Mum Thought I Reminded…Ch. 1


Mum Thought I Reminded Her of Dad Ch. 1

My name is John; I am 20 years old and share a flat with my girlfriend Jenny who is 24. I work as a freelance photographer, mainly weddings/ birthdays etc. but occasionally I get offered some glamour work, this is how I met Jenny – she asked me to make up a portfolio that she could submit to agencies. She now works in an office but still does photographic work if she can get it; I have had photos of her published in several men’s magazines. Before meeting me Jenny was married to a guy who was into swinging and wife swapping, Jenny introduced me into the swinging scene about 6 months ago, we have a fairly open relationship and our sex life is great. We are currently involved with a group of 5 local couples and 3 or 4 singles and hold regular get-togethers as often as possible. Basically my hobbies and interests are Sex, Sex, Sex and photography, as I work mainly from home I have converted the spare bedroom into a darkroom and editing room. If I get the chance I try to take pics of our friends and us, I have quite a collection.

My mum’s name is Susan, aged 39 and she has been widowed for the last 5 years, she has been seeing a guy called Tony for the last 6 months. My mum is still very attractive, slim, about 5ft 6 and 130 lbs. and over the last couple of years I have to admit she has been the cause of many of my fantasies. She has short black hair, a very pretty face, long legs and a pair of tits that I would love to get my hands on, I would think they would be a size 36C. When I lived at home mum would sometimes sunbathe nude, our garden was not overlooked and I used to play with my prick and fantasise as I watched her from my bedroom window, sometimes I would go out into the garden and we would talk to each other while she sunbathed and she never made an attempt to cover herself.

used to wonder if she knew I was looking at her from my bedroom for sometimes she would sit up and look in my direction spending a long time rubbing lotion into her tits and body, as I got older she would sometimes walk from the bathroom to her bedroom naked or after a shower wear a loose fitting robe that would open slightly allowing me a sight of her tits. Being an only child my mum and I were always very close to each other; I could talk to her about anything and had on occasions discussed sex and different girlfriends with her, in a way as I grew up we were more like brother and older sister.

Jenny and I are not the tidiest of people, mum kindly offered to come around occasionally to help us keep the flat tidy and this Saturday is our turn to have our friends around. Mum turned up about 10am, I made her a coffee we had a chat and I told her I would be back around 4 o’clock.

I returned home earlier than I thought, just after lunch and was surprised to hear voices and noises coming from my spare bedroom, I quietly approached the door, which wasn’t quite closed, and stopped, the voices were Jenny’s and mine. I then realised that my mum was watching a video I had taken of us a couple of weeks earlier, I had forgotten to take it out of the machine, it was not a family type video it was of me and Jenny having sex with one of the couples we knew. Looking through the crack of the door I could see my mum sat on the chair, her dress was up around her waist and the top was unbuttoned, she was playing with her tits with one hand and fingering her cunt with the other. I watched her for a couple of minutes with my prick getting harder and harder, I quietly unzipped my trousers and started to slowly wank my prick, which was near to coming. The tape was nearing the end so I quietly zipped up and made my way out, walked around for a while then returned home, this time I made sure to make some noise and call out as I entered to let her know I was home.

When I entered the bedroom mum was back at her dusting and polishing, she looked a little flushed but acted as if nothing had happened. I said that I could do with a drink and asked if she wanted one, “a glass of wine would be nice, thanks John” she replied. We sat down and talked a bit about nothing in particular, she then started to ask about Jenny, if everything was ok between us and then took me by surprise when she asked if our sex life was good, I said it was great and that we were both very happy. I then asked her about Tony, how were things going with them; do they have any plans for the future? as I have said we were always open with each other, she Escort bayan said that Tony was a nice guy. I was a bit shocked when she then told me that before she met Tony she had not had sex with a man since dad died and she said that Tony had been wanting to have sex with her for a while now but for some reason when it seemed like it would happen she backed away at the last moment, she said she was worried that he might grow tired of her and find someone else.

She said that the other night he had asked if he could take some sexy photos of her but she had changed the subject and laughed it off, she said his birthday was soon and that she would like to surprise him with some pictures of her, to “show him how much she cared for him” but was too nervous and shy to go to a photographer. ” John, How would you feel about taking some photos of me? I would feel relaxed and comfortable if it was you, after all, you are my son, it wouldn’t be like you haven’t seen me nude before would it? I tried not to show my eagerness, “sure mum if that is what you want, what sort of photos have you in mind?” “Well, I have seen some of the photos you have in your darkroom, something sexy but not too explicit” she said.

I asked her again if she was quite sure and she said she had been thinking about it all afternoon and it was really what she wanted. I said I didn’t have very much work on tomorrow and if she wanted to come around mid-morning. As she was leaving she turned and gave me a motherly kiss on the cheek, ” thanks John” she said ” I’m glad you understand, just one more thing, how do you feel about dropping the mum bit, I would feel a lot more comfortable if you called me Sue in future, “sure mu I mean Sue if that’s what you want it’s fine by me. That evening I did not tell Jenny about my talk with mum, I wanted to wait and see what happened the next day, maybe mum would change her mind and not turn up. Later, that evening when I fucked Jenny she commented on how hard my prick felt, if only she knew that while I was fucking her I was fantasising that I was fucking my mum.

Next morning as soon as Jenny left I started to get things set up, I thought the lounge would be the most suitable place, I arranged the furniture, set the camera on the tripod, arranged the lighting, put a couple bottles of wine in the chiller and waited. About 11 o’clock the doorbell went, I opened the door – it was mum.

She looked stunning, she must have spent a long time on her hair and makeup, just seeing her standing there made my prick twitch, she came in carrying some bags as if she had been shopping. ” I am very nervous John” she said, I asked her again if she was certain about what she wanted and she said she was. She sat down and took the glass of wine I offered her, we made small talk for a while and after she had a couple more drinks she started to loosen up.

“I brought a few different outfits with me but I don’t know if they are sexy enough” she said.

“I’m sure you will look great,” I said, “if you want to change in the bedroom I will get everything set up”. She came out wearing a short dress with a very low cut top, the thin material showed she was not wearing a bra and her nipples were jutting out hard.

“you look great,” I said. I took about 20 snaps of her in different poses, I managed to get a couple of her showing her stocking tops and some showing a nice cleavage but that was all, we stopped and had another drink, she was starting to relax more so I asked her if she wanted me to take a snap of her with the top of her dress down a little, “I’m sure Tony would like that” I said, she looked a little unsure at first but looking at me she said ” what, like this” and slowly lowered the top so her nipples were visible. Over the next 30 mins I took 3 rolls of film of her in poses that got sexier and sexier, she was acting like she had done this before. We stopped and had another drink, I wanted to see her in something really sexy, ” Sue, you are about the same size as Jenny, she has lots of sexy clothes, why don’t you try some of them on and see if you like them? There was no stopping her now and she said yes straight away. While she was in the bedroom changing I refilled our glasses and put on some background music, which I thought might help to make her feel more relaxed, and hopefully in a sexy mood.

After what seemed like hours but was really only about 15 mins mum came back into the lounge, I was disappointed to see her wearing Bayan escort a full length dressing gown, ” didn’t you like Jenny’s clothes” I asked, she said nothing but slowly started to take off the gown, it was as if she was trying to tease me, my mouth opened and my prick started to get harder at the same time, she was wearing exactly what I would have selected if I had picked them out myself, all in black – stockings, short mini skirt which didn’t cover her stocking tops, a bra which left the top of her tits and her nipples exposed and over that a stocking type top that clinged to her body like a second skin, her nipples were sticking out – she looked so sexy, mother or not, if I had one wish at that moment I would have fucked her on the spot.

“There, what do you think, you don’t think this is too revealing John, do you?” she said looking at me with a very sexy look, ” Sue, you look absolutely stunning” I replied, “Tony is a very lucky guy” she sat on the sofa and I handed her a drink, her skirt had risen up a little more and now completely exposed her stocking tops and her suspenders, I wondered if she was wearing any panties and if I was to get the opportunity to find out.

I started snapping, all her inhibitions had gone, and she posed as if she was appearing in a mens magazine, she played with her tits taking her nipples between her thumb and finger which made them stick out more, and then she looked me in the eyes, sat back and opened her legs a little, I saw for the first time her pussy, it was shaved smooth, she started to rub and play with herself, my prick was rock hard and straining uncomfortably against my trousers, she must have noticed.

I couldn’t take much more, I moved forward and lifted one of her legs up on to the sofa, this made her legs open wide and I could see her pussy lips were very wet, I took her hand and placed it near her pussy she immediately started to finger her cunt. I took photo after photo for 10 more mins, I put my camera down on the table and said we had enough pics and sat next to her on the sofa, mum sat up and adjusted her clothes, we chatted for a while, finished off the two bottles of wine, I only had a bottle of Vodka left so we started on that, the conversation started to get very sexual and I was surprised how open and outspoken mum was becoming, she was beginning to act and talk in a very sexy manner. I was very close to her, she placed one hand on my thigh and squeezed,

“John, there is something I must tell you, yesterday in your darkroom I turned on the TV, I must have pressed the wrong button on the remote because the video started to play, I watched the tape of you and Jenny, you reminded me very much of your dad. You see John when you were young we also enjoyed seeing and having sex with other couples and even sometimes a single man or woman to make up a threesome. We eventually got involved with a group of swingers and attended several orgies, I have known Tony for a long time, he and his ex wife your dad and me used to meet up quite regularly.

When I saw you on the tape with Jenny and your friends you looked and acted like your dad so much I foolishly wanted you John, I wanted you to fuck me so much I thought up the idea of you taking photos of me, I though that if I acted sexy with you that you would want to have sex with me, I realise now that it would be wrong, I don’t know whatever I was thinking, please forgive me John”.

She was looking directly into my eyes, I didn’t say anything but slowly moved forward as if to kiss her, she made no move to back away, our lips gently touched, at first she kept her mouth closed then she kissed me passionately, her tongue exploring my mouth, my hand went to her tits, they felt good encased in that stocking top, I played with her nipples squeezing them gently which made them stick out hard, I have nether felt my prick as hard as it was now I thought it would explode any minute.

I stood up and removed my clothes, mum was still sat on the sofa, her legs were open and her smooth pussy was looking wet. I kneeled in front of her, I kissed her again and then made my way lower, kissing and sucking on each tit, kissing down over her stomach getting lower and lower till I reached my goal- her cunt. She opened her legs wide and slid forward to the front edge of the cushion, I began to lick and finger her cunt, she was very wet and it was not long before I had three fingers inside her, she was moaning with pleasure, Escort pushing forward with her hips and telling me to finger her hard, I licked along her crack to her asshole and began to gently lick and once it was wet enough I slowly slid in my finger.

It did not take long to get her asshole wet and loose enough to take two fingers; I fucked her ass with my fingers and at the same time licked my tongue deep into her cunt. She pulled my head upward, ” change places” she said, ” I want to suck on your prick”. Till now she had not touched my prick, I sat on the sofa, she knelt in front of me and took hold of my now throbbing prick, she kissed it then looking me in the eyes began to lick it from the base to the top, “are you sure you want this” she teased, then opening her mouth full began to take the full length of my prick deep into her mouth, I felt it reach her throat which made her gag a little but she soon got used to its length.

Looking down at her sucking on my prick made me realise that things would never be the same between us again, gone for good would be the mother / son relationship, now the future for us would be totally sexual. I felt my prick start to twitch and knew I was about to come, I said ” I’m coming” expecting her to pull away, she looked me deep in the eyes and if anything went down deeper, I felt my spunk shoot out in great spurts, she took it all in the mouth, swallowing what she could but there was so much of it a lot dribbled out of the corners of her mouth dripping from her chin onto her tits. I took her head in my hands and kissed her forcing my tongue deep into her mouth, tasting my spunk, I then went to her spunk covered tits, rubbed it into her hard nipples and then sucked them dry.

We lay on the floor, kissing, she the turned around straddled my chest and went back to sucking my prick, this gave me good access to her cunt and asshole which I licked at and played with. Her cunt was wet so I concentrated on her asshole, trying to get it open and loose enough for me to fuck later. Knowing I had already come once I knew that this time I would be able to last a lot longer, I asked mum to get on her hands and knees then kneeling behind her I rubbed my prick along her slit and with one big lunge buried my prick deep into her cunt. “Yes, fuck me hard, fuck me, harder, harder” she cried out.

My prick had never felt like this before, it seemed to be bigger, harder, I fucked her as hard and deep as I could, my hands cupped and played with her tits, I wanted to fuck her ass so I pulled out of her cunt. “No!” she said, “don’t take it away”, I positioned my prick at her asshole and slid it in very slowly until it was right in, then I came almost out and with a lunge fucked her as deep and as hard as I could. Her ass was tight, it gripped my prick and soon I felt my prick twitch, mum must have felt it too because she asked me to shoot my spunk into her cunt, I rammed into her just in time and filled her cunt with my spunk.

We both collapsed on the floor, then with me still inside her turned onto our sides, my hand went to her tits, she turned to me, kissed me and told me how good she felt. We must have dozed off, I awoke with a start, my hand still on her tit, my prick softer but still inside her cunt, I glanced at the clock and realised Jenny would be home in 30 mins, I gently shook mum awake and told her. She ran into the bedroom to get changed, I quickly got dressed, put away the camera gear and arranged the room. Mum came out dressed the same as she arrived, everything was back to normal as far as the room was concerned, mum and me would never be the same.

“John” mum said “what happened today must stay our secret, I am not sorry it happened and I enjoyed what we did, when we fucked you reminded me so much of your dad, it felt as if I was fucking with him” I assured her I would not tell anyone and told her that I would be visiting her more often in future. She went to the door, turned and gave me a long kiss before going.

5 mins later Jenny got home, “how are you feeling?” she asked, “exhausted” I replied.

Over the next three months I saw mum as much as I could, every time having great sex. One night I even took her to an adult type cinema and we fucked in the back seats with a couple of guys watching us. She told me that she mentioned to Tony that she knew of a young guy, who she thought would be interested in a threesome, she said Tony couldn’t wait, it hasn’t happened yet and it is something I am looking forward to. What I am working on now is a way of getting Jenny involved; I am waiting to pick the right moment. When it takes place and Jenny, Tony, mum and me get together I will let you know how things went.

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