Learning with John


On our first date John seemed to a steady going sort of guy, a little shy maybe but extraordinarily passionate. The plan was to break the ice by meeting t for a drink and then, if we felt we were compatible, he would drive me to his mobile caravan.

That is where he lived in a mobile caravan, and he told me his work could be done from home. He enjoyed travelling around and experiencing the British countryside.

That was fine because my interests were similar. But what about our other interests and the reason, which had all been up on the computer social network, we planned to meet?

With a couple of drinks inside him it soon became evident what his plans were, and having talked a lot about sex gratification between two males, we both knew the score.

But for me came a sigh of relief when straight away I liked John. He had a nice comforting way about him and was very intelligent. So I had no problem in going back with him to his caravan and indulge in the things we had talked about often.

He said he liked me from the first time we exchanged on the net. We had exchanged pictures of course including you know what and John complimented me on my ‘ample stock’ as he laughingly called it. But when he showed me his on skype I was completely taken back. It made mine look like a veritable wimp, the size looking to be at least twice mine.

I took it all in though and we talked about things like how nice it would be to suck each other and everything.

“I could fuck that ass of yours” he said quite unannounced soon after we had got talking online and, I guess, that is what really got the balls rolling. My worry was that if he wanted me to take the male role I would have a problem with that and anyway my leaning was the opposite. Ever since I discovered myself in that way I had experimented with all sorts of paraphernalia, in fact anything I could comfortably get into my ass.

Sometimes, uncomfortably too, like when I experimented with various sized bulbous screwdriver gorukle escort handles. But the best thing with the bulbous shape was that it didn’t slip out readily, which could be a real frustration when concentrating on reaching a hand assisted climax.

When I think of it , those times I fucked myself intently in front of a large mirror it seems almost bizarre now, even funny, like the time I tried seeing how it would feel being sucked up by a Hoover.

What a strange species we are, some stranger than others I can hear the reader’s thoughts.

The most bizarre thing I have ever tried and I say this now with some disgust as I loved my cat to bits, it when I got Tibby to sniff me up. I lay spread eagled – stroking and fussing Tibby, then preening myself to a satisfactory erection and I soon discovered that by stretching back my foreskin, Tibby would lick me there and the feeling was wondrous, especially because unlike the things I did myself, what he did and how he did it was unpredictable. I went on to dowse my cock with cream and he loved that, and so did I and very often, if he kept it up, I soon cum with some cream of my own, which he seemed to like too, lapping it all up as soon as it spurted out. It was so lovely and a veritable part of the sexual learning process. But cats being cats, his licks started to develop into nibbles and when that started I soon drooped and somehow, the urge to-do that with a cat diminished. But, strange or not, it was fun whilst it lasted.

Although I have no bent towards animals that way now, I much prefer the human kind.

When we got back to the caravan John showed me he wasn’t so shy after all. He was soon down to his briefs and, with his primed cock duly handled it stood up like a lighthouse.

“Well there it is” he exclaimed, arching his back and showing its best features. I was happy with that.

“Much better than on skype huh?” he followed on, cupping his balls into the bargain., his briefs having somehow dropped altıparmak eskort bayan to his knees.

I was impressed.

“Now let’s have a gander at yours Pete” he said looking very enthused so I stripped down and there it was, in fact there I was starker’s, the first time I had ever done that in front of a guy before. It gave me a feeling of sensual awareness, and I felt his need to touch me just as much as mine to touch him.

It was lovely that first time though. Without a word we simply stood and closed to each other and that first sensation of feeling cock to cock was out of this world. It was lovely and divine and the look on John’s face said it all.

Eventually, having taken time to enjoy that moment, one thing led to another and we were soon discovering one another in so many beautiful and thrilling ways.

Taking my cock he knelt and gently sucked it. It felt divine as I looked down and saw his tongue strolling it, he had no hesitation in telling me just how good it tasted and smelt and after some intense sucking I felt his hand begin to squeeze between my thighs, prompting me to open them, and then the thrill of his fingers delving between, and into the crevice of my ass cheeks. I was beginning to realise how good it was to feel this wonderful guy enjoy and discover and the thought of him entering me now became apparent, and immediately I felt I needed to show him my passion and my need for him.

We arranged ourselves so we had full access to each other on his bed and it was divine

Now I had a close up of his vitals and I took full advantage of the scent and taste as he began to prime me open with circling fingers, which was lovely.

I cannot explain just how good it was, taking that beautiful cock into my mouth and just letting myself go at John’s command. We both entered a wonderful world of our own as he pouched his fingers into me and I balled and sucked him, sometimes pushing my face into his all and nilüfer eskort bayan enjoying the feel of it rolling against my face.

I frigged it and he said he wanted my ass and was I ready?

I was ready and as I let go of his throbbing cock from my mouth I knew I would soon be feeling it up my ass instead. He commanded me to place myself onto all fours and in a moment I felt him finding me there – it was warm and I was ready for it, so ready, having be holed and primes by John’s teasing and touch and all the other things he was doing to me down under as I enjoyed his sucking him.

Then in a flash of an eyelid he was there, inside me. I felt the sudden pain inside which soon dissolved into a pleasant numbness as he started to thrust his stiff cock in and out of me like a steam hammer.

I felt and heard his ball slap my ass on every insertion and that wasn’t the only thing. This guy was spanking me too between each fuck and one moment I felt a sharp sting as his hand came down firmly on my ass and then straightway the pleasure of his cock stretching my hole.

This was different to how I imagined but I soon got into the mode. It was one of John’s capabilities apparently , spanking that is.

Could I cope with that?

I ended up with a sore ass many a time but the fuck was well worth it so I put up with it. We continued to see each other and fuck intently.

He adored me in tight jeans because it brought out the best in my ass he said which was made for spanking and fucking.

There were times when he got real dirty rubbing his cock into my face without having showered first, it was customary for us to shower first usually but John had this time when he wanted me dirty and un-showered and he the same and I often left him later with the rancid smell of him all over me.

However the suggestion that he wanted to shower me with his pee was definitely out of order, no matter how he tried to entice me in saying how good his hot piss would feel showering my fresh fucked and spanked ass

And yet, somehow it didn’t matter. Once it would have put me off right away but with John, it was as much part of him as was his need to spank me until I was plum red, and then the real severe fucking to follow.

I still has a lot to learn and I was learning with John.

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