Meeting Vicki again after 30 years


I was in the swimming pool of the house owned by Vicki and her step daughter Carol. Vicki and I had been at university together 30 years ago and hadn’t seen each other until a wedding a few weeks earlier. Although we had never dated at university we had been friends and it didn’t take long at that wedding to realise we should have gone out together and we ended up in her bedroom having fantastic sex.

We’d arranged for me to spend a weekend with them and at the moment the 3 of us were in the pool all naked. Carol had stripped off and jumped in first quickly followed by Vicki. Their bodies were both beautiful and even though Vicki was about 11 years older than Carol you couldn’t really tell. In the excitement I’d followed and jumped in after discarding my shorts and now realised that my rock hard cock was on show if I did anything except swim on my front.

I stopped at the end of the pool and Vicki swam up and kissed me as her hand slid down and felt my still hard cock. Then Carol joined us and after looking at Vicki and getting the OK her hand joined Vicki’s and the 2 of them stroked my cock and played with my balls for a few minutes. Fortunately it was under the water which had always slowed me down. I was very surprised at how fast things had developed. I’d expected a weekend with the 2 of them at the house but expected Vicki and me to be alone for the intimate moments. Finding Vicki was willing and positivity encouraging Carol to join in was a shock but given we were all adults and none of us married or in a relationship I quickly decided to see where things went. I also decided to tell them what I had seen in the bag in the hotel room at the wedding.

“Carol, remember when you left me and Vicki at the wedding and I fetched your bag back the following day?”

They both nodded as I continued, “Well the bag wasn’t zipped up completely and I saw a couple of things inside it as I did it up.”

Carol stopped stroking me as she realised what I was about to say and Vicki looked puzzled.

Carol said, “You saw the toys?”

I nodded and looked at Vicki as Carol said, “The toys, Vicki, the strap Çankaya Rus Escort on and the double dildo were on top in case we were staying the night and neither of us got lucky.”

“So the 2 of you enjoy each other quite a bit?”

Vicki stopped playing with me as well, “Not often. It goes back 3 or 4 years, my husband John was ill and from then on he couldn’t satisfy me and so I eventually decided to entertain myself. Carol was back home after her divorce and she walked in on me one day. I tried to laugh it off it but one thing led to another and we enjoyed each other. We both prefer men but when the urge is there we help each other out. Does this mean you want to leave?”

“Whatever gave you that idea? If I’d felt like that I wouldn’t have come for the weekend but I’m surprised that you don’t mind Carol being here and letting her being so forward,” I looked down at my naked body.

“She fancied you at the wedding and she has got a great body. We haven’t shared a man before but we talked about it, we’re only having fun, perhaps we’ll get those toys out later and we can all play with them.”

Vicki had already said a couple of things that I hadn’t really picked up on but now realised that she had no problem with me enjoying Carol if I wanted to, so I decided to carry on.

“Sounds good to me, what about precautions?”

“Don’t worry,” Carol replied, “We’re both clean and neither of us can get pregnant so you can fuck both of us as much as you like. Think its time to get out of the pool, have a drink and some food.”

Although we had been talking sex we’d all stopped touching each other so my hard on had softened and I decided it was definitely time to get out of the pool. They followed and we all dried on our towels and Vicki kissed me. We went to our rooms and dressed and met in the kitchen. As we got food and drinks there was obviously a sexual undercurrent between all of us and Vicki eventually broke it.

“Bill, go with Carol and have fun, I’ll come and join you in a few minutes.”

I still looked a bit surprised Keçiören Rus Escort at her being so forthright but Carol took my hand and led me to her room. It was about the same size as Vicki’s with a large king size bed and views across the gardens. She left the door open, pulled me close and kissed me deeply.

“As Vicki said we’ve never shared a man before although we’d talked about it a couple of times and after that wedding we agreed we would like you to be the first, especially when she told me about the night you shared. Me and Vicki agreed that we aren’t going to get jealous, just enjoy you.”

Carol slipped out of the dress she was wearing and faced me wearing a skimpy bra and thong. I pulled her close and kissed her as my hands roamed across her body and gently flicked her hard nipples. I lowered my face and kissed them through the thin material and as she moaned she deftly unclipped the bra and let it fall to the floor. My mouth engulfed her breasts and she fumbled as she undid my trousers. I stopped giving her attention so I could quickly undress and I threw all of my clothes onto the floor and as my hard cock came into sight Carol knelt down and started licking and sucking at it.

She had my length in and out of her mouth and was building up speed. I wanted to last so I moved so she stopped, and I guided her to the bed. I spread her legs and kneeling on the bed lowered my face to gently kiss and lick at her. I eased her thong off to reveal her completely shaved pussy and dived in again. My tongue was almost as deep as it would go and she was moaning with pleasure. I sensed movement behind me and Vicki appeared wearing just a thong. 2 lovely women in the bedroom and both already wet with anticipation.

“Carry on Bill, watching you kiss and lick her is really turning me on.”

I caught a glimpse of Vicki rubbing herself through her thong and I felt my cock get even harder. I moved up the bed and holding my manhood ran it across Carol’s clit before I slid in between her lips and she gasped as she took the first couple of Etimesgut Rus Escort inches. I withdrew before I pushed in deeper and she took it easily but moaned as my balls pushed against her. As I pulled out to change position slightly Vicki’s hand moved between us and she slid 2 fingers into Carol and kissed her on the mouth. I backed off as Vicki started to work her and Carol wriggled under her. I moved up the bed and knelt close to her and guided my cock towards her and she opened her mouth and started sucking me. The sucks were irregular due to Vicki but still fantastic.

“Vicki, I need that cock, give him room to fuck me.” Vicki moved away and I positioned myself between her legs again and guided it back in. She was so wet she had no problem taking all of me and pushing myself up on my hands started to build up speed. Not wanting to come to soon I slowed down, withdrew and turned Carol over. I grabbed a pillow and put it under her stomach so her pussy was raised. My cock instantly found its mark and she gasped as she felt my manhood as deep as possible. Vicki was watching and had a hand inside her thong and was fingering herself vigorously. While I was giving my all to Carol, Vicki moved. Next time I saw her she had taken off the thong and had climbed on the bed and spread her legs wide above Carol’s head. She wriggled down and Carol was soon licking and sucking at Vicki’s pussy while I continued to enjoy Carol.

Soon I got to the point of no return as I couldn’t hold back any more and I thrust 5 or 6 streams of cum deep into Carol. The sensations fetched her to orgasm and Vicki quickly fingered herself to one as well. I gently collapsed onto Carol taking deep breathes to recover while she lay her head to one side and relaxed. I felt my hardness weakening so I withdrew and got off the bed my cock still glistening with the mixture of cum and Carol’s juices. I watched as she got of the bed with my cum dripping down her legs and she hurriedly headed for the shower. Vicki came over to me and hugged me and if I’d had the energy I’d have taken her then and there but unfortunately although my brain was willing the flesh couldn’t muster another hard on that quickly. We headed for our own rooms and showered before we met up again downstairs.

As I went into the kitchen both Vicki and Carol looked and smiled at me and from this and their attitude I realised that they were both happy with the situation while I wasn’t going to complain about 2 gorgeous women willing and able to share me.

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