Above and Beyond Ch. 01

Big Tits

This four chapter story is completed, and will be posted at roughly one chapter per week.


Jennifer threw her head back as jolts of pleasure and pain burst through her body. Repeatedly, Richard’s hand landed on her bare ass, and she felt the stinging sensation melt into a familiar burn. Her stress faded with each blow.

She had followed her husband’s instructions, removing her panties in the taxi on the way back from the airport. Moments after arriving, she found herself over his lap. Jennifer still wore her business suit, her skirt pulled up to expose her round ass. Part of her felt this was wrong. It’s not appropriate for a respected business woman to willingly take a spanking over her husband’s knee. But that just made it so much more desirable. To say Jennifer wanted his strict hand would be an under-statement. With every fiber of her being, she needed this release. The weight of her day melted away as her ass moved with each slap.

Sensing she’d had enough, Richard helped Jennifer to her feet. With her skirt still hiked up around her hips, she rubbed her ass and felt its radiant heat. He smiled confidently at her as he took in the sight. She still had her hair up in a neat creation, but a few deep brown tufts had escaped during the spanking. Expecting to end up exposed before him, she had neatly trimmed her pubic hair, leaving only a narrow strand. He seemed to like it that way.

“Now, take off your clothes,” he said, his voice demanding.

She unbuttoned her jacket with unsteady fingers. How could she still feel so vulnerable around him after all these years? It was a sensual wonder. After dropping the jacket on the floor, her blouse followed, leaving her with just her skirt around her hips and a black lace bra, which held up her straining breasts. High heels emphasized her toned legs. He nodded towards her bra, and she reached behind to unclasp it. Her tits fell free, swaying heavily before her husband. He looked pleased as he studied them, and she invitingly pushed her chest out for his benefit.

She lowered her gaze as he stood. He began circling, and moved his strong hands over her delicate skin. She flinched as he suddenly slapped her tender cheeks. Standing behind her, one hand traveled up her body. A soft moan escaped her mouth as he reached her breast. He felt its weight in his hand before softly pinching her pink nipple. She savored the familiar tickle of his beard against her neck as he kissed it.

When he turned her body, she marveled at the weakness in her legs as their eyes met. His gaze was demanding, but warmth shined through. Jennifer knew what was expected, and sank to the floor. Unzipping his pants, she pulled out his already firm cock. She looked up at him with pleading eyes, and he nodded. Leaning in, she took it between her lips. It grew even harder inside her mouth, and the sloppy sounds of her worship filled the room. The skirt around her hips and high heels were a reminder of the stature of the woman who now submissively knelt on the floor, her ass reddened from the spanking.

Richard pulled away before she brought forth his climax. Sometimes, he would finish in her mouth or on her face before sitting back and watching as she pleasured her own body. She loved touching herself for him. It left her feeling like a submissive slut. But, having been apart for nearly two weeks, they both craved the entrance of his powerful cock into her needy core.

“Get on the couch,” he commanded.

She obeyed. Positioned face down against the cushion, her ass became the highest point of reference. She reached between her legs and felt the wetness as she invitingly parted her lips for him. Silently, she remained in that position as he slowly undressed.

The couch moved as he knelt behind her. He placed the tip of his cock at her entrance, and with one steady motion, pushed deep inside her. She wailed in gratification. With a mounting force, he moved in and out of her trembling frame. Soon, his hips slammed domineeringly against her tender ass. Jennifer’s moans escalated in tempo and volume, as he began slapping her cheeks. Ecstasy overtook her and she quaked as the orgasm took her body. Her husband continued to spank her as she screamed through her climax. Richard grunted as he pressed himself against her and released a seemingly endless flow inside her contracting enfold.

He collapsed on top of her, softly kissing her neck and face. Their bliss transcended words. His hands tenderly caressed her spent body. Eventually, she left and cleaned up. Her ass was still glowing upon her return, with several imprints from his hand visible.

“Thank you, I needed that,” she said softly, rubbing her cheeks.

“I know you did,” he replied, smiling lovingly at her.

She really was a lucky woman. Few men would be comfortable with their wife as the breadwinner, especially if they were charged with staying home to take care of ground support. Jennifer loved her job and deserved her recent appointment as the head of a multinational Kartal Anal Escort building company. In no way did she regret accepting the promotion, since she felt more than ready for the task. To some extent, she even enjoyed the excessive travel that came with the new position. The downside was that she missed Richard terribly when she was away. His firm hand was no small part of that longing.

She wasn’t sure from where this desire originated. It hadn’t really been there when they first met, but had gradually become a significant part of their relationship. As she climbed the corporate ladder, Jennifer increasingly found herself yearning for her husband’s strict hand. Early on, she felt that a regular spanking kept her humble. But she had stopped trying to rationalize her deviance. She enjoyed getting spanked—it was a simple as that.

No… ‘Enjoy’ wasn’t enough to describe her feeling at this point. She craved it. She desired it. She needed it. Going without eventually made her feel tense and unfocused. Her considerate husband had surprised her with a paddle to bring on her travels and use on herself. He even had it engraved, “Mrs. Turner” prominently displayed in a decorative silver font against the black leather. It was flexible, and the sound of its impact was more significant than its infliction. She would use it, as needed, while she masturbated in her hotel rooms. Of course, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as Richard’s hand.

Two days with her husband passed quickly and it was soon time to pack her bags and fly off again. Her lack of enthusiasm was evident.

“Maybe you should delegate more responsibility to local management,” Richard suggested.

“I would, honey. But it’s a big project. I have to meet with the local branch, and then seal the deal with the subcontractors. And…”

Her phone interrupted the conversation.

“That was Hannah,” she said as she put down the phone. “She’ll be here with the taxi in ten minutes.”

“Did you pack everything?” Richard asked.

She sighed. “Yeah, I have a good routine these days.”

“You’ll be fine,” he said, picking up on her gloomy mood. He always did. “Before you know it, you’ll be home again. And maybe this trip will be interesting.”

She hugged him, pressing her face closely against his strong chest. It was her last chance to feel small, and even before leaving, she already longed to be back in his safe embrace. As Richard’s strong arms wrapped around her, she tried to tuck the sensation deep in her brain. When she was alone later, she would draw on this memory to comfort herself.

“Did you say ten minutes?” he asked.

A moment later, she lay across his lap with her legs slightly parted, skirt pulled up and her panties around her knees. His hand rained down on her bare ass, and she savored every humbling slap. The excitement built in her body and pushed away the melancholy of her inevitable departure.

She wanted to turn off the phone when it rang. This haven under her husband’s forceful hand was where she wished to remain. But they both knew better. He helped her to her feet.

“Oh, now I really don’t want to go,” she whined.

Her panties fell to her feet, and she reached for them. But Richard stopped her. She gave him a puzzled look.

“Leave them,” he ordered.

“But I’m going straight to the airport.”

He smirked. “I know.”

Minutes later she found herself in the cab next to her secretary, her mind still raging with excitement. It was deliciously cruel to have sent her away in this state of passion without any relief in sight. This was going to be a long flight.

“The traffic is quite heavy, but we should make it in good time,” Hannah said.

Jennifer nodded absentmindedly. She couldn’t have picked a better secretary. Not once had the blonde girl failed at her duties. In fact, she often went above and beyond what was expected of her. Jennifer made a mental note to give Hannah a generous bonus this year.

As they arrived at their hotel, Hannah followed Jennifer to her room. As always, Hannah had booked a hotel with large and luxurious suites. Following their regular routine, Jennifer immediately checked her emails while Hannah unpacked for her. Jennifer had never asked her secretary to do this, yet she did it every time.

“Oh, nice. I’m glad you brought this one Mrs. Turner,” Hannah said, holding up one of Jennifer’s skirts. “You always look good in short skirts.”

Absentmindedly, Jennifer looked up from her computer “What? Oh, yes. Thank you.”

Jennifer was taken aback by the formal tone of the comment. Hannah hadn’t called her Mrs. Turner since her job interview years ago. Perhaps it was this oddity that distracted Jennifer from the more significant anomaly. Her secretary had commented on her clothes and how good she looked in them. By the time this registered with Jennifer, Hannah had already changed the subject.

“I sent you the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. Let me know if any Kartal Yaşlı Escort changes are needed.”

Jennifer brought the agenda up on her screen. “No, this looks good.”

“I’ll see you in the morning then.”

With that, Hannah grabbed her bag and left for her own room. Jennifer texted Richard and asked if he was ready for a quick video call in fifteen minutes. That would leave her enough time to get ready for bed. She already missed him terribly. The next day’s meeting was important, and she felt that her husband’s hand could have relieved her increasing stress level. Hopefully, he could lighten her mood, as he had done before, via video. He was so in tune with her body and mind that he could gauge her need even across the country. She slipped into a sheer, lace nightgown, a present from her husband.

That’s when she saw it. On the bed, next to her neatly folded nightgown, lay her paddle. She gasped in shock as it dawned on her. Hannah must have found it in her bag and unpacked it!

She was certain she hadn’t packed it for this trip. Whenever she brought it along, she always made sure to either hide it or unpack herself. Confused, she picked it up and studied the leather paddle. Was it really possible she had forgotten that she put it in the suitcase? She felt her face flush with shame. How embarrassing! What would Hannah think?

The notification signal from her laptop interrupted her train of thought. It was her husband asking if she was ready to talk.

“Hi honey,” she said as they set up their video call. “Can you hear me?”

“Yes, very clearly,” he replied. “Is everything OK?”

He quickly picked up the unease in her voice.

“Well, yes. Sort of.”


“Well, did you pack this in my bag?” she asked, holding up the paddle.

He grinned. “Yeah, I did. I thought you might need it.”

“Uhm, yeah… Well, I think Hannah found it when she unpacked my things.”

His eyes looked more amused than shocked. “Really? That’s pretty funny, don’t you think?”

“No, it is not funny,” Jennifer said, though she giggled as she covered her eyes. “It’s embarrassing! My secretary shouldn’t know such intimate details about my life!”

“What intimate details?”

“You know,” she said. She paused a moment and looked down before continuing. “That… well, that I need to be spanked.”

Jennifer felt excitement stir as the words left her mouth. Richard wore a confident smile that made her want to melt in his arms, or even better, over his lap.

“How was your day?” she asked, steering the conversation towards more mundane topics. She knew there was no point getting worked up now because her husband wasn’t there to fulfill her needs.

By the time they said goodbye, she had forgotten about the mishap with Hannah and the paddle. But the hunger inside her hadn’t abated. As she looked at the paddle, her excitement flared up. Her hand lightly brushed the engraved letters, and she began to feel warm. Maybe she should…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the notification signal on her computer. There was a message from her husband.

“I know what you need right now. I can’t be there to give it to you tonight, but I can watch. Here is what you will do: Turn on the video call again. Make sure the camera sees you as you lay across the bed. Use the paddle to spank yourself.”

She didn’t reply, merely following the instructions. A moment later, she positioned herself on the bed, facing away from the camera. Her gown was gathered at her waist. She heard Richard breathing on the other end, but he hadn’t turned on the camera. Instead, Jennifer’s screen showed her own image as she sensuously caressed the curves of her ass with the paddle.

She gasped loudly as she swatted herself. Even though it was self-inflicted, the mixture of the sting and the smack from the paddle caused her to flinch. Imitating her husband, she caressed the spot of impact. The paddle felt soothingly cool against her skin, but she wasn’t ready for alleviation yet. She swatted herself on the other cheek. Just like Richard would, she increased the intensity. Before long, she let the paddle rain down on her bare ass, the swatting sound and her increasingly frenzied moans filling the hotel room. Knowing that her husband watched made juices pour forth from her sensitive center.

She looked pleadingly over her shoulder into the camera. Their usual rule dictated that she refrain from touching herself until explicitly instructed to. It was even more significant now that he was so far away; he remained in control of her pleasure.

“Go on,” he said shortly.

She lowered her upper body, resting her shoulders against the bed. It was an exposing position, all her intimate details revealed for her husband. Alternating between spanking and caressing herself with the paddle, she let the other hand wander between her legs. Moans escaped her mouth as she ran a finger along her wet slit.

Lightly, but with enough Kartal Zenci Escort force to cause a sting, she slapped her pussy with the paddle. Richard’s approving grunts could be heard, even as she gasped loudly. Several times, she repeated the spanks. Then, her attention turned to her clit again, as she eagerly ran her fingers over the pulsing bud.

“Go on, come for me, Baby,” Richard said.

And she did. Screams of ecstasy followed as her body convulsed with pleasure. Utterly spent, she collapsed on the bed.

“Good night, honey,” Richard said softly. “Good luck tomorrow. And remember—whatever happens, I love you.”

With that, he turned off the computer on his end. Jennifer lay in bed with a smile on her face. She felt incredibly lucky to have a husband that understood her needs and who went to great lengths to satisfy them.

But as she tried to sleep, her anxiety resurfaced. She looked at the paddle. It reminded her that Hannah was now aware of its existence. She imagined that Hannah must have been quite shocked when she uncovered it. What would she think about her boss now? Eventually she drifted off into a restless slumber.

Lack of sleep made Jennifer’s head fuzzy the next day. She was therefore somewhat relieved when Hannah called, informing her that their meeting with the subcontractor had been canceled.

“His secretary didn’t really give an excuse,” Hannah explained. “She just said he couldn’t make it.”

Jennifer sighed. “OK, did she propose another time for the meeting?”

“She suggested the day after tomorrow. I told her we have other things scheduled for the rest of our stay, but that I would check with you. Is the meeting really necessary? The details of the contract have already been negotiated. We could just finalize it over a video conference later.”

“No. They have a new CEO, and I want to get a feel for him if we are to continue doing business.”

“OK, I’ll sort it out,” Hannah said. “I checked, and there’s a pool on the second floor. If you want, you have time for a few laps.”

It was a good suggestion. Jennifer felt antsy, and swimming was her second most effective way of dealing with stress. Within minutes, she had changed into her swimsuit and swam vigorously through the refreshing water.

The physical exertion of swimming usually cleared her head, but this time it didn’t work. Jennifer just couldn’t get her mind off Hannah and the paddle. Why had Hannah unpacked it? She could have just left the paddle in the suitcase, allowing them both to at least pretend that it hadn’t been discovered. Was this her way of being honest?

And why did it bother Jennifer so much? She rarely cared what other people thought of her. But the idea that her secretary had glanced into Jennifer’s most private desire filled her with a deep sense of shame. And even more confusingly, that shame seemed to glimmer with a suggestive light. Somewhere down deep, in the recesses of her brain, it caused an exciting stir as it drew her mind back to the subject.

The echoing sound of high heels interrupted her thoughts. She rested her arms on the side of the pool, watching as her tall blonde secretary marched in.

“I’ve rearranged the schedule,” Hannah said as she stopped in front of Jennifer. “It should work for everyone.”

“Great,” Jennifer replied. Her eyes were drawn to the blonde’s slender legs. Jennifer had admired them before, but at this low angle she Found herself mesmerized. Realizing that she was ogling her assistant, Jennifer slowly raised her eyes to Hannah’s and blushed.

“Originally, you were meeting the local branch tomorrow and the day after,” Hannah continued, reading from her notepad. “I tried moving that meeting to today, but the local manager isn’t available until tomorrow. I’m confident we can get through most of the agenda items in one day, if we really push. You also want to meet the staff, and we can do that in the morning the day after. Then, you can meet with the subcontractor in the afternoon. I already cleared this with his secretary.”

“Sounds good,” Jennifer said, hauling her body out of the pool. “Thanks for making the arrangements.”

“My pleasure,” Hannah said, holding out a robe for Jennifer.

Jennifer decided to use some of her unexpected free time to do some shopping. Her schedule rarely allowed her this luxury. Hannah offered to go, but Jennifer declined. Every time she recalled the paddle incident, Jennifer found it difficult to look Hannah in the eyes.

In the window of a trendy shop, she spotted a chic skirt that appealed to her. She tried it on and twirled in front of the dressing room mirror. The skirt seemed a bit short for a professional woman. Hannah’s words reverberated in her head. You always look good in short skirts. Why had Hannah said that? It wasn’t that Jennifer didn’t appreciate the compliment, but was it really appropriate for a secretary to comment on her boss’ attire?

Shaking off these thoughts, Jennifer told herself she was over-thinking things. Hannah was just being collegial and Jennifer enjoyed their informal working relationship. Given how much time they spent together, it was only natural that Hannah would also serve the role of an immediate friend. And, girlfriends talked like that all the time. Didn’t they?

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