Dancing in the Kitchen


I was thinking about you all day today. I was (am) wearing a white cotton halter top and a dark blue denim mini skirt that hits about midthigh… and bare feet. I was folding laundry in the kitchen while cooking dinner, dancing to music on the new stereo and I wished that I was in your house folding YOUR laundry and making you dinner and waiting for you to come home. The music is so loud that I don’t hear you sneak up behind me. Suddenly I feel strong hands caressing my breasts. I lean back against you feeling your warmth. Your hands start to grope my tits harder. I’m getting so wet. I try to turn around to kiss you but you grab my upper arms and tell me not to turn around and to keep folding clothes. I do as you say, carefully folding some of your t-shirts. One of your hands leaves my body and I hear a click as you turn off the oven so dinner won’t burn. Without realizing it I grind my ass into your crotch. I feel you pull away and know that I’m in trouble. I know that I’m not allowed to touch you until you say so.

“What did you just do?” you ask.

“I’m sorry Daddy, I couldn’t help it. Your hands felt so good and I’ve been so horny waiting for you to come home.”

“Why are you so horny Jenny?”

I know what I’m supposed to say. “Because I’m a dirty slut.”

“Daddy’s dirty slut!” you say, slightly raising your voice. “And what happens to dirty sluts, Jenny?”

“Ummm… they get spanked,” I say quietly in my little girl voice that you love. By now I have stopped folding clothes, since I’m more concerned about my impending spanking.

“Did I tell you to stop folding clothes, Jenny? Don’t stop until the basket is empty. Every time you stop I’m going to add 2 more smacks.”

“Yes, Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort Daddy.” I resume folding your tshirts as I feel you roughly raise my skirt to my waist. I cringe knowing what you will find there.

“You little bitch! Why are you wearing panties?! Daddy’s pussy is supposed to be free and clear of panties whenever you are home! You know that, Jenny.”

“I-I-I’m sorry Daddy! Please don’t be mad. I was late getting home because there was a long line at the grocery store and it was almost 5:00 and you would be home soon and I wanted to get dinner started, and I forgot.”

“That’s no excuse, you dirty cunt! You know good and damn well that you are to remove your panties when you walk in the front door!”

“I know Daddy…. I’m so sorry!”

“I’m going to have to punish you extra for this, Jenny. You really hurt Daddy by being such a bad little girl today.”

I put my hands at my sides. I am so ashamed of myself when I disappoint you like that.

“Did I tell you to stop folding clothes, bitch?!”

SMACK! The first slap against my ass lands hard on my right cheek. I quickly start folding tshirts again.


You are spanking me without mercy and I feel it sting even though my panties. It’s so hard for me to concentrate on folding clothes while you are spanking me so hard.

“Daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t follow my rules, Jenny. It makes Daddy very mad. Are you sorry for what you have done?”

(SMACK!)”Oh! Daddy (SMACK!)I’m so…..sorry! I promise to (SMACK!)always follow your (SMACK!) rules from now on. Please Daddy, I promise. (SMACK!SMACK! SMACK!) Please stop!”

“You Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort don’t tell me when to stop, slut! I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson. Put those clothes down and pull your panties down to your ankles.”

I quickly do as you say, so as not to upset you further.


“You WILL obey my fucking rules! You WILL NOT talk back to me. I own you, cunt!!”

You’re spanking my ass even harder and I no longer have the slight protection of my white satin bikini panties. I start to cry from the excruciating pain. You don’t let up at all. There are no pauses or breaks. Then suddenly you reach down to finger my pussy with two of your thick fingers and I can hear your fingers sloshing around in there. You reach around and wipe your fingers off on my cheek at the corner of my mouth.

“Why is Daddy’s pussy so wet, Jenny?” you ask.

“Because I’m a dirty slut,” I answer without hesitating, quickly adding “Your dirty slut, Daddy.”

I hear the smile in your voice as you respond, “Good girl.”

Then you remove my panties from around my ankles and lift the crotch to your nose. “Smells like Daddy’s little girl likes to have her ass spanked hard. If that is so then I know what will really make her squirt.”

I hear your unbuckle your belt and its then that I realize how much trouble I’m in. You only whip me with your belt when I’ve been especially naughty or blatantly disobeyed you.

You ball up my wet panties and stuff them into my mouth, knowing that I will scream with each stroke of your heavy leather belt. Without pause you begin striking me again and again with your belt. My screams muffled by Kurtköy İranlı Escort the panties in my mouth only serve to spur you on as you whip me harder and faster. My entire body is tensing with each and every scream. Just as I feel like I’m about to pass out you stop a moment to lightly run your fingers along the quickly raising welts. I jump at the touch, which angers you because I should be grateful to feel you touching me at all. You began whipping me harder than ever, yelling at me

“Goddammit, cunt you will learn to obey me fully or I will whip you with my belt every fucking day, morning and night until you listen… You know the fucking rules!! They haven’t fucking changed!! NO FUCKING PANTIES ON IN THE GODDAMN HOUSE!!!!!!” Each word of your last sentence if punctuated with a vicious stroke to the very top of the crack of my ass which you know is my most sensitive area. I would rather have you whip my pussy than that area.

I cannot stand up on my own anymore, so you are holding me upright by the hair, forcing me to lean forward at an angle, using my hair as a hand-hold as you whip me.

Without warning you stop and spin me around to face you. My eyes are red and swollen with tears streaming down my face.

“Oh yeah baby. Daddy loves it when you cry.”

You remove the panties from my mouth and kiss me passionately and hold me tight til my sobs are under control. I cling to you, apologizing over and over. You rub my back and smooth my hair, speaking softly and sweetly to me. You reach down to pull down my skirt, then turn the oven on.

“How much longer til dinner?” you ask.

“About another 20 minutes or so,” I reply trying to stop my hiccups.

“Good. That gives me time to take a shower and change out the padded dining room chairs for the unpadded wooden ones.”

You laugh as you see the crushed look on my face. The unpadded chairs will make my sore and welted ass worse.

“Jenny, my love, I told you I was going to make you learn to follow my rules.”

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