Kitchen Inspirations

Asa Akira

Had we ever known the thrill of kitchen attire was the leading cause of intensity between us, it may well have been worn in a different light. With a different air about me as well. Maybe it would rather be worn with a different attitude.

Just spent all of 12 minutes in the kitchen prepping and getting dinner into the skillet. By the time the Port hit the pan for the long-awaited-for sizzle and steam, the cider had been poured into the tall glass and sipped. The trigger was immediate. Thoughts of writing down all the thought won out over calling you to share the visuals.

You would not have been able to re-view the essentials of the conversation had it been an oral version. There was no way for you to stare at the words describing how my nipples were pressing and rubbing along the inside of my chef coat until they hardened. Interestingly enough, the same way I told you about how hard they were, I could also tell you about the nearly perfect circles they formed. Individual symmetric knobs you could squeeze between your lips. Deep red became intense pink when viewed through the pink coat.

Dinner went to simmer on the very lowest heat possible….as I slipped out of the inspirationally stimulating kitchen to find a quiet place before you were set to come. Six swallows of that cider enticed me to start another bottle as soon as the glass was emptied. Good to the last drop, as in some other sweetness we are familiar with, I nearly licked the rim to swallow every drip of intoxicating nectar. We both knew the fun in that! I got to work my tongue and you got to watch – and then watch and feel something more.

As soon as you showed up, you began watching, trying to figure out who else was there, who might I have been entertaining before you arrived. I stayed calm and in pursuit of the bottom of my second glass as you walked around, looking for clues as to another person in the house.

No scents of men, nothing out of place, no warm dining Sefaköy escort bayan room chairs, no rumpled seat cushions. You went to the refrigerator for a beer and found one with a ribbon around the neck. Attached to it was a ribbon. Seemed festive enough to you, so you took it. As you walked, the ribbon did not end, even after the door closed behind you. You went back to retrieve the ribbon’s tail and to open the bottle.

While I could have been helping you, I chose to sit in the other room, chuckling at the sounds of fumbling and mumbling. Finally, you reached the end of the line. Silence and a smiling “heh” alerted me to your discovery. It took a few minutes for you to return to me in the other room. When you did finally get there, the sight to greet you was an open chef coat, lace thong and a smile. Shoes on the floor in front of me, with my legs folded to one side beside me on the couch. ONly a few red painted toes were visible, but you got the idea…

Approaching me with a sexy grin, I watched all of you up and down to see the flexing with each step, mixed with the hesitation as I peeled one side of my coat off a breast. You began to blush, bringing a lessened smile to my face to keep you comfortable. “what did you find to drink?” I asked to sort of change the subject.

The answer was held high in your hand, as if extending a toast. “yes, here’s to that nice package you are now sharing”, in reference to the bulge in your pants. blushing intensified. Your face was now as red as my nipples. We each sipped our beverage as you walked towards me, other hand leading the way.

You found the end of the ribbon! I reached for your extended hand and to bring you to the space beside me. Instead, you stood in front of me for a while, I unfolded one leg, knee in the air, soles of my feet together beside me. YOu stepped closer for your parted shins to press against the front of the couch. Hoping I’d reach Yenibosna escort to fondle the underside of your still-shrouded balls, I instead swung my upper foot forward to slip my toes beneath them. It was such a different feeling compared to the standard hand job.

As you looked down your chest, across the cool brew in your hand you admired the way a bare breast was visible, as was a foot on your shaft. You patiently hoped it would soon be freed to feel that bare set of painted toes stroke it. Maybe because the color of my nail polish closely resembled the color of my lips – and a foot feel could mimic the appearance of how your cock feels going behind the lips – Here, you could see what you otherwise only felt and envisioned.

You handed me your drink, asking to hold it for you. I smirked and winked… responding coyly. Instead of acting out my thought, I took your beer and held it. Watching you undress yourself in front of me was a thrill. It was nice to sit back and let you work your magic. Was it in your plan that you filled both my hands while you stripped for me…must have been because my foot could not control itself. Up the inside of your leg until you decided to step back and stop me, it was much fun for us both. I could tell you were by the way you flexed and bobbed your cock in the air.

It came as a surprise that you let me lift my foot up your leg as far as I did! almost eased it back behind your balls to your ass. Guess we’d be waiting until later for that! Smiling at the way i pulled the ribbon through my lips, you got excited even more about the little gift attached to the end. Looking around, you could not find it from where you stood. Taking the ribbon from my mouth, you reeled it in until reaching a snag in the line.

Now that you were on display for my dining pleasure it was a great time to hand your beer back and reach for the treat. Using my feet between your legs, I hooked my Escort Halkalı toes behind those sexy muscular legs to pull you closer again. It was all perfect! Where you stood kept you within reaching distance. Circling my arm around your leg brought my hand (with treat) to your ass. Knowing where this was going, you stepped some space between your feet to give me better access.

Groping and grabbing was essential to fitting my hand where it needed to be. For best effect the drinks had to be put down…you helped me along with the parting of your fleshy, lickable cheeks….my moan of a deep mmmmmm found the intensity mount when my lips were placed against your shaft. Your approval had been granted. A grab of your hips guided you to spin around for me. When told to bend, you bent. When told to step back towards me, you stepped.

Never having been in such a compromising position like this, we were both a bit nervous, therefore taking it slow and easy the whole way – buzzing along your rim tickled. The cupping of your balls to make you feel more safe and protected did us both some good. Sucking kisses of each cheek distracted you enough to relax until I could get the perfectly lubed bead strip into you. Slow and steady, one small bead at a time. It was thrilling to watch your ass swallow them one by one. Rubbing all around your ass with massaging and gentle tapping and more massaging settled the nerves as I pulled. One. Bead. At. A. Time. When halfway removed, I began to insert again. When fully inserted, I extended my hand further between your legs, forearm pressing up from beneath your balls for my hand to take the place of yours on your shaft. Gentle stroking up and down with my entire arm combined with your beads for the most intense orgasm. You stood straight up to shoot your joy. I spun you with a grip of your hips and let you finish the jerking and stroking. Watching closely at all my favorite indicators, I gently removed the beads at just that very vein-throbbing moment. I caught some of your sweetness in my mouth as you sprayed across my face and chest. Eventually, the pressure settled and the remaining juice dripped over the rim of your hot swollen tasty head and across your fingers. I licked the last drop which was equally enjoyable as the first.

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