Daddy’s Bunny

Gianna Michaels

Constructive criticism is always welcome especially since I’ve been away awhile.


FUCK,” I shouted as I climbed out of my car as I watched my favorite tumbler crash to the concrete of my drive. I heard the shatter as I rolled my eyes towards the heavens. I wondered if things could get worse as my brain reminded me Daddy was going to be at work late today. You’d think at 28 I be better able to handle my shit.

I fought back the need to sit in my driveway and sob. No sweet messages to remind me today was bad not everyday was bad; I was not bad I was simply having a bad day. I looked at the broken plastic and bent over to pick most of it up. I shoved it in my purse while I grabbed my house keys and headed towards my door.

I waved at the sweet old lady next door kicking myself for my foul language moments before. She’s a hundred at least I think, she was old when I was a kid. Daddy would be pretty upset about my potty mouth earlier too. I sighed, thinking of the spanking I’d likely receive if he had heard me. My hair was left up in my ponytail too…I’d get double for that. He loves my curls free tumbling down my back but just for him. My pussy gushed at the thoughts of punishment. “What Daddy doesn’t know,” I muttered to myself.

Once inside I placed my keys in their spot and hung up my purse, stuffing my name badge in there; stupid thing was part of the drama today. As I was turned to remove my shoes I was roughly shoved into my front door. I knew immediately from the force and the grip exactly who it was. I melted immediately into the door whimpering, “Daddy?”

A soft chuckle and a possessive grab of my ass was my confirmation. “Tsk, tsk,tsk,” he sucked through his teeth next to my ear, “My ears must have heard someone else outside?” I shook my head, definitely did NOT want to add lies to the list I could hear him calculating.

“I’m sorry,” I stated. I could feel him waiting and gasped, “DADDY! I’m sorry, Daddy.”

He chuckled again, “That’s two, my little bunny, what’s number three…?”

“My ha-“

“Rhetorical,” he growled, “I know you KNOW what it is. What I don’t understand is why it’s FUCKING UP!” His fingers dug into my ponytail searching out my elastic. He yanked and it tangled about halfway down. “Take it down! DON’T turn around.” My nerves already frayed from my day were jumping and it made it difficult to find the tangled elastic.

I began to untangle it with shaking fingers when I felt Daddy press into me. “Breath,” he said stroking my cheek softly, “Is this yellow?”

“No, Daddy,” I responded. He kissed my temple as the elastic slipped out.

“Now, I came because your texts were few and far between today as well as being very short. I pushed myself to get HERE to YOU knowing your day must have been very bad,” Daddy began, ” What do my ears hear upon your arrival but words meant for my ears, for times I am inside you. You come in and my hair is STILL up. And you forget…to…use…MY…NAME.” Daddy says the last bit softly, dangerously as though the words are clinging to his tongue.

“I was excited, I wanted to take care of you, I wanted inside you, I just knew if I could get to my sweet, soft, chubby, little, pink haired bunny she’d be so happy,” he said.

I groaned, “Dad…”

LAgain he cuts me off, “NO! Bad days do NOT mean we forget rules!” I start to cry tears of frustration and sadness. He turns my head a bit and licks away a few, “No, no. Now my good girl accepts her consequences.” I shakily sigh and nod.

“Yellow,” he asks again. “No, Daddy.” Another quick kiss to my temple. “Alright, scrubs Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort down and hands on the door,” he commands. He quickly caresses my ass, “No panties? That’s

my very good girl.” His hand slides between my ass cheeks lower until his fingers are teasing my wetness. “Mmm, my little one is already wet. Now, five, five and seven…you know I hate when you forget my name.” His forehead is pressed in between my shoulder blades and I feel his sadness.

I press my head against the door, “I am so sorry, Daddy.” I feel his kiss replace his head and hear the whoosh of his belt sliding through the loops.

“You will be little girl.”

I gulp. “This is not good,” my brain screams, “Daddy loves me, he punishes to teach not to hurt.” The belt slices through the air and my left ass cheek feels like it’s on fire, “Ahh…One!” My body instantly begins to drift and by the fifth strike I’m floating. My brain begins it’s inner dialogue, “Oh, I really (SIX) needed this! (SEVEN, Daddy) Daddy loves us. (EIGHT) Daddy adores (AHHH NINE) us.” I struggle to slow my breathing as my slick cunt begins to throb. Right, left, 12 lands in my right cheek.

Daddy’s hands stroke my heated cheeks. I push back into them, “5 more,” I remind myself. He’s pausing, “13, 13, 13…” I chant in my head. Suddenly two of his fingers slide inside me my drenched slit. I gasp, wiggling, willing my body to not begin fucking myself further onto them.

“Very good, my sweet bunny,” he growls. A finger slides around my hard needy little clit. I groan and press my face into the door cursing it for not being cool; but I don’t move.

“Just for that Sweetness I’ll give you a reward,” he whispers in my ear while teasing my aching pussy. He steps back and I prepare for 13. This time though it is his hand.

“13,” I whimper. He is instantly pressed against and I rock against his hardness.

“Such a good girl.” 14, 15, 16 and finally 17 are delivered rapidly. My body collapses against the door. I don’t hear his pants drop and barely feel his nakedness against me before his is inside my hungry hole. My head drops back into his shoulder and my eyelids flutter as I shove my ass back and up arching to take him deeper.

“Fffffuuucckk, Daddy!” His hand grips my throat and he again growls against my ear.

“Don’t you fucking cum, slut!” He’s moving so fast and hard and bouncing me between the door and his hips I’m struggling almost instantly to contain my explosion.

“Daddy…oh fuck…please please slow…” I start.

He shoves himself hard and deep inside. He fingers come up and are now buried in my mouth, “MINE,” he grunt growls at me. I can only moan. “My little slut is going to fucking wait.”

My chest feels as if there’s not enough air in the world, I close my eyes desperately trying to calm myself. His hand slips out of my mouth and before I can fully gasp for air those saliva slick fingers are mashing my clit. It’s moments before I’m screaming my orgasm into the door.

I hear Daddy laugh; deep, dark, rich and filled with promises of a punishment. “I’m fucking cumming again,” I blush as his wicked giggle sends my twat into over drive.

Daddy’s fingers are tangled in my hair and I am whipped around, and shoved onto the floor. “Daddy knows us so well,” my brain coos. Still facing away from Daddy my hips are ripped up angling my ass just the way he likes for doggy style. Again he waste no time time driving into me with a hungry growl.

“I came because I knew just what Daddy’s girl needed. But Daddy had a plan for her, too. I want to hear you beg. Not to Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort cum, oh no, Little One. Daddy wants you to beg him to STOP.” He holds himself still inside at stop. I whimper and move my hips back, aching for him to move inside me. “My good sweet slut still needs Daddy, doesn’t she?”

“YES!,” I scream, ” fuck me please Daddy. Please!!”

He chuckles again as he begins slamming in and out of me. “Daddy’s good girl can cum as often as she wants,” he laughs, “she just has to say she’s cumming.”

“Nononono,” my brain screams, my cock hungry cunt drools though. I know this game. I hate this game. My punishment now very clear. Daddy never meant for me to not cum that first time. “4 is the most he’s ever made me go,” I think, “I can do this. I won’t beg.”

Daddy chuckles again, “are you counting the times before, Bunny? I bet you are…but guess what? Daddy’s been here awhile and I have a little present.” A pair of black panties are shoved in my face and then my mouth, “Hold these a minute. Can you smell that, can you TASTE that?” I squeeze my eyes shut as the scent and taste of Daddy’s cum floods my senses. “That’s right, Babygirl. Twice…you know what that means don’t you?

I whimper and nod, my mouth now drooling over Daddy’s cum. Daddy will go for at least an hour much longer if he wants. His pace slows and I attempt to drop my hips a little lower so he’s not pressing into my gspot. Daddy rips me back up, “No, no, no Sweetness, Daddy wants you to feel all of this.” It takes a bit with his slow and steady driving pace but I’m eventually screaming my release for the third time. My panties are pulled from my mouth and tossed aside. He pulls me into a kneeling position and kisses me. “Such a sweet chubby bunny.”

“Th-thank you Daddy.” I pant. He fucks me for a bit like this I love the rhythmic bounce of my ass as it connects with his hips and thighs.

Soon though he pulls out and naturally I sigh, thinking he’s done.

He kisses me, “Remember, you’re going to beg me to stop fucking you. You will cum on my dick over and over again. But first let’s move to your bed.” Daddy and I don’t live together. He hates it and sometimes do I. But I need to go slow and he understands that.

We stop in the hallway and I’m shoved against the wall, his fingers drive deep inside me while his thumb begins to tease my ass. “Mmm…” I moan. “On my fingers this time, Slut!” I whimper. His fingers are quick and nimble. I close my eyes my fingers digging into the wall. His thumb in my ass helps drive me quickly to an intense orgasm.

“Gaaaahhhh…fuck!! Daddy,” I mewl as I attempt to cinch my legs together and melt to the floor.

Daddy’s hand slaps my ass again and he reminds me, “MINE! Beg me to stop. If your words are sweet enough we can be done right here. I’ll use your sweet mouth and then we can take a bath and curl up in bed.” He peppers my back and shoulders with kisses. I take too long to think and he grips my hand dragging me towards my bed. He pulls me into bed as he falls in. He’s on his side and he pulls me into a cuddle. One hand begins to tug on my nipples first the left then the right while the other drags my leg over his hip.

“Put me inside you,” he says quietly. My hand moves slowly towards his thick member. I hear myself whining. “Daddy? Please?” His free hand meets mine and helps me position him at my flooded entrance. He presses forward and I grab his forearms. He draws his hand slowly back to my sensitive button. He begins move slowly. I close my eyes. “Open them, watch.” He kisses my ears.

“Fuck fuck fuck, please Kurtköy Ucuz Escort no Daddy.” I curl against him knowing before I open my eyes he’s pulled my mirrors from the closet. Gently he showers my shoulder with fluttering kisses but firmly says, “Watch! See what Daddy’s doing to his little bunny. She’s a sweet messy little thing.” I slowly open my eyes and groan. I fight to not shut my eyes tightly. I am his chubby soaking wet bunny. He uses one hand to grip and tug at my nipples while the other uses one long strong finger to slowly twirl around my clit. My cunt is stretched around him and he slowly pistons in and out of me. My eyes sink close and a it’s met with a slap on my abused pussy. They fly open.

“Please, Daddy!?” He picks up his pace. “Ohh shit no please no Daddy! No more.”

“Use your words,” he commands. My reminder of our safety words. I softly shake my head. He pulls my head around staring into my eyes the hand that was playing with my tits is now supporting my neck at the weird angle. “Play with my tits.” I put my fingertips up to his mouth and he licks them. I use my wet fingers to draw circles around my nipples and pluck at them.

His pace increases and I know he’s working himself up to cum. “Yes, cum inside please Daddy.”

“My good girl has to cum with me.” I begin concentrating, working my hips to collide with his. His deliberate pace is getting us there slowly and I know my orgasm is going to be big and after the others I know it’s going to hurt. Daddy sees the fear creep into my eyes. “Daddy’s Bunny has done so good. Her pussy is squeezing Daddy’s cock so tight. (My legs begin to shake) That’s it Babygirl, ohh fuck are you going to cum on Daddy’s hard dick?”

“Last one please,” I begin to beg, ” No more right? Please Daddy.”

“Now little slut cum with me now,” Daddy growls. His hand grabs my throat as he thrusts into me over and over. I feel his cum begin to enter me and the feel the ripples that start deep inside, my hungry gnash sucking as his cock.

“No more, no more please!?”

“I think you have one more in my sweet hole,” Daddy coos.

I scream knowing this orgasm isn’t even over but he’s out from behind me before I finish blinking. “Head board.” I grasp two of the spindles and I watch in wide eyed horror as Daddy’s head plunges between my legs. I try to snap them close but he rips the open. “I will NOT remind you again,” he states “This (long slow hard lick from my tender opening to my hard button) is (again the pressing lick) MINE!!” That stupid clit still fucking begging for attention.

“Daddy? Daddy? Please stop please let it be the last one. There’s…no…OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” My hips begin rocking of their own accord. Pressing my cunt against Daddy’s magically torturous tongue. “There’s no more…no more cummies please!?!”

His tongue begins to flick wildly over my clit just before he begins to gently suck on the tender thing. “Last one. I promise,” he swears just before my hips shoot skywards and my body seizes. My legs begin to shake uncontrollably and when my hips slam back into the bed my legs lock around Daddy’s head.

“You fucking bastard,” I screech like a harpy. I feel Daddy giggling against my snatch and I fight to gain enough control of my body to release him. “Suffocate for all I care,” I think as I struggle to gain the ability to release him.

Daddy extracts himself from my death grip, “Such a dirty mouth on my sweet bunny.” I curl into a little ball and Daddy rubs my back. After a bit I roll over and curl around him. “My bunny did so good. Are you ready for our bath?”

I nod into his shoulder, “But my legs are jelly Daddy.”

“Good,” he practically crows. He climbs out of bed and moves to pick me up.

“No! I’m too big Daddy!”

“Do I need to whip this bubble ass,” he asks with his Daddy face on. I quickly shake my head. “Good now put your arms around Daddy’s shoulders it’s bath time.

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