Mothers Day

Female Ejaculation

My dad, Eric, is a civil engineer, working on sites sometimes too far away to drive home at the end of the day. He will then sleep over. It did not happen often, and not at regular intervals either, so his away days was not predictable. It did not matter much, we knew where he was and what he was doing, and although it did not bother mom, she must have missed him some nights.

Mom is a very friendly, beautiful, sexy lady. Her name is Belinda. I only started to realize her beauty when I was about fourteen and was quite proud of the fact that I had the most beautiful mother. Before that, she was only my mother and a mother could not be anything else but beautiful to any child. When we got to the stage where sex started to form part of our daily thoughts, many of my friends mentioned mom when we discussed beautiful girls. I believe some of them fantasized about her, although it was never said in so many words, until they became more familiar and a few mentioned that they would like to take her on. I got upset at first but later realized that she was in fact a seriously hot babe. I also then looked at her differently, and what I saw was a pleasant sight.

We are a very close-knit family, my elder sister and I spent many glorious moments with our parents early mornings while they were still in bed, during weekends and holidays. We would sit on the bed, sharing our ups and downs with them which most of the time will lead to a humorous comment or two with a bit of teasing both ways. When we reached the ages of sixteen and fourteen respectively, the teasing sometimes had a sexual undertone like “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” stuff. Questions around kissing and fondling and what my sister would allow and what not, and what I would do and what not, and what experience we had, were asked. In a way, I think it was my parents’ way of finding out what we knew and what they could share with us, also how far did we progress on the road of sex.

During some of these events, the discussions turned dangerously close to open sex talk, which of course aroused me. Often, I had to cover up when leaving the room so no one would see my hard-on. It also happened that with all the moving around on the bed, the sheets would sometimes allow a view of a well-shaped leg, higher up than normal, and even a glimpse of dad in his boxers with a semi hard-on. In the beginning it did not matter at all, but with the kind of talks that could channel one’s mind to sex and masturbating, such a view later on became something to look forward to. I often listened to their love-making as my room was next to their’s. I could stand right in the doorway of their room without being seen. I could not see the act, but I listened to the cries and phrases used during the heavy sessions. This always resulted in wanking with the image of myself in the place of my dad.

My sister eventually left the house and found her own apartment in a nearby town, which left me with my parents. I was nineteen at the time and attending college. My dad was busy on a project for the last month in a city about 7 hours drive from home. He left the Monday morning early and would return Thursday evening at about seven and spend Friday in the office. Wednesday was Mothers Day (officially Sunday, but the decision was made long ago to have it on the Wednesday after)and I decided to surprise mom with coffee and a gift in bed. I made the coffee and took it up to mom’s room. I knocked and entered like we usually do. Mom was lying on her back with her knees drawn up. The sheet lifted from the bed as it was pulled upwards by her knees, and exposed her thigh and butt with her t-shirt (that’s what she sleeps in) that slid up to around her mid section. I immediately noticed that she did not wear panties, or so it appeared. You can imagine the reaction in my groin. Fortunately, I had the tray in front of me, but when I placed it on the bedside table, I was not quick enough to cover up and mom must have had an eyeful of my hard-on. She did not show any sign of discomfort, so I walked over to the other side of the bed, got on all fours and planted a kiss on mom’s forehead. “Happy Mother’s Day Mom” She gave me a sexy smile and said: “Thank you. I appreciate this more than you will ever know.” There was a moment of sadness in her voice and on her face and I asked if everything was alright.

“I miss your dad on a day like this”. She pulled me closer and kissed me on the lips, a motherly kiss.

I lied down on my side with my head propped up on my elbow, looking at her. It was quite cold, so I pulled the sheet over to cover my legs. Mom pulled the sheet back playfully and said: “Oh no, you don’t get any of mine”. I grabbed hold of the sheet and pulled, saying: “I won’t take yours mom, I will take dad’s portion. Dad will not use his today, and you are not using his, so it’s free for me to use” With this, I jerked the sheets and mom lost her grip on it. I pulled it right off her and left her exposed right down to her lovely legs, which by the way was not covered by the t-shirt she was wearing. I couldn’t help but to stare Escort bayan at this lovely body. The nipples were visible through the fabric, either because of the cold or because she was slightly aroused. She slowly covers herself again. I swallowed hard and tried my best to sound normal:

“What do you miss most about him Mom?”

“Well, the fact that he is here comforts me, not any specific thing about him”

I saw a gap to tease mom and grabbed the opportunity. “So, if I cut away specific things, you will still be comfortable around him?”

“Jonathan, watch out!! You are trying to be clever again”, mom said with a smile.

“Sorry, mom, I was just joking. At least I’m here with all my parts intact”

“I noticed that young man. It was quite obvious when you brought the tray that nothing is missing. Some of your parts were more visible than others”

“Mom, that’s below the belt. I cannot help it, it just happens. It is as if I have no control over it”

“Sorry, Jonathan, I should not notice things like that. But I know that you also don’t always keep your eyes to yourself. What did you see that had such an effect on you?”

“Nothing mom!” I tried to sound innocent, but the vision of what I saw is still in my mind, but what’s more is the image of what I did not see. The mere thought of what I could have seen, sent a shiver down my spine.

“I know that you had a peek of some exposed part. It’s flattering to know that my body still has that effect on men and especially young men”.

“Mom, you have what many young women can only dream of”

“And what may that be”

“You have the sexiest body in town”

“Wow, you are treading on dangerous ground. You should not think of me as sexy”

“But it’s true mom. You have a body to die for, and I will be blind not to notice it. I know I should not be so bold about it, but I am stating a fact, not a dream. Many of my friends think likewise”

“Don’t worry son, I understand, and I appreciate your boldness and your kind words. It makes me feel good”

Belinda was awake when Jonathan knocked on the door. She was thinking about Eric and looking forward to him being home. Sex is still very much alive in their marriage. She gets frustrated when she has to go without sex for a few days. She usually sleeps with only a t-shirt on; it makes it so much easier to take care of herself whenever the need arises. She was quite horny thinking about her husband. There was no time to properly cover up when Jonathan entered with the tray.

She saw him staring at her legs and didn’t want to embarrass him by covering herself. When he put the tray down and moved back, she noticed the bulge in his boxers and smiled to herself. She was surprised by the size of it. She had previously seen glimpses of his cock in different stages of erection, but never so close-up. She was also aware of a tingling sensation at the sight of this semi erection and her mind was in turmoil for here she has a cock that will be ready anytime and she cannot use it. She decides to hold him here a while longer to see how he reacts to her charms. She wants to tease him to see his reactions, thinking about that cock and what it will look like fully erect. A shiver runs down her spine by the thought of a fully erect cock, and also because of the risk involved. She will have to stop before things get out of hand.

Mom sat upright and took her coffee. She took a few sips then asked me a question that was to be the start of a whole new conversation. “What do your friends say about me?”

“That you are beautiful and sexy and many more that I cannot tell you”

“Come on, you can tell me”

“I cannot, I will be too embarrassed to say some of the things that they said”

“Say it, I promise I will not be upset”

“They all want to take you to bed”

“You can tell them that you took me to bed”

“Mom!! I did not!!”

“Oh yes you did. Here you are in bed with me. Sure you can tell them that. What’s so different about that? You have been in bed with me so many times.”

“Not like this mom, you know what I mean”

“Is there another way of taking someone to bed? What do they want to do with me then?”

“You know what they want; it is the same that every man wants when he takes a woman to bed” How can I tell her they want to fuck her? What will she say when I tell her?

“How do you feel when they talk like that about your mom?”

“I feel like punching them in the face, but it also makes me proud to know it is my mother that they talk about and it is the image of my mother that causes them to drool.”

Mom finished her coffee and put the cup down. She then turned towards me onto her left side with her left arm under the pillow and her right arm resting on her right side.

“Do you also have the same feelings?” Mom’s voice suddenly became husky, and the playful expression was replaced by a more serious look. She looked me straight in the eye. “Yes mom, I will not lie about it. Every time I catch a glimpse of you revealing Bayan escort something, I cannot stop myself from being aroused” My voice is quivering. I have to breathe deep to steady my voice.

“Is that what happened when you came in?”

“Yes. There is no way to control the reaction”

“Have you fantasized about me yet?”

“Yes, many times”

“What is your fantasy?”

I noticed that mom’s legs have moved apart under the sheets, and I wonder if she might be getting worked up. I feel a moment of dizziness in anticipation of what may happen if she gets aroused. This gave me the courage to say what I normally would have shied away from. Visions of mom and I alone in bed flashes by. I can feel the change in the atmosphere and dare to hope for a dream to come true. My cock is now fully erect from just imagining what may happen. Why does she ask these questions? Is she horny perhaps?

“That dad is away for a few days and I am in bed with you, and we accidentally touch each other and a fire starts between us, and one thing leads to another”

Mom was silent for a little while. I was concerned that she might be offended by what I said, the fact that I was thinking about having sex with her. When she spoke again it was as if she was unsure of what to do next or how to proceed with this questioning.

“So every time you have a view up my dress, you get a hard-on?”


“What else gives you an erection?”

“Everything about you. The way you walk, when you bend over, when you hug me or kiss me. The times when you sat with me to assist with my schoolwork, I could hardly concentrate. Sometimes you walk around without a bra and I find that I cannot keep my eyes off you”

“What do you do when you get a hard-on?”

“Mom, this is intimate stuff. I cannot go into detail about what exactly I do.”

“You have been sharing intimate detail with me for the past few minutes, nothing can shock me anymore”

“Mom, you asked for it. Don’t be embarrassed with the detail”. I was now so worked up I couldn’t care less. “I masturbate”

. “If I allow you to see more, will you masturbate?”


Belinda knows she is now in the danger zone. She knows that Jonathan is worked up, that much she could hear in his voice and she saw his hand sneaking down to his cock to probably shift it and make it more comfortable. The thought of these young men finding her attractive and wanting to have sex with her, aroused her more than she anticipated. She can feel the wetness in her pussy and inside of her thigh. She has to shift to get rid of the uneasiness. She will take it a little further still. She will show him her body and see how he reacts. She would love to see him masturbate. The though of him fisting his tool makes her arch her back and start to pull the sheet back.

Mom lifted the sheets a little and allowed me to look down and see her naked butt. She had no panties on, I was right the first time. I learned afterwards that mom was getting worked up because of our conversation and the thought of the many young men who lust after her and what may happen in future if she plays her cards right. Before I came in with the coffee earlier, she was rubbing herself thinking about the homecoming of her husband. She would probably have masturbated if I did not interrupt. Being semi worked up, gave her the courage to talk more intimate talks than normal. As she lifts the sheet, her voice turned to a sexy, daring voice. She lifted a little more, just enough to let me see her neatly shaven pussy, and then she dropped the sheet. I inhaled sharply and stared straight at that beautiful pussy. The next moment it was all covered. I made sure to show the disappointment on my face. My hand slipped as if on it’s own under the sheet to my cock. It was fully erect by now. What happened next almost made me whoop with joy. Mom slowly pulled her t-shirt off under the sheet and kept her upper body covered, but I knew she was going to let me look at her lovely breasts. I’ve never seen her naked breasts, but on a few occasions seen them hanging down inside her clothing when she bends in front of me. She sometimes did not wear a bra, and also confessed later to not wearing panties sometimes around the house.

She moved towards me and put her arm around me. I did not hesitate and put my arm around her also. We embraced for a short while. I leaned forward to kiss her, although a lingering kiss, no tongue play was allowed yet. With the movement, the sheet slid off her shoulders and revealed her breasts. They were magnificent. I reached out and touched her breast. “Who said you can touch? It is for looking only”. With that she made as if to cover up again. I grabbed the sheet to pull it completely off her, but she must have guessed my plan. It became a wrestling match. We rolled over each other, from side to side over the bed, laughing and squealing. I ended up straddling her. During the struggle mom’s breasts were exposed and I covered them both with my hands. “You can keep the sheet and I will Escort keep these”, pointing to her breasts. She freed the sheet to get my hands off her breasts and I pulled the sheet right off her. She was stark naked. I slowly rolled off her. We were silent for a few moments. The reality struck us both. Mom tried to cover up, but I knew that if I loose this opportunity, I may never have such an opportunity again. Mom was breathing heavily and it is not only from the tug-o-war with the sheet. I could not keep my eyes off that body. It was as close to perfection as can be and she was hot. This is just too good to let go.

I laid my hands on hers to stop her. “Let me look mom, please. This is so beautiful, I can not stop looking. You really are a lovely woman.” I slowly bent down and took a nipple in my mouth. Mom softly cried out. I started licking and sucking very softly and slowly. Mom was mourning softly with her eyes closed. I kissed her between her breasts, moving upwards, kissing her in the neck and finally on the mouth. Her lips parted and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I reached down to touch her pussy. She gasped and mourned into my mouth. I traced my finger around the circumference of her pussy. Her legs parted slightly. That was the indication that I may proceed. I ran my finger along the slit from top to bottom and back up until I touched the clitoris. She clamped her legs together with a cry, but relaxed again and then opened her legs wider. I slid my finger inside and the wetness surprised me. “God, you are so wet”, I said as I turned around to assume the sixty-nine position and pulled my tongue down the slit. It tasted fantastic. A loud mourn escaped mom’s mouth and she arched her back and literally pushed her pussy into my face. I slowly started to work her swollen clitoris and the inside edges of her vagina. The love juice was flowing without end. She was wet all over, and I loved every moment of this. I felt her hand up the inside of my leg and then she had my penis in her hand. She gasped when her hand closed over the shaft. I was rock hard. Whether it was the hardness or the size that surprised her, I don’t know, and I never bothered to ask.

It took only a minute before I sensed that mom was about to orgasm. She started rocking her pelvis up and down and her breath came in short gasps. She was building up to breakpoint with her outcries becoming louder and louder and suddenly came with a cry that sounded like a cry of victory after a fierce battle. I kept my head still until she started to relax, and also relaxed the grip on my penis. She squeezed my penis while her orgasm lasted. She apologized for squeezing so hard and took me in her mouth to show how sorry she was. I wanted to come right there and then, but she held me still for a few seconds and then started sucking again. Her left hand took my balls and softly stroked it. The thought of my penis inside my mother’s mouth and the fulfillment of my dreams made my balls to contract and start with what feels like a monstrous orgasm. Just before I ejaculated, she pulled me out and directed the spurt to her breasts. It seemed as if it was a never ending stream of semen flowing after the initial few spurts. It was so intense I could do nothing else but wait for it to subside. Mom rubbed the come onto her breasts, spreading it over her gorgeous nipples. I turned around to lie beside her and assisted to rub the come all over her body and of course some into her pussy as well. Every time my fingers disappear into the slit, she would lift her hips and mourn.

We continued feeling and kissing for a while with very few words spoken. I just could not get enough of this lovely woman next to me, and my cock had the same opinion, because it started to get back to its vertical position. Mom was watching the movement with a smile and when she looked at me I knew I was going to fuck her. I could see the lust in her eyes, or so it seemed to me. I rolled on top of her and took her face between my hands and kissed her slowly. My cock slipped between her legs and she opened them. I slid my body up and down dragging my cock through her slit and kissing her all over her face every time I reached the top. The top side of my cock is rubbing her clitoris and I could feel the swelling of the love button. Mom pushed her hips to meet my upward sliding to increase the stimulation on her clitoris. Again the thought of what was happening crossed my mind and I almost climaxed. I had to stop and made as if to get up.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop now, please. I want you inside me” mom whispered to me. “I want to be inside you mom, and nothing will stop me now. I was just getting ready. Are you ready for it mom?” She only nodded her head.

I aimed the head of my cock at the entrance to the love tunnel and let it rest there. Mom slowly pushed upward to receive my cock, but I withdrew slightly. She grabbed my shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me towards her. I slid my cock past the outer lips and the warmth of her pussy welcomed me. I tried to insert it slowly, but my patience failed and the lust took over. With one mighty push and cries from both of us, my cock disappeared into mom’s pussy right up to the hilt. What a wonderful feeling, nothing ever felt as good as this. We slowly fucked each other.

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