Mommie and Her Lance Ch. 04


(With a nod to Tacocarnitas for the inspiration. A number of my readers have requested an “incest story’. Here it is.)

“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Several days later Lance was approached by Julie in the library. She was carrying a note for Lance from the School Psychologist.

“Lance, the School Psychologist asked me to find you and deliver this note. I hope you will take part.”

Before Lance had a chance to ask what she was talking about Julie had turned and walked away. Intrigued, he read the note:


I’m so sorry for the way I acted in my office when last we met. I was just so surprised and I hope I did not offend you. Would you please return to my office this afternoon before final class so that I might apologize in person and make amends?


Birgitta Grosenbusen,

School Psychologist

Virginia Bell Senior High School”

Recalling his Mommie’s advice that he become more acquainted with other women Lance showed up at the requested time.

To his surprise, when he arrived there were several girls in the School Psychologist’s waiting room. However, Julie ushered him directly into the office.

The School Psychologist was, as usual, dressed in a business outfit with a blazer and skirt. But the blazer was discarded as she rose from the desk and came to greet Lance. Her blouse was shear and thru it he was able to make out the mounds of her breasts and the low cut bra that flattered her Triple D cup figure.

Lance was unsure of what to expect but her warm greeting helped to set him at ease.

“Lance, I’m so glad you came this afternoon. After our last meeting I wasn’t sure if you would visit. I wanted to apologize for how I behaved. It was rude of me to react that way. You are a handsome young man and blessed with a magnificent maleness.”

Lance was pretty sure that she was talking about his cock. The last time he had been here his Mommie had teased him into having a hard on. And then Mommie had him disrobe. The sight of his over sized endowment had shocked the School Psychologist. She had called his dick a “monster” and refusing to touch it. She had, however, ended up masturbating wildly while Lance and Mommie had shown how they were able to squeeze his massive hard on into Mommie’s eager pussy.

The School Psychologist had watched as Mommie had pulled his cock into her mouth and down her throat! Mommie’s throat had expanded to an amazing degree as she had swallowed all of Lance down her gullet. Then Mommie and Lance had fucked each other. The School Psychologist had ended up climaxing as Mommie and Lance were leaving her office.

“It’s okay, Ma’am.” Lance tried to make Ms. Grosenbusen feel at ease. “Mommie told me that I’m a little unusual that way.” What she had actually told him, more than once while they were fucking, was that he had the biggest, hardest, longest, most massive dick in the world.

“Well,” she sighed, “I’m glad we worked that out. Lance, can we start over? Can we just begin anew?” She was grasping his bicep as she looked into his eyes. She was standing very close to Lance. Her breath tickled his ear as she spoke. He thought he could feel her erect nipples brush against his arm while they spoke.

“Um, sure. That would be nice.” He certainly didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the School Psychologist!

“Oh, I’m so glad,” she murmured. “Let’s start over then.” Leaning past him, Ms. Grosenbusen flipped on the intercom. “Julie, could you please ask the rest of the group to wait a few minutes while Lance and I talk? Thanks, Hon.”

Turning back to Lance he led him to the sofa and they sat next to each other. Putting her arm behind him she rested her other hand on his chest. Her thigh was pressed against his and he could feel her tits against his side.

“You know, I meet with a lot of young people in my job. I feel it is important that I offer them guidance and counseling in all aspects of their life. I know that you and your Mommie have been dealing with certain issues. And I’d like to be able to help in that regard as well.” She was slowly rubbing her boobs against him as she spoke. And it was having the predictable effect. The School Psychologist might not be as heroically well endowed as Mommie, but she was an attractive woman and her Triple D boobs were not to be ignored!

Glancing down into his lap she could see that his dick had begun to expand. So far everything was going as she had planned. Her hand slowly moved down from his chest, over his stomach until it was resting atop the largest cock bulge she had ever encountered. The largest, hardest cock she had ever encountered was still growing and growing. She was rubbing now, harder and harder. Her breath was coming faster as she felt her pulse increase. She began squeezing his cock thru his pants. For a moment she had thought that her memory might be tricking her but this was, bonus veren siteler indeed, the biggest dick she’d ever imagined. And she knew that it wasn’t done expanding!

“Um, so big!” she exulted. “What a HUGE cock you have, Lance! Can I see it? Again? Please?” she realized that she sounded like she was begging but she really did want to see this immense hard on.

“Sure, let me just…” he began.

“No! I want to do it! I want to pull this giant dick out of your pants. I want to do it!” Her lips were dry as she spoke. Her tongue darted out, left and then right to moisten them.

Quickly she undid his belt and started to pull down his zipper.

“Damn, there is too much tension, stand up, Lance. Stand up so I can undo your zipper,” she gasped.

As he rose she knelt in front of him and used both hands to run the zipper down. His dick reached almost to the waistband of his pants as he looked down into her excited face.

She smiled up at him as she grasped the belt loops and began to pull his pants down until they landed at his ankles. His boxer shorts were FULL of hard dick. The shaft bowed outward, flexing and trying to force it’s way into the open.

Grinning at him she unbuttoned the bottom three buttons of his shirt and ran her hands over his well developed abs.

“Mmmm, nice,” she praised him. “I like a well defined six pack. And yours is great. But not as great as this giant log you call a prick!” She was using both hands now, caressing him thru his boxers.

“I’m sorry about the way I reacted the last time. But I had never imagined that I would find a young, good looking man like you with a dick like this one!” She was still holding on with both hands! “I’ve never heard of a dick so thick and long! SO hard and just freakishly large! You are so lucky. And now, so am I!”

She leaned closer and placed her lips on the head of his prick thru his shorts. Letting her tongue slip between her lips she wetted the fabric. His dick became more and more prominent as she worked.

She began to pull the elastic band down and down. She didn’t try to extract his cock. She just kept pulling downward. Slowly his shaft bent down until it was pointing straight at her and then was pulled down pointing at her boobs as the root of his dick came into view.

“Dear God, what an immense shaft” she groaned as she was able to get an idea of how thick he was. Mommie had found that her first three fingers were not wide enough to cover the top of his shaft. The School Psychologist was discovering the same thing! With only the first three or four inches of the base of his dick exposed, she reached out and, as expected, found that she could not reach around his girth.

She giggled nervously before finally pulling strongly enough to reveal all of Lance. Released from the confines of his boxers his boner swung up and bounced heavily in front of her stunned face.

“I knew it! I fucking knew it! This has to be the biggest dick…” her voice trailed off as she grasped him with both hands.

Her look was imploring, her eyes flickered between his face and his giant hard on. “Can I… that is, I mean…” she stumbled. “I want to try to give you a blow job. Is that okay?” She had never asked permission before. But some how, in this case, it seemed right.

“I’m sure I’ll like it.” he responded. “Go ahead.” She probably wasn’t going to be as talented as his Mommie, but a blow job was a blow job.

Licking her lips again she assessed the task ahead. Where to start? Where to begin? There was so much cock to deal with. He was twice as large as anyone else she had been with. Three times larger? No way she was going to take this monster between her pussy lips. But she should be able to get him off with her hands and mouth.

She began by applying her lips to one side of his shaft and moving up and down between the massive cock head and his groin where an equally massive pair of balls swung between his legs. For the next several minutes all that could be heard in the office was her gasping breath and the liquid sound of her mouth, lips and tongue working over Lance’s giant penis.

Taking a more active role Lance stroked her cheek as she worked. “That’s nice,” he told her. “I like to feel your lips on my dick.” She wasn’t as good as Mommie, but it did feel nice. Her only response was to glance up at him and then to continue to use both hands stroking him while she spread saliva all over his hard shaft.

Shifting her attention, she flat licked his dick head and then ran her tongue around and around his dick head. Pulling him straight out in front of his groin she closed her lips around his glans and, while pulling and pushing her hands up and down his dick she sucked up all the precum that he had leaked out. Sloppy wet sounds echoed in the office as she worked. She was moaning with excitement as she played with the most enormous penis she could ever have imagined!

She quickly discovered that she wasn’t able to bahis get even his dick head into her mouth. There was no way she would be able to swallow his shaft into her throat as Mommie had been able to do. But she could spread her saliva all over him and use her hands while she sucked and licked his dick.

It had been hours since his Mommie had drained a load from him at the breakfast table and he was getting close as he watched the School Psychologist grapple with his huge hard on. She was trying her hardest, he knew. Her lips were warm and there was a flush rising in her cheeks as she kept up the pace.

Gasping for breath she pulled herself away from him for a moment. It was an incredible prick. Again she realized that actual coitus was out of the question. No way could her pussy accept any portion of his shaft. Just the thought of it caused her to flinch. But she couldn’t stop thinking about it!

“Are you going to cum, Lance?” she begged while still stroking him as hard and fast as she could. “Are you going to cum for me, honey? I want to drink you down, baby, feed me your hot nasty sperm!” Hearing her pleading with him to cum made her hotter than ever to the young man.

“Damn, yes, I’m right on the edge! Make me spew, you hot sucking bitch!” He was panting with excitement as he felt her tighten her grip. She wasn’t as good as Mommie but Lance was discovering that there was no such thing as a bad blow job.

Her lips were pressed back against his dick as she strove to finish him off. Faster and faster she stroked him! Her tongue lashed out to lap up every drop he had to offer.

He tasted really good. She redoubled her efforts, trying to get him to shoot his cum. She wanted to see it fly thru the air. She wanted to see how far he could ejaculate. Faster and faster, harder and harder, she beat him off until, at last, he groaned deep in his throat and with out warning began to blast shot after shot of jism.

The first massive wad almost dislodged her lips from his dick but she managed to handle it. As rope after rope of semen spewed from him she let several gouts fly past her to land on the carpet almost all the way to the sofa! Pulling him back to her mouth she continued to suck him up as fast as she could. But she began to loose control. Unable to swallow fast enough to keep up she felt a small wave of cum flow from her mouth and down onto her breasts.

Panting and gasping for breath the School Psychologist was forced to back away from the tidal wave of spew that continued to burst from Lance’s huge cock. Her hands never stopped stroking and as his cum slowly ceased she pulled the last of his dick juice from him, Using his dick head like a paint brush she spread the last of him over her lips and chin as well as her cheeks.

Smiling up from under the layer of slime that she had covered herself with, she dropped his dick and smoothed his cum over her blouse and bra covered mounds. The fabric turned translucent as she worked.

“What a shower,” she exclaimed as she pinched her nipples. “I’ve never seen a man cum so much! Yum!” She began to lick off her fingers and hands as Lance watched.

His dick hung, semi limp between them. Her hand finally reached out to grasp him and she slowly licked up all the juice that she could find on his groin.

“You can go again, can’t you, Dear?” she asked. “Your Mommie said that you and she can go on and on, didn’t she? Well, I hope you’re not done. Those girls outside are all waiting to meet you, honey. I asked them to join us so that you can begin to get more comfortable with girls your own age.”

Lance wasn’t sure that he wanted to meet girls his own age. His Mommie was everything he wanted in a woman and none of the girls in the reception area were near as pretty or sexy as Mommie. But he knew that he should probably go along with what the School Psychologist was suggesting.

“Sure, if you think it will help” he replied.

“Oh, I’m sure it’ll help! Now pull yourself together while I get the girls in here.

Stepping to the desk she pressed the intercom button while Lance straightened his clothing.

“Julie, will you and the others please come in, darling?”

She turned to Lance. “Oh, don’t worry. I know you’ll like this surprise.” She was smiling as she spoke.

Just as Lance managed to raise his zipper the door opened and in came the small group of girls that had been in the reception area.

“Lance, these are most of the members of an after-school, unofficial club that I have sponsored here at Virginia Bell High School,” said the School Psychologist. “It’s for Senior Girls only. You can only join by invitation. There are a few requirement to join. First: you must be a Senior. This is not for underclassmen no matter how well qualified you may be in other ways,” she chuckled. “Thats why Mona Quibbly isn’t a member yet. But she will be next year, I hope. Second: you must agree to the principals of the group, that having fun in this group is more important deneme bonusu than any social groups you may belong to. We accept anyone who is willing to join and meets the final requirement. Third and Last: You must have at least a DD Cup bust line! We call ourselves “The Bigguns!” and everyone here qualifies!” She smirked at his stunned expression.

“I started the group since so many girls who develop early find that they are the butt of jokes and cruel taunts. Usually from other girls who are jealous. We get together from time to time to celebrate ourselves.

“Your Mommie had some very unfortunate experiences as you probably know. They led to her unhappiness and, indirectly, to your previous bad behavior. So after you left last time I decided to see if you and these young women could get together and see if it’s possible for us all to acclimate to each other.

“I’ve talked to all the girls and they all agreed that they wanted to get to know you. Personally. Is that okay?” She was sure of what Lance’s reaction would be but she wanted to be sure that they all heard him say it.

“Um, yeah!” Well Mommie wanted him to get to know people his own age. He didn’t think that she had imagined that there would be a club for busty young women at his school. But he thought that she would want him to participate.

“You all are so pretty.” He looked at them one by one. “Pretty and sexy, too!”

“There is one other thing you need to know.” she said. “When we get together we call ourselves by our Club Name. Not our public name.”

“My Club Name is Ms. Melons.

She gestured to Julie. “Let me introduce you to Gigi.” She moved to the next girl, who Lance knew was Barb Smolley. “This is Short Gigi.” Barb was a blonde, cute with dimples and she was grinning widely at Lance. Her eyes were roaming all over him. He, in turn was looking at her. She was about three inches shorter than Julie, that is, Gigi. So that explained the “Short” part. Their tits looked about the same size he thought.

Ms. Melons moved to the next girl. “This is Effie,” she said. Effie was just a little shorter than Julie, that is Tall Gigi. A brunette, her short hair gave her a pixyish look that was belied by the fulsome curves that she had.

The next one in line stepped forward.

“Hi, Lance, my Club Name is Ella. And I’ve heard so much about you.” She smiled warmly and stepped back, her green eyes sparkling. Lance had seen “Ella” around the school but had never really met her. She had a reputation of being really smart. She got straight A’s he had heard. She seemed a little out of place here. Her red hair was pulled back into a bun.

The last girl now stepped forward and while sticking her chest as far out as she could greeted Lance, saying, “H’lo Lance. My Club Name is DeeDee. I may not be as far down the alphabet as the others but I make up for it, believe you me!”

“Now, DeeDee,” said Ms. Melons, “No need to brag. Lance is going to get to know each of you. Shall we start, girls?” It was more than a suggestions.

Giggling among themselves the girls started to disrobe. Lance watched in amazement as clothes dropped to the floor. These were some very attractive girls! ‘DeeDee” was a cheerleader, he knew that. Once she was down to panties and a bra he could really appreciate her tight, muscular body. Her abs were defined and flexed sexily as she moved. Her tits stuck straight out from her chest. Her nipples were small but erect in excitement. They punched thru the material of her bra from excitement. Or maybe the temperature of the room.

‘Ella’ was the real surprise to Lance. Her breast’s were easily the largest among all of them. He had had no idea until she stood in front of him in only her panties and bra. With sleek legs and a full ass, she was still very top heavy. Extremely top heavy!

Lance couldn’t help but stare as she posed in front of him in her underwear. Satin, and outlined in ribbons the under garments contrasted with her rather plain blouse and baggy jeans. He thought she might be shy but instead she grinned at him. “Surprised, Lance?” she asked. She stepped up to him and gripped his forearm while pressing her extremely large breasts against him. “I’ve learned to accept the fact that I have overly large breasts thanks to this group. Do you like them?” Despite her light tone he sensed that she really hoped that he liked her body. She gently shook her upper body, causing her tits to slap against him as she moved.

“I think you are sexy as hell. Can’t you tell?” he asked her while looking down at himself.

The girl glanced down and emitted a little gasp. His disk was hardening quickly beneath his pants.

“Is that all because of me?” she asked.

“Mostly, Ella, mostly.” They were talking quietly enough that he didn’t think the others would be able to overhear them. They were all stacked. And cute. But Ella was by far the most well developed.

“Now everyone,” interrupted ‘Ms. Melons’ “Lets get organized. Remember the plan. First you all get to see what makes Lance so special. Then there will be the individual sessions. We drew lots remember. Ella, you get to have Lance last.

“I want all of you to get an idea of what you will get to deal with this afternoon. So, gather around.”

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