Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 15


Kim was left with her own thoughts for a while as the pagan priestess and her maid left the dungeon with her slave, Nano or the black cat as Kim thought of him. Kim’s head was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. She still hadn’t really had time to absorb fully the significance of the second part of the black cat’s tale. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe it or didn’t want to believe it; it’s just that it sounded so weird and, if that had all happened to her, it must have been eradicated from her memory as she had no recollection of it.

In some ways this was no surprise to her. There had always appeared to be gaps in her life; things she couldn’t make sense of or didn’t feel right about. She had felt disconnected all the way through her childhood and her difficult adolescent years, which all seemed like an unreal blur. She kind of wanted to believe the tale, however strange. She felt it gave her a kind of purpose and direction she’d never had in her life. To think she was chosen in some way was encouraging and to believe she really did have those adventures in underground labyrinths was exciting.

But then she took a reality check. It seemed so unlikely that she had been taken to temples in Constantinople or Knights Templar chapels in France. Then there was the strange part of the tale about the phantom impregnation. And yet, there was that red mark on her stomach and she just remembered it being there without any explanation when she started working in the parlour.

Kim sighed. And now there was talk of more trials. What did the Red Queen want with her? Why was she so interested in her? Kim couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she was being treated differently from any other character in Nemesisland. She was the focus of the Red Queen’s attention and, just beneath the surface of her implacable dominance, Kim sensed an anxiety in her. She really did want Kim to submit to her. It wasn’t just a game, thought Kim; she really did want her in this world, but for what remained shrouded in mystery for Kim.

Vicky had returned now, dressed again as the Duchess, in black and red pvc with her black heart shaped apron and white mask. Now, the Duchess interested Kim too. She had a special position in Nemesisland as the Red Queen’s maid and as Mistress Nemesis’s companion; the mysterious transvestite lady in waiting who always appeared masked. Kim had watched Vicky, or the Duchess, carefully. The Red Queen’s eyes could switch from harsh glare to delighted amusement in a flash but underneath the mask Kim could see there was a kindness and generosity in the Duchess’s eyes. Well, thought Kim, you’d have to have some special qualities to so consistently serve the whims of the Red Queen all the time. Also, Kim could see the Duchess was attracted to her. She remembered the gentle touches she had received at his hands when she first arrived in Nemesisland, could see the aroused looks he gave her from behind the mask when he looked at her body, whether naked or dressed in some costume.

The Duchess laid a white piece of material out on the rack before turning to Kim.

“The Red Queen would like you to wear something else for your next trial so you’d Kartal Esmer Escort better take off your pagan dress now Kim.”

Kim obediently did as she was told and pulled the dress over her head so that she was left just wearing the black satin knickers and bra that were underneath it. She caught a glimpse of the Duchess watching her and appreciatively admiring her voluptuous body as she did so. Her ample breasts squeezed out of the cups of the bra. Kim had great tits, she knew that, and a great arse and a beautifully rounded sexy body, which she knew she used to great effect. Kim wondered if she could use her feminine wiles on the Duchess, who was obviously drawn to her. The Red Queen was too powerful and inscrutable to get information from and the black cat had probably told her all that he knew through his tales, but she must have shared some confidences with her maid, the Duchess.

“So, Duchess, what are the Red Queen’s plans for me next?” Kim asked.

Vicky looked alarmed at being asked such a direct question and answered, “I don’t know what her plans are. She plans everything in Nemesisland very carefully but I don’t understand anything of her wider purpose. I’m only a maid. I only serve her. I’ve only been asked to pass on the next instructions for you.”

Kim was afraid she’d put the Duchess off with such a direct assault, perhaps she would need to be more subtle.

“Yes, Duchess, but you’re her maid, she must have dropped some hints, she must have said something about me.”

The Duchess looked distinctly uncomfortable, “No, honestly Kim, nothing really just the odd cryptic comment, which amounts to nothing more than you know already.”

“You don’t know why she’s brought me here?”

“I only know she said something about wanting a slave girl.”

Ah, perhaps I’m getting somewhere now thought Kim.

“Yes, but why me? What’s so special about me?”

“Really, I don’t know, only what you’ve heard from the tales you’ve been told.”

Kim advanced towards him. She locked onto the eyes behind the mask and could see them struggling with her emotions. She wants to help, thought Kim, I can see that, but she won’t betray her mistress. Kim pulled herself close to her and brushed the dark hair of her wig. The look behind the mask was took on an anxious expression now.

“She won’t be back yet, will she? Only, you see Duchess, I think there’s something I can offer you if you answer my questions,” Kim said, reaching her hand down and lifting up the Duchess’s pvc skirt just a little so her hand could reach the layers of petticoats underneath. There was confusion and panic in the Duchess’s eyes now.

“I bet you’d like to play with me, wouldn’t you. I could see it in your eyes from the first moment in Nemesisland.”

There was no reply. She was obviously in no position to deny it. Her hands went further up her petticoats until Kim felt some lacy knickers and, within them, a very erect cock. No question she was turned on by Kim and her little game. Most likely she’s not allowed to get aroused, thought Kim, which would explain her discomfort at the predicament Kim was consciously putting her Kartal Eve Gelen Escort in.

Kim slipped her hand into the Duchess’s knickers to grasp his erect cock. She let out a gasp of shock…and pleasure.

“I can’t Kim. I’ll get into trouble with the Red Queen for this. And honestly Kim, I don’t know much.”

“Much! So you know something,” said Kim triumphantly, pulling on the Duchess’s cock.

She pulled her body closer to the Duchess’s so that her ample tits were pressed hard against the transvestite maid’s false ones. She pulled the lacy knickers down and the hard cock sprang out from its restraint and then rang her thumb along its tip.

“Oh, but you’re leaking, Duchess, the Red Queen will already be mad at you for that, why not really give her something to be mad about,” Kim taunted.

“Kim, please, no. I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Kim moved some layers of petticoats away, gripped the cock firmly in her hand and started rubbing vigorously. The poor Duchess was torn between her ardent desire for sexual pleasure and release from Kim and her duty to serve her mistress.

“I promise you Kim, I don’t know much.”

“Tell me what you know,” urged Kim, “and I’ll make you come. Come on, you know you want it. Take hold of my tits, I can see you’ve been aching to do that.”

“Oh Kim, you look so lovely,” said the Duchess as she caved in and lifted up her hands to take Kim’s soft fleshy orbs into her grasp.

“Tell me,” whispered Kim.

Vicky’s breathing was heavy as Kim continued to masturbate her cock under the petticoats. She slowed the pace of her rubbing a bit to let her take in some breath.

“Honestly Kim, there’s not much to tell. She said she wanted a slave girl. She talked of a girl in a massage parlour in Manchester. She said something about her life being connected with this girl.”

Kim stopped rubbing the Duchess’s cock.

“Connected? What did she mean by that?”

“Honestly Kim, I don’t know. I promise you I don’t know any more. She doesn’t give so much away, even to me. That’s all I know.”

Kim was inclined to believe her. She didn’t think the Duchess knew how they were connected. She kind of knew there was some link between them because the stories related she had been chosen as an acolyte by Mistress Nemesis. But why? Why her and not any other girl working in the parlour? There had to be something else.

Kim had a wicked smile on her face now. So, she thought, what should she do with the Duchess now? She had been brought to the edge of climax before Kim pulled back. Should she finish him off or leave him in frustrated limbo she wondered? She was obviously desperate for it and, it was naughty of Kim, but she quite liked the idea of giving him some release and pleasure knowing that she would probably face some retribution from the Red Queen for her behaviour. Kim’s smile broadened. She would do better than wanking him off.

She put her lips to the Duchess’s mask and pushed her tongue past it into her mouth searching out for hers. The Duchess kissed her through the mask with desperate desire. She had her where she wanted, thought Kim. All Kartal Evi Olan Escort that experience in the parlour meant she knew how to play men, even this exotic transvestite slut, she thought. Kim pulled her lips away.

“Do you want to come Duchess.”

“Oh, please, yes please Kim,” the Duchess groaned.

“Even though you’ll get punished if she finds out.”

“Yes Kim, even if she finds out.”

Kim sunk to her knees. She lifted up layers of lacy material and buried her head into the Duchess’s crotch. She took her balls in her mouth and sucked them and nipped them with her teeth as the Duchess moaned in ecstasy. Then Kim buried her cock into her mouth sucking urgently on it, pulling at it with her lips, flicking its tip with her tongue. She’d never come across a man yet who could resist her oral and she was determined to give the Duchess a good time. After all Kim suspected she would pay for it in some way. If anyone could have seen them, she thought, with her head bobbing up and down hidden underneath the long pvc skirt and petticoats. She could feel the veins on her cock throbbing with anticipation and knew her climax was imminent. She paused for a moment, hesitating for some more gentle flicks with her tongue, which she know men found delightful, before going at it with renewed vigour to bring her relief. She felt the Duchess’s hips bucking with the final throes of pleasure and then the sticky salty come squirt into her mouth. The Duchess groaned loudly in pleasure.

“Oh Kim. That’s wonderful Kim. Thank you Kim.”

Kim’s head emerged from underneath all the petticoats. The Duchess had a far- away look in her eyes.

“There, and you haven’t even got any tell-tale spunk stains on your petticoats,” Kim reassured, licking her lips of the last traces of come

“Oh, but I’ll be in big trouble now.”

“How? I won’t split on you,” said Kim.

“But she’ll know Kim. She knows everything that happens in Nemesisland.”

“Well, I hope it’s worth it,”

“Oh yes it is Kim, thank you.”

Kim was pleased with herself. She hadn’t really got any more information from the Duchess but she’d had a lot of fun trying. Although it was a wicked thought, she kind of felt she had won a small victory by seducing the Red Queen’s maid.

“Come on Kim, she’ll be back soon. Take your bra and knickers off and put these clothes on quick.”

Kim pulled a white cotton dress over her head. It was very plain and simple but the Duchess added a beautiful gold belt with a buckle in the shape of a scarab beetle. What a strange object thought Kim, though nothing surprised her much now.

“I’m sorry Kim, but my mistress wants you locked in one of the cages until she’s ready.”

Kim shrugged her shoulders. She’d got used to being tied up and locked away by now. The Duchess led her back into the other dungeon room where she had been put away with the black cat and put metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles, which he padlocked to the bars.

“She likes you Kim,” the Duchess smiled, “I can tell that. She really warms to you and she wants you here in Nemesisland, I know it. Honestly Kim I don’t know what for, but she really wants you. You must trust her though Kim. I don’t know what her purpose is, but she will have one.”

“Thanks Vicky,” said Kim, “thanks very much; that’s kind of you to tell me that.”

The Duchess nodded in appreciation of Kim’s generosity and left the dungeon to return to her mistress.

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