Mom’s Taylor Made Dilemma


I managed to cover my intense emotional state well enough. I was shaken, but couldn’t allow him to question me; I might just’ve blurted it out. As it happened, I did good enough, my husband bought it. I was glad he did and then went off to the garage. Now I was free to gather my thoughts while I went through the motions of making dinner.

As I made my way, unsteadily, to the kitchen, my thoughts boiled. What was I going to do? I couldn’t tell anyone. It would be a nuclear disaster for our family. How was I going to handle it? I had to make sure it never happened again, I was sure of that.

Taylor, my 19 year old son, came into the room. He looked at me imploringly and mouthed, “I love you Mom. I’m sorry.” I looked at him, but wasn’t sure how to respond. I just nodded and he left.

As I prepared the meal, making a total hash of it, I turned events over and over in my mind. Alternately I was filled with fear, anger, doubt and finally desire. I had to admit it. There was no denying it. Again and again, I came back to that reaction. Did I really feel that way? It wasn’t rational, logical and certainly not acceptable.

Hours later, the dishes cleaned and everyone doing their own thing, I pretended to read the paper. Still afraid of being scrutinized, I studiously kept a blank look on my face. The evening crept by, minutes taking hours. Various members of my family surfed in and out of the room. I paid enough attention to them, they quickly moved on. After a while, I put myself on autopilot, ceasing to dwell on my distress. When it was finally time for bed, I was grateful my husband fell right off to sleep. I couldn’t.

There, laying in the dark, I allowed the words to form in my head. My son forced himself on me. He penetrated me with his hard young member. I was horrified by that stark reality, but yet, I burned with a fever over the memory. The dichotomy of those two positions, threatened my sanity. Yet, my mind returned to the afternoon. As I was in my room, Taylor came to me, like he would anytime. It was hard to bring to mind now, fuzzy unclear how it started. Talking, sitting on the bed. He was close, then closer. Gently, but firmly, he pushed me down. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to sit up, but I couldn’t. His hands took mine, pulling them above my head; his body on top of mine, pinning me so I couldn’t move. I was afraid. What was he doing? Kissing. I struggled. More kissing. His weight held me down. Suddenly, I found my voice.

“No. You can’t. Stop. You can’t do this to me.”

“Mom, if I take you like this, you won’t feel guilty. You told me the guilt would eat you alive. This way you can say you had no choice.”

“But please. This is not the way. It can’t be.” I started to fight back with all I had, but to no avail.

He didn’t say another word. Holding both my wrists with one of his hands, the other hand worked fast to release his cock from his jeans and pull down my shorts. While he only had one hand on me, I saw my last chance, I tried to wrench my hands free, twisting and pulling them hard as I could. His strength overwhelmed me, I couldn’t pull free, and then I felt him at my pussy. The head of his cock pushed at me until my fleshy walls gave way. He was bigger, thicker than I would’ve expected. It took a couple strokes for my body to make the adjustment for his, it was rough, since I wasn’t wet or prepared for sex. I continued to fight, but I realized it was futile, so I made myself rigid as possible. He quickly established a tempo, pushing his hips so he penetrated as deeply as he could with his long fat cock, sometimes nudging my cervix, causing me to adjust my hips as best I could.

I tried to distract my mind from it. Why had he decided this was the answer to our dilemma? Contemplating that became difficult as he pumped in and out of me and my body was starting to betray me. I didn’t want to enjoy this in the least, but I could feel a buzz starting in my core, tingles spreading out from my cunt. No! I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. I made a conscious effort to avert my thoughts away from pleasure, but it was in vain. Moisture came from inside me, clung to his cock, permitting him to glide in and out with no effort. My will evaporated, I gave in, yielding to the thrilling sensations coursing through me.

The tension in my legs slackened, allowing my knees to fall further open, easing his access. Still pinned, which, it appeared, was now exciting me, I couldn’t move as I normally would, but could tilt my pelvis upward. Instantly, I was further aroused and became soaking wet. Detecting the change, he looked into my eyes and smiled. His rock like cock, sliced through the silken pink layers, occasionally brushing my clit, causing me shivers of delight. Taylor’s balls slapped my ass as he pounded into me harder and faster, seemingly incited by my acquiescence. I absorbed it, anticipating each blow. Heat and tension were building in me, should I allow myself to cum? That would be giving in all the way bedava bahis and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that far. Like he read my mind, he rotated his hips so he came into greater contact with my clit. He was trying to make me cum.

The last shred of my resistance disappeared. I gave in with gusto. Wet smacking sounds filled the room as we mated, as did the aroma of sex, heady and musky. I breathed it in and along with the sight of his face above mine, handsome and loving. The spring was tightening in my pussy, my orgasm was there, just waiting for the trigger. Jack hammering into me, urging me with each machine like incursion, cum, cum, cum, and then came the release. In a massive shudder, I came hard, shockwaves rippling through every part of my body. Tremors shot through my limbs as well and continued surging through me again and again. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh God!”

“Yes, cum.” The only words he would speak.

I did. Completely, totally, utterly. I came. My cunt squeezing him hard. Pushing and tightening around him. I felt him jerk and change pace; his body tensed. He was going to cum in me. My son, ejaculating, his semen would enter my womb. Five…hard…strokes…then…he…came, spasms wracking his body. I could feel each blast, his cock jolting inside me as I clasped him with my inner muscles. It was exquisite.

Slowing he fell onto me, still hold my hands above my head. His mouth absently kissed my tit. Taylor stopped and we lay there, breathing heavily, but not for long. We heard the dogs barking, we weren’t going to be alone for long. He let go of me, shoved his cock back in his pants, kissed my cheek and left.

I got up and went to the bathroom to adjust myself and clean up. I could hear my husband coming in the door. He met me as I walked out of the bathroom.

As I thought of all this, my pussy was heating up again. I couldn’t help it, I reached down to investigate. Dipping fingers into my well, I found the remnants of our liquefied passion. Miserable and confused as I was, I still masturbated. The heat was too overwhelming to ignore. My pussy was a bit tender, I hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time. My clit was very sensitive. I had only to rub it in small circles to make it peek out from its hood. Full of shame, I teased and massaged myself, mind full of thoughts of my son, his cock and his passion, indulging in the illicit excitement of it. I used two fingers, fucking in and out of me, then a stroke or two across my clit, back in again, over and over until I could stand it no longer. I was convulsing, wanting to come. I finished using one finger, directly on the button, flying easily in the slick almost oily wetness. Rub, rub, rub… yessssss….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….another whoosh of fluid was released from me.

Overcome with emotion, for want a of a better word, I passed out. I wished I could’ve stayed that way. When I finally awoke in the morning, I felt ashamed and disgusted, that I had not only allowed myself enjoy his violation but then relived it and found more pleasure in it. Paralyzed, I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell anyone. The consequences would effect more than him, blowing apart our family. I also wanted to protect him. The best way to do that, would be to stay silent, but to also confront him and make him know what a terrible thing he had done. He could never do it again, to anyone. Carrying the burden would be both our penances. I had to admit my culpability in this. I wasn’t free of guilt. No matter how much he thought taking me against my will might alleviate it. It couldn’t. The truth wouldn’t allow that.

As days clicked by, two things were going on. First, I did nothing, still immobilized by fear. I didn’t want to destroy my son or our family. I wasn’t afraid of him, naïve as that sounded to me. Taylor, for his part, seemed to walk on egg shells. He didn’t try to be alone with me or approach me in any way except when necessary. Then, it was with the utmost care and respect.

Second, I couldn’t keep from indulging in experiencing it again and again. It was constantly there, on my mind. Especially, when I was alone and most acutely, when I was in bed at night. Like an erotic naughty video, it looped in my mind. Sometimes I was successful in stopping it. More often, I was not, as I would masturbate to memories of his touch, his ardor and mine. My orgasms were some of the most intense I’d ever had. It only made my guilt worse. My soul was in hell, covering for my son and hiding it from his father. I knew I’d have to talk about it directly with Taylor, and soon. I just couldn’t bring myself to say the words. I love him and didn’t want hurt him, even though he’d made a dangerous mistake. Knowing my own blame in the situation, didn’t make it any easier. I felt like a hypocrite. I would have to face this soon, for the sake of my sanity. Making it worse, I had no idea what Taylor was feeling.

There Mom was, in the kitchen. I was pretty sure we were alone, casino siteleri I was hoping anyway. We needed to talk without anyone potentially overhearing us. She was barefoot, wearing a white cotton skirt and a tight t-shirt. Her body was silhouetted in the sunlight streaming through the window, which also backlit the skirt so I could see the outline of her under it. Her legs and butt were clear; I knew first hand they were smooth and firm. The shirt stuck to the contours of her breasts, so luscious and full; her arms were well shaped from her work outs. The sight fired me up, even though it was not why I had wanted to be alone with her. My groin stirred. I knew it was wrong. We hadn’t discussed what had happened just days ago and I was ready to do it again. I took a deep breath, trying to clear my head and walked up behind her.

The perfume of her hair and skin surrounded me. I enjoyed that for a moment. Apparently, she hadn’t heard me come in, I scared her when she heard me inhale, but she kept her back to me. “Taylor, nobody else is home. Honey, we need to talk.”

I stood close behind her, but didn’t touch. “I know Mother. I feel bad about what happened. I don’t want you to be afraid of me or angry. I love you.”

“You should feel bad. You forced yourself on me. You know that’s a crime. However, you’re my son, I could never turn you in and I know I couldn’t tell your father. Part of the reason for that is I want to protect you. The other part, as you well know, I’m also to blame for it.”

Her words melted me. Even after what I had done to her, she loved me. She was right, I knew it was wrong, an act I could be arrested for and put in jail. I felt like shit, I didn’t want to hurt her. I made excuses for it, before I did it. After it was over, they didn’t make sense any more.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you. I know it was bad and wrong. I just thought…I made up excuses to myself…that it would be the way to keep you from feeling guilty for wanting to have sex with me. If you had no choice, you wouldn’t blame yourself. I didn’t think of it as rape. That’s the word, isn’t it?”

She turned off the stove; put her hands on either side of it, on the counter. I could see her shoulders shaking, like she was weeping. That did it. I came up behind her and held her in a bear hug. She grabbed my arms, and squeezed. We stood there for a few minutes. Then my arms slipped a little causing my hands to cup her tits. I left them there. My cock jumped in my shorts. She stopped crying and even breathing. My dick got harder, it had to be poking her butt and I couldn’t help it, I closed my hands around her tits. She softly moaned. “No. We can’t”, but I didn’t make a move.

Frozen stiff, standing there on the kitchen floor, we both weren’t breathing. Then she sighed and backed into me, snuggling further in my arms. Automatically, I held her tighter, bending down to kiss her neck. She inhaled and gasped. I kissed harder, almost biting her. Her butt squirmed against my fully erect tool. I couldn’t stop now. I turned her to face me and kissed her, my tongue swirling around her mouth. For a second she was rigid, but I continued and she gave in, kissing me back just as hard. Her body was soft now as she became part of me. I crushed her against my chest, her boobs smashing into me. My hard on was pressing into her crotch. I liked kissing her, but that wasn’t enough. I had to have her again. I picked her up from her bottom and walked to the table.

I laid her down and really looked at her. Her face was intense, no smile like she normally had. I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off, then spread her legs. I caught the scent of her pussy and gulped it in. It was sort of sweet, but not like perfume or flowers. It made me almost dizzy. I just knew I had to taste her so I went for it, leaning down; she took hold of my head.

I could tell Taylor was going to go down on me. I reached out for his head to guide him in. He stopped though and just looked at my wide open pussy for a minute, then took his fingers and spread my labia apart. With one finger he traced my opening, lightly touching the tender outer lips. I shivered. It was thrilling, such a gentle touch from so young a man. Carefully, he inserted just his fingertip, a few inches into me and moved it around in a slow circle, exploring me. Maybe he’d never had the chance to do this with a girl before. Pushing in deeper, he made the same circle. As he turned his hand upward, he caught my G-spot and I reacted. “Yes baby! That’s a good place.”

He grunted and smiled, rubbing it slowly and watching me intently. Unable to hold still, I fidgeted under his touch. Taylor was experimenting, moving slow then fast, easily slipping in my moist pinkness, and keeping the spot under his control. “Honey, faster, please. It feels so good. Ahhhhhh.” I begged him.

“I will mother. I will.” He smirked, clearly pleased with himself, he increased the speed.

What bahis siteleri a picture we made. My son, his fingers in his mother’s pussy, while she was splayed on the kitchen table. The image faded away quickly as my attention turned to the heat and pressure building deep inside me. Closing my eyes, I focused. My breathing, ragged with passion. “Yes Taylor. Faster and harder. Ahhh ahhhhh ahhh…” I rocked my hips on his hand. “Oh, honey, yes.” More rapidly still, he rubbed and my excitement grew. Escalating with each stroke. “Ohhhhhhhhh..ohhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhh. Taylor, yes!…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I came. Oh did I cum. My pussy throbbed with spasms, each one running the length of my body in both directions. I laid there, my breath ragged, absorbing each stroke, thinking he’d stop, but he didn’t. He seized on my clit with his mouth, sucking it like a straw in a milkshake, trying to get the last sticky bit from the bottom, while his fingers were still moving inside me. It took me by complete surprise, with no effort, I came again, arching my back and grabbing his head. I lifted my pelvis into him and held his face there. He let go and licked. He licked every part of my pubic mound, side and center, like an ice cream cone, swirling his tongue, inside and out.

Damn, Mom tasted so delicious. When she came, juice flowed freely from her. I couldn’t let it be wasted on my hand, I had to drink it up. I slurped her clit and her crevices hard as I could. Mom amazed me by cumming again so quickly. No girl I’d ever been with did that. Licking every part of her, I wanted no drop to go untasted. I savored every moment, touch and flavor. Because I knew this was my mother whom I loved and respected and whom I wanted to experience as a passionate and loving woman. I was afraid to do anything that would upset my opportunities to have these sweet interludes again and again.

My cock was so hard, it felt like the skin would split. It needed to be buried deep inside her, soon. I wanted her to cum once more though. One more burst of mouth watering mother elixir and I’d have to fuck her. Her clit was hard and stuck out so far, I didn’t need to pull the folds that usually protected clits. Playing ping pong with my tongue, I flicked it, from side to side, digging into the folds with the very tip of it. Pussies are wonderful. So many textures of skin; slick and smooth walls inside; bumpy and wrinkled ridges outside. Mother was various shades of pink. From pale to dark and rosy. Her aroma was all around me, still making me lightheaded, or was that lust? Enough playing, I went to work. Sticking my tongue out, I licked the fleshy part right outside her opening. I don’t know what that’s called, but she liked it. Massaging it and then jabbing into her, she wriggled on my face. Her hands held my head tight. I could feel she was nearing an orgasm, that and her moans clued me in. God, I loved to hear her excitement. I missed that the last time. So I clamped down on her clit and everything else that would fit in my mouth and sucked, slipping my index finger into her velvet smoothness to fuck her. Mom went wild. Gasping and speaking under her breath. “Yes! Taylor, oh god, Taylor, suck me. Ahhh honey, yessssssss.”

Boy did I! Finger fucking her, her tight muscles flexed on it. Gulping as much as I could of her pussy, I sucked hard, even as she came in a gush. Oh God. Was there anything better in the world? I had Mom, all to myself, at this moment. She was crying out in ecstasy. “Ohhhhhhh Taylor, Momma’s cumming.” It was so fucking hot, I almost came.

Realizing that, I tried to slow myself down, without stopping her. My cock was throbbing to the point of painful. I had to get it in her. Easing up, easing up…I felt I could finally stop. I did and stood up. Putting her legs over my shoulders, I pulled her butt to the edge of the table. I noticed her face. It was full of, joy, I think. I gave her that kind of happiness. The kind a man gives a woman and I was proud? I couldn’t help it. I was her man. I lined up the head of my dick, swished it around in the moisture and got ready to enter heaven. Taylor stood there, his cock poised to enter me. Looking into his handsome face, feeling his lust prodding me, I waited, remembering his last intrusion, only this time, I was prepared. My pussy was wet and ready. He pushed just a few inches into my now silky wetness, and then pulled out. I looked down to see he was drenched. Grasping my hands in his, I eagerly anticipated his next move. In one thrust, his turgid member rent me open, sinking all the way to the bottom. “Ahhhhhhhhh Taylor! Ahhhhhhhhh!” I almost came. The friction was so exquisite; I involuntarily gasped. Pulling out again, dragging my inner juice with him, I looked down once more to see the glistening meat between my legs. Hot and full of desire I told him, “fuck me now baby. Hard.” He grinned and tugged me further off the edge of the table and leaned over me, and started to glide into body and back out, in and then out. He got into a rhythm, in and out, in and out, so deep, our pubic hair was enmeshed, stopping to once in a while to grind my clit with his pelvis. “Please honey, faster.” I pleaded with him. I wanted to be pounded on. Again, that playful grin and another grab to yank him into me.

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