and make you go fucking crazy, see a side of you that no one else knows about. Honestly, most of the guys I’ve been with reminded me of you. I even hooked up with two guys who were on your baseball team a few times, including when I was home over winter break.”

It was my turn to stop stroking and I leaned forward showing my curiosity. “Really? Who?”

“I promised never to tell. But I will say I’ve been feeding them dick for a while. Sometimes they sucked me off or I fucked them when they stayed over.”

There were only three guys that had been on the team who had ever stayed over. One had dated Daphne for a few months and all three were close enough friends that my parents knew them and their families well. Unfortunately, they all were the type that would opt to kick my ass for asking the question rather than answer it. I completely understood them not wanting me to know because none of them knew about my own bisexuality.

“I don’t fucking believe it.” My statement was a commentary on both Dan being with friends of mine and the fact that he had been as interested in me as I had been in him, though for different, complimentary reasons.

With this new understanding it felt like all the tension between us evaporated. We sat in silence for a moment smiling stupidly at each other. My eyes openly roamed Dan’s body. Despite his lanky appearance, his mostly hairless torso was showing signs of becoming more defined. The light dusting of dark red hair on his pecs gathered and resolved into a thin trail that led from his navel to the bushy but manicured pubes that framed his cock. Below the massive shaft was an equally impressive sack that was pooled on the seat between his legs. It was much hairier compared to the rest of his body but not so much that the skin was completely obscured. I could make out each of the large nuts contained within the thin, wrinkled skin and could still feel how heavy they felt swinging against my ass when we had fucked.

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