Lisa’s Surprise


Another Wednesday evening of sexual fun planned and in motion, She brought me home, stripped me down, bathed me, shaved my balls, and the applied the soothing oil I liked to ease the razor burn. Having retired to the bedroom for some more attention, I had decided to get a bit kinky tonight; I had some short pieces of rope tied to the bed frame with loops formed on the ends that were hanging free. I told her to lie on the bed and securely fastened her wrists into the loops I had formed earlier, then spreading her legs to the corners of the foot of the bed, I securely fastened her ankles into the two remaining loops I had provided. With this accomplished, I took a pair of my briefs which I had worn earlier while having cyber-sex with her earlier in the week still wet with my pre-cumm and sweat, and pulled them over her eyes and nose for a blindfold. They were a smaller pair that I could no longer wear through out the day, butt perfect size to cover her nose and eyes while still leaving her mouth open for my use.

I straddled her face so that my cock was just out of the reach of her tongue, brushing it slowly along the sides of her face and chin to tease her. Slowly I worked my way down her body with my soft touch fingertips and sometimes my tongue, stopping for a moment on her belly to run wet circles closer and closer to her shaven pussy. I retrieved my feathers from the dresser and teased her armpits, then slowly around her tits, the inside of her thighs were next and then I continued down her legs to her ankles. All the time I was doing this I could hear large intakes of air through my briefs over her nose, she was taking in all the sensations she could, as sight and feel were so restricted. I figured it was time to drive her a little crazy for a while, so I got some of our toys out of the drawer, I took the anal beads spit on them and slowly eased them into her asshole. While I was doing that I was teasing her clit with just the tip of my tongue. Then I took one of our smaller vibrators, turned it on low and placed it between her wet, swollen pussy lips so it rested against her clit. I then took the new nipple clamps I had purchased earlier on the internet (so she wouldn’t know) and clamped them onto her nipples with the short chain threaded through the loop of her collar. Her collar was one of the wonderful presents she bought me to increase the control she had wanted me to show more of. I turned on some soft music and took a few pictures with my digital camera to save a record of my work (to show her later of course) she so enjoys looking at herself in Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort helpless situations which I control our pleasure, and left the room.

I sat down in my chair in the living room and started to watch a video for a while to let her soak in all the sensations I left her with, the smell (which I knew would work as an aphrodisiac), the feelings, (the anal beads in her ass and the vibrator resting against her clit), and her imagination (wondering what to expect next). I chuckled to myself what a devious Master I was to treat my Lisa with such attention and thoughtfulness. My pleasure was interrupted by a vehicle pulling up into the driveway, butt I thought nothing of it because I wasn’t expecting anyone on a Wednesday evening. I peeked out the window, only to see it was a friend from the bowling alley, I quietly arose and went out the front door to meet him before he could get to the door. He looked at me puzzled when I raised my finger to my lips to signal to him to keep quiet. I quietly explained outside that I had a girl tied up in my bedroom and he almost burst out laughing, I assured him it was no joke and wondered out loud if he would be interested in helping me fulfill a fantasy of hers? He looked at me very seriously and said he would help as long as it wouldn’t cause any trouble, I told him not to worry since he had never meet her and no names would be mentioned and she was already blindfolded. He agreed to join in.

I told him once we were in the room not to say anything to give away his identity. He stripped down and followed me into my room, as expected he was taken aback at the scene he came upon entering the room. She was still securely attached at all four corners of the bed, and a smile came across her face when she sensed someone in the room. He looked at me curiously, as if to ask, can she see through those? I shook my head no and moved my hand to her vibrator, rubbing it roughly against her clit and then pushing it in to the hilt in her wetness. She arched her back off the bed as the unexpected plunge of the vibrator took her by surprise (if she only knew what further surprises awaited her) I then buried my face in her wet aromatic pussy. My friend was standing next to the bed watching and stroking his cock when I signaled him to brush the head against the palm of her hand softly; he smiled and nodded then proceeded to drag the head of his cock softly against her palm.

She practically rose from the bed from this unexpected sensation; we both smiled at each other and nodded as if we knew what each other were thinking. I rose up from her pussy and backed away from the bed, just as I did he moved to straddle her head and stick his cock into her open mouth. I’m sure with her senses being entertained by all the things that were going on she wasn’t sure whether it was my cock or not. She proceeded to suck anyway, I then signaled him to grab a handful of hair and force his cock into her mouth deeper and he smiled knowingly and started a steady pumping of his cock into her mouth. I then slowly started to remove the beads from her asshole, a sensation that surely would tip her off to more than just her and I were in the room. She gulped frantically at the surprise and clamped down with her asshole as the last beads were coming out. She had a body shaking orgasm as I removed the vibrator from her pussy, which I proceeded to slide into her puckering asshole. She accepted it easily as her orgasm subsided. I motioned to my friend to remove his cock from her mouth and come fuck her for awhile, He smiled, shook his head and moved down the bed into position.

I then leaned over from the side of the bed and kissed her deeply, her mind must be racing now, I thought to myself I could taste him in her mouth and this was a turn on unknown to either her or my friend. I continued to kiss her deeply so she could ask no questions (although at this point I think she was beyond questioning anything). He slowly sunk his cock into her soaking wet pussy and fondled her breasts as he fucked her. He nodded to the vibrator in her ass and gave me a thumbs up as if to say nice touch, I could tell he was enjoying the sensation. I then mounted her face with my cock in her mouth, leaned against the wall the way I like to support my upper body weight and started fucking her face roughly. Just as I expected she started coming very hard again, her body arched up towards his cock and she tried to draw more air in through my briefs that still covered her eyes and nose. This climax lasted for over a minute and a half as she convulsed under both of our cocks inside of her. My friend then tapped me on the shoulder and signaled that he was about to come, I signaled back to hold back for a second and to cumm all over her face, he nodded he understood, and I removed my cock from her mouth with a large pop as she was sucking it with everything she had trying to get some cumm. I removed myself from her face and slid down the bed so I could watch as he sprayed his spunk all over her face. He stood beside the bed and stroked his cock furiously until his load pumped and pumped covering her face like a thick sauce. He finished as I removed the vibrator from her ass, and signaled me to come into the other room with him.

We went into the living room where he got his clothes and I told him to go ahead and shower and watch for a while if he wanted, butt he shook his head and said he would be leaving after a quick shower, so I said ok call me later about whatever it was he came over for, he looked at me real funny and said he couldn’t remember at all what it was. He went to the bathroom, showered quickly and left. I went back into the bedroom just in time to see her climaxing again even though I hadn’t left any of our toys inside or against her body, I let her orgasm subside and then untied her ankles from the loops at the corners of the bed, pulling one leg at a time up to where her wrists we still tied and attached them to the same loops, this opened up her pussy and ass to me without anything in my way. I stroked my cock for a second then stuck it in her cumm covered mouth she sucked until I was hard and then I slid down her body until I was between her legs again. With one hard plunge I sank my cock into her asshole fully, my balls slapped loudly against her ass cheeks as I pounded her roughly, harder and harder until I was ready to cumm. I pulled my cock from her asshole and moved up her body until my cock was in her mouth his cumm smearing all over my cock. I surprised her when I pulled out my cock just as I was about to cumm, as she always liked to swallow my cumm, I sprayed my cumm right where his already was and completely covered all of her face that my briefs weren’t already covering. I got the camera and took what must have been 2 dozen pictures of her so helpless and covered in spunk, tied with her hands and feet in such awkward positions.

I slowly untied her bonds as I kissed her, mixing the spunk with my spit so I could secretly taste cumm besides my own. I removed the briefs from her face and looked into her eyes deeply to see if she was hurt or shocked by what had happened over the last couple of hours, butt she just had this smile of contentment glowing over her face. When her hands and everything were freed I told her she could clean me and herself up with her tongue which she obliged immediately using her fingers to move all the spunk to her mouth and then going down, licking and sucking my soft cock until it was clean. She then asked to lie down next to me on the bed and I agreed and cuddled with her for about an hour or so. It was getting late and as we both had to work the next morning, we fell asleep in each others arms. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered what was going through her mind, but decided not to ask until the next day…

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