Desperate Luck


Hi my name is Steve; I’m a 58 year old married short round man living in a small rural town in England. My wife is 70 we have always been sexually active but for a year now due to her age and illness this has had to stop. I knew that this would happen eventually but the reality has been more difficult than I anticipated. We have always been able to talk through even the most difficult of problems as we really love each other. To get to the point Sue suggested that I use a massage parlour rather than find a regular partner that I might become too involved with.

Well there is a slightly larger town nearby that has such an establishment. So I waited until Sunday morning at about 11, reasoning that this would not be a peak time. Armed with a load of cash I went to the back door and knocked. After some time the door opened and a pretty young woman (19 I was later to find out) dressed in jeans and a loose shirt opened the door.

I did not notice the broom in her had because of the obvious nipple action going on under the shirt. I stepped through the door and brushed past her saying something to the effect of how lucky I was it was her that I would be with. She blushed and in a faltering voice explained that she was the cleaner and none of the girls were here, in fact she explained they had had a busy night the night before and they would not be in until early afternoon. I must Escort bayan have shown my disappointment because she did not try to usher me straight out of the door but just fell silent unsure of what to do.

It was during this silence I heard the unmistakeable sound of a porn movie from one of the doors to our right. I went in to the room and saw a wall mounted TV displaying a cock plunging into a sloppy glistening vagina to the sound of grunts and moans of pleasure.

The sound of movement behind me dragged my attention away from the screen. The girl was leaning on the door frame looking at the screen with a wistful look on her blushing face. She asked if I would be willing to pay for sex with someone as inexperienced as her. Trying to stay cool about it I said that a woman as beautiful as her should not be that inexperienced. More blushes and she says that she had always be podgy and shy so the boys at school had not paid any attention to her and now she had lost the weight she did not know how to go about dating.

I walked up to her and cupped her cheek in my left hand wiping away a tear. She dropped the broom leaned into my hand and against my body with a sigh. We kissed for what seemed like an age I was reminded of my teenage first experiences. She stood back and took her shirt and jeans off and walked to the bed, I stripped so fast I cannot remember Bayan escort doing so. We kissed again while she groped for my cock with her hand. She pushed me away so she could get both hands involved and muttered about how hot, hard and soft it was. She looked at me and asked if she could do what they did in the videos and suck it. I think I tried to say ‘please do’ but I am not sure what sound came out, it didn’t matter anyway she was already there. She had been watching porn movies so long those lips and tongue had been aching to try the real thing. I was the lucky first taste.

Long strokes with the tongue up the length and deep plunges with the mouth and long strokes with her hand soon brought the inevitable result from my sex starved balls. I warned her that I was about to cum. Her response was to take my cock from her mouth watch the first eruption, feel it hit her face, squeal and plunge my cock back into her mouth with a grunt. After I had come down from the heights of pleasure I thought I was never going to experience again I heard her saying thank you over and over again. I just pushed her back on the bed say in that now it was her turn.

I kissed her tasting my own cum my hand replaced her on her clit as I covered her with pecks and nibbles all the way down to her nipples. She tried to push her hips and chest against me at the same time whilst making ‘uh’ Escort ‘oh’ and Oh My God sounds. I then moved on down to her hairy mound replacing my finger with my mouth. I alternated sucking her clit with my flicking tongue the bed was wet with the glistening liquid from slit. She had become incoherent by now and was thrusting her mound into my nose but I kept going for what seemed like a heavenly age. I became aware that I had a hard-on again and in a flash I was on top of her while she was in the throes of yet another orgasm. She was so wet that it was easy to enter her. The reaction was electric she wrapped her arms around me her legs gripped the back of my knees and she howled. I could not move much just a few twitches of my hips but it did not seem to matter to her she grunted and suddenly totally relaxed saying thank you thank you over and over again. We lay beside each other with silly grins on our faces then suddenly thought, seemingly together, what if the ‘girls’ turn up and looked at the clock thinking it must have been two hours or so only to find that we had only been at it for half an hour. We then realised that we had not even exchanged names. We did all the formalities while we took a leisurely shower together, her desire to experience more of the new pleasure meant that my stamina was pleasantly tested by her sucking me hard again and pushing into her from behind.

I helped her finish her chores and gave her a lift home we exchanged telephone numbers and have met regularly since then I hope my wife has not noticed but Rachael and I are developing deeper feelings for each other at each meeting.

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