Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 18


It was early morning on December 31st, sometime around 3 am. I guess I remember because we had a quiet New Year’s Eve planned for that evening…and it was our second Holiday season together. At the time, we were both apprehensive about what the future held. Megan was about to graduate in May, and I was looking at offers, because I was in the middle my second year of the three-year contract with the University.

The night was still hanging over the apartment, and it was super quiet, but we were both wide awake and going at it. She had buried her face into the pillows to muffle the pleasured moans. We were at her place and didn’t want to wake her roommate…again. It’s not like Janie was gonna barge in and make a scene…but we were trying to be considerate.

I had Megan bent over on all fours, wildly fucking her from behind, and slamming my cock as deep as I could. I whispered, “Fuck…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck Megan, you’re gonna make me cum…again…fuckkkkkkk!”


Savaging…and filling her pussy, is where I found myself that morning, but it all started with her being unable to sleep. She was sitting up in bed and staring out at the stars, but then she started petting me.

“Can’t sleep?”

In my briefs, the outline was fairly prominent, and she trailed her fingers over the shaft. It was pinned against my thigh and begging to be released, but she fumbled a bit to slip the underwear down. It stood nearly erect and bobbing, and she moaned softly, looking into my eyes, and smiling, “Baby, you never disappoint.”

Her gaze shifted back, “Mmmm, it’s one thing I really love about my man.” She stroked it, using both hands, “It can be intimidating, but it’s the best…the very best!” Her fingers could barely reach around its girth, and she could feel the arousal, pulsing against her fingertips.

I thought about her words…I was more than a cock, but it was nice to look at, and just look at her…she’s fucking amazing. I was one lucky bastard, and it’s no wonder I had so much self-confidence.

Anyway, she leaned in and gave it long, sensuous licks, from the base all the way to the tip. “God damn…girl…mmmm…fuck…fuck…fuck, that’s good!”

My body was on the edge, charged with arousal, and my balls felt heavy, yearning for release. I arched my back some, as she ran her tongue all over the underside, and grinned up at me.

I shook my head, smiling, “You’re such a sexy little tease…I wanna a little taste of you…spin around and ride my tongue, baby girl.”

She paused for a second, before this big smile spread over her face, and she flipped herself around. Straddling my chest and shoving her gorgeous little ass into my face, she gave her cheek a little swat, “I know you enjoy the view.” She looked back at me with that confident, sexy grin, knowing just how much I adored it…and her.

The sight of my sexy, young librarian was never anything less than incredible, but the tight jiggle from the swat was breathtaking. My eyes focused solely on her ass…feminine, but firm, and she was wiggling and flexing it for me.

Spreading her legs and dragging my fingers through arousal, “God damn, baby girl…give it another…I think it deserves a few swats.”

Of course, she did, and I couldn’t help but savor it…but then my focus landed between her legs. Her pussy was petite, moist with arousal, and I spread the lips with my fingers. Dripping with need, she could feel the warm breath, and pushed back to give me better access.

She wrapped her hand around my cock and started again. My head nodded back, and a satisfied moan fell from my lips, as she worked her tongue over the shaft. When she reached the top, she parted her lips and started bobbing.

I traced her pussy lips and shoved my tongue back inside. Even when she was grinding my face, I wanted more. I felt her flex around my tongue, and I moaned into her pussy. At some point, her hips shifted some and there it was…I laid my tongue over her clit and started flicking it.

She pulled off and groaned, “Ahhhh….ahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah, that feels good…fuck, that feels good!”

I felt her take the head back into her mouth; she slurped loud and pulled off quick with a loud pop of her lips, “I’m so horny this morning…fuck my face!” Without any response, she flipped back around, to rest between my legs. Our eyes met and I watched her run her tongue over the crown, plying the tip for sugar, before going down on it. I recognized the ritual of getting things lined up with her throat, thinking, mmmm…yeah…that’s my girl…first thing in the morning!

I moaned, “Megan…oh god, Megan…do it…get it in there and I’ll fuck you…I’ll fuck that throat!” Yeah, she was doing it…pushing it into her throat. I dug my fingers into her hair and started pumping her mouth…she took it all, lips buried and balls brushing her chin.

“Oh, fuck Megan…fuck…fuck…fuck yeah!”

She totally surrendered her throat, even grinding, when I buried it. She moaned Keçiören Escort into my cock, sending pleasured waves, through the hard flesh. I felt spit gathering at the base, trickling from her lips and wetting my pubes.

All this was too good to last…my balls started churning and I knew there was no stopping it. My only option was to let it happen…just pick up the pace, and pump faster.

I held her head and thrust deep, grinding with a soft whispered moan. Completely buried, my cock flexed with ecstasy, warming her belly with seed. I drained my load, with a few slow, satisfying thrusts before pulling out.

I thumped her with the shaft, savoring the spit-soaked slap, “I know you like the sound of that, don’t you?”

She nodded, blushing, “Mmmm yes…yes, I do…my satisfied man…and his big, satisfied cock.

She extended her tongue, to lick it, and I grinned, “And I guess you enjoyed breakfast in bed?”

She glowed, “Protein rich and warm!” She raised her head and gave me the sexiest Megan smile, “Yes, I enjoyed it…but I still need you inside me. Will you fuck me?”

It had softened some, but I wasn’t going to say no, grinning, “Just lube me up…and get it ready.”

She took a deep breath, and quickly covered the shaft, looking into my eyes, “Go easy on me, though…I’m super horny and tensed up…really tight.”

She rolled back into the pillows and pulled her legs way back, spreading herself open. I grinned and rubbed the head over her clit, “Seriously, don’t worry.”

The pleasured caress made her shudder, and I grinned, “Fuck, you are horny…and wound tight.”

When I eased inside, her eyes rolled back, and her mouth popped open. Nothing but moans at first, but then her voice quivered, “Ohhhh…god…mmmm…god damn…fuck…fuck…fuck me!”

Pulling back until the head was just barely inside, I gently pushed back in, and her eyes closed tight; I buried every last inch, but it sounded like I was driving the breath out of her, so I paused to let her expand around the shaft.

When I started in again, I leaned forward, flexing my body and thrusting into that incredible warmth. I felt her pussy’s pulsing embraces, and she moaned, “Rob…oh god…god yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah…mmmm…yeah!”

It was always tight, but she was horny as fuck, and it almost felt like the first-time…first-time, virgin pussy. Remember that first time with your high school girlfriend…for me it was Valerie, and we were both crazy horny. Valerie wanted it as bad as I did…but here it is, years later and it was the same with Megan.

She had that fiery lust in her eyes and pulled me into a tight embrace, driving her tongue through my lips. Grinding her body against mine, and digging into my back, she moaned, “Oh god…ahhhh…ahhhh…oh my god, Rob…Rob…it feels so good!”

She blushed with a sexy grin, “God, damn you know how to use that thing!”

Grinning with some healthy arrogance, I replied, “So, I’ve been told…I get random strangers on the street telling me that!”

“Oh, you do, do you? Well, to confirm that sexual prowess, can I interest you in another position…maybe doggystyle!” She giggled, “Of course, it’s just for research purposes…but I do want to keep that thing satisfied.”

“Baby girl, I don’t ever recall you failing at that.”

She got up on her hands and knees and gifted me with that breathtaking little ass. Looking back and grinning, “Show me how that big thing can handle different situations.”

I felt the head of my cock dig into her folds, again and she moaned softly into the pillows. I took it all the way, savoring the warm embrace. I pushed hard, grinding deep, against the bottom of her pussy.

When I pulled back, she shuddered with pleasure as the shaft tugged and caressed her insides. She moaned a bit louder, but quickly guided my hand to her mouth.

She loved being filled, and it wasn’t long before she was throwing herself back to meet my thrusts, driving it as deep as she could. Her hot, little bottom bounced against me with the sexiest slaps, and I moaned, “Yeah…yeah, ride it…baby girl, ride that cock…yeah…mmmm, fuck yourself on it…fuck yourself…deep…yeah…deep!”

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ah yeah…mmmm…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh, the best…the absolute best…fuck me…keep fuckin’ me…yeah…yeah…god yeah!” Rocking back to ride it, she moaned into the pillows and worked her clit. She kept it very quiet, moaning softly, “Rob…Rob…cum in me…cum in my pussy…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah!”

Taking it as deep as I could, I whispered, “Fuck…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck Megan, you’re gonna make me cum…again…fuckkkkkkk!”

Slowing down and taking the long, deep strokes, I felt it in my balls and then in my cock. With a final deep, forceful thrust, a mind-blowing pleasure took over and I was cumming, deep in her belly. Draining my balls, with flexing pulses, I felt the swelling flesh strain her tight embrace.

Thinking she had Etimesgut Escort to be close, too, I started pumping into the pleasure; I went faster but kept up the grinding.

With a cock teasing her cervix, she raised up and continued moaning. It quickly became apparent that she was getting louder…and I took charge, pressing my hand over her mouth.

Lost in the pleasure, I don’t know how long it all lasted, but I was giving her a hot, hard fucking…nearly forcing the wind out of her, but then it happened. I felt her shudder against me. Stiffening and shaking, she moaned long and hard into my hand, one last time, before melting into the bed, completely spent.

When I rolled off, she rolled over and raised her head, grinning with a weird, but appropriate inquiry, “Do you think we were too loud…I tried?”

“Sweetie, I think we did good…I know we’re trying to keep it down, but she does understand things.”

She rested her head on his chest, “I know…I know…just want to be a good roommate…you know?”

“I know…I understand…I’m with you.”

She got up to go to the bathroom, looking back, “Mmmm…thank you…that was good…bet I sleep now.”

“Bet you do, too…you were workin pretty hard, there.”

Before going through the door, she peeked back with a big, cheesy grin. The grin probably gave her away, but I noticed she wasn’t looking at my face, “Sweetie, the eyes are up here?”

Covered with sex, I guess it did catch your eye…but she blushed, “Sure, but sometimes you have to make choices…sexy, blue eyes…hunky chest…or that…you know?”

When she came back, she flopped next to me, and planted a big one on my lips, smiling, “Good night, sweetie…let’s go out for breakfast in the morning…I feel like I’m gonna be super hungry.”

I think she was out as soon as her head hit the pillow.


We were all in the kitchen and I was sneaking glances of Megan. Her panties hugged the sexy, rounded curves of her ass, and up front you could make out labia. With the tiny blue panties, she was wearing a skimpy t-shirt, and it did little to cover her tits or the puffies. No shit…the nipples alone would keep you erect. Anyway, we were talking about breakfast options, but about all I could think about were nipples and D-cups.

Janie (the roommate) wasn’t wearing anything revealing, but she wasn’t looking too bad either. She was my teaching assistant, and I tried to look her straight in the eye, totally avoiding any awkward glances. She was dealing with the same issue, because (Thanks to Megan’s loose talk) I caught one quick glance focused on the money, and I watched her eyes dart back to the mug in my hand.

I was a little tempted to hold the mug right next to my crotch. I even thought about whipping it out, and making it dance for her…you know…wag it around like a male stripper. I was flaccid at the moment, but not for long, if I kept going. I took a sip of coffee and decided to move on and get my mind on something else…sometimes, it’s hard to be a guy, or a teenage boy, in this case.

Yeah, these girls made me feel like a horny teenager, but that’s okay…it’s good to feel young.


While we were out at breakfast that morning, we went over our evening plans. Janie told us she was meeting* up with Doug for dinner. I got the impression she had some needs to satisfy, when she looked at the ceiling, and explained, “He went home for break, and it’s been too long, if you know what I mean.”

Megan giggled, “Well, I guess you mean *meating, with a nice, long, hard e and maybe spelled with an a, like meat…the beefy kind. Get it?”

Janie’s face turned red, and mine probably did, too, but Megan laughed, “Geek humor is so hard to control sometimes…you know?”

We all went our separate ways and I spent much of the afternoon grading papers. The plan was to “meat” up (sorry, couldn’t help it) with Meg for a beer and go out for a late dinner. She took off her coat at the bar, slowly revealing a new dress, and grinning, “You like? Tell me, what you think?”

She knew it looked good but wanted to hear it from her boyfriend. I whistled, and smiled, nodding, “That dress is hot…and you’re smokin’ it! However, I feel the need to drink our beer and skip dinner…and just get home.”

“Stop…but thank you…I wanna be sexy for my man…you know? It sounds like you might have an agenda after dinner.”

I grinned, “I think it sounds better to call it a celebration…when we’re done, you may not be walking straight.”

“That does sound like a celebration…bring it on!”

There were just a lot of people out, celebrating, and there seemed to be even more electricity in the room…like a vibe or buzz in the air. Undoubtedly because of New Year’s Eve, but it had been unusually warm, almost balmy for that time of the year. We walked past mobs of people…street Demetevler Escort parties, house parties…and fireworks.

Anyway, we did make it to our romantic dinner…and we got the coziest booth, tucked away in the corner of our favorite restaurant. We were both flirty, but the warm candlelight and soft jazz definitely set the mood.

It was just after 11, when we walked through the door and threw our coats over the couch. I pulled her close, mashing my lips into hers, driving my tongue deep and running my hands through her soft, brown hair.

She slipped off the dress, pulling it over her head, revealing her tits, packaged in a sexy, black bra. I whistled, “Damn…and I thought the dress looked good!”

With my tongue nearly down her throat, I grabbed a breast and finger fucked her just inside the door. She was quivering, around my fingers, and I guessed she was a little anxious, because she held on tight, not wanting me to pull them out.

I pumped into the arousal, saturating my fingers before pulling away, and pushing them both into her mouth.

I watched her suck them dry, as I pushed my pants down to the floor. I mashed my lips into hers again, before pushing her to the floor, too…but let’s just say I didn’t have to push hard.

She anxiously dropped to her knees, pulled the underwear down and watched it bob forward, just inches shy of her lips. She looked up, yearning to feel it in her throat…she almost looked powerless to resist.

It was long, thick and hard, and she took a sharp breath, before licking the tip, and taking it in her lips. I knew what she wanted…I could see it in her eyes and gripped her tight, bobbing her lips up and down the shaft.

“Ahhhh…ahhhh…fuckkkk…that’s good…ahhhhh…ahhhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah!”

When she pulled off, she had mischievous grin, “I love celebrating with you…and I really love your big party favor or noisemaker…but when I blow it, I get mostly moaning.”

I had to play, and quickly responded, “Just wrap your pussy lips around it and it’ll get louder.”

As it throbbed in her hands, she giggled and nodded, “I’ll bet it does…yeah, I bet it does.” Then she spotted a bead at the tip and went after it. Savoring the sugar, she parted her lips and swallowed the head, again.

She was serious now, gurgling and drooling to the point, where I felt the spit on my balls. I was ready to pound one out in her mouth, but we were still in the living room…and there was no telling when Darin or Benji were going to stumble in. Again, the roommate thing…at my place, it wasn’t a huge problem, but I knew they’d be ruthless with Megan and tease the shit out of her.

I pulled out, and motioned, “Take this to bedroom?”

She grinned, “Let’s go,” and grabbed her clothes.

We jumped into bed and made out, before I pulled away, trailing kisses down over her breasts and then her belly.

As I pushed my tongue inside, to lick her out, the moans got much louder, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s good…so good…oh yeah…sweetie, that’s so good!”

When I swirled my tongue over her clit, she almost screamed, “Ohhhh…ohhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it…right there!”

I stayed there for a few minutes, before moving back; I swirled my tongue up one side and back down the other, just grazing or barely touching her clit.

I teased her like that a few more times, before sucking and flicking it with my tongue. That’s when she rolled her hips and humped my face. She pushed my face tight, grinding it with her pussy, and screaming with pleasure.

When it was finished, she let go and took a few deep breaths, “I don’t know about you but I’m super ready to try that noisemaker again…but I wanna see if my pussy can get more noise.”

We kissed again, but I reached for the lube, grinning, “We’ll need this, then.”

She guided the head to her pussy, and I anxiously pumped forward. She was still tight but begging, “Put it in…and celebrate…celebrate that pussy…celebrate it real hard…fuck me with that dick!”

Her pussy split open like a juicy peach, and I pumped deeper, and deeper. Eagerly she spread her legs wide and took it as deep as it would go. The walls welcomed penetration, hugging, and caressing the shaft, and I felt her quiver with pleasure…nothing but pleasure, “Ahhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhh…yeah….yeah…yeah…yeah, celebrate me hard!”

“You like that…like that cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, you want it?”

With no worries of bothering her roommate, she moaned loud, “Oh god…yeah…yeah…yeah…deep…deep…go…go all the way…yeah…yeah!”

I started slow, but quickly ramped things up, and pumped harder. She always loved when the shaft, dragged her labia with it, nearly screaming my name “Rob…Rob…oh god yes…yes…yes, like that…keep fuckin’ me hard…fuck me hard…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah!”

When I slammed forward, her tits were doing that amazing dance, rocking and bobbing with the thrusts. The sensual, rhythmic slaps of my hips against hers, were being overshadowed by the fireworks and shouts from partiers…I didn’t look, but I knew it must me midnight.

We were celebrating, too, but in our own way. I was going deep, pulling out and slamming back in, over and over…and over, “Uhhhh…uhhhh…ahhhh, Meg…Meg…fuck…work it…work that cock…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah, work it!”

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