Daddy and Babygirl Ch. 03


*This story is not intended for viewers under the age of 18. Daddy and Babygirl are not related, they are D/s lovers*


Daddy walked in the front door and did not see his babygirl anywhere around. He started hollering for her, looking in each of the rooms as he walked by.

Daddy was walking up the stairs to the bedroom when he heard giggling coming from behind the closed door. Daddy very slowly opened the door and was surprised to see what was happening in there!

Babygirl was on their bed with another girl. She was very pretty. She had long brown hair, huge breasts, and a nice plump ass. As he stood in the doorway he saw the other girl laying on the bed with his babygirl between her legs, licking at her pussy and giggling.

Daddy very quietly opened the door and walked in, soft foot-steps making his way up to the bed. He drew his hand back and it landed right on babygirl’s ass. She never even seen it coming – but she sure felt it as soon as it hit! She screamed and jumped, which caused the other girl to scream and jump.

“Just what do you think is going on here might I ask?” Daddy scowled at her, but she could see the fire of excitement in his eyes.

“I had a surprise for you Daddy, this is my friend I met a couple days ago. I invited her back here and we got to talking and well one thing just kind of lead to another. We were going to wait until you got home, but we just kind of lost control of ourselves. Please don’t be mad Daddy.”

“Good girl, good girl. Daddy likes this. Is there room on there for one more?” Daddy smiled at them both.

“Of course there is Daddy!” Babygirl giggled.

Daddy takes off his clothes and stands at the edge of the bed. Babygirl climbs to the edge and starts licking and sucking at Daddy’s cock and balls. She winks at her friend and nods her head motioning Kurtköy escort bayan for her to come over and join in.

Allie gets up on her hands and knees and crawls over next to babygirl, and starts kissing Daddy’s cock. The girls’ tongues sliding across each other as they worship Daddy’s cock together.

“MMMM baby, yeah that’s it. Good girls!”

Allie and babygirl giggle excitedly. Babygirl stops and tells Daddy to climb up on the bed and lay down. Once he is there, Allie goes back to licking and sucking Daddy’s big cock as babygirl lays between his legs and licks at his ass.

Daddy gets up after a few minutes, and lays Allie down on her back on the bed. Daddy kneels over her face and starts fucking her throat. Babygirl kneels behind Daddy and licks at his ass and balls as his cock slides in and out of Allie’s mouth.

Babygirl plays with Allie’s tits for awhile, sucking them into her mouth and gently biting at them. She slides her tongue down Allie’s tummy until she hits her already dripping pussy. Babygirl plays with her clit and fingers her pussy. She licks at her pussy and her ass and looks up to see Daddy’s cock disappearing deep into Allie’s throat.

Daddy reaches behind him and grabs babygirl by her hair, pulling her off of Allie and up to the side of Daddy. He pushes her face down to Allie’s.

“Lick Daddy’s cock as I fuck her face baby!” Babygirl lets her tongue slip across Daddy’s cock, making it wet as it slides back into Allie’s mouth.

Daddy gets up and slides down towards the end of the bed. He lifts Allie’s legs and tells babygirl to hold them. Babygirl kneels over Allie’s face and Allie starts sucking and fingering babygirls hot, throbbing pussy. Babygirl takes Allie’s legs in her hands and holds them up as Daddy positions himself at Allie’s hole.

Daddy Escort Kurtköy rams his entire cock into Allie in one thrust and she screams into babygirl’s pussy! Daddy leans in and kisses babygirl as he fucks Allie’s pussy while she holds her legs up and Allie licks at her pussy.

Allie is writhing constantly and babygirl is ready to cum and Daddy is moaning. Babygirl looks at Daddy and smiles. She mouths to him *I love you Daddy* and he kisses her passionately as he fucks Allie harder.

After a moment, Daddy pulls out of Allie and tells babygirl to kneel between Allie’s legs.

“Yes Daddy!”

Babygirl kneels between Allie’s legs as she plays with her pussy, licking and sucking at it. Using her hands to play with and tease Allie’s tits.

Daddy kneels behind babygirl and rams his cock into her in one thrust, forcing her into Allie’s pussy as she groans loudly.

Babygirl works Allie’s pussy while Daddy is pounding her from behind, slapping her ass after every few thrusts in her hot pussy.

“I have an idea!” Allie shouts! “Daddy, you stay where you are and Babygirl and I will kneel right here.”

Babygirl follows Allie’s lead and they kneel side by side with their asses swaying at Daddy. Babygirl leans over and kisses Allie and they start making out with each other. They are teasing each other with their tongues and using their hands on each others tits while Daddy enjoys the site.

“MMMM what a sight you two are. Daddy loves this!”

Daddy strokes his cock a few times and then shoves it deep into babygirl’s pussy, getting his cock nice and wet with her juices. He pulls out and places his cock against her tight ass. She tries to look back at him but Allie holds her still with her kiss while Daddy pushes his cock into babygirl’s ass.

“Oh yeah baby, oh yeah!!”

“Fuck Kurtköy Rus Escort me Daddy, please fuck me and use me Daddy!” Babygirl begs.

Daddy is pounding at babygirl’s ass, and then pulls out and starts pushing his cock into Allie’s ass. Both girls have their hands on top of each other’s hands as they kiss and whine and whimper into each other’s mouths.

Daddy takes turns going back and forth between asses. Fucking them both hard, making them both beg for more!

When Daddy is ready to cum he pulls out of their asses and grabs them both by their hair and makes them turn to face him. Allie and Babygirl both start licking and sucking Daddy’s cock. One mouth on his cock, one mouth on his balls. They lick at his ass and massage his balls in their hands.

“Cum on us Daddy, cum all over us!” the girls say.

They stop sucking Daddy’s throbbing cock and they both lift their tits to Daddy and rub them against each other. Daddy starts groaning and starts cumming all over their tits and some gets on their faces.

Allie and Babygirl rub their tits together, sharing Daddy’s cum. Babygirl leans in to kiss Allie and they lick Daddy’s cum off each other’s faces. Then turning their attention back to Daddy as they clean off his cock. Licking and sucking off any cum that is left.

Daddy lays back down on the bed. Babygirl curls up in one arm, and Allie curls up in the other arm as they lay their heads against Daddy’s chest. Daddy strokes their hair as he talks to them, kissing them on the forehead.

“What good girls I have here! Daddy is so happy with both of you. Although, I haven’t forgotten that you tried to start this party without me!” Daddy says with a smile.

Allie and Babygirl look at each other and giggle.

“Well Daddy, I see your belt laying on the floor over there. Maybe it could come in handy in teaching us a lesson!?” Babygirl says with a big grin.

Allie’s eyes grow huge as she looks at the belt, and then to babygirl, and then to Daddy. They all laugh and snuggle back together.

“Daddy likes that idea baby, Daddy likes it.”

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