Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 98


Annalise sat back on her haunches, taking in the scene before her. Lexi was bent over the bed with her head down, eyes open but vacant; she looked very cute dressed in nothing but her long green socks, panties hanging around one ankle. Serena was sprawled out on the bed, apparently unconscious, legs splayed casually apart. Annalise looked down at the vibrator, thinking that it might just be the two of them now. She touched it to her nipple, feeling a pleasant tingle, and noticing that it smelled distinctly of Lexi’s pussy.

But then Serena woke up, and she woke up hungry. She wanted to taste Lexi in the worst way. Standing up, she picked up the younger girl without visible effort and deposited her on the bed face-up. Lexi gazed up wide-eyed as Serena reached down to spread the younger girl’s legs. Her pussy was a perfect pink, glistening wet and delicious-looking.

Serena dropped to her knees and extended her tongue, at first just tracing the surface of Lexi’s labia. Then she licked her lips and went back for more, this time pushing the tip of her tongue inside. Lexi sighed and squirmed, arching her back and pinching her own nipples with both hands.

Annalise, feeling a little left out, climbed up onto the bed and stood for a minute looking down at the two blondes going at it. There definitely was a chemistry between them, and Annalise sort of regretted having brought them together. But it was done now, and all she could do was make the best of it. Moving to stand directly over Lexi’s head, Annalise let herself sink down until her Sincan Escort pussy was right in the cheerleader’s face.

She was still holding the vibrator, so she figured she might as well use it. She touched it to her clit just as Lexi’s tongue wriggled up inside her; it was an exquisitely delicious feeling. Combined with the sight of Serena ardently licking Lexi’s pussy, it was possibly the most pleasure she’d ever felt at one time.

Annalise continued to stimulate her clit with the vibe as Lexi licked her, and she was amazed at how much she was gushing. She couldn’t remember so much liquid ever coming out of her. She was afraid she was making rather a mess of poor Lexi’s face, but you weren’t going to hear Lexi complaining. For one thing, Annalise’s crotch was covering her face; for another, Serena was in the middle of giving her multiple grade-A orgasms.

When she had come as much as she could stand, Annalise leaned forward and used the vibrator to help Serena bring Lexi to one last massive climax. A few minutes later, when Annalise finally climbed off her, Lexi saw the clock and realized that it was quite late. She needed to get some sleep if she was going to have her wits about her for the math test. Dressing quickly, she said her goodbyes and made her way downstairs.

As she traversed the dark porches back to her own house, Lexi was struck by a strange feeling; was this a pang of jealousy? And who was she jealous of, exactly? She was too tired to figure it out right now. She opened her front door and heard her Escort Ankara father still snoring away contentedly. It was bedtime, for sure. The tingling between her legs was giving way to an intense drowsiness. She barely made it to bed before falling unconscious.

* * *

It was almost noon when Jessica woke up, feeling mildly hung over and more than a little disoriented. She wasn’t quite sure where she was or who the beautiful woman sleeping next to her was.

After a few seconds it all came back to her. She was in her suite, and the woman next to her was Erica, the prostitute she had hired. Jessica had found Erica surprising in a number of ways. When the sex was over, they had all put on robes, and Erica had seemed in no hurry to depart. “You’re welcome to stay, of course,” Jessica told her. “I just figured you’d have another appointment, or something.”

Erica smiled. “No, I don’t have another client tonight. And I like it here. I figured I might spend the night, if that’s OK.”

“Well sure,” said Jessica happily, and called down to room service for a bottle of brandy. Afterward they spent a couple of hours lounging around, drinking and talking.

As they talked Jessica realized that, without being conscious of it, she’d assumed that Erica came from an underprivileged background, that tragic circumstances had led her to a life of vice. But in fact Erica’s family was middle-class and she had gone to (though not graduated from) college.

“My junior year a girl I knew told me she’d been turning tricks on Eryaman Escort Bayan the side for extra money. I had just lost my job at the college bookstore and needed some cash, so she introduced me to some people. By my senior year I was making more money than I ever could have made by finishing my degree, so I dropped out.”

She had a few hair-raising stories to tell, but for the most part she had adroitly avoided the major pitfalls of her profession. She had never gotten into drugs and never had a pimp. “Well, there was a guy who probably thought of himself as my pimp,” she said, “but I thought of him more as my agent. He wasn’t really a tough guy, he just looked the part. But for the last few years I’ve been completely a free agent. The Internet makes that much easier.

“And a couple years ago I was finally able to switch over to taking only women as clients, which is great. Men are so much more difficult. Sometimes they can’t perform, and you have to handle them just right, or they get angry. I’ve gotten smacked around a few times — nothing serious, but enough that I don’t want to go through it anymore. Women are just easy. And, you know, they’re cleaner, they smell better, they’re so nice and soft….”

Erica beamed, and in that moment she looked so sweet and wholesome and adorable that Jessica was struck with a perverse impulse: to bend Erica over, tie her hands behind her back, and spank her while telling her what a dirty whore she was.

And had it been earlier in the day, she would have done it. But it was pushing 4:00, the bottle of brandy was empty, and Jessica was tired. They’d had quite a day. Jessica chose Erica to share her bed, and if Jane and Marie found this annoying, they knew better than to say anything. In a matter of minutes all four of them were fast asleep.

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