Customer Service With A Smile


First thing in the morning, and I was already half way to my first stop. I had a light day, which I was looking forward to. Mondays could be crazy, what with the weather getting cold.

A call came in over the radio; someone just up the road was having trouble with their heat, and had been without all weekend. I pulled over, took down the address, and punched it into my GPS. Not exactly on my way, but what the hell, I had plenty of time. I made the first turn, and began heading away from the main road. The further I went, the more secluded it became. I’d never been out this way, and it was a little surprising how thick the woods were so close to town.

Another couple of miles, and the voice from the GPS suggested I turn down a narrow, windy road. I was beginning to wonder if there was some mistake in the address, but on double-checking, everything looked right. I turned, and headed on down the way. Thick forest surrounded both sides of the road, which was narrow enough that I couldn’t turn around if I wanted to. So onward I went.

After what seemed like an hour of twisting, turning and bumping down the road, I came to a clearing with a house at one end. It was a rustic place, with a propane tank off one end. Easy fix, I thought, as I parked and stepped out of my truck.

The smell of pie was the first thing I noticed. Apple, if I wasn’t mistaken, and maybe a hint of….cheese?. This trip might be worth the ride out, after all! I walked up the path to the front steps, the smell becoming stronger the closer I got, my stomach growling at me for not having fed it this morning. I could see several pies cooling on the porch, and was tempted to grab one up, when the door opened.

“Thank you for coming!” she said in a voice that sounded tired, but relieved. She was wearing an apron over a loose blouse and skirt, no shoes. Flour was in her hair, which was a bit disheveled, giving her that just-out-of-bed look that always turns me on. A pretty face, and, from what I could tell, a very sexy, full body completed the picture. Not wanting her to get cold, I moved quickly up the stairs, hand extended.

“Morning, ma’am. I’m Greer. I got a call that you’re having trouble with your heat.”

“Yes, it’s been out all weekend. ‘Course, it had to happen the first cold weekend, right?” She took my hand in hers, and gave me such a warm smile, I felt like I knew her well already. “I’m Sherry. Welcome to my humble abode.”

“Thank you, ma’am. Those pies sure smell good. You been cooking all morning?” I asked, hoping she would offer me up a piece.

“Well the oven seems to be working fine, so I figured I’d keep the place from freezing and get a little baking in at the same time. No sense wasting fuel, right?”

“Absolutely! Why don’t we go on inside and talk about what seems to be the problem” I suggested. She led the way in to the kitchen, which was toasty warm, bright and smelled fantastic! She pulled back a chair and offered me a cup of coffee, which I gladly accepted.

“I’ll be right with you. Just got to check the last one. It’s almost done, and I don’t want to burn it.” She turned and bent down to open the oven door. The further she went, the more that skirt rode up her hips….luscious, creamy thighs that looked so inviting I completely forgot my stomach, and moved on to another kind of hunger. The edge was now just barely covering her curvy ass, as I held my breath, hoping for just a bit more. Closing the door, she stood and turned toward me.

“Just a few more minutes before it’s ready. Would you like a piece?” Oh, the thoughts that were running through my head now. “Would I like a piece? Oh my god I want the whole thing! I want to sample you from head to toe!”

I cleared my throat, and chased the thoughts from my mind for the moment.

“You Escort bayan don’t have to bother” I said, “although it sure does smell wonderful! You must be quite the baker”. To myself, “and I bet you can cook in other ways too”.

She grabbed her mug from the counter and joined me at the table. “Been baking since I was a kid. It’s what I do when my husband is away. Keeps me sane out her in the middle of nowhere”. With this, she crossed her legs, a bare foot dangling, her toenails painted red. A friendly smile came to her face, and she tossed me a shy glance.

I’m not sure whether it was the fact that my blood was already hot or something else, but this woman was looking just too good to be true! As she sat sipping her coffee, her leg began to swing just a little, and that foot reminded me of a lure I use when out bass fishing; just dangling there, waiting for some big hungry mouth to come gobble it up.

Being an observant guy, I couldn’t help latching on to the idea that her man was gone, for who knows how long, and wondering what else she might like to expend some of that energy on…

“It’s really no trouble. In fact, I’ll get one that’s cooled. Cuts better anyway.” With that, she stood again and headed toward the front door. The way her hips swayed when she moved was so sexy that I couldn’t help feeling my pants tighten. Her skirt was bunched just a little from sitting, tempting my mind to imagine what was just a layer of fabric away.

Opening the door, she eyed the line of pies cooling just outside, and selected one that had been there a while. Again she began to bend, slowly, sensuously. As she reached the pie on the floor, the hemline of her skirt rode right up onto her ass. My jaw practically hit the floor when I realized…. she had no panties on! There was no mistaking those sweet, pouty lips tucked between soft fleshy thighs. Now I had a raging hard-on, one that was not going to hide! Of course, the way she showed herself to me, I had a hunch this was exactly what she wanted!

She turned back into the kitchen, pie in one hand, pulling at the skirt with the other, trying to get it back down where it belonged, and kicked the door closed behind her. As if nothing unusual was happening, she set it on the counter and pulled a knife from a drawer.

Feeling a little dizzy, all I could think to do was try to cover this raging erection. I crossed my legs uncomfortably, but felt so awkward that I decided to just let it show. Hell, if she was going to taunt me like this, she needed to know that it was working! I leaned back in my chair, spread my legs comfortably and let it strain against the fabric of my chinos, causing an obvious tent.

I watched her cut a couple of slices, and slide them onto plates. Turning toward me, a slice in each hand, she glanced down at my trousers, a gleam in her eye, and a coy smile on her face. She set the plates on the table, leaning forward, her blouse falling open. The swell of her breasts under the apron was tantalizing. They were sizable enough, although it was hard to really guage with the restrictive nature of the apron.

Noticing that I was looking, she straightened, and untied the strings from her back, peeling the apron from her body. They were beauties! Full and soft, with nipples jutting through, obviously no bra to hide them. As she moved toward the kitchen, they swayed a little from side to side, the nipples tracing a line across the front of her blouse. I was dumbstruck, a little unsure how to proceed. I wasn’t used to being seduced, and certainly not by such a sexy woman. Not knowing what else to do, I sat there with a goofy smile on my face, taking her in.

Sherry brought over a couple of forks, refilled my coffee and sat, pulling her chair away from the table a bit and turning to face Bayan escort me. Her legs almost instinctively crossed again, as she picked up her plate and fork. Her leg began swinging again, this time with a bit more force. I was mesmerized, watching that hemline work its way higher and higher.

Taking a bite, she moaned, and asked me if I was going to try some. As if waking from a dream, I realized that I had been staring for some time. Very impolite, but I couldn’t help myself! I reached for my plate and fork, and took a bite. “Mmmmmmm! This is the most delicious pie I have ever tasted!”, I said, and I wasn’t lying. It had just the right balance of sweet and tart.

Heartened by my response, Sherry took another fork full. A fairly large slice of apple came away with the fork, dangling, looking like it might fall off. Raising it up above her mouth, she let it slide down between her full lips, savoring, sucking it in a little at a time, her leg swinging harder still. “Mmmmmmmmmm…..” was all she said, and it was all I needed to hear. I was out of my chair and on her, kissing those lips, tasting the warm apple taste in her mouth, my hands finding those exquisite mounds, teasing her nipples with gentle strokes of open hands.

Her body responded instantly to my touch, pushing herself into my hands, her legs unfolding and open. Our mouths locked in a deep kiss, breath becoming stronger and hotter. I reached under that soft, juicy ass and lifted her up onto my hips, standing over the table, taking in the sensation of her body warmth so close to my engorged cock. Sherry wrapped those strong legs around me and began moving, grinding her body into mine, causing my erection to grow harder still. Her hands were in my hair, and when my fingers began to probe her sopping pussy, a wanton moan escaped her lips.

Pushing her plate aside, I set her down on the table, finding my way to the buttons on her shirt. They were a tight fit, and wouldn’t undo easily. After a few moments of fumbling, the animal in me came out, and I grabbed the fabric and pulled hard. Rrrrrrrip….away came that blouse, exposing two beautiful breasts, nipples hard, areolas swollen. Sherry let out a gasp, and her legs clamped hard around me. I was beginning to feel a dampness through my pants, which incited me on.

Sherry leaned back on the table and looked into my eyes, that look telling me that she needed this badly. My hips were humping her slow and steady now, and her body moved right in rhythm. She reached up with one hand and drew me down toward those succulent breasts. Not one to resist in situations like these, I leaned forward, kissing her soft flesh, taking in her smell, her warmth. Her head fell back, and her nipples raised up to greet me. I took one in my hand, gently squeezing and pinching it. It was so hard and swollen I thought it might burst. My lips found the other, brushing against it lightly, then taking it into my mouth. Mmmmmm….this was heaven! I could feel her body respond, and her breath quicken. She pulled my head into her hard, and I began sucking on that nipple like I might draw milk. Her grinding became more emphatic, then her whole body tightened, and she stopped breathing for a second. The dampness on my trousers became a distinct wet spot where she had been rubbing, and I could smell her sex, which aroused me even further.

Pushing her back onto the table, I kissed my way down her body. She lay back looking at me in anticipation. I hiked those sexy legs over my shoulders, and began brushing my lips lightly against the insides of her thighs. Her scent was strong now, her skin glistening with juices. Sherry lay back and began stroking her breasts, sighs escaping from her lips. My tongue found the hard little nub at the top of her sex lips, and began flicking against Escort it. First one finger, then a second, and a third made its way inside her, sliding in easily. It was difficult for me not to cum right then and there, and was apparently impossible for her, as she bucked back against my mouth and fingers, groaning loudly. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it gently, while my fingers began a slow pumping in and out. Sherry’s groans became louder, and her body twisted and thrust on the table uncontrollably. I could feel the shiver coming from deep inside her, growing stronger and stronger, then a flush of fluid coated my hand and mouth as she screamed out, “Yes!! Oh God Yes!! OOooooohhhhhhhh….”

Her spasms began to subside, her body softening, a deep breath and soft moan coming from her lips. I slid my fingers out of her, and stood so that my straining cock was right there at her pearly gates. So aroused that I could have shot my load in two seconds flat, I took a moment to regroup. Sherry reached down and grabbed my hardness through my chinos, that coy smile returning. Her eyes were smouldering, her hair wilder than before, and I knew that this was the beginning of something beautiful.

“Oh Shit!” Not what I expected to hear, and all of a sudden, Sherry scurried off the table and rushed to the oven. In our distraction she had forgotten about the pie that was still baking. Opening the door, a strong smell of apple and cheddar filled the room. Perfect timing, if only by chance! Picking up her oven mitts, she bent to retrieve this tasty morsel, exposing herself fully to me. Her lips were open and inflamed, and slick with her juices. Those full breasts swaying in the heat of the oven, it was all I could do to not attack her right there. I undid my belt and unzipped, taking my cock in hand. I might have to wait until she was out of harms way, but that was all she was getting!

She moved to the counter and placed the hot plate down, and just in time. I directed the head between her legs, sliding inside her with ease. Momentarily surprised, she jumped, and then settled back into me. Oh god was it good….so warm and moist… receptive….Pushing her into the counter, I slid in further, then drew back out again. Sherry looked back at me as she bent over, giving me full access. Those juicy ass cheeks rolled back, and all I had to do was lean forward to slide in right up to my balls.

Taking another moment to clear my head, enjoying her sweet pussy gripping me, I leaned into her and kissed the back of her neck. Her breasts were grazing the countertop, so I took one in each hand. A moan came from deep in her throat as I began to slowly pump into her, pushing her body into the counter. With each withdrawal, I squeezed her nipples, pulling them, then sliding slow and strong into her depths. Her hips began to match my strokes, rolling back to accept me, then forward, pushing the length of my tool against her pelvis as I withdrew. Picking up the pace, we got into a nice, steady rhythm, both of us breathing heavy, banging into that counter until the dishes rattled.

I could feel the heat building in my balls, and the head of my cock begin to grow larger. I knew I was close, beyond controlling anything. So I began to thrust into her with all my strength, pounding her hard, and groaning, almost growling. Sherry kept right up with me, her moans getting louder, her body pushing back to meet me. The heat continued to build, sweat dripping, as we slipped and slid. My balls began to tighten, and I could feel the impending explosion from deep within. Banging into her harder, I let out an animal noise that felt so powerful that it might have been scary in another situation. Burying myself all the way up in her, the fluid that had been building inside me came spewing out into Sherry’s hot pussy…one hard shot, then another, then another. Forcing my cock deeper with every spasm, her walls gripping and releasing, milking my cock for all she was worth, she screaming out now, “cum for me…oooooohhhhh cummmmmmmmmm…”

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