Mussoorie Days Ch. 01



Hello, guys. This is my first attempt at writing erotic fiction. Any words of encouragement/constructive criticism will be highly appreciated. Note that this is intended as the first chapter of a series concerning the exploits of Divya (the narrator) and her brother. I will write more chapters depending upon the responses I receive.


My name is Divyalakshmi, although, almost everyone calls me by my pet name, “Divya”. I am 28 year old Hindu housewife from Mussoorie, not the US state of “Missouri”, but the beautiful hill station situated in the far off exotic land of India.

Mussoorie lies in the district of Uttarkhand and is renowned for its natural beauty, both in terms of parnoramic view and its women.

This is the story of my late teenage years and early adulthood growing up in this enchanting place, finding my true love and finally succumbing to the taboo and heartbreak that it brought with it. As with every coin, there is also a second side to this story: that of my tryst with the age old Indian tradition of “kamasutra” or ‘the art of lovemaking’. Without further ado…….

I was born and raised in a Hindu household devoid of a mother as she had died in childbirth when my younger brother was born.

And as it turned out, my brother and I ended up being raised by our widower father who hardly ever took care of us. I am only one year older than my brother, and so do not recall what kind of a lady my mother was, but I’m sure if she were around things wouldn’t have been so difficult growing up.

It wasn’t the basic amenities that we were lacking, as dad made sure that we went to the best schools in town and always had the better, more “stylish” clothes than the kids next door.

No, that wasn’t the problem. Instead, what we missed the most in those years were love and emotional care. Having taken to drinking after mom passed away, dad was never there for us when we really needed him.

Perhaps this was the reason why I bonded so closely with Hari in those tender years. Hari is my brother, short for HariKrishnan (another one of those Hindu pet names, necessary to cut out the excess). He was truly a bright-eyed boy right from childhood. Although, he was junior to me by one year, there was never an end to the praise I had to listen to, heaped on him by the teachers in school. I remember how hard it was for me back then to take in how blessed he was by genetics; he was everything that I was not: brainy, intelligent and good looking, while I was just the thin, pale and average-looking girl who went unnoticed wherever she went. However, these apparent differences in our abilities never got in the way of our relationship.

Successful as he was outside the house, he was just a very needy and emotional kid, inside.

Without parents to tend to his need, I was mother, father and sister to him. He clinged to me for almost everything, forming what a casual outsider would describe an “unhealthy attachment”. We were two kids growing up who only had each other for company. I took care of him and took great pride in doing so. After all, he was my little genius brother. I dressed him up for school, scolded him whenever he got into trouble, slept beside him whenever he scared himself by watching a horror movie and also during the winters when the temperature in Mussoorie would dip near the freezing point.

We also took many road and camping trips to the hills with our dad and Uncle in tow,but ended up keeping each other company by telling stories and jokes, as the two elders made themselves busy by drinking booze and stargazing.

Things went pretty much the same way as the years passed by. Time has a tendency to creep up on you and before we knew it, we hit adulthood.

It was around the time, when I was nineteen and Hari had turned eighteen that my story really takes off.

In the years leading up, there was a slow but certain change in a few things that we had previously taken for granted. For one, I wasn’t the “ugly duckling” of our house anymore. I had grown into, what a guy would describe to his pals as a “head-turner”. My erstwhile flat bosom had also transformed into a rather embarrassing size Escort bayan for a young girl to deal with. In short, I had turned from a ‘tomboy’ who people used to jokingly call the ‘first boy of the family’ to a real woman.

Although not sudden, this change surely had its fall-outs. For one, by this time, I was being forced to avoid a few of Hari’s friends who I too had been really close with from childhood. The reason being that they were pulling all stops trying to ‘woo’ me even to the point of teasing me for a quick kiss and initiating raunchy conversations with double entendres.

I didn’t mind the attention that they were showering on me yet I had to keep myself in line because of two simple reasons: I lived in a very conservative locality, unlike the western countries, for an unmarried girl to be hanging around with a guy here would set the heads rolling and gossip mills churning overtime, and the second and major reason for me withholding being Hari himself. The poor guy was conscious about this problem and was trying his best to keep his pesky friends from coming to our house and I wanted to avoid any embarrassments for my little brother.

These events, although they caused a bit of uneasiness in our daily interactions, never really resulted in anything else.

This was until that fateful evening on November the 8th, a week after we celebrated Hari’s eighteenth birthday. It was a bitter and cold evening in Mussoorie, but a really special one for me, as I was out on my first date. Couple of weeks prior to it, I had accepted a proposal given to me by a senior in my college.

His name was Raj, he was a really great all-round guy, part of the state champion cricket team with a swag that made girls go weak in the knees.

Initially I was apprehensive about the entire thing, but in time I had found the courage to speak up and reciprocate my feelings to him.

In retrospect, it was more a matter of my raging estrogen than anything else that led me down that road.

And so it was on that cold November evening that in a private and hushed up manner, I and my new boyfriend embarked on our first date. We went to watch a movie in a theater blocks away from our neighborhood so that we would not be discovered.

As the lights dimmed for the premier of the latest “bollywood” musical, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of this outing. Seated in the back row in the dimly lit hallway notoriously nicknamed “lovers point”, we were able to make out the crowd as being sparse with the majority being made up of couples hugging and kissing each other.

We were both weirded out by this at first and the romance being portrayed on the big screen led to the increase in awkwardness of the situation.

As the minutes went on though, something materialized between us. It started with merely a formal hand-holding but as half-time was approaching, it was quite clear that my boyfriend was more interested in exploring my body with his hands than he was of finding out whether the protagonist in the movie would ever find his true love. I was quite uncertain as to where this was leading to or as to how far he would actually end up going, but I was enjoying it and so made no comments on his antics.

My silence was all the acknowledgement Raj needed as he took the plunge, and grabbed hold of me in a passionate embrace and French kissed me like the many couples in the front rows were doing.

After the initial shock, the realization of it being my first kiss ever, shook me. Boy, what a way to start off, I thought! I had now taken one more step into territory of womanhood from which there was no turning back.

The kiss instead of satiating Raj, got him more excited. He cupped my breasts through my clothes (I was wearing a Sari which is a traditional Indian attire for women) in his hands, squeezing them like sponge. I had turned red with pain and embarrassment, momentarily feeling a sense of guilt at cooperating on being treated like this. My feelings were a bit premature and out of place though, as the events that were to follow that night would indicate.

He became bolder after I responded in kind to his groping off my breasts and slowly lowered his fingers inside my Sari and petticoat, sinking them inside my panties, Bayan escort as he continued kissing me. Within a few minutes, he took my panties off, threw them near the vacant seats beside us and immediately went to work on my vagina with his fingers, rubbing and inserting with abundance.

I couldn’t fathom where he was getting at, but if his plan was to make me horny, boy, did he succeed!

I had never been more turned on in my life. Between our kisses he murmured in our native tongue “Teri chut kitni geeli hai, Divya! Aaj to main isse bhar ke hi chodunga” (“How wet your cunt is, Divya!. I’ll not rest without filling it up today!”). These words somehow dissipated any remaining doubts in my mind.

Wanton lust had taken the place of curiosity and I knew I didn’t want this to stop. All I knew was that I wanted it bad. The rest of the events were a blur.

We didn’t finish the movie, instead, got out with around 20 minutes remaining, hailing a cab to my house. I was still wearing my Sari but this time without my panties. I had told him before exiting the hall that my house would be empty at this time of the evening, as dad would not be home from work and my brother would be over for his coaching classes.

I knew we probably would have a couple of hours in our hands if we got there in time. On the way over, we both sat without speaking a word to each other and without making any moves so as not to arise the suspicion of the cab driver. Each of our minds filled with what was awaiting us once we reached our destination and how it would change our lives forever. Unbeknownst to me was that, what I was about to do would affect my life much much more than it would affect Raj.

Upon our arrival at my house, I opened the door with my key. I was barely about to close the door when… Raj was on me like a beast in heat, showering me with kisses all over my face. He was clearly the dominant partner at that instant, but deep down I knew I wanted it as much as him.

I don’t know how we did it, but I managed to lock the door and we found ourselves in my bedroom, still kissing and fondling. He had practically carried me there in his arms as I navigated the directions for him by yelling in between grunts.

Once there, he hugged me tightly, I could finally feel the source of his passion in the form of his throbbing member pressed against me. I shuddered and let out a small groan upon feeling it, which barely escaped my mouth, before Raj covered it for me with his own mouth. After passionately making out for what seemed like an hour, but what was only like ten minutes or so, he forcibly pushed me onto the bed.

He then pulled my Sari upwards and raised my legs till my wet virgin cunt and asshole were agape in his full view. He just kept staring at it for a couple of minutes, as I wondered what he would do.

My expectations bore fruit as he plunged in this time face first and lapped up the nectar oozing out of my orifice. I had previously masturbated myself to the thoughts of a guy doing this to me, but never had I expected it to become reality.

I was in seventh heaven the moment his tongue hit my clit. Although, up until that point I had no experience regarding sex at all, I made up my mind lying there on the bed, that he had probably practiced this ‘artform’ of pleasuring women, multiple times before, as he expertly dipped his tongue inside my tunnel and over my clit, alternating between the two with immaculate ease.

The pleasure and the taboo of the situation was pushing me overboard as I felt my orgasm building up. I thought about what my father would think about his little girl turning into such a slut. But Fuck Him! He was never there for me anyways. I then thought about what my little brother, Hari would think about this.

Poor Hari… I was such a good sister to him.. and now here I was being debased and tongue fucked by a complete stranger like a whore! If he saw me like this, how it would break his heart! Somehow, this thought seemed to linger in my mind for a moment more than it should have. And then another moment, and then another…

I was picturing Hari in his entirety in my mind and I just couldn’t switch my mental channel to anything else. And then finally it hit me!

Raj’s Escort untiring endeavour had been rewarded as he finally found my G-spot and an orgasm unlike I had ever pleasured myself into took total control of my body. And the face floating around my mind as my body tensed up was not of Raj, but that of Hari!.

After an intense few seconds of pure ecstasy, I felt really relaxed as my orgasm subsided and my mind went blank. I had always been a great squirter as I had found out over the years in my masturbatory sessions and so I was overjoyed when I felt Raj enthusiastically lap up the entire load I managed to squirt this time.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I looked down at my lover and immediately my sigh turned into a gasp. As Raj was performing cunnilingus on me I had completely tuned out to what else he was doing. When I was sprawling about enjoying his tongue massage, he had dropped his jeans and boxers and taken out his cock. In fact, he was simultaneously pleasuring himself with his hands as he was pleasuring me with his tongue.

I had never seen a real ‘live cock’ before ready to spring into action. And there I was, soon to get a pounding of my own with one. Judging by what I had seen in the porn movies I had watched with my girlfriends, it was probably of an average size, not too big, but then again, I always thought that the cocks shown in porn movies were surgically enhanced ones. After Raj had finished lapping me up, he looked at me and his gaze followed that of mine to his cock, upon which his face which was covered with my juices twisted into a devious smile.

He asked me whether I wanted it inside me and before I got a chance to answer back, he pounced in on me and in a moment of untampered passion, he took away my virginity and used me like a rag doll for his own carnal pleasure. He didn’t last for long though, it was over in about two minutes. A few thrusts in my young, erstwhile virgin pussy, and it was all over for him.

I didn’t feel much at all, except the initial pain, but I could tell he probably had the time of his life in those two minutes. I didn’t grudge it to him either, as he had more than earned his share by the way he had pleasured me prior to that. And so there we were, two young lovers, lying on bed, panting and completely out of breath. His young virile sperm was leaking out of my pussy as the thought of becoming pregnant suddenly knocked some sense into me and I regretted not using protection.

After a few moments, my trepidation disappeared and I smiled at the hilarity of our situation as I realized I still had my sari on and Raj still had his upper body clothes on. After regaining our breath, we kissed a few more times and exchanged words of love. Then without wasting another second, I hurried him out of the house before we got into any unwanted trouble.

At least we got away with it, or so I thought, as I locked the door. Two thoughts bothered my brain still. I had crossed my inner line of ‘sluthood’ today. I knew I probably wasn’t going to bed this guy again and that he wasn’t going to be a long-term deal for me, but I had been OK with fucking him. The only problem was I couldn’t fuck his brains out like I wanted to. The final act wasn’t satisfying enough, and I could still feel a twinge in my pussy, which was still leaking his cum.

The second problem bothering me were the inappropriate thoughts I had about Hari during the first non-self induced orgasm of my life.

What was wrong with me?. What kind of a sister was I?. These were the thoughts that were boiling in my head as I locked the door after Raj and turned around.

And it was precisely at this moment that my train of thoughts was interrupted and I got the biggest scare of my life, ever.

“Hey, Sis” said Hari who was standing in front of me, at the center of the hallway. His voice cold and devoid of emotions.

“Hari……!!” I mumbled, completely taken aback, as if I was addressing a ghost “you’re back! …what?. you… you… but how?. didn’t you?. You had class..”. I finally managed to sputter out.

When did he come back?. Did he see?. Does he know?. How could I have not noticed?. A million thoughts rushed into my head all at once, as I felt fainter.

“Class got canceled, sis.” Hari replied calmly “I let myself in with my other key… about an hour ago.”



What do you guys think?. Does this deserve a sequel?. Let me know. (: Thanks. xoxoxoxoxo.

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