Mother’s Help Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

“You’re going to make me your whore? Son is that any way to speak to the woman who fed you from her own breast, who nursed your wounds, who gave birth to you?” Gina asked.

“I, I am sorry mom I didn’t mean…” David found himself tripping over his words, his head still spinning from his first sexual escapades with his own mother.

“It sounds perfect David, I can’t wait to see how you make mommy your whore. I was only trying to make you squirm a little.” she said with a wink as she slid her hand slowly up his inner thigh.

The thought of making his own mom his whore had his mind spinning. To literally make her do his bidding was beyond what he ever believed could happen with this. David knew he had to establish the upper hand to truly make her submit to him. To create a formal more strict relationship with his mother sexually he would have to be more dominant, more commanding, all the while, not being overbearing. Who knew if it would go beyond tonight or if this would be a continuing thing.

David swallowed the lump in his throat and extended his hand to his mother sitting on the couch still partially dressed.

“David, let’s get some sleep for tonight. Let’s get ourselves back to a sense of normalcy and discuss this tomorrow.”

“Okay Mom.”

“And David,” she paused, “please throw out the rest of the drugs.”

“Okay.” I replied with no real intention of doing so.

I went to bed, still high, and figured I wouldn’t be sleeping. I went to close the door so I could strip down for bed. Reaching to close the door, I said fuck it. Maybe it will give us another opportunity to pick up where we left off. I took off my pajama bottoms and laid on top off the covers completely naked, making sure to leave the light on my desk on so mother would notice ad she walked by.

As I lay there recounting the events of the night, I became totally amazed by what a freak mom had become, and became even more turned on.

I was lost in the moment, reflecting on her passion, her touch, and watching her play with herself …and suddenly her voice broke the silence.

“David, we still practice modesty here.” as she pulled my door shut. “Good night, Son.”

“Good night, mom. I love you!”

“I love you too. Now get some sleep dear.”

And sleep I did.


I woke up shortly before noon, dying of thirst and needing to piss in the worst way.

Without thinking, I hopped out of bed and darted to the bathroom, still without a stitch of clothing on. Battling my morning wood, it was difficult to relieve myself. I decided to run a shower so I could piss in there without having to force my cock down, which is painful and sometimes messy. Kill two birds with one stone, piss and shower at once.

As I felt the rush of urine flow out of my cock, I recalled the initial feeling of the orgasm my mom gave me with her throat. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I couldn’t wait to pick up where we left off. So much for getting rid of the morning wood, my thoughts gave me a instant erection.

I quickly rinsed off, turned the water off and went to grab a towel to dry myself…

No towels, shit! None in the cabinet where they used to be stored. I was cold, so I ran out of the bathroom to go grab a towel from the laundry room. I didn’t feel like I had anything to hide after what had happened between us last night. As I came out of the hall and rounded the corner to the kitchen, I ran right into Aunt Tami, my mom’s younger sister.

Having knocked her off balance, I grabbed her arm so she wouldn’t fall.

“David!” Mom shouted, “Have you lost your mind? Where are your clothes!?”

As I turned back down the hall I tried to explain myself.

“Sorry mom, I showered and couldn’t find the towels.”

Not having any better ideas, I quickly returned to my room, leaned up against the wall and covered my face with my hands.

Mom walked in soon after with a towel in her hand, looked at my morning chubby.

“Get dried and dressed, and as I said last night, we are still a modest household.”

“Yes mom.”

I locked the door as she left, dried myself off, took a few hits off my pipe, threw on shorts and a t-shirt. My dick was still semi erect and was pushing against the material of my shorts. Oh well I figured, at least im covered.

When I got out to the kitchen I was instantly accosted by aunt Tami’s razor sharp wit.

“Well I came by to see you this morning, I saw WAY more of you than I bargained for.” The two sisters laughed hysterically at her little quip. I only grinned sheepishl, as I was embarrassed.

Trying to recover, I blurted out “Well you’re not going to want to miss the 5:30 show then, NAKED dancing midgets lead the way for me!”

His embarrassment subsided as they all chuckled over the idea.

“David,” his mom’s tone changed, “did you throw out the items we discussed last night?”

“No, I hadn’t gotten to it, I’ll take care of it today.”

I hated lying to her. Escort bayan Especially in the new light I have seen her in, a wonderfully sexual, caring, and suddenly hot mother. Her sundress seemed to look sexier than I had ever noticed before. Looking at the way it clung to the small of her back as it gracefully draped off her ass, made my cock swell again.

“I trust you son, please keep your word on this. Promise?” I couldn’t escape her piercing eyes staring right through me, her words cut me deep.

“Well enough on that subject!” she perked up again, “Tami, I have to do some shopping, would you like to join me?”

“No, I think I’ll stay here and do some catching up with my favorite nephew!” She replied as she threw her arm over my shoulder, “I wanna hear some of his college stories, I imagine two semesters worth could thoroughly entertain me, living vicariously you know.” She winked at her sister.

“Alright then. I should be a few hours, try not to monopolize all his time. I would like to see him get started on some yard work before I get back.” She picked up her purse and car keys and glided to the door with a seductive swing in her step I had never noticed before.

“Sure thing, mom.”

“See ya sis!” Tami hollered through the screen door. “Wow, what has gotten into your mom? I haven’t seen her walk like that, well, since she met your dad. Did she go and meet a guy?”

“Not that she has mentioned.”

Tami’s amused grin ran from her face, sitting across the table from me. “So your mom told me everything, David.” She paused to grab my hand and look into my eyes, “Meth is a hell of a drug. Bad shit happens around that stuff, I know. I lost my first fiance, Travis, to that stuff. He is locked up for accidentally killing his brother while cooking a batch. His brother… he was only 10. I still cry about it to this day. Even if he wasn’t locked up, he will never be the same.”

“Wow, I’m sorry Tami, I had no idea.”

“I don’t talk much about it, nor about my own use. I for the most part have been off it for 20 years.”

“I didn’t know you had ever done it, and what do you mean, ‘for the most part’?”

“I’ll be honest with you, over the last 20 years… I’ve dabbled about 10 or so times, with boyfriends. I’m sure you know why. But I never keep any on hand and refuse to allow myself to become addicted.”

“Well, before I throw it all out…what do you say? For old times sake? I really don’t want to waste it all, you know?” I must have looked pathetic asking, because she started laughing at me.

“Hmmmm…I shouldn’t David.” I could almost see the anticipation and excitement as she looked away.

I stood up and grabbed her by the hand. “C’mon Aunt Tami, just this once and I’ll throw it out. Promise.” As I stood up, I tugged at her hand while she reluctantly followed me to my room.

“Oh my gawd, I can’t believe I am letting you talk me into this.” She murmured as she paced nervously around my room, hands to the side of her head in disbelief. “Not one word to ANYONE about this! Got it!?”

“Promise.” I smiled at her as I pulled the bag and pipe out from under my pillow. As I loaded the pipe, Tami continued to pace my room, looking at the pictures on my walls.

“Oh my gawd! I remember this day, the day I got my drivers license. My 1970 Dart Swinger dad rebuilt for me. First thing I wanted to do was come pick you up for ice cream. Your dad set you on the hood so he could snap this picture of us. You have chocolate ice cream everywhere… even in the backseat… what a mess, you were such a cutie. First born to our generation. You were spoiled rotten, and still managed to grow up a sweet young man.”

“What do you mean I WAS cute?” I asked as I took the first hit from the pipe.

She took the pipe from my hand and hit it, as she exhaled she replied, “Yes, were. You are now a handsome young man, from what I saw this morning, grown up too.” She said with a wink and a chuckle.

Hitting the pipe again, she continued to look around my room when her eyes grew big as saucers. She began to gasp and choke as she exhaled. “Someone forget to shut off his adult video? Or has this all been a plot to get me in your room to watch some torrid x-rated videos with you?” She queried with a sarcastic sneer.

I realized she was staring at my laptop that had been playing since last night. “Oh shit! I forgot to turn it off last night,” I answered as I reached to close the screen, only to be deflected by her hand.

“Let’s turn the volume up and see what kind if pornographic flavors our little Davey has gravitated to. Besides nothing goes better with some ‘Go Fast’ than some horrible acting, compensated by gratuitous nudity and horribly lewd acts of sexual congress, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Um, well… I suppose” I replied nervously. Who could tell how she would react to the subject matter of the video I watched with mom last night.

“Holy shit Davey, are they supposed to be mom, and son?” she asked not looking away from the screen.

“Well, Bayan escort technically they are actors and not actually related.”

“Let me ask the question I really was getting at, Do you fantasize about this? WAIT…”

“WHOA! First she tells me about the drugs your on and how she ‘found’ you with them. Then you come streaking through the kitchen, full erection, like it’s no big deal. And my sister, she was gliding around the house like a school girl on a cloud all morning?”

She paused to look down at the bulge in my shorts making no secret that I was completely aroused in all of this. Patting my crotch softly with her left hand she surmises in a Matlock manner, “And then there is this, as I accuse you of fucking your own mother, my sister, you cannot help to get turned on. I rest my case.” She lights the bowl again as she give me a devilish grin.

“Wha… wait. I. I mean we aren’t fucking, I mean we havent…it’s just.I… I…”

“Relax Davey, sit down. Let’s watch this porn and come back to this in a few. You won’t even be able to lie to me straight like this.”

Her eyes were fixated upon the glow of the screen, not even shifting her gaze. Sitting to my left, her right hand ran up the inside of my thigh. Quietly with my right hand, I carefully opened the zipper and button on my shorts. My pulsing, engorged cock found its own way out. As Aunt Tami’s hand continued to explore, she brushed my warm, throbbing flesh against the back of her hand. She froze for a moment, as if she had a moral debate ensuing within her. She finally grabbed me into the palm of her hand,

“What do we do little Davey?” With her eyes still fixed on the porno, she slowly started to loosen her grip. Her soft hand slid up and down my shaft like a silk glove. She maintained her glare at the screen, never once shifting it to me, or my rod of incestuous passion. I tried to place my hand in her thigh, which she opposed with her left hand.

“Davey, just let auntie give you some hand release.”

I was oddly turned on by how mechanical, almost clinical she was making it feel. As my breathing deepened, her soft hands started to create friction.

“Lotion Davey?” She asked very matter of fact.

“No, not in here”

She stopped long enough to to spit in the palm of her hand. Her efforts were now concentrated on the head of my cock. Twisting her body enough to use her other hand to play with my balls. I could feel the orgasm building up in my heaving gonads.

“Tami, I’m gonna cu…”

“Davey, just shut up and fucking cum already!”

Her words released streams of hot white jizz that shot well above both of our heads. Each stroke only seemed to intensify the following shot rocketing out of my pumping oil well.

“Davey, go clean up, I need to clean up this shit you managed to coat the side of my face with.” Looking at me for the first time since this started, “You’re a perverted little fuck, Davey.” She said with a wink and dirty grin.

As I shut the my laptop down, I swore I saw a figure moving down the hall past my door.

“Looks like your mom is home kiddo, better get on that lawn. And let’s both hope she JUST got back.” She said with a worried tone.

I nodded to her thinking the same.

“By the way, very nice cock kid” she said as she winked at me.

Tami grabbed her purse and dashed out the door without even a word.

I followed her lead and went straight out to the back yard to get started on the lawn.

An hour into mowing the lawn mom stepped outside to let me know lunch was ready.

“So how was your visit with Tami?” she asked as I sat down.

“Great, I had no idea she had a drug problem.” I replied, hoping she wasn’t leading up to something.

“Yeah, she was always a wild one. I see you got a taste of that today.”

I nearly choked on the drink of juice I just took.

“It’s alright David, I figured you can use all the distractions you can get to keep your mind off the drugs. You did get rid of them, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, all gone.”

“While I was out, I picked you up some vitamin C, dark chocolate, and whiskey to help curb the cravings. And of course we will employ any diversionary tactics we deem necessary” she said with a cute, almost flirtatious smile. ” I sent Tami a text inviting her back for dinner”

“Cool. I’m gonna go finish the yard up, lunch was perfect.”


Aunt Tami showed up looking like she was off to a club after dinner. Mom dressed just the same as she did every night for dinner. Dinner was always important to mom. I never noticed her clothes fitting quite so tightly and hugging every one of her curves.

“Is that a new outfit mom?” I asked. All I really wanted to do was remark on how good she looked in it.

“I picked this up today, I suddenly noticed how everything I wear does not fit the way my clothes used to. Since your father passed, I stay so busy trying to keep up, and I eat differently now. Naturally I have dropped a few pounds.” Escort she blushed for a moment as she caught me staring at her plunging neckline. “Tami, on the other hand, has always maintained her figure. You can tell she never had children…” she stopped herself when she saw the pained expression on Tami’s face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Well you provided me with a nephew I would gladly take in place.” Tami winked at me. “Anyways, I am famished, had a very busy day catching up and tending to other matters, what is for dinner?” she asked noticeably trying to change the subject.

“Well, I prepared duck sous vide with a raspberry-orange merlot reduction, savory couscous, with fingerling potatoes augrat, and a white chocolate creme brulee for desert. And I came across a few nice bottles in the cellar… 2013 Far Niente. Food and good drink is one of the best ways to take ones mind off things.”

“I can think of a few others that have always worked quite well for me, sis.” Tami said as she unbuttoned the top of her blouse to match moms plunging neckline.

“That’s enough Tami! I liked the blouse. David, be a dear and open the wine to let it breath, both bottles please. I can definately use a drink or four after the last few days. Tami, will you help me bring dinner out?”

“ANYTHING I can do to help sis,” she said as she winked at me, “I just love to help!” As she passed through the kitchen door, she paused to fix the strap on her four inch heels, bending over to show me she had nothing under her micro-skirt, looking back to make sure I noticed.

I opened the wine and poured mom and Tami very generous glasses.

Mom set the final plate and we all sat down.

“David, are you trying to get Tami and I drunk before we even finish dinner?” Mom laughed.

“Um, no… why would you say that?” I asked puzzled.

She glided her finger slowly up the glass to where the curve took a slight turn in. “This is where the fill line is on a wine glass,” she said, then slowly ran her finger to the top and said, “Not here sweet boy.”

We ate our dinners slowly, and the more wine that was drank, the more chatty we all became. Occasionally I would feel a foot slide up my calf, sometimes two. Sitting there listening to them talk and giggle, I could only think about the fact that I had sex with both of them within the last 24 hours. The first bottle was empty, so I got up and walked to the nook to grab the second bottle and began to pour mom and Aunt Tami more wine. Staring down moms blouse as i poured I noticed her bra left her nipples exposed. Her and Aunt Tami’s laughter broke my trance.

“Earth to David! David, did you not hear a word we were saying to you?” Mom laughed.

“No Ma, my mind had wandered a bit.” noticing they were both looking at the hard on I had pushing out against the fabric of the dress pants I wore.

“Tami thought you may have been trying to sneak a banana to your room for a midnight snack the way your trousers look, perhaps you should have a seat baby.” she then surprised me by tapping the tip of the bulge with her index finger adding, “just until you can get this under control.”

Tami laughed hysterically “Gina, that is your SONS dick you were tapping on!! I mean, your sons Hard-On!”

Mom gasped, “I didn’t even think about it, this wine has gone straight to my head,” she paused, then grinned, “MORE WINE!” she proclaimed, leading the two of them into even more hysterical laughter.

I began to clear the table as the two of them opened a third bottle. As I was putting things away in the kitchen, mom and Aunt Tami’s voices suddenly got quiet. I concentrated on their conversation as I could tell they didn’t want me to hear.

“… sure Gina, you can tell me anything. We have always been able to be honest and keep things between ourselves.” I could hear her assure mom.

“I don’t even know how to put this, it seemed completely natural, and erotic in the moment. And now, I am embarrassed and ashamed this is about to come out of my mouth, Tami, I…” she paused.

Then I heard Tami interrupt, ” You fucked David, didn’t you, say it Gina, you fucked your son. Look at me, say it.”

“Tami, what is wrong with me? That’s why… these clothes…the wine… the dinner. I am telling myself it is to keep his mind off the drugs, but I cant stop thinking about how amazing it felt. I am overwhelmed with both guilt and desire. I want to both nurture him and fuck the living hell out of him.”

“Gina, I get it. Our afternoon wasn’t exactly innocent…”

“You fucked him too?” Mom seemed alarmed.

“No Gina, gawd I wanted to… so bad. I did give him a very nice handjob. He is attractive, he exudes sexual energy. And that dick… wow! I saw that he has been watching incest porn. So I jerked him off.”

“I know, I caught that spectacular finish, I swear he could put a fire out with that thing!” They both laughed.

“You remember that night you, me and Travis polished off all that wine?” Tami asked mom.

“God yes, and we were to never talk about that again!” Mom whispered.

“Well,” Tami’s voice drifted off for a moment, “I am totally feeling the wine, and don’t you think that is the type of distraction David could use right now?”

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