Erotic Adventures of Brandon , Cheryl Ch. 02


They pulled in the driveway of what looked like a rather large housing complex. She told him that it was rented out by this one very wealthy guy in his early 30’s that would be there. Apparently, he was hosting this thing. Anyway, as Brandon approached to knock on the door, it opened revealing a very fine specimen. She was really tall (about 6 ft.) and has decent sized breasts, beautiful eyes, curvaceous lips, and one other thing that really stood out. As Brandon looked her body up and down, she was wearing a sexy one-piece red dress that revealed her naked breasts and as he looked down again for a minute what looked to be a huge bulge in her crotch area. She said “You must be Brandon. Cheryl told me all about you” as she licked her lips wildly sizing him up and invited them in. As Brandon walked in, he was so taken aback and off guard by what he saw that their ‘host’s’ hands on his rear barely seemed to register.

Brandon was expecting maybe 6-8 people tops and was thinking for some reason, that it was too early to have started already and that they would hang out and drink and bullshit a little first. How wrong was he. Everywhere he turned his head, it seemed like there was 2, 3, 4ways, guys on guys, gals on gals, guys on gals, shemales, and just about every possible combination with loud music and drugs (which he had no idea to get involved in) everywhere. There were also people dancing, playing pool, and doing various other things. The place looked like the pansexual version of the Playboy mansion in an all out orgy of hedonistic, wet, hot, and hard flesh.

As Brandon started to regain his composure, he heard their greeter introduce (her/him)self as Giselle and ask “Do you want me to introduce you to anyone?” Brandon was looking around when he seen what looked to be some of the people just drinking and hanging out. A young couple, probably mid-20s. As he spied them laughing and flirting with one another, they spotted him eyeing them and the guy motioned him & Cheryl over.

Both were fairly attractive. The girl was about his height. She had a B-cup, nice figure with a little bit of meat on her and eyes that could stop any man dead in his tracks. Her partner had kind of a rugged look with an average body, not ripped but not too skinny either, and was gaziantep escort more than well endowed ‘where it counted’, as he could tell since both were wearing only their birthday suits. Anyway, back to the story. ………..

As Cheryl and Brandon started to walk up, Giselle interjected to make the introductions. “I believe you already know Cheryl. Tommy, Miranda, this is Brandon.”

Cheryl moved in to kiss Miranda with a long, passionate embrace as Tommy smiled at Brandon and said “It looks like you’re breaking the dress code. You know that’s rude?”

Brandon looked back and told him “Pardon me. I wouldn’t want to ruin my welcome but I need some help getting out of these bulky clothes.”

Tommy laughed and leaned in to him teasing a kiss, then moved to his neck instead, unbuttoning his shirt from the top down as he was slowly pumping and feeling up Brandon’s rock hard erection. Brandon realized too, that the girls were watching them as they were fingering and sucking each other with lust heavy on their breaths. As every button came undone, Tommy licked and sucked every inch of Brandon’s body, working his way lower and lower. When Brandon’s shirt came off, Tommy grabbed around his jeans, squeezing him firmly in the ass as he grabbed the zipper with his mouth and pulled down. Brandon stepped quickly out of his jeans when Tommy pulled. Brandon barely had time to regain his balance before Tommy stood back up, kissed him wetly and eager, and started licking again down his chest stopping at his belly button and circling with his tongue before looking up at Brandon and with a loud slurp, taking his entire length in his warm mouth. The girls were in a full 69, as Brandon heard them moaning and Miranda yelled “Yeah, suck that cock, baby! Oooohh!” Brandon was in complete ecstasy as he was trying to keep his balance. Tommy had the fullest lips he had seen on a guy in some time. And even though Brandon only had a little experience with the same sex, he could tell that Tommy was very experienced as he started to slow down to hold off his orgasm.

Brandon almost forgot, during all this, about the greeter, Giselle. That is until he felt her breasts and hard nipples rubbing against his back. He felt something konya escort else, too. Her hands were on his hips as if to help keep him balanced. He also felt her rock hard erection poking him in the ‘cheeks’ as she asked “How about letting me get the first crack at that hot little fuckhole, boy?” Brandon asked Tommy if he minded and he nodded an ok. And with that, she spat on her hand and started to finger and wet Brandon’s asshole. All the while, Tommy has kept up with his eager, hungry mouth curling his tongue around him in a slow, sensuous blowjob. Brandon felt Giselle pull aside her suit at the crotch to let her cock rest at the crack of his tight ass. Then all of a sudden, he felt Giselle’s large cock slide fully into his ass as he kind of clenched his muscles. At this, she was like “Yeah, honey. I’m gonna make you my bitch, boy.”

Tommy got up and said “I’m gonna leave you two at it. We’ll finish up later.” He winked at Brandon, kissed Giselle, and went to join the two girls. Miranda was fucking Cheryl missionary with a strapon when Tommy entered Miranda’s wet snatch from behind and started going at it. Meanwhile, Giselle told Brandon to bend over on all fours. He done as told and no sooner did he hit the floor than she was pounding away so hard that he almost wanted to scream as she was so ‘big’. Brandon fell completely onto his stomach after a minute. Then, all of a sudden, he felt her stop almost in his stomach as she groaned and, while pinching and twisting his nipples, filled Brandon with torrents of her warm fluid. At this point, she leaned over, kissed him on the lips, pulled out and said she was going to kitchen for a drink.

Brandon got up and walked over to where Tommy and the girls were and asked Tommy, who was still fucking Miranda “Mind if I cut in?”

They all stopped temporarily and Cheryl chimed in “Why not switch up? Brandon, you take Miranda here and I’ll take Tommy boy. Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting you. I have something special planned for our first time.”

So as Tommy and Cheryl left the room, Miranda turned to Brandon and said smiling half-sarcastic and horny “What are you waiting for? You know I don’t like to be interrupted, baby. You gonna do somethin’ or what?”

Brandon kayseri escort responded “What?” Then, he grabbed her and said “I’ll show you what.”

In about a second flat, she was lying on the ground, legs arched back in missionary position as he was giving her a fast-paced animalistic thrusting, their sweaty skin creating enough friction to produce electricity as he was folding her like an accordion. They were both fingering each other’s soft rears and with every thrust, upon pulling back, she squeezed her walls and it seemed like she was attempting to pull him back creating an insane rhythm. It was like she was afraid he would pull out and leave her quivering body wanting more. She then yelled between her moans “Ok!….Ok!….Stop!…Hold on!” Brandon asked what was wrong and she told him to lie down.

He done as she asked in a hurry. She then gave him a wicked grin and crawled toward him on all fours. He started to say something but she just shushed him and started to lick his feet at the base, then moved to suck on his toes, and licking and nibbling her way up his leg, to his calves and thighs, then she slowed down before reaching his testicles. She started to slowly suck his sack and then his throbbing member, all the while looking up at him with those beautiful eyes looking lustfully at him as it seemed like she was stopping to savor the taste of his manhood sucking slowly up and down. She then started to continue her way up his chest to his nipples. Then she straddled up to his cock and as he tried to prop up on his elbows she pushed him back down playfully. She said “Good boy.” She then grabbed Brandon’s dick and lowered herself.

She started to gyrate like a stripper on his cock taking it every bit as hard as he was giving it to her a minute ago. After a few minutes, he couldn’t control it any longer and came like a geyser filling her with the juices of their passion. Instead of apologizing, Brandon immediately told her to straddle his face. She ordered him to say no more as she moved over his waiting tongue and almost suffocated him. “You gotta clean up every drop now, baby.” Both of them were covered in sweat as he started to lick her inner walls as if he just wanted to eat her alive, basking in her scent and the tastes of their combined juices. He pushed his tongue as far in as he could, almost pumping and licking simultaneously as he thirstilly swallowed every last drop and after a minute, she came, wetting his face with a final ecstatic moan. She then rolled over and told him that it was great as they started to talk and headed towards the kitchen………..

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