Mom’s Little Black Dress


It all started out innocently on a Friday night. I arrived home early after having a little blow-up with my girlfriend at the bar.

I sulked my way into the house, feeling lower than a slug beneath a rock. I made my way into the hallway without turning on any lights or making noise. I made one step down the hallway and halted in my tracks. I could hear the faint, but distinctive sounds of sexual moaning coming from my parents room. The moaning was coming from one person, my mother. The one forty-five year old woman I knew that looked like she was thirty. Her five foot six frame supported average size breasts and the very shapely legs of a model. Her face was well maintained and smooth with limited sun exposure and zero cigarette wrinkles.

I first wondered; was she alone masturbating? I had heard her sexy moaning many times before, but that was from her and my father having sex in their bedroom which is next to mine. If she wasn’t alone, who was in there with her? My father was out of town on a business trip and my little messed up brother was out screwing around with his wanna-be gangster friends.

I was intrigued to go and investigate but I could see that her door was closed. I slowly made my way back outside to see if there was a chance that her window shade might be open. I snuck around the house feeling like a peeping Tom. I could see it now, busted at twenty-three for looking in windows. The neighbor’s houses had their windows closed as I made my way, which made me feel somewhat safe. The dark outside conditions also helped ease my mind. I snuck my way to the window and found the shades open with the window slightly raised. There was a little lamp next to the bed which helped to illuminate the room and hide my presence.

Jealousy quickly moved through my veins as I could now see the two active participants. My younger eighteen-year-old brother Carl was on his knees at the foot of my mother’s bed. Mom was lying down on the bed still wearing the summer dress she had on during dinner. Oh, how I’ve dreamt that I’d be the lucky one in that position. The lucky sack was running his hands over one leg while planting kisses below her knee.

Mom was an equal participant as she was rubbing her free foot up and down his chest beneath his tee shirt. Her soft moans soon turned to words. “Be a good little boy and take off that shirt.” Carl didn’t utter a word as his shirt was off in an instant. He resumed his caressing and when he reached her foot, mom spoke again in a slow, sexy voice, “My feet would like another special massage from that talented tongue of yours, baby.”

My little brother was doing to our mom what I had wanted to do for years. Her phrase also meant that he had done this to her before. How many times had he gotten together with her? How in the world did I not notice this?

I adored the fact that mom showed off her legs while at work and at home. I spent countless hours walking around the house with a semi-boner looking at her legs and feet. The days where she wore pantyhose or nylons were a special treat for me. I loved the look of them on her. I obviously wasn’t the only one enjoying them. While watching this little show, at least I now know that my mom enjoys having her feet kissed and caressed. My brother beat me to the punch; will I get my chance in the near future?

I watched as my lucky brother licked the bottom of her foot and then sucked each of her toes. This caused mom to moan out loud, “Oh honey, your tongue is making mommy feel so good, mmmmmmm.”

Mom then moved her free foot down his chest and stopped it at his shorts. She couldn’t maneuver her foot further, so she scooted toward him and said, “Please stand up and take those shorts off.”

Carl, in one swift move had his shorts and underwear at his ankles as he stood up and took hold of her leg. His tongue went back to licking her foot as mom took her free foot and stated rubbing his cock. I really felt strange now as I was not only looking at another man’s cock, but it was my younger brothers. I also felt odd, as his cock looked a bunch larger than mine.

Mom talked sexy as her toes playfully caressed his balls, “My little boy has really grown up. I love the feel of your big – hard – cock and how sexy it looks against my little hose covered feet.”

Carl let go of her foot and reached for the other, but mom pulled it away saying, “You had your fun, now my feet get to have theirs.”

Mom took both her feet and placed them on his cock. She ran them up and down his length several times then she slid his hard shaft between her arches. Over and over she pumped him as he responded, “Oh mom, your feet feel sooo good. If you don’t slow down, I’m gonna shoot.”

Mom didn’t stop her feet until she noticed him getting weak kneed. She then hopped forward and in one quick movement, had his cock buried in her mouth. I nearly moaned out loud as her pretty mouth took almost all of him. He didn’t hold out long as he placed his hands behind her head bedava bahis and pulled her deeper, shooting his load down her throat. She swallowed every drop, moaning all the while.

Mom continued sucking him after he was finished, looking up at him and smiling. When she finally released his cock, it was hard again and ready to go. I had seen enough, so I went around the house and slammed my car door, giving them the heads up that I was home. When I came in the house, my brother was in the bathroom and my mom was still in her bedroom. I smiled a little, knowing that I just broke up their encounter. I also felt there was no doubt that if I hadn’t come home early they’d still be going at it. From the looks of what I just witnessed, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that they’ve been going at it for some time now. As I was falling asleep, I wondered; did mom seduce him or did he seduce her?

I awoke Saturday morning to the wonderful smell of bacon. I put on a t-shirt and quietly made my way towards the kitchen. I stopped before entering as I heard my mom and brother talking. I peeked around the corner and saw my brother had lifted mom’s nightey up and was caressing her ass. I started to harden as I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. I then heard mom say, “Stay home baby. I really need a hard cock today, since I didn’t get to have one last night.”

My brother kissed her on the lips and said, “Sorry mom, I can’t break my date. We’ve had this planned for a month. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

I quickly made my way back to my room as my brother grabbed his things and headed out to spend time with his girlfriend. I waited a few minutes after he was gone and made my way into the kitchen for some coffee.

I started to harden again as I saw the whole picture of her. Mom was wearing a red, lacey chemise that didn’t even go half-way down her thigh. She had her back to me and as I neared, I could see the outline of her fantastic ass. My brother exposed the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties and I wondered if the front was nearly see-through as the back was. I stopped a few steps from her not saying anything. She had to know I was there, but she didn’t turn around or talk. My eyes moved from her shapely ass down her sexy legs. I then focused my eyes on her little foot that left its fluffy slipper home and began making its way up and down her calf. Her foot made five trips and then rested on the floor.

Mom then turned her head catching me staring at her foot. “Good morning sleepy-head. You missed breakfast, but there’s still coffee left.”

I broke from my stare to see that mom was looking at the growing bulge beneath my t-shirt. I grabbed a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal and made my way to the dinner table. At least my growing hard-on would now be hidden. Mom then filled up her cup and joined me at the table. I snuck a peek and the front of her nightee was a little darker than the back. I was bothered knowing that she was naked beneath her sleepwear.

Mom sat at the end of the table and began reading the paper. I could now look at her without her seeing me. From my viewpoint, I could see her crossed legs all the way up to her nightee, which was nearly to the top of her thigh. My attention soon went to her legs as she began slowly swinging her foot back and forth. All that could be heard in the kitchen was the soft thump of her slipper hitting her heel. I admired this the whole time I ate my cereal.

I finally finished my breakfast but I was stuck, since I had a hard-on hidden beneath the table. I sat there drinking my coffee, hoping my hardness would subside. I continued staring at her swinging foot until mom decided she needed a sip of coffee. She grabbed her cup and in bringing it off the table, pushed her spoon onto the floor. I froze as she ducked under the table to retrieve it. She seamed to linger a little long before re-appearing above the table. My hard-on was definitely open for display if she chose to gaze upon it. She smiled at me and went back to reading the newspaper. Mom then went back to swinging her foot. A minute into the swinging, her slipper fell off or was launched from her foot. I looked at it, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to reach it with her foot. Mom continued reading as if nothing happened. I stared at her slipper-less foot dangling in the air. I wondered would she be receptive if I went over and began kissing her dangling foot?

Mom broke my stare when she lowered the paper and looked for the slipper. She looked to me and said, “Could you be a sweetie and grab my slipper. It’s beyond my reach.”

Before I could answer, she lifted the paper up and started reading. I slid my chair outward and made my way to the fallen slipper. As I knelt down to pick up the slipper, mom stretched out her leg, offering me her foot. As I went to hold her heel, she opened her legs giving me a clear view of her shaved pussy. My hand trembled as I held her foot and put her slipper back on. I stood casino siteleri and took my bowl to the sink.

As I was leaving to go masturbate in my room, mom lowered the paper and said, “Thank you, sweetie.”

I came back out and mom was doing the dishes. I joined her and while we were doing them, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her pretty breasts. Her nipples were hard and I felt that tingling start again in my shorts.

“Are you planning on getting dressed today or just lounge around in your nightee?” I asked.

Mom responded quickly, “I’d love to lounge around the house naked, but I’m sure that you wouldn’t like to have to see your old mother in her birthday suit.”

I pondered the statement before responding, “The nightee you have on now is revealing and I don’t mind seeing you in that.”

She replied, “Thank you, sweetie. Well, I just bought a new black dress for your father’s company party. After you go and take your shower, would you give me your opinion on how it looks on me?”

I replied, “Sure, I’ve got nothing to do today.”

I went off and took my shower. I really wanted to get off again, but after the talk while doing the dishes, I decided not to. I did think about her the whole time I was in there. My mom has no problem going around the house naked? I guess she probably does when my dad and me are gone for a weekend. I was also looking forward to seeing her in the new dress she purchased. Mom did say she was horny for my brother’s cock this morning. Would she make a push for me?

I stepped out of the bathroom and mom called out to me, “I’m in here sweetie.”

I made my way to my parents’ room and entered. Mom was sitting on the bed and pulling a nylon up one leg. She looked up at me and motioned me to sit on the chair she had moved near the bed. I sat down and watched as she fastened the straps on her high heels.

She stood up and asked, “So, how do I look?”

I looked her over slowly from head to toe. Her hair was pinned up exposing her ears and the off the shoulder neckline of her dress. There also was a triangular opening centered at her bust line. My eyes then made their way downward admiring the sheath satin dress that clung to her curves. The dress ended several inches above her knees. I was then treated to two different looks. One leg was bare all the way down to her black three-inch sandals. The other was covered in sheer black nylon. Her toes looked so sexy with a French tip pedicure.

After my slow full body look, I answered, “You look stunning. All the males at that party will surely be checking you out.”

“Thank you so much, sweetie. I loved the look of this dress and I’m waiting until that day to let your father see it.”

“I do have one more thing I’d like your honest opinion on. As you can see, one leg is bare and the other is covered in nylon. Which one do you prefer?”

I tried not to, but I started to harden as I stared at both of her glorious legs standing in front of me. Her bare legs are pretty, but a leg covered in nylon was extra sexy. Could I admit this to her?

I paused too long so my mom sat down on her bed and dangled her feet over the edge. Then she spoke, “I see that your mind has a tough decision. The only way to get an honest answer is to examine each of them up close. Come over here and kneel down by my feet.”

I did as told and knelt down next to the bed. Mom was now in total control.

“I think your decision would be easier to make if you take off my sandals,” she said seductively.

I took each one off, but I continued to hold the nylon covered foot in my hand. I then finally spoke, “The nylon makes your legs look sexier.”

“There, that’s not so difficult. I do have a few more questions before you can go on your merry way. I saw you staring at my feet this morning when you got coffee and your hand was trembling when you put my slipper back on. Do you find my feet attractive?”

I didn’t reply, instead I continued to stare at the foot I was holding. I was completely hard now. My mind was boiling over with how beautiful she was from her face down to her dainty feet.

“Would you like to kiss them?” she asked.

With that said, she raised her bare foot up to my lips. I responded by opening my mouth and taking in her big toe. I swirled my tongue around her toe and bobbed my lips back and forth. I then dropped her nylon covered foot and held the bare one.

Mom responded seductively, “mmmmmmmm……I just love to have my toes sucked on. Keep going baby.”

I moved to the next toe and mom took her free foot and lowered it to my waiting hard-on. “mmmmmmm…….my new dress and my sexy feet have got my baby completely turned on.”

Mom began rubbing my hard-on as she kept talking seductively. “Suck them baby, mmmmm. Take good care of my feet and I’ll take care of you.”

“I was certain this morning that you would’ve kissed my foot before you put my slipper back on. That hard-on bahis siteleri you had all during breakfast had to be killing you.”

I lifted my mouth from her foot and replied, “Your see through chemise showing off your body also contributed.”

I went back to her toes. I couldn’t believe I was actually sucking her pretty toes. I then licked the bottom of her foot and sucked her heel. I was all in as I knew that I was going to give her the hard cock that she was craving today.

I finished with her foot and mom patted the bed saying, “Take off your shoes and join me on the bed. It’s time for your payback.”

I kicked my shoes off and hopped on the bed. My mom immediately went for my shorts and in one swoop, took off my boxers and shorts. She then slowly crawled up my legs like a lion on the hunt. The look in her eyes was pure lust.

“Your cock looks so pretty, I’m sure its gonna be delicious.” She purred.

She held my cock in her hands and kissed the tip, smiling at me. Her lips then surrounded the head and her tongue swirled around the tip. I layed back my head and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of a horny woman giving me a blow-job. The feeling was better since it was my beautiful mother, who I’ve wanted for years.

All I heard from my mom was slurping and a constant purring. Lucky for me I shot off earlier so that I was able to enjoy her talented work longer. She sent me over the edge as she stared at me while massaging my balls. I shot my load and she took it all down.

“mmmmmmmm…….you have the best tasting cum in the family.” She purred.

I was just in a daze as I watched her lift off her dress revealing a naked body underneath. Her breasts were a little below average but her stomach was almost flat. She has a stunning body for a mother of two and forty-five years of age. I was brought back to reality by her words of encouragement.

“I still have one piece of clothing left. I think you know how I’d like to have it taken off.”

I snapped back into action and lied down by her thigh. I kissed the top of her nylon and started sliding it down her leg. I kissed and licked her leg inch by inch. When I reached her heel, I pulled the nylon off and flung it to the floor. I looked over her foot and started to massage it gently. My decision got the desired effect I was hoping for.

“mmmmmm….sweetie, that feels so wonderful. Oh baby, ohhhhhhhhh.”

I continued the massage knowing that I was pleasing her as well as I was taking time before I would once again rise. Minutes into the massage, my urge got to me and I began sucking her toes. One by one, I cleaned them all. As I finished her toes, I once again was hard. I kissed her big toe, her heel and then her ankle. I kissed my way up her calf and then the thigh. I was then face to face with her shaved, glistening pussy. I licked a circle around and then stuck my tongue inside and licked to the top.

“Ohhhhh, baby. Lick mommies pussy, mmmmmmmmm.” She cooed.

I played with her protruding clit and placed one finger inside her. I quickened my pace as she began matching my movements with her own. Her purring was constant now and I knew that she was getting close to orgasm. Mom held my head against her pussy and started humping over and over.

“Oh baby, oh baaabeeeeeee. Your making me cum, ohhhhhhhhhhh.” She purred as she came.

I licked up all her sweet nectar, knowing that I had pleased the one woman I’d wanted for years. I moved up and finally planted a wet kiss on her lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues danced together. I then began massaging a breast gently. Mom reacted to my manipulations by grabbing my hard cock. Her hands felt so good as she tugged on it. We broke our kiss and mom spoke.

“I want you to fuck me baby. I want to feel your hard cock filling up my pussy.”

Mom placed my cock at her entrance and I slowly pushed it in, savoring the feel of her pussy. I pushed all the way in and slowly pulled it all the way out. This caused mom to speak out.

“Don’t tease me, baby. I’ve been horny since your brother left and you’re gonna fuck me until you can’t stand. Put that nice cock back in and give me what I need.”

I obliged and went back to business. I was now doing to my mom what my brother had been doing to her for some time. Her moans of passion were constant as I rode her. Minutes into the ride, she placed her feet against my chest. I held her ankles and bucked again and again. I took one foot and began kissing her toes. I then took all her toes into my mouth and licked them. All too soon I was over and I shot my load into her. I layed next to mom and thanked her.

“Thank you so much mom, that was wonderful. And yes, I do think your feet are sexy. I like them bare, but covered in hose or stockings makes them really delicious. I really wanted to attack you at breakfast after you pranced around in your lacy chemise. I was just too chicken to act without your guidance.”

Mom replied, “Thank you for giving me what I was craving. If you hadn’t come home early last night, I’d be ok today.”

I chimed in, “I know, I heard you two and watched you until I couldn’t take it anymore. That’s when I made noise and you stopped it. I’ve had a constant hard-on for you since.”

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