Mom Lets Me Touch Her Ass Pt. 04


“Mom, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have tried to kiss you. That was too far and too weird. I dunno what came over me!

“I thought you were gonna come over me,” Mom interjected. I couldn’t believe she’d just said that. However, she must have known I was close to exploding on the dancefloor.

“I was just so turned on by the grinding and you letting me grope your ass and… god dammit mom, you’re so hot! You have the best ass I’ve ever seen! You and your juicy rear have gotten me hard ever since I could get boners. You don’t realize how difficult it was to stop myself ejaculating into my pants tonight! My top sexual fantasy was coming true. Groping and grinding on your beautiful bum is all I’ve ever wanted, short of fucking you from behind and cumming on your back!

There was an awkward pause. It was only a few seconds but to me it felt like an eternity.

“Wow, that was quite a load, Kyle… I know you liked my ass but I had no idea I had that kind of effect on you! I’m so sorry, I must have driven you crazy tonight! I feel like I took advantage of you. I just enjoyed feeling attractive. I haven’t felt that way about myself in a long time; and I figured the idea of a little ass play with you would be just a little harmless fun that wouldn’t cross the line. When you tried to kiss me, I realized that things were going too far and that we need to be clear about our relationship. We’re mother and son; we can’t have sex. I know we were kind of on a date but I couldn’t let you kiss me. Not because I don’t kiss on a first date, which I don’t; but because I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea. You need to get this out of your system. I think we should both take a shower and go to bed. Okay?

She got up to leave. I just saw there with my head down, knowing that I’d blown it wanting too much of a good thing. Then I heard her call my name.

“Kyle, are you coming?” She asked, looking at me from the end bedava bahis of the living room and patting her butt cheek.” Come on, baby.” I got up with a start and my dick got hard instantly. Mom laughed at the sight of my obvious bulge and beckoned me to follow her. As I followed her up the stairs, I eyes were glued her globes. She was sticking each cheek out with each step. I was so hard now. I was about to shower with my mom.

We got to her bathroom and she turned on the shower and told me to unzip her dress. She was wearing a thong to accentuate her juicy booty. She took if off to reveal her crack and told me to unhook her bra. She turned round to me and I was already taking off my shirt. She knelt don to take off my belt and unzip my fly. I couldn’t wait for her to take off my boxers so I threw them down to my ankles. My full fledged hard on narrowly missed hitting her in the face, making her gasp and laugh.

“Hmmmm. Nice dick.” Mom said lightly, biting her lip. “Come on, let’s get in and get cleaned up. We can do our own fronts but you can do my back.

“Oh my god, this is really happening!” I thought as I followed her into the shower cubicle. Mom stood with her back to me while she ran her shampoo through her hair, when she passed it to me, I watched her soap her tits, legs and pussy. I ran her shampoo through my hair, my dick getting harder and longer. I looked down and it was the biggest it had even been. My throbbing member was a ¼ inch away from mom’s back.

“Okay, now turn around. She instructed. I turned around and she started to soap up my back. I felt her breath on my back as lathered my legs and ass. I started to stroke my dick in the hope she wouldn’t catch me and grind this whole event to a halt. I immediately stopped when she told me she was done. “Now, you do me!” She directed. I thought I sensed excitement in her voice. I turned around and went right up to her casino siteleri to lather up her shoulders. My dick found deliberate contact with mom’s butt. She let out a soft moan as I massaged her shoulders. The head of my heard dick poking at her lower back. I moved my hands down before she told me to stop. She wanted me to do her legs so I obliged. I crouched down to rub the soap up and down the back of her legs and thick thighs. My face was right behind her delicious booty. I wanted to stick my face in between her cheek, lick her crack and eat her asshole. I had been staring at her ass for so long that I forgot what my hands were supposed to be doing.

“Hey Kyle, you finished down there? Come on, stand up!” I stood up and she leant over, sticking her ass out. “Okay baby, I can’t give you everything you want but I’ll let you fuck my butt crack. You can wash the rest of me after.”

I didn’t waste a second. I slid my dick up and down her crack as she bent further forward with her hands on the wall of the cubicle. I moved slowly at first. I didn’t wanna blow my load straight away. On the contrary, I wanted this to last forever! With my hand on her hips I slowly thrust against her butt. Mom clenched her cheeks as my shaft moved up her crack. I started to breathe heavily with each movement against her.

“Hmmmmmmmm.” She cooed, pushing her ass back against me as I started to pump faster. “Go on baby, go on, fuck my ass!” Mom urged. “Cum on momma’s big booty!”

“Nnnnnnnngggg!” I moaned loudly as my thrusts into her crack got harder and faster. She reciprocated my movements by pushing back against me.

“Oh fuck. Mom! I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, baby! Cum all over my ass!! She bent all the way forward, spreading the full width of her ass; shaking her cheeks. I grabbed my dick and pumped stream after stream of cum all over mom’s ass. I grunted loudly and I covered her cheeks, bahis siteleri back and lower legs. I was in such ecstasy, I broke through the proverbial wall; I decided in my mind that if I died in this moment; cumming on my mom’s big round ass, I was more than content with that as my last moment in life.

It took me a long time to get the blood back to the rest of my body after my monstrous orgasm. I opened my eyes to see mom showering off the cum from her body.

“Hey, That’s my job!” I joked at mom. She laughed and told me that I had covered her entire ass and lower back with so much cum that she didn’t wanna wait for me to return to normal before getting cleaned up. I helped her with the rest but obviously worked harder on rubbing her ass than anywhere else. After we were both cleaned up, she turned around, hugged me and gave me a kiss on the lips. I thanked her for tonight, placed my hands on her ass and told her I loved her. My slowly limping dick against her stomach.

“I love you too Kyle. It’s obvious that you needed that release. I’m glad I could help. However, everything that’s happened in here is a one off okay?” I was disappointed but I accepted her demand and moved my hands up to her back.

“You can still touch my ass though.” She giggled. “But you’re gonna have to take care of that yourself. She said looing down at my member, which had gotten back to full mast on hearing that I was still allowed to touch her ass. I’m going to bed. She got out the cubicle and closed the door. I watched her ass as she got out. She turned round to look at my boner, which was now poking my side of the glass.

“Goodnight. She said, bending down to kiss her side of the glass right where the head of my dick was. I immediately moaned at the though of mom kissing my dick and blew my load all over my side of the cubicle, which was protecting mom’s face from being splattered with my cum. She recoiled her head in shock and laughed as she left for bed told me she’d see me in the morning.

“Don’t spend all night in there!” She told me laughing even more. I finished cleaning up and returned to my bed.

“A one off?” I thought. “Yeah right! There’s no way this is over!”

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