I remember the day that Emily walked into my office. I worked better in the dark so my blinds were shut as to not allow the sun inside my ‘fortress of solitude’. So when Emily opened the door and walked in she was surrounded with a silhouette of invading light that gave her remarkable figure more compliments than my eyes could offer otherwise. I didn’t recognize her at first but when the dark corners of my office gave way to the sun, it was clear that it could be no one else.

I feel no more desire to conceal my profession from you. I am a writer and my particular interest is in the sex life of anyone who will take a few minutes out of their tedious schedule to tell me about theirs. Therefore, I was surprised to see Emily because in my experiences with her, as a friend, she did not once give me an impression that she was a promiscuous lover. How wrong I would soon find myself to be!

Emily was younger than most of the people who would make their way to my office, usually I would find a middle aged man who Avcılar escort would tell me about all the internet sex he had had, or a fifty something woman who’s sex life was all but over. She was about twenty, I had run into her during my substitute teaching years, and we had stayed close ever since.

Even in those years she was quite a marvel to look at: she had naturally curly auburn hair which she had kept short. She had devastating green eyes that seemed to be the focal point of her face, drawing the eyes into her more supple features. As my eyes reluctantly scrolled down from her own, they next noticed her delicately soft lips and soon fell down to her beautiful breasts and eventually her renaissance like figure. She seemed to be very shy and therefore wore outfits that did not effectively show off her body.

“Hi Tom, I thought I might check up on you,” she woke me up from the flashback as she removed her jacket and let it rest gracefully on a nearby table. I was surprised Avcılar escort Bayan to see what she was wearing: a black silk nightgown that supported her amble chest perfectly. As well, it was cut on both sides and revealed her soft, smooth legs and was cut so high as to give subtle suggestions of creamy thighs.

“Hello Emily, right now I’m kind of bored. No one seems to be horny these days,” I delivered this with a wink as she was well aware of my erotic career. She walked up to the table that I had situated myself at, all the while with a gentle smile playing on her mouth, and took a seat on the other side. She leaned in and placed her shoulders onto the table to get closer to me, giving me a better look at her cleavage, and gave me a gesture to do the same. I didn’t hesitate and from this view I could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra so catching a quick glimpse at her nipples was made very convenient.

She looked so cute, smiling away, her face about a foot away from Escort Beylikdüzü mine. The next motion she made was to draw her luscious lips to my right ear, while using my shoulders as supports. “Tom, I think I have a story that might make your day a bit better, and who knows, even cheer up your friend here,” she whispered and at the same time reached underneath the table and gave my cock a friendly pat.

I was stunned! I felt overcome with a desire to take her into my arms and have my way with her, right there on that old table. But I had to remain professional and on top of this, I really wanted to hear what she had to tell me so I just gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and took out some paper and a pen.

“Emily, before we start I just want to make sure that you really want to do this, because it is a serious commitment and it may take a while to finish,” for whatever reason she seemed to be reluctant with her answer, but sure as day she eventually nodded and I took this as my cue to begin.

I told her to begin from the top, and to leave nothing out and began writing:

The Director

“Ok, well I guess the flirtation started with the director the week before auditions. I wasn’t even going to try out but he insisted”

“Auditions?” I stopped writing and waited for clarification.

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