D Ch. 02


Note: Although I think this story can probably be enjoyed on its own, for maximum enjoyment, I suggest reading D first. Thank you! =)


In class, right after we fucked for the first time, D kept giving me these cute sideglances. She smiled softly, and even licked her lips at me. At one point, she slid her hand under the table onto my leg and slowly up to my crotch. I was getting a little turned on, so I decided to up the ante. She was wearing a skirt with tights again, so I quickly shot my hand under her skirt and applied pressure right on her 18-year old pussy through her clothes. She gave a little gasp and started to glow red. Our professor was lecturing, and no one seemed to notice, but she didn’t dare do anything that would catch anyone’s attention. I started rubbing her slowly, and she tried to pull my hand away, but ended up just pressing it harder against her. She started to gently grind her hips against my hand, and she was breathing a little heavily now. I felt her starting to get wet, and so I pulled my hand away suddenly. She gave a sad little whimper but I winked at her, promising more later.

Once class was over, I grabbed her hand and led her downstairs.

“You are so mean,” she hissed once we got out of earshot of our classmates. “We could have gotten in so much trouble.”

“You started it,” I shot back.

“Yeah, but you didn’t need to start… THAT… And then you just stopped!”

“Are you still wet?” I whispered with a wide grin. She took a deep breath and nodded. Her cheeks were flushed and it looked like she had even been sweating a little bit from all of that.

We got to the basement. In the building where our class is, there are music practice rooms in the basement, for whatever reason. They’re pretty large–most have a full sized piano, plus a table and chairs. Since it was the Escort bayan middle of the day, almost none were signed out. I quickly filled out the required sheet, and ushered D inside. I should also mention there are no windows looking into the practice rooms.

As soon as I closed the door, she launched herself onto me, sucking and biting my lips.

“Oh, god, I want you again and again and again…” she whispered, her voice burning. I gripped her ass as I kissed her back, massaging her full little package and making her squeal.

“Then you can have me.” I reached under her skirt, finding her hot little box, and began to rub again. She whimpered again, and started to suck on my neck, like a baby animal, nursing at its mother. She leaned against me, and pressed herself onto my fingers harder and harder.

We stayed like that for a while, until she was really soaked. I took a break from rubbing her off to take off her shirt, and then strip away her bra. I pounced on her tits, taking as much of one into my mouth as I could, sucking on it, running my tongue all over, and nibbling on her soft, bare flesh. This drove her wild and she pressed my head against her chest.

“Bite me,” she whispered, with desperation in her voice. I bit down gently and that got a good moan, so I bit down harder on her nipple and she whined beautifully, gripping at my hair as I chewing gently on her nipple. It was hard and swollen in my mouth and I was worried she would start to bleed if I went any further so I switched to her other tit, doing the same thing. That almost sent her over the edge. So, I thought, D’s tits are pretty sensitive.

After both of her tits have been sucked, bitten, and licked to her satisfaction, she started to undressing me, pulling off my shirt, running her hands over my chest, and then removing my pants. She Bayan escort got my cock out and wasted no time engulfing me with her mouth. She was even better than the previous night–for whatever reason, her mouth was wetter, hotter, and more delicious than before. I ran my hands through her hair, and on a whim, pulled her hair gently. She moaned onto my cock, making these sexy, wonderful vibrations run all along my shaft, and so I pulled her hair harder and this too drove her wild.

Eventually, though, I needed to fuck her, and she needed me to fuck her too. I stripped off the rest of her clothes, lifted her onto the table, and she spread her legs. I lifted them up onto my shoulders and entered her quickly. She through her head back, moaning in delight as I speared her wet cunt. I pounded hard as I could like before and she had to hold onto the table to keep from being driven into the wall. Her pussy was spectacularly smooth and juicy inside but I had another plan. I pulled out and scooched her closer, spreading her ass cheeks just below her cunt.

“What are you doing?” she asked, not understanding in her sex induced stupor.

“You’ll see. Just relax,” I whispered, and kissed her as I pressed my cock against her asshole. She whimpered and I felt myself suddenly slide inside, aided by her cunt juices all over me. She moaned loud and deep.

“Oh my god… Wait, I’ve never–” she said but I cut her off by pushing in deeper.

“Just relax, sweetie,” I said with another smooth kiss. I kissed over her face and neck as I settled my cock inside of her ass. I felt her twitching and trying to get used to its mass inside of her. I reached down and began to rub her clit, without haste, just twirling it around my finger. She moaned and squirmed, which felt great on my cock, embedded as it was in her tight hole. Slowly, I Escort began to thrust into her, still kissing her and diddling her. This she liked, and she pressed herself against me, coaxing my dick deeper into her ass, and grinding her clit against my hand.

We fucked like this for what felt like hours. At first, I didn’t dare go fast, for fear of hurting her, but after she seemed to have gotten used to it, I began to pick up speed until I was almost pounding her asshole. She was screaming, whether with pain or pleasure, I don’t know, but I assume both, because she begged me not to stop. I drove into her deep and then pulled out almost all the way before slamming my length into her previously virgin asshole. Each time I did that, she whimpered and whined like an animal in heat. All the while, I worked on her pussy with one hand, and held onto her shoulder with the other to stabilize us. She was panting into my mouth, and our kisses got sloppy and slobbery. She started biting me, like she liked to be bitten, and dug her teeth into my shoulder and screamed. I was driving my fingers in and out of her pussy, and making sure I hit her clit every time. She took a breath, dug her teeth into my shoulder once more, screamed again, and came.

As she orgasmed, she tightened up her ass so much, that I almost couldn’t move anymore. I powered through her though, slamming into her as hard as I could, and that only made her scream louder. The feeling of her twitching, squirming, orgasming body clutched around my hard cock was took my for me and I shot my load deep into her ass.

We lay there for a while, panting. Before too long, someone was knocking on the door to use the practice room, so I helped her get dressed and we left.

“Oh my god,” she whispered, clutching my arm outside on the street. “I’m still trembling.” And she was. I felt her shake, and I had to help her back to her dorm. Before I left though, she threw her arms around me, and gave me another hot, sloppy kiss, gripping my ass while she did it. I gave her butt a playful swat and she grinned at me as I left.

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