Mr. Venchenzo


[b]Mr. Venchenzo

this is a first try for me and yes its extremely dirty and from some part of my mind i wouldn’t like to walk into in a dark alley but i did it, i fancy sharing it i hope you like 🙂 PS. this is for adults only please store your favorite sites wisely “bla bla bla” you get the picture if your under the age set by your country you will want to stop here… or just ignore me in that case happy wet dream btw thats a hint of what the next chapter will contain :p

chapter 1

It would have been a lot nicer for you if you had just given me what I wanted a couple of weeks ago. I might have

actually cared if you were enjoying my cock. Now, not so much,” he said with a leer.

“Remember, if you’re good and I really enjoying dumping my load in your ass, then you won’t have to take all my men in

your ass, so make it good. Now bend over!”

Dave turned around and bent over the desk. He grabbed hold of the edge of the desk as Mr. Venchenzo spread his cheeks

for him to enter him without needing to guide his cock. Venchenzo looked down and smiled as he lubed up his huge cock.

“I’m going to enjoy this fuck so much! and Did I tell you that it takes me ages to come?” Dave began to panic As he

felt the tip of Venchenzo’s cock touch his hole, he know immediately it was too big, so he closed his eyes wanting it

to be over soon.

the head felt like he was shoving a tennis ball in his hole, he could feel it spread his ass wider, the pain was

unbearable, he tried to move or clamp down to stop him but he was to strong and just pressed him forward with his cock,

forcing dave into the desk making him take it all, he screamed when Mr. Venchenzo was halfway in .

Mr. Venchenzo laughed again “i love it when they do that, and i love it more when they make this noice. “

he shoved all the way in, forcing his ass cheaks so far apart that dave thought he was split in two, it had felt like

he was punched in the stomach, which coursed dave to make a noice like a cross between a moan and a grunt, he seamed

pleased ’cause he moaned too, i could feel him twitch inside me before he pulled back out, i felt empty for a moment

but the feeling didnt last long, he shoved back in even deeper, taking his breth with it and Kolej Escort then he began to fuck dave

so hard his teeth clact together.

(he was right, he dose take a long time to cum), dave thought.

for what must of bin at least two hours he fucked dave, by now his ass felt like a gaping hole and he feared that it

will never closs again, then he pulled all the was out and turned him so his ass faced the other men in the room

Mr. Venchenzo said “look at that hole vic 44 all nice a streched for ya”

“thanks boss im going to make the little piggie squeel” vic said.

“im shore you will” Mr. Venchenzo laughed darkly

then he shoved back in without warning he fucked me for another couple of minites then his patten changed he kept

stopping and then picking up speed, and then dave thought this is it he’s going to cum in his ass, then he felt it,

deep insides, a hot presher hose was going off in him blasting and coating his guts.
he didnt just take a long time to cum, he came for a long time too it feltlike he came for more then 5 minutes his

belly started bloating, and he began to feel full to bursting.

just when he thought he couldn’t take much more he finely stopped cumming, he then turned and said “someone bring me a

big gless ? ” i wondered what for ?

when vic 44 eagerly handed him one, he pulled out and caught his cum in the glass that flowed out of daves gaping hole,

he could feel a cold wind blow up his hole and shivered.

when the glass was full he walked infront of him and vic 44 said snidely “i hope your hungry ? ” then he chuckled.

Mr. Venchenzo looked down at him but dave wasnt looking at him he was looking at the cum in the glass, it was a pint!

glass and it was full to the brim (how much did he cum?) with his slightly yellow! cum, (gross way is his cum yellow is

he sick?, wait he just came in me will i get sick now?) then he smelt it and it smelt rank, it smelt sour like old

sweat and strong musk and like gone off porridge, it had the same consistency as porridge to, it had big lumps in it

he leered at me “people often complan about the teast of my cum they say its like horse cum and piss you see i have an

infection in my Sincan Escort urethra that causes me to Produces more pre-cum and puss and a couple other things in there too and i

like watching my boys drink it. “

he retched ’cause of the smell alown, the thought of drinking it was beyond disgusting but there was nothing he could


Mr. Venchenzo put the glass to my lips but dave didnt open, so Mr. Venchenzo forced his fingers into his jaw to open

his mouth so dave had no choice but to open.

dave inhaled ’cause of the pain and got an even stronger smell of the now warm rotten cum

Mr. Venchenzo tipted the glass and a bit of his cum splashed into my mouth i gagged at the teast choking on it before i

swollowed what was in my mouth to make it go faster, it tasted worser then it looked it was slimy going down it had a

slightly meaty tast to it, i kept gagging and some of it came out my nose making it hard to breathe, it coated his

mouth and throat and still he drank it having no choice, when he had finished half the glass he panted for air then

burped londly, wanting to be sick but afrad to just in case he’ll make him eat it again

“come on my boy your nearly there my cum will start tasting nice soon, ’cause it’s going to be your main diet from now


he opened my mouth again and Mr. Venchenzo tipped the glass so daved had no choice but to drank deeply.

Mr. Venchenzo laughed even harder “that’s better then most, they normaly dont even get half down before there sick, but

trust me boy by the end of tonight you’ll be puking more then my cum up tonight.”

“now i want a blow job, striaght from the tap.” Mr. Venchenzo said

Mr. Venchenzo stepped up to dave and turned him over so he was lying on his back, dave was a bit confused but then Mr.

Venchenzo walked around to were he was standing moments before and pulled him so his head hung off the side of the desk

Mr. Venchenzo then spoke to him in a growly voice “you ready for a 11 inch by 8.5 inch cock down your throat”

since the question was mostly rhetorical dave said what he thought Mr. Venchenzo wanted to here “yes sir”

dave darted a look at his cock it was huge and Yenimahalle Escort it looked dangeress, Mr. Venchenzo smiled but it some how had him look

even scarier

then Mr. Venchenzo stepped up to daves mouth and daves eyes crossed trying to keep the cock in site, “open wide my boy

daddys going to feed ya something nasty” Mr. Venchenzo chuckled

he did and Mr. Venchenzo pushed in just till the head was in, it was so big it pushed his tongue down so hard it

cramped which cause his mouth to fill with Saliva, even if he wanted it to he couldn’t move his tongue, but he could

teast him though he tasted like before but even more bitter, sweet like rotten fruit, he pushed in until he touch the

back of his throat which made dave gagged and Mr. Venchenzo took the moment to shoved forward, dave reached around the

meat in his throat and began to really panic again, now that he had a 11 inch cock in his throat his brain shut down he

tried to swollow aroung it but what he didnt know was all he was doing was giving Mr. Venchenzo more pleasure

dave couldn’t breathe and just as he started to see stars Mr. Venchenzo pulled back out long enough for dave to catch

his breth then Mr. Venchenzo bruterly shoved his huge meat back in.

it happened over and over again Mr. Venchenzo shoved his huge meat in and out of daves throat his lemon sized balls

slapping his face and eyes, not caring if he was okay or not, all he wanted was to shoot his second load into daves


then it happened, he pulled back far enough so when he came it hit the back of his throat and he could tast it dave

gagged for what felt like the thousandth time, then suddenly Mr. Venchenzo said “lets count the loads “

he was still cuming when he shoved all the way down daves throat at each blast making shore he eat his rank tasting

spunk, he came so long and so hard it started backing up on the shaft and shooting out his nose with every blast when

he was done he pulled out, cum dripping out of his nose and face he felt so full of gizz that he sloshed inside, Mr.

Venchenzo must of cum at least 27 time (how it that even possible) all he could smell and tast was rank musky cum and

he could feel bits and lumps in his mouth he feared he’ll never forget the tast or smell of this man.

“you like that son? thers a lot more were that came from my boy, i like to cum at least 5 or 6 times a day so daddy

will feed you real good, now come on then time for bed” the words sounded nice but his face told a different story

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