This Girl Only Sleeps With Butterflies

(The Prelude)

They sat kissing on her couch. Her mouth was so hot. Their tongues tasted one another. Their breathing was soft but getting heavier. She loved kissing. And he was doing such a wonderful job of it! Sometimes he would break off the kiss to lick and suck on her lips. He told her to stick out her tongue and he sucked on that for a few beautiful moments before she told him it was his turn and he stuck out his tongue and she returned the favor in spades.

They were both still dressed. His hands wandered all over her petite little body. His hands roamed over the luscious curve of her hips, then up and down her back. Then down to her hips once again, and up and down her lithe thighs. The black dress she wore rode up those beautiful thighs and his hands found her delicious skin and massaged it.

His lips broke away from hers and they traveled across her cheek to the curve of her jaw, then up and down her slender neck. He trailed kisses down to and across her collar bone. Then back up and down the other side of her neck. All the while his hands had wandered down to her calves and had been massaging the muscles there.

He made his way back to her lovely little mouth. His own thoughts consumed with what that little mouth could do to him. After a few short, quick kisses, he sat back on the couch away from her and drew her leg up into his lap.

“What are you doing?” she asked. Her breasts were full and heaving, the nipples hard and digging into the fabric of her bra and dress.

“Massaging your feet.” he states frankly. His fingers begin to work into the soles of her feet.


He shrugged. “Because I want to.”

She had never had a foot massage before, and his skilled, long-fingers hands, were doing a marvelous job. Absolutely marvelous. She wondered what else he could do with those skilled, long-fingered hands.

“Did you want me to stop?” he asked.

“No!” she cried out then caught herself and blushed a little. “Not unless you want to.” Even though she was a little put out by the abrupt change. She would follow this to its inevitable conclusion. After all, she didn’t think she would regret it.

He kissed her foot. “No, I’m fine.” He began to work on each individual toe, being careful not to tickle. “But if you want me to stop, just say so.”

She lay back on the couch now, a smile on her perfect face. “Okay,” she replied.

He rubbed first one foot and then the other, working on the sole, the ball and heel, and each individual toe. He took time out to kiss her feet as well.

“Do you have a foot fetish or something?” she asked.

“No, not really. I just felt like doing something nice for you.” He paused. “Do you think you could do something nice for me?”

“What?” she asked.

“Lift up your dress.” he said softly.

A flutter of anxiousness swam in her belly. She smiled and seductively bit her lower lip. Her small hands slid to her thighs and began to slowly work the dress up and up. The material gliding over her legs.

“More?” she teased.

“More.” he said, and smiled.

She pulled the dress up until her panties were uncovered.

“There.” he said approvingly, and her hands ceased her slow reveal.

He massaged her ankles and lower calves. He went back the first foot and massaged the bridge of it. He brought her foot to his lips and tongue and kissed and licked her little toes.

“Show me.” he said softly to her, his eyes locking onto hers.

“Show you what?” she said coyly, biting her lower lip.

“Open your legs.” he said, pulling a toe into his mouth and sucking on it.

She obliged and spread herself open, slowly, splaying her thighs like butterfly wings. The crotch of her thong panties came into view. They were very damp.

He went back to her other foot and did the same, massaging the bridge before bringing it to his lips and tongue to kiss and lick her toes.

“Is there anything else you would like me to do?” she asked innocently, but the depth of the question conveyed anything but innocence.

“Whatever you want.” he said and smiled before pulling a toe into his mouth to suck on it.

After a few moments of quiet contemplation her hands slid back down to her thighs and slowly made their way to the waistband of her black thong. She ran her fingers along the edge of the material. She pulled her dress up exposing her bellybutton ring. He noticed her taut little tummy and couldn’t wait to kiss and lick all over it. Then her hands crept between her legs. She ran her fingers up and down her pussy lips, and along the edges of the gusset of her thong, before disappearing beneath to rub along the sweet, sensitive skin. With her free hand she pulled the crotch of Escort bayan the panty to the side, exposing her sweetest of secrets to him. Her other finger ran up and down the bare slit now, the labia glistening with her juices. Her index finger circled her sensitive clit.

Her eyes were locked onto his. She could feel him growing beneath his jeans and pressing into her leg.

“How’s that?” she asked, her breathing slightly labored.

“That’s beautiful,” he said and smiled.


“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this to me,” she whispered into the pillow she clutched to her face.

“Did you want me to stop?” he asked, his hands on her ankles.

She paused. “No,” she said coyly.

She had driven almost two hours to Sheboygan to see him. It was their second date. And he was literally driving her crazy with all of his talk about sex! What he would do to her if she let him. And she wanted him to do anything, everything he talked to her about. Stuff she never would have thought about in years of doing with any of her other lovers, or even her husband, when she was married. She was happily divorced now, thank you very much.

She lay motionless on her belly on his bed. Her hands clutching the soft, downy pillow, cradling her head. His hands went back to her ankles and slipped off her sandals. They returned to rub and circle the soft flesh and work their way up her lithe calves. At her knees he encountered the hem of her flower-print dress, and began to push that up her thighs as well. She enjoyed the slow tease, and the feel of his hands on her skin.

He leaned over the bed. Raising the dress, he touched the smooth curve of her cheeks. As he lifted the dress over them, his hands running over her deliciously curved hips, he spied her black thong nestled in between her soft cheeks. He let out an audible sigh. He left the dress bunched up around her waist.

He leaned down and kissed the back of her calf. Then kissed behind her knee. He climbed up onto the bed next to her. His hands massaged her soft backside as he kissed up her thighs to the sweet curve of her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks apart and smiled at the fabric of her thong barely covering her tiny asshole. Her pussy lips were already soaking the material with her juices.

“You’re so wet already.” he told her.

“Wet and ready.” she said, her voice anxious. Her body anxious to feel him against her, inside her, tasting her, … oh how she wanted him so bad!

He kissed all over her petite ass, massaging the flesh at the same time. His lips and tongue slid into the cleft and she purred. He reached for the waistband of her thong and hooked his fingers into the material and pulled them slowly off of her little body. He threw them onto the bedroom floor. He opened her legs and climbed between them. His hands glided up her legs to open the cheeks of her ass.

“So yummy,” he said, then leaned down and flicked his tongue across the taboo hole. Her whole body shivered, and goosebumps covered her. This was something she had never done before, and … and it was very nice. It was dirty. It was taboo. His tongue was licking her little asshole, his hands holding her cheeks apart. Her body soon warmed from him tonguing her little butt.

He knifed a hand between her labia, surprising her and found her sweet little clit with his fingers and began to rub it in little concentric circles. Her hips arched up off the bed. Her pussy wept over the fingers rubbing her. His mouth played her like an erotic instrument. The low notes gathering themselves into high notes until the crescendo of climax pulsed through her like a second heartbeat.

His mouth was no longer on her ass, it was lapping up her orgasm from between her pouting labia. He was drinking from her. Swallowing her fluid, her cum. His fingers weren’t playing their familiar chords either, They were dancing up and down the sweet, swollen labia, back and forth, massaging the soft and sensitive flesh.

“Turn over sweetheart,” he said pulling his face from her fount.

“So I’m your sweetheart now, am I?” she said, slowly turning over. The second heartbeat was slow and quiet, but it was still there. Humming with a life of its own.

“After I got done licking your ass, you better be some kind of term of endearment!” he said, playfully slapping at her side as she settled down on her back, her legs splayed open like butterfly wings and him between them.

He hooked his hands under her knees and drew her legs up to her beautiful chest. He leaned down. Everything was open to him now, there were no secrets left. He flicked his tongue over her pink clit, then ran it down her slit to pry at her vulva. He dragged it across her perineum, and stabbed Bayan escort it at her delicious little butt. Her circled her anus a few times before licking his way back up to her clit. He went on like this for several minutes, from clit to asshole, asshole to clit, back and forth. His breathing was hot and ragged on her groin. Her eyes were closed and her throat was tight.

“More. There.” she said when he sucked and licked at her sensitive little clit. So he concentrated his efforts on this perfect little area. Licking and sucking on her clit, dipping his tongue to pull some her fluid into his hungry mouth, then going back to her clit again. He could feel her tense beneath him. The second crescendo. Her hands went to the back of his head and kept him right where she needed him. Her orgasm crashed through her like the waves upon a beach, and her juices poured into his hungry mouth. She kept his head right where she wanted it, and his tongue danced and danced all over her most beautiful parts. Finally she pulled his head away telling him to stop. That it was too sensitive.

“That’s how I do it,” he smiled. Then crawled up her body to kiss her beautiful tummy, the curve of her hip, her beautiful breasts, her collarbone, her neck, her cheeks, then finally her lips. His face was wet with her juices but she kissed him anyway. Their tongues found one another and danced together. His hands roamed her svelte body, caressing her breasts, her arms, sliding down her sides to trace over the curve of her hips.

“I want you,” she said breathlessly.

“Where do you want me?” he asked, leaning down to kiss her neck.

“Inside me,” she said, “I want you inside me.” She could feel his erection pressing into the side of her leg. She could feel the sticky pre-cum leaking from his cock and dabbing at her skin. She reached between them and took his rigid cock in her little hand, feeling it’s heat, its pulse as blood coursed through the thick, blue veins.

She guided him and he let her. He kissed up and down her neck as she slid the plump, strawberry-like head up and down her slit, wetting it with her juices. She moved it down to her vulva and the head nudged inside a little.

“Right there,” she whispered into his ear.

He pushed forward, slipping inside a little. She gasped. The flared head of his cock stretching open her tight little pussy. His roaming hands slide to her back and under her to hold her by the shoulders. He withdrew slightly then pushed in again, moving deeper inside her. She wrapped her arms around his back. He pulled out a little, then pushed in again, sinking deeper. He kissed her neck. He pulled out a little, then pushed in some more. He was sinking slowly inside her delicious body, inch by lovely inch. Finally his groin was pressed against hers.

“Oh, I’m so deep inside you,” he gasped.

“Oh, fuck me,” she whispered.

He began to rock in and out of her little body. Her legs wrapped around his hips to pull him back in when he pulled out. He pushed in and pulled out. He kept his hands holding her shoulders, keeping her steady. He pushed in and pulled out.

“Harder,” she gasped.

He thrust in and out. In and out. He leaned back and took her legs from around his waist and hooked them over his forearms, then began fucking her with long, hard strokes. In and out. In and out. He watched her beautiful breasts sway with every thrust. He leaned his head down and took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on the hard morsel. He pushed his cock in and out. In and out. She was cumming all over his cock. Another crescendo in their orchestra.

He took her legs and pulled them up onto his shoulders, and fucked her. In and out. In and out. He kissed her calf and held her legs close to his chest. In and out. In and out. In and out.

He let her legs down and held her by the shoulders once more, fucking in and out of her tight little pussy. In and out. In and out. He leaned down and kissed her hungry mouth. He licked her lips and her tongue. She came more, but they were still the little ones that would precede the anticipated bigger one.

His hands found hers and he laced their fingers together. Holding her hands down he lifted himself up and continued fucking her. Excitement added by the restraint, the domination, the forcefulness of the act.

“Do you like that?” he asked, leaning down to kiss her cheek and along her jaw.

“Yes. It’s different, but I like it.” She kissed him back. She came again.

“Would you like to switch positions?” he asked her.

“Sure. How would you like me?”

“Hands and knees.”

“Sure,” she said. He pulled out of her tight, little pussy. “Oh, wow! I feel so empty! Hurry and fill me back up!” She rolled over onto her hands and knees and he positioned Escort himself between her legs and she backed up to meet him.

He took himself in hand and guided the strawberry-like head to her puffy labia. He pressed against her opening and slowly sank back inside her warm insides.

“That’s what I needed.” she sighed, as he filled her.

“Just what the doctor ordered, huh?” he said as he pushed in and out of her beautiful little body.

“Yes! Just what the doctor ordered.” she pulled the pillow to her once more and rested her head down on it, and remembered how nice it felt to have him eating her little asshole before. The arch of her spine titled her pelvis and opened up her ass for him, and he was able to thrust in and out easier and deeper, oh so wonderfully deeper.

“Hmmm,” she purred, “More of that!”

And he began to thrust in and out faster. The sound of their body’s hitting together filled the bedroom. His gaze was perpetually pulled to their union. He watched as her pussy pulled out a little with every withdraw, like it didn’t want him to leave. He looked at her precious little asshole. And how it would flex with every little cum that she would have.

“I want to touch you back here, okay?” he asked her politely, ever the gentleman.

She paused. Her mind swam quickly, distracted by his fucking. She did like getting rimmed, his tongue had felt so nice back there. What the hell, why not? If she didn’t like it, she could just tell him to stop. But another voice crept up asking her, ‘What if she didn’t want him to stop?’

“Okay.” she said softly, holding the pillow a little tighter.

He brought his thumb to his mouth and sucked on the digit, covering it in spit. He brought it down to her tiny little rose and gently ever so gently pressed the thumb to that taboo skin. He ran the thumb in small circles over her anus as he fucked her long and hard with his cock. She tensed a little bit at the alien sensations. But he was slow and gentle. He wetted his thumb again and tasted her pungent flavor, then brought the thumb back to trace concentric circles over that sensitive area.

“I-I cant believe I’m letting you do this to me,” she said, her voice partially muffled by the pillow, but he heard her anyway. It felt nice, really nice. It was adding to the pleasure she was feeling in her loins as he pushed away inside of her. So hard, and so fast. She came again.

“I want you to lay on your tummy.” he said. “With me still inside you, just slowly slide your legs down until you’re on your belly.” She did as directed. “There,” he said with a tone of joy in his voice. “This is my favorite position.”

He placed his legs on the outside of hers and drew her legs together. Then he began to fuck her again. The angle he was hitting her at was driving her nuts. He kept hitting her g-spot, and she kept cumming and cumming. He spread her asscheeks and rubbed a wet thumb over her asshole again. Then his hands were on her back, pushing her down, holding her down. More domination, more forcefulness. He fucked in and out of her tight, wet, little pussy. He laid down on her back.

“I’m not too heavy for you, am I?” he asked.

“No,” she squeaked out.

“Good,” his head rested on her head, he breathed in the smell of her hair. He fucked her. His hands roamed up and down her sides. He fucked her. He slid his hands beneath her and cupped her breasts, feeling the hard nipples digging into his palms. He fucked her. He pulled one hand away and sought her mouth with an eager finger. She sucked on the offered digit as he fucked her, as she came. He leaned back on his haunches and watched himself move in and out of her little body, as she came, and came.

“Do you think you’d like for me to cum?” he asked.

“Yes! Oh God, please cum!” she cried into the pillow as another big orgasm washed through her.

“Where would you like me to cum?” he asked, teasing.

“In my pussy! Please cum in my pussy!” she cried out again.

“Tell me again!” He cried out, his own thrusting becoming more urgent as he was almost at his own climax.

“Cum in my pussy! Cum in my tight little pussy! Fuck me! Fucking cum in me!” she cried out as she rode yet another orgasm.

The dirty talk had its desired affect and he orgasmed, shooting his cum deep inside her little body. He slowly, ever so slowly, pushed in and out of her, riding out his climax to its blissful conclusion. Repeating over and over, “I’m cumming in your little pussy. I’m cumming in your little pussy.” Until exhausted and thoroughly spent he lay down on top of her again.

“Jesus, do you think you could’ve lasted any longer!” she said sarcastically. “I didn’t think you were ever going to cum. That you were just going to keep on going and going like the Energizer Bunny.”

“Sorry,” he apologized. “I masturbated before you came over so that I would last longer for you.”

“Oh geez, really? You didn’t have to do that!”

“But I wanted to.”

He wanted to.

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