Dare You? Tina Ch. 06


I walked home the following morning, after a night in which Grace and I made love several times. She refused to talk anymore about Tina, although Grace did tell me she told Tina what was expected of her. I thought about phoning Tina, but I guess it was time to move on. Anyway I’d see her at the club from time to time, and take it from there.

Two days later I bumped into her friend Jayne in the high street. I didn’t really recognise her, not until she spoke to me. She asked if we could talk. She said she knew some of the things I had done with Tina. I told Jayne it was really between Tina and me, but she stopped me before I could say anything else. We had a coffee, although I didn’t really want one, and that was when I found out what Jayne wanted. She leant forward over the table.

“The thing is. I was sort of wondering if you could sort of help me, well us really.”

She stood up and slid on the seat next to me. Now I was fucked, pinned against the window, while she started.

“We’d like you to teach us. You know the things you do and all that stuff.”

“Who do you mean?” I had to ask, but I already knew.

“Well, I want my husband to be like you, you know assertive.”

I was fast losing the will to live at that moment, and then she started waving her hand trying to get the waitress to bring over another fucking coffee!

“Well, why don’t you just tell him?”

“It’s not really that easy, you see I’ve always decided what to do, and we tried a few times, but he just doesn’t sort of do it right. We just need someone to show us. I’d be happy to pay you for a session or two.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but Jayne was already talking again.

“I just want you to order me about like I’m a, you know, so he gets the idea, and help us with suggestions. You can talk dirty to me, and hit me with a hairbrush and things like that.”

The only thing I wanted to hit her with was a fucking house brick!

“Jayne, I don’t do husband and wife stuff. If you want to fuck other men, and he wants to watch, then there are plenty of men who would do that. No offence, but it just isn’t my thing.”

“Oh he’s not a cuckold. I just want you to show him where he’s going wrong.”

“Well just tell him.”

“I do, but it comes out like I’m moaning, and then he goes off and sulks.”

The coffee arrived and I wondered just how hot it was. If I could get it down my throat quickly enough, I’d slip under the table and make a dash for the door!

“Jayne I really think you should talk to him, about what you want before you play again. Give him an idea of what you want first.”

“I have, but he just doesn’t get it when we start.”

“Have you tried dominating him?”

“Good god no, we don’t want it that way round.”

Probably not I thought, because it seems she’s like that already, well out of the bedroom.

“Go to the Spider Club and watch what goes on. It’ll give him ideas, and then talk about it and try some later.”

“Oh, I just thought you would help. Tina told me about the club, but she didn’t tell me what she got up to, she sort of went red and clammed up. So, what’s it like?”

“Jayne, just go along, pay the entrance fee and watch, too much goes on to tell you here.”

She looked deflated, for a few seconds, and then I could see the light going on in her head. She wasn’t really taking the hint, and it was time to tell her straight.

“I know. Why don’t you think about it for a few days, and then let me know? I’ll give you my number.”

“I’ve got a better idea, come in here next Wednesday, and I’ll have a think about it, as you said. If I think I can help, I’ll leave one of my cards behind the counter.”

“Oh god would you? That would be great….oh sorry, but I really think you can help. I know you are only going to think about it, but please think hard. Would you like another coffee before you go?”

“No, I really should go, or I’ll be late for work.”

My head was full of Jayne talking at me as I left. How the fuck her poor husband was supposed to dominate her without getting a word in was beyond me. If I was to help them out, and believe me my life would have to depend on it, the first thing I’d do is shove her knickers in her mouth! No, I made up my mind I wasn’t going to, Jayne and her husband would just have to figure something out.

Friday night I went to the club. Grace was there, and Adam and Molly. Adam was grinning at me. I suspect with thoughts of what he had been told lay in my trousers. I wanted to thump his fucking grin all round the room, but I didn’t.

“Come looking for your little slut, oh I forgot, she doesn’t belong to you now, you gave her up.”

The grin spread into a laugh after his words. Molly stood next to him grinning too, but less so. Molly knew what was in my trousers, and I guess she hadn’t put Adam right on that. Friday nights are usually quite busy, but Saturday’s are the best. So my original plan was to go and have a couple of drinks, and then go somewhere else.

We stood watching Jim, and his slut talking to another Kurtköy Esmer Escort couple. Jim and Kay are husband and wife, but in the club they are master and slut. Their thing was Jim showing off his wife to others. He would pull open her blouse and make her stand there, and offer her tits round for a feel. I think they swapped too, because quite often they left with other couples.

Looking further round I saw Rachel sat in the corner with her baby. Rachel wore a long flowing dress, with a false bump in the front, so it appeared she was pregnant on first glance. Later on she would go into room 9, which was kitted out like a hospital room. Usually she chatted up men to play the part of her doctor and deliver her baby. Rachel loved being fisted, and now and then, a man would do it pretending to get her baby out. When Rachel came, that was the signal for her to give birth, and they would move to room 11.

Her husband would sit in his baby gear, in a huge cot. Rachel would, pretend to breast feed him, change his nappy, which he really did piss in, spank her baby for peeing itself, and then powder his ass. I had never seen it, but one day Grace told Rachel said she could watch. Grace said she found it less bizarre, and more erotic than she thought it would be. From there they dressed in whatever change of clothes she had for her baby, usually something like tight shorts, sandals, and a tee shirt, usually depicting the latest kid’s hero, or cartoon characters, and then return to the main bar, as mother and son. Now and then Rachel had spanked him in front of everyone, but it rarely happened.

The place was filling up nicely, and the velvet curtain opened and in walked Tina. She had on a long and impossibly tight green dress which reached the floor, flaring out I guess a few inches below her knees. She still had that little slightly embarrassed look on her face, but she was slowly overcoming it. I knew Grace was watching my reaction with a slight grin on her face, but despite feeling a jump in heart my face didn’t flinch.

Tina moved towards us, and when she saw me she faltered slightly. Grace held out her hand and Tina knelt and kissed it, “Good evening Mistress,” Tina said softly, and then got up a little awkwardly, due to the tight dress.

“Tina, did you bring the keys?”

“Yes mistress, I did.”

I knew the game Grace was going to play. At some stage the keys would be offered round, usually for a token fee of £30, the club kept half, and the master or mistress kept the other half. Then the winner got to fuck Tina. It was a simple game, but it produced a great deal of interest. Sometimes more than a fuck was on offer, but it was up to the Dom and sub, just what exactly, and the more outlandish the prize the higher the fee. The one thing which was stated at the very start was, the slave could not object to what was on offer, no matter who had the special key. It was open to both sexes, both to buy the keys, and to be the slave.

Grace glanced at me, and asked me to take Tina for a chat in room number 1. She knew I would go, and Tina didn’t have a choice anyway.

Room number one isn’t used for any sex games; it is used as a sort of lounge. It is big, and has several couches and small tables on which there are menus, not food menus although you can get food at the club, but menus on what is on offer in each of the rooms, and a list of club rules on the back. Phil came in just as we got seated with my usual rum and coke, and a large glass of wine for Tina.

“Grace, wants her slut back in 30 minutes, okay?”

He didn’t get an answer, and he didn’t wait for one.

“May I speak to you, out of mode?” Tina asked.

“Yes, if you wish.”

Tina could now speak as herself, and not in sub mode.

“Where did you go? Why didn’t you wait for me that night I did things to get your money?” her tone was close to frantic, her green eyes pleaded for some response, and her hands were clasped in front of her on her lap.

I made her wait, not on purpose, but because I was trying to find the right thing to say.

“You got Grace’s money back, not mine.”

Her head dropped slightly. I knew she was disappointed with what I had said, and just for a few seconds I wanted to have some control, over myself, as much as her.

“I know about your daughter.”

“Tina, what has she got to do with you?” I asked.

“Nothing really, I just asked where you had gone, and Grace told me. I want you to know I’ve missed you. I was worried about you, about well us. I want you to be my master again, and soon, Grace is going to auction me off.”

I stopped sipping my rum when I heard that. Although Grace had told me just before I had left her house in the morning, the thought of it happening wasn’t one which I liked. I wanted to argue it out with Grace, but I had already given up my claim to Tina, so I had no real right. I knew Grace well. She had a knack of finding the right slut, which a few masters or mistresses, would want for their own. Getting a good price renting them out, or in other cases selling Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort those who wanted to be sold, would appeal to Grace. Tina was too raw to be sold outright. Subs sold in that way would have to have a lot of experience if it was to happen.

“Tina, you can still walk away.”

“I know, but Grace has told me, she would ban me from the club for a year, if I don’t go through with the auction and try for my new master. She showed it to me in the rules,” Tina said pointing a slightly trembling finger to the menu on the table.

I took a deep breath as her green eyes looked anxiously at me.

“Tina, first of all, banning you would probably be a good thing.”

“I’d go to the other club across town. Do you go there?” her last four words sounded more like a plea in hope that a question.

“No Tina, and neither should you, it isn’t as, well, as well run as this one. They allow almost anything.”

“Well, will you bid for me, please, please bid for me?”

I could see her eyes welling up, “We’ll get back to that later. Tina, do you know how it works, the payment I mean for your services.”

“Yes, when the auction starts masters bid for sluts from other masters. The payment is like rent, if the sub is no good or wants out, then the payment stops.”

She had been doing her homework, but I explained the finer points to her. Because we had both decided to stop, then she was a free agent. As soon as Tina became Grace’s slut, the only way she could stop and become another master or mistress’s slut was by payment, or for Grace to let her go, like I had done.

She threw her hands up in exasperation, “Can’t we see each other, in secret I mean?”

“Tina, you know if a master gets spotted with another Master’s sub without renting or agreeing a price, then that Master is banned from here for a year also.”

“Well we don’t have to come here. Although I do like it, and anyway, what do you care if she bans you from here?”

“It’s not as easy as that.”

She looked down at her hands and then back at me, “Why, you are quoting rules that we don’t need to follow.”

“Tina, I can’t stop coming here. I have to obey the rules.”

“No you don’t, you’re just making excuses.”

Fianally I lost it I stood up and snapped, “I have to come here, because Grace owns one half of the club, and I own the other.”

She was definitely shocked by what I said, and looked at me for a while, trying to find something to say.

“How do you think it would go down with the members, if one of the people who made the rules, broke them?”

“But you are allowed to bid for me, will you bid for me?”

“I don’t know, it would be difficult, it wouldn’t look good if I got you back that easily, especially if I’m right in what I think.”

“Which is what?” she mumbled in a defeated tone.

“Tina, you have created quite a bit of interest, masters and mistresses are asking questions about you. Now sort yourself out, you belong to Grace, and she doesn’t like seeing her sub’s in tears, which she hasn’t caused.”

I walked out into the bar, leaving Tina to think on things.

“Well?” Grace asked.

Phil put a drink for me on the bar. Grace waited for me to take a sip and gather my thoughts.

“What if I bid for her?”

She gripped my chin and forced my head round to face her. Her eyes narrowed and her mouth hissed quietly, “Don’t be fucking stupid, do you want this place in ruins? Members would leave, and those who stayed, if there were any, wouldn’t trust us. No, I forbid it.”

“Why the fuck did you have to put her up for auction so quickly?”

“Because, partner, we haven’t had an auction since just after Christmas. I put the word out the day she came to me and asked to be my slut. While I’ve got her under my spell, I want to make use of her.”

“It is just about getting punters in then?”

“Yes, one of us has to keep pushing. I know we are making money and ticking along nicely, but we have to do something now and then to get the juices flowing.”

I looked round the bar. The usual was going on, but there seemed to be even more people in than normal on a Friday night.

“You spread it around that Tina was going to be the prize in the key game.”

“Well give yourself a pat on the back. Tonight she will be fucked, and everyone interested in renting her, gets to see the goods.”

Like I said Grace isn’t stupid. That is why I teamed up with her in the first place.

“It’s about time you started coming up with something new, and pulling your weight too.”

She was right, although I didn’t like to admit it. I’d work on something new for the club, but right now, I needed to take my frustration out on something, or someone.

“Grace, you’re right. Get me the key to room 13.”

She eyed me suspiciously, “You are not taking Tina in there I forbid it.”

“No I’m taking Molly in there. Ask Adam how much her wants.”

“This doesn’t come out of the till either,” she snapped, and walked away to get the key.

Adam Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort came back with Molly and stood staring at me for awhile, “If you want my Molly for a little fun, it will cost you £500.”

A few around us heard and gradually it quickly spread around the room. The price was a little crazy, but I needed her for two reasons. I looked at Molly who knew full well what was going to happen to her, and she licked her lips at the thought of it.

“Okay, you’ll get the money tomorrow.”

Adam laughed louder than ever, and the whole bar had gone silent.

“Now I want it now….or no deal. There’s a cash point over the road. You want to whip my slut I want the cash, now.”

In 5 minutes I was back in the bar. Tina was now back next to Grace. I dropped the money on the bar, and Adam picked it up. He flicked through the notes, and then looked up at me with a questioning look. My face never changed, he knew I was serious.

“Well, someone is desperate. So what say we put it up on the screen, so we can all watch?”

Grace nodded at me, and I nodded at Adam. If he hadn’t of suggested it, I would have done. This was the second reason; I wanted Tina to see how she might end up.

Adam slid the money into his pocket, “Well, fuck off with him then, you stupid slut.”

I grabbed Molly’s hand and pulled her through the crowd. There were already a few excited whispers going around. The big screen crackled into life as we went through the door into the corridor. I told Molly what I intended to do on the way, and asked her if she was okay with it.

In true sub form she said, “You are my master for the night. Do with me as you see fit, Master.”

Molly had been through this, and worse loads of times. She thrived on what was going to happen, it gave her thrill apon thrill to be punished, and tonight she was going to get what she loved.

The screen split into three, so the three cameras could run simultaneously. On one third of the screen was a side view, on another third was a shot looking from the head of the sub down his or her body, so every twitch of their faces could be seen. The third camera would show the business end, Molly’s ass and pussy would be shown on this camera, and all the pleasure or pain, depending on how you view these things, would be available to the eyes in the club.

Molly stripped as order, and knelt on the wooden bed frame facing the head camera. I tied her wrists to the shackles, and her legs apart while she knelt there, leaving her ass and pussy up in the air. We had agreed a safe word in the corridor, although Molly said she didn’t want one. I tapped it up on the computer so it was shown at the bottom of the screen. This is in case some masters or mistresses get a little carried away. If a gag is used a third person is usually in the room to monitor the sub. A signal is used instead of a safe word, again agreed by all involved in advance.

Molly has rings in her nipples, to which I attached two chains. The chains hung loose to start with. I moved round in front of her and pulled her face up using her chin, until she was looking in my eyes.

“Are you ready to be punished slut?”

“Yes Master,” Molly replied.

I moved aside and picked up a whip from the rack.

“Do you love me, slut?”

The whip cracked down on her ass when she didn’t respond straightaway. She jumped forward a little, and winced. I repeated the question, and I got the silent treatment again. So I repeated the punishment.

As I said, Molly is good at this and she loves the pain. The one thing she knows is, admitting to loving me, would upset her real master. I repeated the question 3 more times and got the same reply, nothing. So Molly got three more licks of the whip.

My whipping technique is like most, a few warning taps, which gradually get harder. I don’t like drawing blood, although some do, so I stop a way short of giving it my full power. Some like to just use the whip, but I like to be inventive, besides the sub should get some pleasure for their pain too.

I asked again, and this time Molly spoke with a put on tremble in her voice, “Master, Master Adam would not like to hear me speak of love with another Master. He will punish me for sure. Please Master have mercy on Molly, I beg you.”

Her words caused my cock to twitch. Molly was playing the part perfectly, but then she always did. My whip cracked down on her ass again, probably harder than the previous times. She winced and jerked forward.

“I don’t want to hear excuses, Slut. Just answer the question and I’ll cease.”

“Master I cannot say those words. I’m sorry, but Master Adam will beat me and sell me.”

The whip cracked down again. This time she cryed out. This was as hard as I would hit her, or anyone, and like I said I wasn’t using full force, just enough to make Molly cry out a little.

“Very well slut, I’m going to make your life hell!”

I reached down by her side and started turning the handle. My latest toy was now in operation. It has been done before, but it was something I had installed just a few weeks ago, and I added a new twist to it. The ratchet clunked loudly, and the chain attached to Molly’s nipple rings started to wind on the rollers. I stopped before it had taken up all the slack. The whip cracked down again, and Molly whimpered and again cried out.

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