First Foursome


My wife and I had only been married for about a year when we had our first foursome. We my wife and I were dating, she let me know up front that she was bi and hoped this would not inter with our relationship. To me, her being bi would only add to our relationship because I figured she would let me watch and hopefully she would share her girlfriends with me. I consider myself bi also, in college; I had a few encounters with guys. But if I have my choice, I would pick pussy over cock. I just like sex.

Let me tell you about us. My wife, Sophie, is 5 feet tall and weights about 105 pounds, dark hair and a set of beautiful 34C tits. She has a nice firm ass and keeps her pussy shaved except for a little patch of dark hair on top. Myself, I’m 5’10” and weight about 175 pounds.

I have an average cock, about 8 inches in length. The two things that I have been blessed with is a nice big mushroom head on my cock and balls about the size of large lemons, which can produce a very large load of cum. The last time we measured, I could cum just over ¾ cup of cum. Sophie is a cum freak, she loves the feeling on a nice big load in her pussy, ass, or mouth. I must say, she was surprised, the first time we make love, and at the amount of cum I was able to produce. Sophie really loves for me to eat her out after I have cum a big load in her pussy. She gets so hot and she gets me hot by telling me she is fantasizing that I am eating another mans cum from her pussy. I do love a nice juicy creampie!!

Sophie loves sex as much as I do, and we are always telling each other our fantasies. When we were first married, Sophie and I would rent porn movies on weekends and get all horny and fuck out brains out. I noticed that Sophie would really get excited when a guy in one of the videos would have a cock that was not circumcised. I mean she would really get hot watching the guy. Later, when we were fucking, I asked her if seeing a cock with foreskin excited her?

Sophie told me that she once dated a guy who had a cock with foreskin and she really loved playing with his cock and feeling the foreskin move over the head of his cock. I could tell she liked talking about his cock because she was mardin escort getting very wet and she was really starting to fuck me good. I told her I too liked to look at cocks with foreskin. This got her even hotter. She asked me if I had ever been with a guy who was uncut and I told her no, but I would not mind trying one out.

A few days later, we had our good friend Gary and Becky, who were also my best man and Sophie maiden of honor at our wedding. Sophie and Becky were friends and lovers before we were married. While we were dating, we could go out with Gary and Becky a lot. Gary and I became good friends and so I asked him to be my best man.

Anyway, we had them over to our house for a cook out and the subject matter turned to sex. Becky, being half drunk, said that Sophie had told her that I liked to eat creampies and that I had a big amount of cream I could put in the pie. I told Becky I did and there was only one way to find out how much cream I had for the pie. We all laughed and continued to eat.

Later, while I was cleaning up the grill, Gary came out with two beers and we started to bull shit. He asked me if I really did eat pussy after it was full of cum? I told him yes, and that Sophie really got off on me doing that. I also told him I liked doing if for myself. He told me now he knew why Becky was all of a sudden asking him to eat her pussy after they had fucked. I asked him if he had and he said no. He did not want Becky to feel he was gay. I told him just because you do something like that does not make you gay. I guess I had too many beers, but I then told him that I had even sucked a cock myself and I was not gay, but I felt I was bi. I also told him about how Sophie and I watch porn together and we get off seeing guys with uncut cocks. I wasn’t sure how Gary was taking all this in, but it in the open now and there was nothing I could do to take it back.

Gary then told me that Becky had also told him that Sophie had said I was a really heavy cummer and that Becky was jealous of Sophie because he did not cum a lot. But Becky did like the fact that he was uncut and she loved to play with his foreskin. van escort I asked him if Becky had told Sophie that he was uncut? He wasn’t sure, so he said, why not ask the girls.

We found the girls in the living room drinking wine and talking. I asked Sophie if she knew Gary had an uncut cock. Sophie said yes that Becky had showed her pictures of him and that she liked what she had seen. Becky then said that was not fair for Sophie to see what equipment Gary had and that she wanted to see my equipment. I looked at Sophie and she gave me the go ahead look. I walked over to where Becky was sitting and opened my pants and pulled them down. Becky reached up and pulled my briefs down. She then reached out and took my cock in her hand. Her hand was soft and I liked the feeling.

Becky then reached between my legs and lifted my balls up. She said she could not believe how big my balls were. By now my cock is growing, Becky started to stroke my cock and was at full staff. Becky made a comment about how big the head of my cock was. Sophie told her she should feel how it feels in her pussy. I look over at Gary and I can see he has a hardon in his pants. I tell Sophie she should see if Gary needed any help.

Becky takes the head of my cock and tries to get it in her mouth. I can tell she is having a problem with its size, but she finally gets it in. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and tells me she wants to feel me inside her. I look over at Sophie and Gary and Sophie has one of the thickest cocks I have ever seen in her hand. She could not get her hand around it. She was stroking it and playing with the foreskin.

Becky then started to undress. I had always wanted to see what she looks like naked and now I was getting my chance. Her had a beautiful body, her tits are about 34D and pussy was nicely trimmed. Becky lay on the couch and I get on my knees in front of her. She pulls her pussy lips open and I can see she is really wet. I then pushed the head of my cock in her pussy; she had no problem taking me in because Gary’s cock was so thick.

I then looked over at Sophie and Gary and Gary is lying on the floor and Sophie is on ankara escort top trying to get his thick cock in her pussy. She finally gets about half of him inside her. I can see her pussy stretch open to take his cock and she loves every inch. I start to fuck Becky and drive my cock in as deep as I can. My cock is longer than Gary’s so I know Becky is enjoying me going deep. Becky asks me if I like watching Sophie fuck Gary’s thick cock. I tell her yes and I love how my cock feels deep in her pussy. I hear Sophie gasp and I look over to see she has all of Gary’s thick cock in her pussy. I have never seen a pussy stretch so much to take a cock in.

I ask Sophie if she is enjoying Gary’s thick cock and she tells me yes and she then told me she wanted me to eat his cum out of her pussy when they were done. This got me hot and I started to fuck Becky even harder. Becky told me she wanted to feel my big load of cum in her pussy and then she wanted Gary to eat my cum out of her pussy. She then asked me if I liked Gary’s thick cock. She told me Sophie had told her I had sucked a cock before and that she wanted to see me suck on Gary. She told me she and Gary have watched some bi porn and she really gets off watching two guys suck each other’s cocks. I asked her if Gary would be willing to try this and she told me he would for her.

I kept looking at Sophie fuck Gary’s thick cock and it drives me over the edge and I tell Becky to get ready for my big load of cum. Becky starts to milk my cock with her pussy, she tells me she can feel my cock head getting bigger and she knows I’m about to cum. I let go and Becky grabs my ass and tries to get as much of my cock in her pussy. I can feel that my cum has filled her pussy and is starting to leak out. Becky is going nuts over my big load of cum. I hear Gary let out a big moan and I know he is filling Sophie with his cum. I hear Sophie get off Gary and she lays on her back on the floor. I look at her pussy and it is wide open from having Gary’s thick cock in her.

She then tells me to come over there and eat her creampie. I pull out of Becky and move over and start to lick the cum out of her pussy. Sophie grabs the back of my head and pulls my face into her pussy. Gary moves over to Becky and can’t believe how much cum is running out of her pussy. Becky tells Gary to clean her out. At first Gary just looks at her pussy, but then he moved over and started to lick my cum from her pussy.

This is the end of part 1. I will write part 2 next.

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