Deep Red Desire


Deep red lighting illuminates the understated furnishing of the hotel bar. Dark, polished wood gleams in the low glow. Jaxson sweeps his eyes over the room. He pulls nervously at the hem of his plum button down, the colour complimenting his dark skin. The room has a soft ambiance with slow jazz playing over the speakers. The soft chimes of sparkling glasses tinkle in the background. Couples are dotted around the room at small round tables, leaning in close and enjoying the intimate atmosphere. A blonde woman sits alone at the bar. Jaxson smooths a hand over his short-cropped hair in a nervous tick. He feels his palms sweat when he clenches his fists.

Jaxson takes a deep breath and makes his way over to the bar, sitting on a stool two away from the woman. He signals the bartender and orders a whiskey neat and a glass of ice water. From the corner of his eye, he takes in the woman. She has long hair, straight and sweeping over her left shoulder. Her dress has a deep neckline, clinging to and showing the subtle curves of her body. A slit in the skirt bares a glimpse of her crossed legs, muscular and tempting with so much still hidden. The duck egg blue of the dress reminds Jaxson of a clear morning sky, hair shining like the sun rising over the horizon. He swallows against the sudden dryness in his throat as the bartender places his drinks in front of him. He thanks him quietly as he pays and tips, then returns to his quiet solitude. Jaxson sips his whiskey, savouring the burst of flavour across his tongue. The sharpness of the drink wakes up his senses and clears his mind.

Another sip and another sidelong glance. The woman is looking back at him this time, appraising him over the rim of a glass of white wine. Jaxson feels his cheeks flush and he sharply averts his gaze back to his drink. A single bead of sweat rolls down the back of his neck, past the collar of his shirt to trickle down his spine. He shivers at the ticklish sensation not noticing the woman move until she’s sitting next to him, offering her hand.

“Jasmine,” she introduces herself, hand held out confidently. Her voice lilts pleasantly, high-pitched but not grating.

Jaxson clears his throat as he meets her eyes, the shade of them startlingly close to the blue of her dress. “Jaxson,” he says, taking her hand in a firm grip. Jasmine smiles down at him, barely an inch taller but taking great satisfaction in looking down at him.

“Lovely name,” she says with a pointed squeeze of her hand. “It suits you.”

Warmth floods Jaxson’s body at the compliment and he knows his cheeks are deeply flushed. He breaks eye contact and looks down at the hand she’d clasped so confidently. He gestures towards her and meets her gaze. “That’s a beautiful dress.”

Jasmine smiles and thanks him softly, both sweet and sultry as she holds his eyes through her lashes. “What brings you here?” she asks.

“Work,” Jaxson says. “I usually work from home but I live outside of the city. Sometimes I’m required to make an appearance in the office to prove that I’m still alive. You?”

“I travel a lot and I just happened to be here today.” She takes a sip of her wine and Jaxson’s eyes are drawn to her tongue as it chases a droplet caught on her plush bottom lip. Jasmine smirks at his attention, revealing a flash of brilliant, white teeth for Jaxson to admire. He takes another drink to wet his dry mouth. Images of her sat astride him, smirking down at him as she takes her pleasure floods his mind. He pictures her baring that perfect smile at him before she leans forward and bites down. The pleasant warmth running through his veins sparks into a suffocating heat. Another bead of sweat trails down his spine and he drinks again.

“You- uh,” he starts and stutters nervously. Clears his throat and tries again. “You’re awfully dressed up to be drinking alone in a hotel bar.” Jaxson tries to sound confident, inviting, but he’s worried that he only sounds out of his depth.

Thankfully, Jasmine laughs, voice like windchimes in a gentle breeze. “Let’s just say I was hopeful that someone handsome would come along.” She raises her eyebrows at him with a slight tilt of her head and a smile. “Was my effort in vain?”

Jaxson’s ears burn. “No. It wasn’t.”

“Then things are looking up.” Jasmine rests her glass on the bar, left hand gently caressing the stem as her right reaches out to settle on Jaxson’s knee. He jumps, just slightly, her touch sparking an electric current beneath his skin. The way she smiles at him sets his pulse racing. Confidence grips Jaxson and he turns in his chair, angling his body towards hers and covering her hand with his left.

“For me, too.”

Jasmine’s eyes dance playfully over Jaxson’s face. They sparkle with delight and anticipation. She leans in with a soft smile and asks, “What are you doing here.”

Jaxson shivers and his core trembles. He shifts on his stool, barely resisting the urge to squirm. He swallows heavily. “I wanted company.”

Jasmine Escort bayan smiles, shark-like, very obviously satisfied with Jaxson’s answer.

“What a coincidence,” she says. “Me too.”

They finish their drinks quickly, both eager, though Jasmine is significantly more suave about it. They stand and leave the bar together, her hand on the small of Jaxson’s back.

“Your place or mine?” Jasmine asks, stooping just slightly to murmur in Jaxson’s ear. Goosebumps prickle his neck where her breath brushes him and a tremor runs through him at the intimacy of the moment.

“Mine?” he asks, looking up at her through his lashes, acting innocent. Jasmine smiles indulgently at him.

“Sounds perfect.”

Jasmine walks them to the elevators, her hand a steady pressure on his back and letting Jaxson know that she’s in control. It’s intoxicating. Addicting. For a split second he thinks that he could get used to the feeling, but he shakes himself out of it. This is just for one night, and he’s determined to make the most of it.

The air in the elevator tingles with anticipation and Jasmine caresses Jaxson’s skin through his shirt with her thumb, sending sparks shooting up his spine. The elevator doors open, and she pushes him forward. Jaxson makes a low, helpless noise in the back of his throat and leads them to his hotel room door, slightly dazed. He fumbles his keycard out of his pocket and opens the door under Jasmine’s scrutinous gaze.

Jaxson steps into the room, Jasmine a warm presence at his back. He lets the door fall closed behind them, shrouding them in darkness. The light of the moon streams in through the window where Jaxson left the curtains open, casting the room in a pale, otherworldly glow. Jaxson’s stomach churns as anxiety kicks in.

“There’s…” he trails off. Clears his throat. Starts again. “There’s something I have to tell you first.”

Jasmine drapes her arms over his shoulders from behind, hands smoothing a hot path over Jaxson’s chest. “What is it?” she murmurs in his ear as she presses her body against him. He pulls out of her loose embrace and sits on the edge of the bed, hands twisting nervously in his lap. Jasmine follows him over and sits next to him, sensing the shift in his mood.

“I- uh.” Jaxson starts and stops anxiously, and Jasmine lays a hand over his to settle them. He takes a deep breath and looks up to meet her eyes. “I’m transgender.”

Jasmine nods once, absorbing the information calmly. “Okay.”


She smiles and sets her palm on the bed behind him, leaning forward to put her mouth to his ear. “I want you to fuck me,” she breathes, soft lips brushing his face in the barest hint of a kiss. “Can you do that?” Jaxson nods, lightheaded. “Then okay.”

She presses a proper kiss to his cheek then, and another, trailing them closer and closer to Jaxson’s mouth. He turns and catches her lips with his own, bringing his left hand up to delicately cup her cheek. Jasmine parts her lips and Jaxson follows her lead, accepting her tongue and submitting easily as the kiss deepens. He moans into her mouth as she takes control, pushing him to lie back on the bed without breaking their connection.

Jasmine presses her whole body into Jaxson’s and trails her hands up his sides, over his shoulders and down his arms. She takes his hands in her own and holds them to the mattress either side of his head. Breaking the kiss slowly, she lets Jaxson chase her for a moment before pulling completely away. Still holding him down she moves to straddle Jaxson, settling in his lap as he gazes up at her, starry eyed.

Jasmine admires him from above, and her eyes feel like a red-hot brand. He squirms slightly in her hold, button up shirt rumpled and askew, blush spreading down his neck and under the collar of his shirt, enticing her.

“Stay still,” she says before letting go of his hands. Jaxson does as she says, but he can’t hold back a tell tale tremble that erupts as she moves her hands to his chest. Jasmine unbuttons his shirt one by one, slowly revealing smooth, brown skin, a dusting of soft chest hair and defined muscles. The shirt falls open, framing his torso like fine art. Two raised lines stand out against his skin underneath his pectorals, scars from a surgery long in the past. Jasmine delicately traces them with her thumbs, drawing a long, helpless moan from the man beneath her. Jaxson’s hips shift upwards involuntarily, his head falls back and his mouth drops open. Jasmine trails her hands further down, lightly tickling his skin with her fingertips before she settles at his belt.

“Can I suck you off?”

Jaxson’s head shoots up in surprise, finding her staring firmly at the fly of his dark jeans. “You don’t have to,” he says, and she looks up at him.

“I want to. Can I?”

“Uh- sure. Yes.”

With his consent, Jasmine dives onto Jaxson’s belt eagerly, whipping it open and undoing the fly. “Sit back on the pillows,” she orders. He wriggles Bayan escort out of his shirt and Jasmine helps him out of his trousers and underwear as he follows her command. Naked, he sits up against the pillows and spreads his legs, breath catching in his throat at the sight of Jasmine settling between them, blonde hair swept over her shoulders. She smooths her hands over the thick hair on Jaxson’s legs, inching them even further apart and getting an eyeful of what lay between.

Between his legs Jaxson glistens, wet and dripping with arousal. His cock is swollen, an inch in length and peeking out from the folds of his sex, a deep, attractive pink that draws Jasmine in. She leans in and plants her mouth at his apex, smells the sweet scent of his arousal a split second before her tongue breaches his folds and tastes the real thing. She licks a broad stripe up to his cock and takes it in her mouth, making Jaxson gasp and moan above her. Jasmine sucks gently, pushing the hood back with her tongue, then swirls wetly around his cock.

Jaxson’s legs start to tremble in her grip and she opens her mouth wide, licking at his opening like she’s starved. Jaxson’s moans fill the thick, still air, accompanied by the lewd noises Jasmine makes as she devours him. She pushes Jaxson’s legs up, folding them to his chest as she presses her mouth close over him, eating him out with passion and vigour. He shakes, moans, writhes under her attention, hips twitching and rocking into her mouth as he hurtles towards orgasm. Jaxson’s moans turn to deep grunts with every flick of her tongue against his cock and his hands move to find hers on his legs, holding them up with her as his head presses back against the headboard. Sweat drips down his neck, carving a cool path and making him shiver. His stomach tightens as Jasmine’s grip on his legs turns harsh, the sting of her nails against his skin finishing him off. He gasps and helplessly moans, the sound forcing itself out of his chest. Slick floods out of him and Jasmine laps it up, savouring the taste with a faint groan.

Jasmine sits back and stares down at Jaxson, admiring her handiwork. The moonlight bounces off of her disheveled hair and frames her face in gold. Her mouth is wet from Jaxson’s orgasm and as he watches her she runs her tongue over her bottom lip, chasing every last drop. Jaxson doesn’t move, entranced by her beauty and the unspoken order in her eyes, and her hands stay holding his legs up and apart. Jaxson feels his cock twitch, a rush of arousal flowing another wave of wetness out of him and Jasmine smirks when her eyes flick down and she notices.

“Not enough for you?” she teases, easing his legs down and planting his feet on the bed but not letting go.

Jaxson smiles and lets his arms flop either side of himself. “I can handle a lot more,” he fires back.

“Oh, really?” Jasmine cocks an eyebrow at his slumped state, making him laugh. She twirls a strand of hair around her index finger. “I was promised a good fuck so it’d be really disappointing if you couldn’t deliver.”

“I never said anything about it being good,” Jaxson says, drawing a small laugh out of her. He pushes himself to sit up and bring his face level to Jasmine’s. He leans into her but stops just a breath away from her lips.Their lips brush lightly and sensually as he whispers, “I need to get up.”

Jasmine giggles, chiming like a chorus of bells. She captures Jaxson in a brief chaste kiss and inches back on her heels. Her dress has rumpled slightly, but she looks just as glamorous as the first time Jaxson laid eyes on her. Strands of her hair fall in front of her face, and she blows them out of the way as she watches Jaxson stand up on wobbly legs. He shuffles over to the dresser opposite the bed, rifling through his suitcase that sits atop it. With a quiet ‘aha!’ he withdraws a harness with a dildo attached, holding his prize aloft triumphantly while Jasmine claps and laughs.

Jaxson steps into the harness and tugs it up over his waist, tightening the black straps and adjusting the ones around his legs to make it a snug fit. The dildo hangs hard and heavy between his legs, brown to match his skin tone and around six inches in length. It draws Jasmine’s eyes and makes her mouth water with desire.

“Can I suck that too?” she asks and shuffles to sit on the edge of the bed, dress riding up her thighs.

Jaxson nods and steps closer, tucking her hair behind one ear and caressing the back of her head. He pulls gently, encouraging her onto her knees in front of him, Jasmine letting herself be easily moved. Her mouth drops open as he keeps petting her hair, and she leans forward to rest his cock on her tongue. Jasmine looks up, beautiful light blue eyes meeting Jaxson’s soft brown ones, and she sinks down as she keeps eye-contact. Down, down, until her lips meet the base of Jaxson’s cock, soft against the harsh fabric of the harness. He can’t feel any of it, but the sight alone has him dripping and his Escort gut churns with arousal. Jasmine paints the picture of seduction as she bobs her head on his cock, hollowing her cheeks and slurping as tears well up from taking it deep in the back of her throat over and over again. Her hands clutch at his thighs, nails digging into sensitive skin and making Jaxson gasp. Jasmine pulls insistently, encouraging Jaxson to rock his hips slowly forward. He takes the hint and fucks her mouth as she moans, muffled and desperate.

Jaxson runs his hands through her hair and cups the back of her head with both hands, holding her still and pushing his cock further and further into her mouth. Jasmine gags and chokes out a rough moan, tears slipping down her cheeks as Jaxson holds for two seconds, three, then pulling out completely to let her gasp for breath. She looks up at Jaxson through her eyelashes, dewy and dark, hooded with arousal. A thin trail of spit strings between her bottom lip and the glistening tip of Jaxson’s cock.

Jasmine sways forward before Jaxson holds her still with his grip on her hair, preventing her from descending back onto his cock.

“Strip and get on the bed,” he says, deep but soft, and he releases his hold, carding his fingers through her soft hair. Obediently, and with a helping hand from Jaxson, Jasmine stands up and turns. Jaxson takes the unspoken hint and unzips her dress to let it fall around Jasmine’s feet, revealing pale, smooth skin and white lingerie with delicate lace details. She sweeps her hair over one shoulder and looks at Jaxson over the other.

“And the rest?”

Jaxson swallows thickly as his fingers brush over her skin, trailing feather-light from her hips to the strap of her bra. With a deft flick, he unhooks the clasp and Jasmine lets the piece of clothing fall down her arms and to the floor. His hands fall back to her hips and he caresses the waistband of her panties. He hooks his thumbs inside and drags them down, revealing her supple bottom inch by inch and savouring every second. They fall to the floor and she steps out of them, climbing onto the bed to recline on her back against the pillows, unashamed in her nudity.

Jasmine opens her legs, inviting Jaxson in as she runs a hand over her breasts, cupping and squeezing, flicking her nipples to stand erect. Her other hand dips down between her legs, clean shaven and flushed pink. Spreading her labia with her index and pinky fingers, she shows off her glistening core and starts to stroke her clit. She breathes out a soft moan, lighter than air, and it snaps Jaxson out of the lust-filled trance Jasmine had sent him into. He prowls towards her like a tiger, intense and focused, climbing onto the bed and blanketing Jasmine’s body with his own. He captures her lips in a deep, searing kiss and roughly pinches one of her nipples, swallowing the moan that falls from her mouth.

Jaxson threads the fingers of his left hand through Jasmine’s right and holds them together above her head. With his other hand he maps a feather-light path down to where she’s still touching herself, delighting in the way she shivers and trembles below him. He covers her fingers with his own, guiding them in slow circles around her clit, then dipping past them to press gently at her opening. A hair’s breadth separates their lips, both wet and full from kissing. Jaxson’s middle finger slowly breaches Jasmine and her mouth falls open with a sigh bordering a moan. Inside she’s soft, silky, slick in a way that has Jaxson’s mouth watering. Jasmine is loose and hot with arousal, and Jaxson nudges his ring finger in alongside the first. Thrusting as Jasmine keeps circling her clit, he moves in time with her steady, slow strokes and crooks his fingers in beckoning motions deep inside her.

Searching and caressing Jasmine from within, Jaxson turns the attention of his mouth to her neck, kissing and nipping down from the edge of her jaw to her collarbone. A sudden deep thrust has Jasmine quaking, tremors shaking her entire body.

“Right there,” she gasps, hips pushing upwards, her hand spasming in the grip of his left. He follows her direction, thrusting deeper and harder and forcing moans from her. Slick gushes over his hand and her fingers circling her clit turns frantic as she races toward her orgasm. Jasmine’s cries crescendo and echo around the room, building and building as their hands move in tandem until she peaks and gasps and falls apart. Her muscles clench around Jaxson’s hand and her hips buck just once. She grabs onto Jaxson’s hand and holds him in place against and inside her, riding out the aftershocks against his palm.

Panting for air, Jasmine sags, loose limbed, on the bed. Jaxson gently tries to pull away to give her space to recover but she wraps her legs around his waist before he can get too far.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asks, voice tired but full of mischief. She trails her fingertips in teasing, ticklish paths up Jaxson’s hips and waist, running over his stomach and giggling when his abs twitch. “We’re not finished yet, mister.”

“You don’t want a second to…?” Jaxson tentatively implies, taking Jasmine’s hands to stop her from tickling him further.

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