Lynn and Lee: Toy Time


Author’s Notes:

I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story wherever it appears. If found posted anywhere except with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission.

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This is a short, pure stroke story, so if that isn’t your sort of thing, you might want to hit the back button now. I also wrote it in third person, because first sounds like Penthouse Letters when I write anything with sex and no humor in it *laugh*

The Lynn and Lee stories are memories from my time with my Babydoll, and eventually will build into a greater tale. These stories are more or less true, but I can’t know exactly what’s going on in other participant’s heads, so there’s always a little creativity involved in that to write it in third person. I did have my girl and the video to refer to in order to refresh my memory, however.

I usually write these as a means to break through writer’s block, and this one is no exception. Here’s hoping it works again, and that you enjoy the tale.


Lynn awakened with a moan, the dream still vivid in her mind. When she shifted in the bed, the covers lifted just enough to allow a breeze from the ceiling fan to kiss her powder blue thong, sending a tingling chill through her from the wet spot there.

For the last week, she’d dreamed of what was going to happen two days from now. A couple that she and Lee had met online was coming to visit, and she knew she was going to have her first double penetration in a long time. It would be Teresa’s first time ever with more than one person, and Lynn was almost as excited to see the blonde taking both her boyfriend and Lee at the same time as she was to have John and Lee inside her.

Caressing her folds through her panties, Lynn let out a little sigh because she’d broken her vibrator a few days before. She had others, but they were small, smooth ones that were more of a tease than anything else. In the midst of writhing from an orgasm brought on by one of the endless dreams, her realistic jelly vibe had fallen off the bed and hit the hardwood floor directly on the battery cover. It had shattered, and Lee hadn’t been able to patch it back together so it would work.

Slipping down her panties, she decided to make do with what she had. The vibe would still work as a dildo, and she was aroused enough at the moment not to care about the lack of vibration.

Just as she reached for the broken vibe, the phone rang and startled her. Peeking at the display on the phone, she realized it was Lee calling from work. A crooked smile spread across her lips, and she slipped the vibe into her wet heat even as she answered the phone. “Hello, Baby.”

“Hey, Babydoll. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll probably be home early tonight. Somebody screwed up, and we only got about half of our order.”

“Mmm – good. I had another dream,” Lynn moaned as she stroked the vibe into her aching depths.

“What are you doing?” Lee asked with a little chuckle.

“What do you think I’m doing?”

“I think you’re trying to get me worked up at work. You’re mean.”

“I’m horny,” Lynn pouted.

“I’ll be home soon. Have you checked the mail yet?”

The sudden change of subject confused Lynn, and she stopped stroking the toy for a moment. “No. Why?”

“Just check it. My break’s almost up, so I need to get back.”

“And you’ll be home soon? How soon?”

“A couple of hours at most.”

Lynn let out an excited moan and said, “Good. I love you, Baby.”

“I love you too, Babydoll. Don’t forget to check the mail. Bye.”

“Bye,” Lynn responded and hung up the phone. Her passion had cooled a little as she talked, and now curiosity was warring with arousal within her. She’d picked up something in Lee’s voice, and that combined with the curiosity to cause her to sit up.

Throwing on a top and a pair of shorts, she walked out to the mailbox. When she opened it, she found a package amongst Akbatı escort the bills and junk mail. Upon seeing the return address on the plain, brown box, she hurried back into the house. Dropping the rest of the mail on the kitchen table, she continued on with the package to the bedroom.

Grabbing a pair of scissors as she crossed the room, Lynn sat down on the bed and opened the box, letting out a little squeal of delight when she saw what was inside. Pulling out the rabbit vibe, she thought, I love you, Lee. It was the exact one she’d said she wanted from a website. She knew it was more than they really could afford to spend, and hadn’t really expected him to buy it for her.

Opening the inner box, she let out a purr as she removed the actual toy. The tingle of her juices flowing again hit her as soon as she wrapped her fingers around the vibrator. She didn’t waste any time in finding batteries to power it.

Sliding the switches on the base once she replaced the battery cover, Lynn let out a moan as the toy came to life. The tip rotated in a slow circle, beads near the base rolled over each other, and the ears of the rabbit hovering over the toy blurred. She could almost feel those little jelly ears buzzing over her clit, and shivered as she watched.

Turning off the toy, she decided that it wouldn’t be fair for Lee to miss her playing with it for the first time, but she couldn’t wait. There was an easy solution to the problem, and she quickly went to set up the camcorder on a tripod at the foot of the bed.

Once the camera was in place and hooked up to the television, Lynn adjusted the focus with the remote until it was just right. She then turned down the volume on the television and started the camera recording.

Running her tongue over the vein of the jelly cock all the way to the tip, Lynn smiled and moaned for the camera. She suckled on the tip for a second or two before releasing it with a pop. “Thank you, Baby. I couldn’t wait, but I didn’t want you to miss this.”

With that, she sucked the toy into her mouth, coating the entire length of the jelly cock in a slick sheen of saliva. She then parted her legs and turned on the first switch, which caused the tip and beads to rotate.

Pressing the flared head of the vibe against her nether lips, she let out a throaty moan as the tip swirled over her labia. When she pressed a little harder, the toy slipped between her folds into the wet heat beyond. Arching her back, she said, “That feels so good, Baby.”

Even as she spoke, she slid the toy deeper inside her. The rotating tip massaged her walls, sending delightful spikes of pleasure up and down her spine. When the beads reached her labia, she held the toy inside her, quivering from the feeling of the toy writhing in her depths and the beads rumbling against her lips.

She groaned as she stroked the toy in and out of her canal, the red jelly of the cock already covered in a milky coat of her wetness on the first stroke. The ears of the rabbit slipping against her hood prompted her to slide the other switch after only a few slow strokes.

Lynn gasped as the toy began to hum with deep, powerful vibrations and the rabbit ears beat a tattoo against her hood and the erect bud beneath. Her hand moved faster as her arousal mounted. “Oh – God, Baby. I’m going to come so hard,” she gasped out to the camera.

Her nipples tingled and a warm swell of orgasmic energy built within her as she stroked the toy home ever faster. Closing her eyes, she imagined John grunting as he pounded her pussy with his thick cock, and Lee doing the same as he fucked Teresa with his longer erection. The fantasy was so vivid that she no longer even thought about her own hands driving the vibrator home.

Lynn gasped and squealed as she imagined Teresa grabbing her perky little breasts and begging Lee to fuck her harder. The hot pressure within Lynn tightened, coiling up for release, and the almost painful itch of her Aksaray escort bayan impending orgasm grew stronger by the moment.

In her mind’s eye, Lee and John both panted for breath as they thrust their cocks even harder and faster. Teresa squealed and writhed on the bed as her orgasm approached. When the fantasy images of Teresa and Lee both cried out in simultaneous climax, she could almost feel John’s hot semen flooding her depths at the same time as well.

Lynn screamed her pleasure to the roof, holding the toy hard against her as her back arched up off the bed. Only her shoulders and feet supported her as she trembled and gasped through the power of her orgasm, which held her as taut as a bow. When the first wave ebbed, she collapsed to the bed with a scream, curling up as her intimate muscles clenched again around the still humming and writhing toy.

Fumbling for the switches as her body rhythmically contracted with each spike of orgasm, she managed to turn off the vibration and slow down the other actions of the toy. Clenching her thighs and walls against the toy, she let the slow undulation of the jelly cock inside her keep her within the hazy state of bliss for more than a minute.

When she finally settled down, Lynn switched off the toy completely, but didn’t pull it from her. Letting out a moan, she licked her lips and teased her stiff nipples. “That was wonderful, Baby. I love it. Thank you so much. I was thinking about us with John and Teresa while I played with it. I can’t wait to have all three of you. Two days is too long.”

Those thoughts caused the partially banked fires of passion within Lynn to rise once more. She slowly stroked the toy inside her until the jolts of aftershocks from her orgasm subsided, and then pulled the toy free of her clinging depths.

Rolling over onto her hands and knees, she presented her firm, curvaceous bottom to the camera. Bending down low, she spread her labia wide, revealing the pink treasure between them for a moment. “I need more,” she moaned, and then let out a little laugh. Once again, her new toy slipped into her depths.

This time, she imagined Lee’s cock inside her, his fingers digging into her hips as he rammed his organ home with every ounce of strength he possessed. She imagined Teresa’s fingers flashing over her clit, and her head bobbing over John’s cock as Lee’s thrusts shoved her forward into the hard flesh.

She barely moved the toy, letting its actions and her fantasy build her toward a crescendo, which approached even more rapidly this time. Her breath exploded from her in gasps and groans, and sweat beaded on her skin as she reached the point of no-return. She fell face down into the bed as her orgasm gripped her, screaming into the mattress as she held the toy inside her.

An especially strong jolt caused her to jerk her head up off the bed and squeal. As soon as the spike ebbed, she jerked the toy from her depths, squealing again and falling to the bed once more.

It took Lynn long minutes to turn off her toy, and even longer to summon up the strength to turn off the camera. After that, she curled up in the covers to doze in her afterglow.


Lynn roused when she heard Lee walk into the room and say, “Couldn’t wait, huh?”

“Nuh uh,” Lynn groaned, while slowly sitting up and letting the covers fall from her still nude body.

“So, is it any good?” Lee asked, although he could see the evidence on the sheets and her sex, which told him the answer.

Shivering, Lynn responded, “Incredible.”

Hiking his thumb toward the camera, he raised his eyebrows in a silent question.

Lynn twitched her eyebrows in response, and grabbed the remote to the television. She turned it on, and then stood up to rewind the tape in the camcorder, gesturing with a nod of her head for Lee to sit down at the same time.

Once the tape was rewinding, Lynn picked up the remote and sat down next to her man. Escort Ankara They kissed passionately, one of her hands stroking his hard organ while he kneaded her buttocks. When a click signaled that the tape had finished rewinding, Lynn broke from the kiss and tugged off Lee’s shirt.

Lynn started the tape playback, unbuttoning Lee’s jeans at the same time. She leaned in to kiss his neck and whisper, “I want to watch you while you watch me.”

Lee let out a chuckling groan and lifted his hips as Lynn slid down his zipper. She pulled the obscuring cloth away from his manhood as quickly as possible, giving it a stroke with her palm as soon as his pants reached his ankles. She then slipped forward to swirl her tongue over the drop of pre-cum already welling up from the tip of his hard organ.

“Stroke your cock for me, Baby,” Lynn sensually whispered as she cupped his smooth-shaven balls in her hand.

Lee wrapped his fingers around his shaft as he watched his love thrust her new toy inside her on the television screen. He stroked slowly at first, delighting in the feeling of her soft hands caressing his orbs and the sight of her masturbating on the television in front of him.

“That is so sexy. I love watching you stroke that gorgeous cock,” Lynn groaned. “Make it come for me.”

Spurred on by both her words and the sight of her nearing a climax on the screen, Lee pumped his hand faster. Lynn moaned as she felt the fleshy enclosure surrounding his balls tighten. Between that and the increased speed of his breathing, she knew he was getting close.

“God, yes – do it. Come for me, Baby,” Lynn encouraged him, her eyes locked on his hand blurring over his shaft.

“Close,” Lee grunted, while a little dribble of milky fluid ran down his glans toward his pumping hand. He tried to hold off, able to see that Lynn was near a climax in the video, and wanting to reach his own peak when she did in the recording.

“Do it, Baby. Do it,” Lynn said as she rolled his balls with more urgency, letting one finger move down to trace the cord leading from the orbs to his puckered ass at the same time.

Just as Lynn squealed in release on the video, Lee grunted, “Here it comes.” He could no longer resist the intense itch. His cum bubbled up, held in check only by the sheer speed of his stroking hand.

“Oh yes – Come for me, Baby,” Lynn hurriedly said.

With a loud, growling scream, Lee erupted in a geyser. His semen shot up in ropy streams over his cock, reaching the triangle of hair on his chest. A second, weaker spurt coated his cockhead in creamy cum. His sticky treasure continued to seep from him as she lurched and a groaned through his orgasm.

Unable to resist any longer, Lynn leaned down and pulled his hand away, engulfing his sticky member in her mouth. She sucked him clean, but only a few strokes of her mouth prompted Lee to push her away with a sharp gasp.

Pushing him back to the bed, Lynn cleaned up every drop of his seed from his body with her lips and tongue. She loved the feeling of him writhing beneath her as she gathered up the sticky streams.

At last, Lynn sat up with a smile and pulled some of his cum from her chin back to her lips. “You taste so good. That is so sexy.”

“God, so are you,” Lee said, watching both her and the image of her on the camera.

“I’m going to have to play with my toy again after watching that,” Lynn said with mischief in her voice.

Smiling, Lee said, “I have a better idea.” Slipping into the tune and an approximation of the vocals from the Monty Python song, Lee sang, “Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me.”

Lynn laughed and moved to straddle his face. It was many hours and many orgasms later when they both collapsed for an exhausted nap.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this story. I also hope nobody is mad that I cut it off where I did, but I wanted to keep this story focused on the category, and going into the continued play really put it outside those bounds. I’ll probably write down that foursome encounter ‘Lynn’ is daydreaming about in this story next. The memory of that still sends chills up and down my spine.

Please take the time to vote/comment. That’s the bread and butter of a free author, and every one is most appreciated.

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