Dr. Paulin’s New Practice


Doctor Paulin had taken over doctor Doctor Trieve’s practice when he had his stroke. He had given interviews and I was now his physicians assistant. We had been introduced into the community last week when three nurses at the Waterford Clinic got us involved in an indoctrination session at the clinic and taped it.

Actually it was more of a seduction than anything else. I had a sort of crush on Dr. Paulin ever since he interview me so I was sort of a willing participant to what had happened. Once the three nurses compromised him, he had to go along with it but he proved to be a bit more than they had suspected. I don’t know how good Dr. Trieve had been but Blake proved to be more than we had ever suspected. Once he got started, he seemed unstoppable, and that’s where we are now.

Apparently Dr. Trieve had been more than just an internist, he seemed to have been specializing in sex therapy for the local female population, and the more we went over his patients records, the more it became apparent that his practice involved his nurse, Cathy, accepting bribes from rich patients get appointments for special therapy.

Since Doctor Blake Paulin was taking over his practice, I guess the nurses at the clinic wanted to insure that they had him under control and that he would pick up where Dr. Trieve left off.

Now Blake and I were going thru the records and inventorying the office. We were trying to decipher the patients folders and check for appointments that were outstanding.

In the corner of each folder was a small two number code which confounded us for a while. Since Nurse Cathy had left Dr. Trieve’s office and now was head nurse at the new clinic, we finally went to her to break the code. Returning to the office Blake and I went thru each room taking inventory. In the office we discovered some devices that really couldn’t be considered standard medical paraphernalia. The back room, examination room D, was set up more as a bedroom than as an examination room.

At first we thought it might be a place where Dr. Trieve had stayed stay overnight while tending to patients, but when we opened several of the cabinets, we changed our minds.

Drawers were filled with dildos, vibrators, and sex toys of different sizes and shapes. Lubricants that were compounded with meds that sensitized what ever they were applied to, or some that anesthetized. In a small closet in one corner were mechanical sex toys such as symbians and stroking dildos, catheters and vacuum devices that could be used in any number of ways. The list went on and on and quite frankly, I was getting wet just imagining what they might do to a woman who was being treated with them.

Blake stopped listing the equipment , and now was just picking each item up and turning it over in his hand. Now we understood the coding in the folders. Certain patients had preferences and needs. But the overwhelming number of folders had the code nine.

Cathy had explained that code nine was the code for intimate sexual attention by the doctor. Basically, in non-medical jargon, they needed to be fucked by Blake. Other codes involved me and Blake, several nurses,and still others, just me. Brief notations such as “multiple, or anal, or restraint,” were more obvious. I was feeling a bit heady and wanted to get back to my room and tell my room mate, Nancy what we had learned.

The nurses at the clinic expected to be serviced too, and I really didn’t think Blake could handle both the patients Escort bayan and have side activities at the clinic too. Sure he had staying power but this seemed overwhelming.

It was Nancy who had suggested I interview for Doctor Paulin in the first place,and I don’t think she knew exactly what the doctor or I were in for. Both of us were new arrivals and we had been introduced into the medical community at the clinic yesterday. I had been so ashamed that I has started to pack up and leave. That’s when Blake asked me to stay. He apparently realized that I had no part in the orgy that had taken place, and actually seemed sorry that he had been forced to fuck me.

Quite frankly, I loved it. I had never cum so hard or so many times in my entire twenty seven years but I was certainly looking forward to being his girl Friday, if I could have more.

Now I told Nancy what we had discovered. She asked a lot of questions and I was getting excited just telling her about it. Apparently she was too, because thats when she slid her hand inside my blouse and whispered, “Wanna?”

Actually I was still satisfied from yesterdays episode with Blake and the girls, but I agreed. Now don’t get me wrong, mutual masturbation and making love to Nancy is great, or was great, but it just couldn’t compare to what had happened yesterday. I guess the only thing that brought me off with Nancy was the memory of Blake and the thought of his face and the way it felt as he plunged his warm thick cock in and out of my cunt. Then too, maybe it was the fact that I had no choice and had been strapped to the examination table with my feet in the stirrups. I don’t know.

Anyway I did cum for her and we showered and went out to dinner at a local restaurant. Sitting there we were almost finished with our meal and just sipping our wine, when a really beautiful girl came over.

“Your The new doctors assistant, aren’t you?” she asked. I nodded yes and she went on. “I hear he’s a real hunk, you know, good looking and young and well built. Not like Dr. Trieve but more virile, if you know what I mean.” I nodded yes and she grasped the back of an open chair and flopped down.

She seemed to stare off into space and let out a low moan. Then biting her lower lip, she seemed to gain control, and went on.

“I have this problem and I have to see him. I mean I’m desperate. I was one of Dr. Trieve’s patients and I haven’t had a treatment for two weeks and I need one. I mean an appointment.”

“Well,” I answered, “He doesn’t take appointments in restaurants after hours but if you come in tomorrow morning we can pull your file and arrange for him to see you.”

“No I need to see him tonight! It can’t wait. I’m Rita Nealson, I’m the one with PSAS. I’ve got to see him now!”

I remembered her file and realized what was going on. As she sat at our table she was having an episode. PSAS, is persistent sexual arousal syndrome. She had just had an orgasm before she sat with us, and just by watching her face, I knew the anxiety she was going thru right now. Stress and anxiety bring on her orgasms and it was apparent that she was going to have another any second now.

Nancy didn’t quite realize what was happening but I quickly took out my cell phone and called Doctor Paulin and simply said: ” Rita Nealson is with me. The PSAS file, and she needs to meet us at the office right now. Please help her Blake. Shes agitated and it’s happening repeatedly.

He Bayan escort agreed, and I excused myself. Nancy went back to the apartment as I rode with Rita to the office in her car.

We got there first, so I opened the office and took her into the first examination room and told her to undress. Then I went to the waiting room just as Blake walked in. He was dressed casually wearing tight blue jeans and a shirt opened at the collar.

“Examination room A,” I gasped. “She’s waiting.” I followed him down the hall and into the room.

Rita had stripped down and was completely naked. She hadn’t put on the paper gown we provide , but had gotten onto the Examination table and put her feet in the stirrups. I looked down at her shaved pussy and watched as it contracted, forcing droplets of clear fluid out.

Blake moved quickly to her side and asked: “Whats the procedure Rita. I don’t have your file here so tell me what we need to do.”

“I need to cum hard! Oh god I need to be fucked. Make me cum hard and long. Please, do it now. It’s been over two weeks and I can’t go on, it’s exhausting me.”

Blake turned and looked helplessly at me and I nodded. I knew what needed to be done and I was with him to help. He quickly took his jeans off as I undid his shirt. He stepped out of his shorts and kicked his loafers off before turning towards her.

I looked down at his cock and realized that he wasn’t going to be any good unless I could get him up. He must have had the same thought because he whispered, “Trinny, a little help here, please.”

he moved away from the examination table so I could get down on my knees and begin to suck his cock. Rita stared at us and began to cum again. It was a frantic five minutes as I sucked and bobbed my head up and down making him grow in my mouth. I had an urge to go on even after he was ready, but listening to her moan as she orgasmed was distracting.

Letting him slip from my mouth I watched as he moved to stand between her outspread legs and begin to penetrate her oozing pussy. I don’t know why, but I began to undress too. No sooner had Blake guided his hard cock into her pussy than she let out a gasp and squealed loudly, Aaaaahhhh Oh yeah. By now I was nude and standing at her side.

“Hold her Trinny, shes going to slide off the table. Oh shit, use the straps and let’s make this good. Suck her breasts and massage them and see if you can reach down and rub her clit for me.”

I was both jealous an sort of euphoric as I watched the two of them. She was cumming almost at one minute intervals now and her clit was so swollen, it’s pale pink point had escaped its sheath. It began to move in and out each time she contracted and came.

I stuck my index finger in her pussy along with Blake’s driving cock, making it slippery, then began to massage her clit with the pad of my wet finger. Now she had begun to cry out.

“I wanna cum. God yeah, …mmmmm….God yeah…unh, unh unh, Oh my god, Wanna cum. Yeah, yeah yeah mmmmmmmmmm yeah. I need some more, yeah fuck my pussy……… Oh shit, make me do it. Now! Ooooooooh yeah Now! I’mCummmmmmmmmingggggggg hard now , Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, I’M THERE, OH………………. I’M THERE AGAIN.”

if she thought she was excited she wasn’t alone. My cunt was dripping too and I was fascinated just watching Blake working his cock around in her vagina. He sometimes swiveled his hips, driving his shaft from left to right, sometimes up and down, Escort then pausing, he would force it deep until his balls smacked against her ass.

A good thirty minutes later, she lay semi-conscious on the table moaning and rolling her head from side to side. I was well beyond being just wet by now. A stream of milky fluid had formed and was now running down the inside of my leg. I had begun to contract hard and my groins ached with the tension.

I watched Dr. Paulin draw his turgid shaft out as he turned to me. “Finished?” He asked. “Not quite,” I answered, and taking his hand, led him to room “B”.

I hopped up onto the table, pushed the paper sheet aside and spread my legs. He hadn’t cum yet and I was going to enjoy watching his face he fucked me. I had made him cum yesterday at the clinic using my mouth and hands, but tonight I was going to make him finish in me, and at the same time I did. I wanted that more then I ever wanted anything in my life.

He walked to me, his big cock swayed from left to right with each stride and I leaned forward, grasped his slippery cock, and guided it to my pussy. Being already well lubed he slid in with one long slow thrust. I felt my pussy stretch open, then that feeling of fullness and he began.

I can’t describe the sensation of being filled that way. I mean it’s almost as if something that had been missing, had been replaced. And as he stroked in, I pushed up to take him deep, when he drew back I contracted, trying to hold him in, not wanting to feel my cunt collapse on itself.

Now I began to cum. The first happened so fast that I couldn’t stop it. It was suddenly there. A sudden rush of heat that seems to run from my breasts down to my pussy, the slow contractions across my tummy and the warm glow that seems to flow like lava thru my groins. I gasped and let out a long sigh.

Needing more, I began to speak to him. “More Doctor. Thats it, right there, Oh yessssssssss thats good. Oh god, just like that. Yeah, oh yeaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, gonna cum Gimmeee it now Honey. Fuck my cunt and shoot. Do it, cum with me together baby, together now gimmee cummmmmmmmmm!”

He just smiled down at me and continued.

I was panting and gasping for air. “Why?” I asked. “Don’t you want to finish in me? Oh god Blake don’t hold back. I want it too. Keep going.! You want to give it to me, I know. Just go a little faster and I’ll tell you when. Please, I’m begging for it.”

now he reached forward and supported himself by cupping my breasts in the palms of his hands. My sensitive nipples pressed hotly under his touch and he sent waves of sensations coursing from my nipples down to my cunt. I felt it start again and taking a deep breath, cried out: “Gimmeeee it now! Oh fuck I’m cummmmmmmmmingggggggg again. NOW, DO it NOW! Shoot in me now!”

He suddenly began to thrust frantically in and out, moaned aloud, and squeezed my nipples. “Yeah, Oh yeah here it comes. Gonna shoot baby. NOW! TAKE IT NOW! Oh yeah,yeahhhhh, your getting it all. It’s yours now.” For perhaps a full minute his cock twitched and vibrated deep within me.

I had done it. I had finished with him, and that seemed to make it even more intense. I had satisfied him and made him lose control. I had won some sort of contest and now held his warm fluid deep inside my cunt and even better, just as I finished, he did too.

He helped me off the table and we walked back to room “A” to get our clothes. Rita had dressed and gone and tomorrow we would go over the files again. It was apparent that we were going to need a larger staff now that the word was out. And to complicate matters. Better than twenty five percent of our patients were women with special needs.

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