Emma’s Story Ch. 03


Emma’s Story Ch. 02: Emma in Public

I knew that Cory never expected me to actually call him, but I kept the scrap of paper with his number written on it safe, and a week or two after his visit when I decided that I need someone to help me out, he was the one I called.

“Hi Cory, it’s Emma. Remember me?”

“Of course I remember you,” he answered, “How could I possibly forget…”

“There is a favor I need you to do for me,” I continued, getting to the point, “Do you know how to use a digital camera?”

“Yeah, I do.” He responded, sounding slightly puzzled, “I work on the school newspaper, as a matter of fact. All of our photography is digital.”

“Perfect!” I exclaimed, “I need somebody to take some pictures. Can you come over tomorrow?”

Cory hesitated for a moment, thinking about his schedule. “Sure. I can come by in the evening.” He replied.

“I kind of need you here in the morning. Nine-thirty or ten o’clock. It might be an all day job.”

“Tomorrow is a Thursday.” Cory pointed out. “I have school.”

“Cory.” I said in a jokingly serious voice, “I want you to think about this very carefully. Where would you rather be tomorrow, in a class room or taking pictures of me?”

“I’ll be there at nine-thirty,” He said and hung up.

Exactly at 9:30 the next morning Cory knocked at my door. The atmosphere this time was much different that the last time he was here. Last time I had been dressed to kill and you could have cut the sexuality in the air with a knife. This time I was in jeans and a sweatshirt and I greeted Cory with a cheerful “Hi there!” and a quick hug.

Cory, too, was much more relaxed than I had ever seen him, but he was obviously excited by the possibility of adventure. I ushered him in and sat him down at the dining table, which was still littered with my breakfast plates.

“I really appreciate you agreeing to help me out,” I began, “Here’s the deal. I’ve been talking to a guy who runs an internet site, and he wants to buy some pictures of me. The thing is, the site is out of New York so I can’t use their in-house photographer. They suggested I hire a professional out here, but if I did that I’d spend half the money they’re paying me. That’s why I want you to be my photographer. It’s a public nudity/flashing site, so all you have to do is follow me around for the day and take pictures of me flashing my tits and ass in public. Doesn’t even have to be professional quality. Think you can handle that?” I asked with a wink. “And don’t worry, I’m sure we can find some way of compensating you for your time.”

“Sure!” replied Cory. “I’m in!”

I stood up from the table and got my digital camera off the counter. “Here’s my camera,” I said handing it to him, “if you want to play with it a little to get used to it. It’s a video camera but it takes good still pictures, too. I’ll just get changed and we can get out of here.”

Cory had taken the camera out of its case and as I finished speaking he popped a picture of me.

“Just checking it.” He said with a grin.

I left Cory poking the buttons and crossed the room to my bedroom door. The bedroom is my personal space, so I always keep the door locked. I took the key out of my pocket and quickly slipped inside.

My bedroom is very different from the other room. Whereas my living room, where I do my business, is dim and furnished with big, soft furnishings in dark colors and lots of baroque mirrors, my bedroom reflects my real tastes. The walls are painted a clean bright white and decorated by two framed prints of Van Gough paintings. One whole wall is bookshelves. The only furniture is a simple metal frame single bed and a desk with my computer on it.

In the closet my clothes are neatly folded, with my everyday cloths on one side and my lingerie and sexy outfits on the other. Quickly I stripped naked and started sorting through my sexy outfits. I chose a tiny white tank-top with a big red pair of lips printed on it, and a wrap around skirt made of light-weight wool with a plaid pattern which I though was reminiscent of a school girl skirt. I tied the skirt low around my waist with a loose knot on my hip and pulled the tank-top over my head. The top left most of my stomach bare and fitted tightly over my chest, if I stretched a little the bottom curve of my tits would peek out. My nipples were clearly visible poking through the thin fabric. I pulled on some white canvas tennis shoes and, after quickly brushing my hair, went back into the living room.

Cory was still sitting at the table when I returned. “What do you think?” I asked and flipped the tank-top up to flash my tits. They Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort jiggled and swayed slightly. Cory grinned widely, so I pulled my top back down and lifted up my skirt to show him my neatly trimmed pussy.

“Wow,” was all he could manage.

“Come on,” I said, dropping my skirt and walking towards the door, “You’re driving.”

Cory’s car was a newer blue Ford Fiesta. No the hottest car on the road, but respectable. Cory opened the passenger door for me and held it for me while I climbed in, then walked around to the driver side. The touch of chivalry made me smile inwardly.

When Cory was seated I said, “I think a fast food restaurant would be a fun place to start. That’s why I wanted to get started early, so we’d beat the lunch crowd.” Cory readily agreed and we drove a short distance to a Wendy’s. We waked in casually together and took a quick look around. The restaurant was empty except for one older man sitting in the corner drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. Perfect. While Cory went to the counter to order I strolled around the seating area before choosing a table on the far side of the restaurant from the counter, in a section separated from the rest by a low railing with fake vegetation in planters. I sat with my back to the railing, and Cory soon joined me with a tray of food. He had bought us both Cokes, a Whopper and fries for himself and a chicken sandwich for me. We took a couple bites of our food, then I leaned across the little table and whispered, “You ready to go?”

Cory pulled the camera out and stood up, moving a couple of feet back from the table. From where Cory stood he could shoot me and people coming and going in the restaurant behind me, while I was mostly hidden by the railing. Casually bringing the viewfinder to his eye Cory gave me a thumbs-up. When I saw the little red light come on I smiled brightly for the camera and gave it a little wave. Boldly I lifted my tank-top up and cupped my naked tits in my hands, caressing and shaking them for the camera. After a minute or so of that I reached across the table and pulled a piece of ice out of my drink and rubbed it on my nipple, melted ice and Coke dripping down my tit. Glancing over my shoulder to see what was happening in the rest of the restaurant, I slid my chair away from the table a little, giving Cory a view of my skirt. Leaving my tits exposed and still looking confidently into the camera I lifted my skirt up to reveal my wet pussy. As I reached down to run my finger along my pussy-lips the look of pleasure on my face was real. I was so turned on. I slipped my middle finger in and out of pussy once, then again, and then picked up a french-fry and slipped its tip into my pussy. I pulled the french-fry slowly back out and sensually brought it to my lips and ate it. Looking back into the camera I blew a kiss, then signaled Cory to stop recording.

Cory sat back down as I quickly rearranged my cloths. “I can’t believe how turned on that made me,” I confided. I took a couple more bites of my food then said, “Let’s go. I want to do that again somewhere else.”

Back in Cory’s car we discussed where else we should go. I thought of a shopping mall, and Cory suggested we could do some flashing just on the street. I wasn’t sure I was quite ready for somewhere as completely exposed as a street corner, but before I could voice my objection an idea struck me.

We had been driving for a little while behind a city bus, and I told Cory to get ahead of the bus and drop me off at the next stop, then let the bus pass him and keep his eye on the back window. Cory sped around the bus and we pulled up to the stop well before the bus got there. I opened the door to get out, then remembered something and turned back to Cory. “Quick, give me some money. I need bus fare!” I cried. Cory quickly emptied his pocket and I got out and flagged down the bus. Once inside I made my way to the very back of the bus and stood by the big back window. The bus was mostly empty, with the few other passengers facing forward, ignoring me. In a few minutes I saw Cory’s car pull up behind the bus with Cory awkwardly trying to drive while pointing the camera out the windshield. Hoping that Cory was filming I waved to him, then pulled my top up again. I was lifting my top up with both hands, so when the bus suddenly accelerated I lost my balance and fell forward, smooshing my naked tits against the glass. As I tried to get my balance I stumbled again and almost went cart wheeling topless down the isle. Just in time I grabbed a hand hold to steady myself and was able to get my top back down. Looking back Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort I saw Cory laughing his ass off, but fortunately the camera was still on, so it wasn’t a total waste.

When I got off the bus at the next stop my furious blushing had faded and I had my composure back when Cory picked me up. “That’s enough of that!” I said hotly, “let’s go back to my place, I want to change outfits.”

When we arrived back at my apartment Cory excused himself to go to the restroom while I went back to my bedroom to change. Idly I wondered if Cory actually had to pee, or if he was jacking off. I wouldn’t blame him if he had to jack off – hell, I’d help him if he asked. Opening my closet I pulled out my cheerleader outfit and changed into it – a tiny sweater-vest top and a skirt. To complete the outfit I had two pom-poms. I combed my hair into a pony tail and went back to see how Cory was doing.

“Gimme a C!” I shouted, seeing Cory sitting at the table again.

“Gimme an O!”

“Gimme a R”

“Gimme a Y! Yea Cory!” I cheered, jumping up and down and spinning my pom-poms.

“You were a cheerleader?” asked Cory.

“No, I just bought the uniform.” I answered. “I modified it, too, see.” I half turned around and flipped up my skirt, showing Cory my bare ass. “There were panties sewn in as a lining, but I cut them out. I didn’t think I’d need them.”

Cory grinned. “No, you probably won’t need them. Where are we going now?”

“Ridgefield High School.” I replied.

I knew that Ridgefield only had gym classes in the mornings, so after lunch the sports grounds would be empty. When we arrived at the football field the only people around were a few late students coming back from lunch.

“Did you ever hang around under the bleachers, trying to look up girls’ skirts” I asked Cory as we approached the bleachers.

“No, I never did.”

“I couldn’t really see the point in that,” I confessed, “I never thought you’d see much. Go on under there, though…I’ll make sure you see something.” I promised as I started to climb up the rows of wooden benches.

I climbed about half way and sat down on a bench, spreading my skirt out as I sat so my bare ass was on the wood. “See anything down there?” I called.

Cory’s voice came from just a few inches below my ass, which was an unusual experience, “I can see your legs real well, but everything else is hidden by the slats. I can’t really take a picture of anything other than your calves. Can you scoot forward a little?”

I moved forward so that just my tailbone rested on the seat. “That’s better.” Cory called, “I can see pink!”

I wiggled my hips back and fourth a little to get comfortable then slipped my hand down between my legs. To anybody passing by I would appear just to be relaxing in the bleachers. In reality I was knuckle deep in my pussy with a guy inches away taking pictures. Thinking about that got me even more excited and I soon pushed a second and a third finger into my pussy.

“Are you getting this?” I called out.

“I don’t know. The light isn’t very good, but I’m trying.”

Regretfully I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and licked them clean. “Ok, we’ll try something else.” I called.

I met Cory back at the bottom of the bleachers. “Let’s do some cheers.” I suggested. We walked across the running track to the grass and Cory moved a little distance away to give me room.

Grinning into the camera I spun my pom-poms in front of me, then threw my arms wide. I jumped up and down, letting my skirt blow up over my hips and exposing my pussy, and spinning around to show my ass. Then I sat down into the splits, one leg in front, and the other straight back. In that position I laid my pom-poms down beside me and pulled my little sweater vest off over my head and tossed it away. Jumping back up again I covered my tits with my pom-poms, then leaped high in the air, flinging my arms wide. When I landed I did a couple of jumping-jacks and was just about to start doing high kicks when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

“Oh shit!” I cried


“Band practice!” I said, pointing to the 50 or so people marching towards us. Holding my pom-poms in front of my tits I looked desperately around for my top. It was lying on the ground some fifteen feet or twenty away towards the oncoming musicians.

“Fuck it!” I cried and flinging my pom-poms in the air took off running to Cory’s car. I must have been quite a site to anybody watching, with my big tits bouncing and swinging and my skirt blowing up as I ran. Finally I reached the car and Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort dove in with Cory right behind me. “Go, go…” I encouraged as he fumbled with his keys. When we were finally away I took stock of the situation. “I’m going to have to get a new cheerleader outfit now,” I pouted, “and they are expensive.”

Back at my apartment I again left Cory in the living room while I did one last costume change. This time I went to the everyday side of my closet and picked out a cornflower blue sun dress which came down to just above my knee. There were six buttons down the front, of which I usually left two undone. I slipped out of my cheerleader skirt and tossed it on the bed, not really sure what to do with it since the rest of the outfit was scattered across a football field. I put on the dress, of course with nothing underneath, and a pair of sandals. I combed out my hair and also put on a little lipstick, since I wanted to look extra nice for this last photo shoot.

Cory was waiting patiently for me by the door, so I went over to him and gave him a friendly hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You ready?” I asked. “Let’s go to the park.”

City Park is heavily wooded, with lots of paths and secluded glades. Leading Cory by the hand I brought him to a clearing in a copse of trees, in an out of the way corner of the park. We both looked around carefully to make sure we couldn’t be seen, then I signaled Cory to start shooting. I walked over to a little group of birch trees and without any foreplay stripped of my dress. The sun on my bare skin felt wonderful and I kicked off my sandals to feel the grass under my feet. I frolicked for a few minutes on the grass, playing and rolling around in the warm sun. Next I went over to one of the small trees and danced around it like a stripper around a pole. I wrapped my legs around the tree and rubbed my pussy against the rough bark, then squeezed the trunk between my tits. Turning back to Cory, I asked him if he could set the camera on a near-by rock like a tripod, and when he did I asked him to zoom in so I was only visible from the shoulders down to the knees. This accomplished I signaled Cory to come join me in front of the camera.

“You have been a great sport today,” I said, running my fingers down his chest. “You really helped me out a lot.”

“I enjoyed it.” Cory replied.

“I’m sure you did. But I did promise that I would compensate you for your time, didn’t I,” I purred, “and I always keep my promises.” By now my hands had wandered all the way down Cory’s chest and stomach, and I began unbuttoning his jeans. Cory glanced nervously at the camera, so I distracted him by turning my face up to his and kissing him on the mouth. A warm and tender kiss at first, chastely closed mouthed, but soon my tongue pursed his lips and gently explored the inside of his mouth. By now his jeans were unbuttoned, so breaking off the kiss I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down. Cory’s magnificent dick was completely hard, straining at the fabric of his boxer shorts. I stroked his dick admiringly through the cloth, then slipped his boxers down around his ankles, too. He ran his fingers through my hair and caressed the side of my face as I took his dick in my hand and began licking it. I ran my tongue up and down his length, getting his dick nice and slippery, then raised myself up slightly and pressed my tits around his dick. Cory enthusiastically began fucking my tits, sliding his saliva coated dick back and fourth, watching as my tits giggled with every thrust. He began rocking faster, and I thought he was getting near climax, so I bent my head forward and took him into my mouth.

Holding him by the base of his dick and his balls, I sucked him as deep into my mouth as I could, then slowly pulled him back out. Letting his dick slide out of m mouth I stroked him with my hands up and down a few times, then sucked him back in to my mouth. This time as I sucked him I felt his body tense and his grip on my hair tightened. Knowing he was about to cum I slipped his dick back out of my mouth and held it a few inches from my face, opening my mouth wide. A second later his cum splatted onto my face. I managed to get about half of his first shot into my mouth, the rest spraying across my nose, cheeks and chin. A second blast of cum hit my neck and oozed down to my collarbones, while a third scored a direct hit on my left tit. Taking Cory’s dick back in my mouth I sucked out the last remaining drops of cum and licked him clean.

As Cory and the camera watched I began licking myself clean, first licking the warm, sticky cum off my face and then lifting my tit to my mouth to suck up the drops of cum which were clinging to my nipple. Then I began wiping the globs of cum off my neck and chest, sucking my fingers clean each time, savoring every drop of cum.

When I was more or less clean again Cory turned the camera off and I got back into my dress, again glancing around to see if anybody had seen my little adventure.

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