Mommy’s Boy Ch. 05

Big Tits


Joe Jarvis placed Donna on the toilet seat and stood naked in front of her with his cock in his hand as he prepared to let fly. Seconds later, he unleashed a steady stream of hot steaming piss onto his mother’s tits and Donna let out a low moan as she thrilled to the feel of her hunky offspring’s hot crystal-clear urine raining down on her. She grabbed hold of her tits and pushed them together, pinching her nipples standing out erect from the dark aureoles, then released them as her son continued peeing all over her, Donna luxuriating in the warmth of the long hot river of piss as she happily let it run down her cleavage like a cataract in a cliff face.

“You’ve been saving it up, sweetheart,” said Donna, “I’ve never known anyone able to pee as much as you.”

“Sure have, mom, and its all for you,” Joe replied, “I can piss just as much as I can spunk.”

The long stream showed no sign of abating as Joe continued to wash his mother’s tits with his piss, the air in the bathroom pungent with the aromatic scent of the contents of Joe’s bladder.

“When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go,” Donna said with a laugh, smiling up at Joe.

Eventually, Joe started to run out of piss and grinned down at Donna as he shook his prick free of the final drops. He had only recently introduced his mother to the thrills of watersports; indeed, Donna had learnt so much from him in the past five years as to how to pep up one’s sex life, getting involved in activities that she had never experienced before with the host of unsatisfactory men she’d had in the past. They, like Joe’s dad, were only after one thing, a quick shag and once accomplished they were off into the wild blue younder without ever once looking back.

In Joe, however, Donna had found the perfect lover, even if he was her own son and their relationship frowned on by society. In the past five years, as well as the joys of being pissed on, Donna had discovered rimming and taking it in the ass, too, as well as fucking her son’s ass with a variety of strap-ons that she now possessed. In short, Donna had at long last a fabulous sex life with a loving and considerate lover whom she just happened to have given birth to and, furthermore, not giving a shit that mothers and sons were not supposed to love each other in such a way. Joe, too, had pledged his undying love to Donna from the moment he’d seduced her and in that he had never faltered.

“Now it’s my turn,” Donna said, standing up still covered in Joe’s pee, “get in the shower, sweetheart, and sit on the floor.”

Joe smiled as he took his mother’s hand and led her into the shower. He lay down on the floor of the unit as Donna squatted over him and, seconds later, started to release her own piss over her son’s chest.

“Oh yes, mom!” cried Joe, as his mother’s urinary juices washed over his tits and ran down the sides of his prostrate body, “that feels great, all nice and warm. It really turns me on pissing over each other, I’m so pleased you’re into watersports now, too.”

“Until we became lovers,” replied Donna, as her long ribbon of pee dried up and she stood to turn on the shower jets, “I wasn’t. It’s all thanks to you showing me what fun it is. Never did any experimenting like this with all those other so-and-so’s I’ve been with, including your father.”

Too late, Donna realised her mistake and started to apologise. Joe had never met his father but he hated him just as passionately as he loved his mother for the way he had walked out on them and left the adored Donna to bring him up on her own.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” Donna murmured as she turned her head up to the shower, treating Joe to a nice close-up view of her bare ass, “I didn’t mean …”

“‘s all right, mom,” Joe said, standing and wrapping his arms around his mother and groping her magnificent tits in his hands, “just don’t mention him again.”

They started to soap each other down, washing away the piss as their hands roamed over their bodies, touching up each other’s tits, cunt, prick and asses as they revelled in their closeness and nudity and the joy of the best day yet in their five year affair as incestuous lovers. As soon as Donna and Joe had got home from the football match, where Donna had spent a lip-licking hour and a half ogling her son’s bum in his tight skimpy blue soccer shorts, they hadn’t wasted a second in getting down to business and had both fucked each other almost senseless in the hours since, Joe in his mom’s ass and cunt with his natural prick and Donna in her son’s ass with her plastic one and with, at Joe’s request, a butt plug firmly embedded deep in her rectum. There had been lots of spunk and pussy juice flying about, too, as mother and son reached the pinnacle of their love for each other …


Joe’s asshole felt delightfully sore after the recent pounding it had received from Donna’s strap-on as his and his mother’s hungry hands continued to explore each other’s naked bodies as if doing so for the very first time.

“That bonus veren siteler was a great fuck, mom,” Joe said, as the hot jets from the shower cascaded down on them and they finally washed themselves clean of their recent watersports session, “you gave it everything you’ve got.”

“That’s because you’ve such a beautiful fuckable ass, sweetheart,” replied Donna, who had surprised herself at the amount of energy she had still been able to muster after two great fucks from Joe. “After the way you turned me on showing that bum of yours off in your shorts out on the football pitch, I was determined to give it a good seeing to before the day was over.”

“You can give it another good seeing to now if you like, mom,” said Joe, “it’s not even midnight yet!”

“Goodness, sweetheart, you are such a hot fucking sex machine,” Donna replied, smiling with happiness, “however did I get to have such a gorgeous sex-mad son like you?”

“You struck lucky, mom,” Joe answered, his face breaking out again into the beguiling smile that would melt ice, fondling Donna’s tits which were smothered in soap suds, almost as much as they had been in Joe’s copious spunk and piss earlier, “I bet there are plenty of other mothers and sons who secretly fancy each other and would love to have a special relationship like ours but are too scared to go for it.”

“Unlike us,” Donna murmured as her hands sneaked round behind Joe to once again fondle his beautiful ass cheeks.

“You’ve got a great ass, too, mom,” Joe said as Donna’s hands began to turn him on again and his prick started to respond accordingly. “It looked great just now when you had that butt plug stuffed deep inside it. Turn round, my darling mother, and let me see it now.”

“I’m supposed to be the one with the ass fetish,” laughed Donna but nevertheless she turned her back on Joe and he slipped down onto his knees, resting them in puddles of shower water, and bringing his face in close to Donna’s bare bottom, “but I’m pleased you like my ass, too, just as much as I love yours.”

“Of course, mom,” said Joe and then, almost without warning, he began to kiss the two firm rumps as the water rained down on them just as hard as it had rained outside all that afternoon, although that had stopped now.

Donna gasped as Joe began kissing every inch of her bare buttocks and then ran his tongue along the cleft between her larger-than-average female buns. Donna leaned forward and reached round with her hands and spread her cheeks, exposing her rosebud and allowing Joe to sneak his talented tongue into her hole for a good long rimming. Before she and Joe had become lovers, Donna had never experienced ass licking with the men she’d been with, including Joe’s sod of a father.

Donna enjoyed surrenderng her asshole just as she did every other part of her body for her beloved son’s scrutiny. The exhibitionism they enjoyed was also just as important as the sex, each of them showcasing their bodies to each other without an iota of shame nor embarrassment.

After ten minutes of male to female ass licking, Joe stood and took Donna’s hand and led her out of the shower, turning the jets off so that the water came to a sudden halt as they began to towel themselves down.

“So, mom,” said Joe, when they were nice and dry and had covered themselves in lavish helpings of talcum, “I fancy another fuck. How about it?”

“Oh, darling,” Donna replied, “I’m bushed, we’ve been at it all afternoon.”

“Well I’m not,” said Joe, “and I need another good fucking before I go to sleep.”

“Well,” said Donna in the kind of voice which conveyed she was giving the matter serious thought, “OK, but we must get to sleep soon. Don’t forget its Monday tomorrow and you’ve got to go to work.”

“Yeah, more’s the pity,” said Joe, leading Donna back to the bedroom, “I’d much rather stay here fucking with you all day like we have today. Just as long as you make sure you give me my regular morning blowjob before I set out.”

“Of course, sweetheart,” Donna replied. “Now, which strap-on d’you want this time?” …


Joe selected a slightly smaller one to the one Donna had used to fuck his asshole earlier and which he had taken up the ass doggie-style. Donna quickly fixed the contraption around herself and lay down on the floor.

“How about sitting on it this time, sweetheart?” she suggested, smiling up at him.

Joe didn’t need to reply, he was only too happy to comply with Donna’s suggestion as he placed his legs either side of her and slowly lowered his bum towards his mother until the knobhead of her strap-on made contact with his asshole. Joe was facing towards Donna and as he slowly impaled himself on his mother’s prick, he leaned forward and began to grope her firm silky jugs, leaning forward to nuzzle them into his face as Donna began the penetration.

Joe started to post up and down, his ass cheeks quivering, rising and falling to meet every thrust as the strap-on disappeared bahis from view, completely swallowed up by the all-enveloping receptacle of his asshole. Every now and then, he leaned forward and kissed and licked Donna’s tits which only spurred her on to fuck her son deeper and harder.

“Yeah, fuck that ass, mom,” Joe said, “harder!”

“You’re really making me work now,” Donna replied, somehow and despite herself finding the energy to fuck her son’s ass for the second time that night.

Joe fell forward and kissed Donna on the lips and then moved his head down to suck again on her delicious tits and lick her nipples as his mother, with one final burst, plowed his hole so hard that it felt like his ass was splitting in two. They fucked, sucked and rocked away for almost half an hour or more, Joe spinning round expertly midway through to face outwards from Donna with his legs splayed wide as he took each thrust in his stride.

“Fuck, mom,” Joe said, eventually hauling himself off her plastic prick and standing up over her, “you sure know how to fuck ass. I shall be remembering that one for a very long time.”

From feeling knackered a few moments ago, Donna was now back on heat and was not through yet. “Bend over, sweetheart,” she commanded, “I’m sure you can take some more.”

Joe leaned across Donna’s dressing table and looked back over his shoulder as his mother quickly re-inserted her plastic prick into his ass. Joe wasn’t gay but he did sometimes, in his quieter moments and without saying anything to Donna, wonder what it would be like to take another man’s prick up his ass though that was never going to happen, of course, since his ass was reserved purely for Donna and he was more than happy to be fucked by his mother’s fake prick.

As Donna pushed forward, so Joe pushed back as the strap-on sliced its way between his buns and through the pain barrier before the head started to nudge hard against his sphincter. Donna was on cloud nine as she returned the compliment on Joe, treating him to a magnificent reward for the fabulous fuckings he had given her that afternoon. From the first tentative fucks she had given Joe on his nineteenth birthday four years ago, he was now expert in taking it up the ass and his cries of pleasure echoing around the room proved to Donna that she was just as expert in giving it as was her son.

After ten minutes, Donna pulled out of Joe’s ass and lay back on the bed. Without giving her any time to object, let alone catch her breath, Joe turned her around and fell across her, sinking his shaft all the way into his mother’s cunt up to his balls. Donna gasped at the invasion, unexpected though it was but not minding in the slightest. It would, she thought to herself, round the spectacular day off very nicely.

“One more for luck,” Joe said, his bare buttocks rising, falling and clenching all in one go as he gave his mother her final fuck of the day, his asshole red raw and sore from the drilling it had taken from Donna’s plastic prick. “What a great day this has been.”

And what a great day it had been, indeed, Joe scoring the winning goal for his football team in the morning and a whole afternoon of hardcore incestuous sex between a mother and son who were now, without any shadow of a doubt, one hundred per cent fully-fledged lovers and with no shame nor guilt whatsoever, which is as it should be …


Joe managed to shoot one final load of the day into Donna’s cunt and seconds later she too managed a couple of further orgasms as the day came to an end. Joe lay on top of his mother; being slim and athletic there was no fear of crushing her, as she wrapped her arms around him and they kissed on the lips.

“This has been great, sweetheart,” said Donna, “I love you so much.”

“And I love you too, mom,” replied Joe, “aren’t you just glad you allowed me to seduce you all those years ago?”

“Sure am, sweetheart,” Donna replied, gently nudging Joe to one side and somehow managing to drag her tired fucked body over to the double bed and snuggling in under the duvet. “What we’ve done today has really sealed our love for each other. All those pyschopaths or whatever you call them …”

“Pyschologists,” laughed Joe.

“Well, those, then. They were dead right when they said that sex without love is worthless.”

Joe climbed into bed alongside Donna, having slept with his mom every day for the past five years, his old single bedroom now his study, and folded herself into her arms again.

“Sush, mom,” he said, “we don’t have to justify ourselves to each other. Our sex lives are our own and nothing to do with anyone else, I’ve told you that a thousand times. It was great the way we both abandoned ourselves to each other today but now, as you said earlier, we really do need to get some sleep.”

“Of course,darling,” said Donna, giving Joe a quick peck on the lips, “pleasant dreams.”

“Goodnight, mom,” said Joe, “thanks for a wonderful day. Sleep well.”

Joe deneme bonusu was sound asleep within seconds as Donna switched off the light and lay there in the darkness staring up at the ceiling for a few moments, her ass, cunt and tits still feeling fabulously sore from all the maulings they had had from Joe and no doubt he would give her plenty more of his carnal attentions when he got home from work the following evening.

Donna closed her eyes and started to drift away into the land of dreams, except that all her dreams really had come true …


When Donna woke up the following morning, her ass and pussy still felt pleasurably sore after the heavy poundings it had taken from Joe during a whole afternoon and evening of intense sucking and fucking the previous day. Joe was already in the shower, getting ready for work; as she climbed out of bed, she decided to leave him to it and went downstairs, naked, to make some tea.

Ten minutes later, Joe appeared in the kitchen, washed and dressed and looking superbly handsome in his dark business suit, the jacket buttoned over a white shirt and a blue silk tie. He looked every bit the young successful businessman, as indeed he was and Donna’s sharp intake of breath did not go unnoticed by him.

“Great day yesterday, eh, mom?” he said, putting down the briefcase he’d been holding and helping himself to some tea. Outside, the rain of the previous day had left damp patches across the garden and puddles along the path but a pale sun was struggling to push aside clouds of the more sombre variety.

“Sure was, sweetheart,” Donna replied, “my pussy still feels like its going to need a few more hours to recover.”

“Let’s hope its recovered in time by tonight,” said Joe, grinning. “Are you ready for your breakfast yet?” he went on, groping the bulge in his pants that Donna had been eyeing up ever since he had entered the kitchen.

“I am, sweetheart,” Donna said, “but let me see that lovely ass of yours first.”

“Here we go again,” laughed Joe, “what is it about my ass that turns you on so much.”

“The shape,” said Donna succinctly, “male buttocks are very erotic, I’m sure I’m not the only woman who gets turned on by them. And your buns are out of this world.”

“Like I said, mom, you’re really kinky. And I wouldn’t want you any other way. Here you are, then, have a good look.”

Joe smiled and turned his back to his mother, lifting the flaps of his jacket and inserting his hands deep into his pockets. The shape of his bum was now firmly outlined inside his pants, framed delightfully by the resulting splayed vent of his jacket.

“Oh, sweetheart,” said Donna, licking her lips as she dropped to her knees behind her horny sexy son, “that is such a beautiful sight. I love the way the vent in your jacket makes an archway round your ass when you’ve got your hands in your pockets.”

“You get kinkier by the day, mom,” laughed Joe, digging his hands deeper into his pockets to tighten even more the material of his pants around his ass cheeks to enhance them better and turn Donna on even more. Donna moved in close so that Joe’s bum was directly in front of her face, her eyes taking in its fullness and beauty, then she reached out a hand and began to touch up it up through Joe’s suit and Joe thrilled to the feel of his mother’s roaming exploratory hands, as if she had never fondled his bottom before.

“Don’t ever change, will you?” Joe said, as he happily let Donna play with his ass to her heart’s content.

“I won’t, my darling,” she said, “I just love seeing and feeling your ass, it looks just as great in your suit as it did in your football shorts yesterday.”

“It’s the best ass in the world, mom,” Joe answered, “and it’s all yours.”

“Just like it was last night,” Donna giggled as memories of the energy she’d expounded fucking her son’s asshole with her strap-ons came back into her mind’s eye. She’d love to give it another good seeing to now but time was against them, she didn’t want to make Joe late for work and she hadn’t had her breakfast yet so they had better get a move on.

Donna reluctantly released her grip on her son’s backside and rested back on her haunches. “I’d better not give it a kiss, though,” she said, “otherwise your colleagues will be wondering why you’re walking around with a lot of damp patches on your bum.”

“That’ll give ’em somthing to gossip about,” laughed Joe, “but perhaps you’re right.”

“Any chance of serving up my breakfast now, darling?” said Donna.

Joe took his hands out of his pockets and turned to face his mother, as horny as fuck as he unzipped his pants and took out his now fully aroused prick for Donna to give him his regular morning blowjob. He released his balls as well which were already bubbling up with Donna’s breakfast.

She gasped as she always did at the sheer size of her son’s fat rod, she was biased she knew but she honestly did think that Joe’s was the most magnificent cock she had ever seen and, boy oh boy, did he know how to use it. The fuckings he had given her the afternoon and night before in both her ass and cunt had been the best yet, they were now completely in tune with each other, understanding each other’s needs and dealing with them admirably.

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