Curled Around You

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I could see the two of us curled up on s lounge chair on a balcony several stories up, watching the sun go down. Well, I’d be doing most of the curling: one leg snuggled between yours, my head on your chest, and your arms wrapped around me. I know your fingers would trace patterns on what bare skin they could find- the back of my thigh, my hip, or even curled around my upper arm. We’d lie there until the sun set in all its glory, feeling that sacred silence, as if there isn’t anyone else in the world. As the dark set in I’d turn my face up to yours, lips trailing from collarbone, to neck, to jaw until our mouths met. A simple press of lips, and then I open my mouth to let your tongue trace the outline of my lips before venturing inside. My left hand wanders over your chest as we kiss, yours easing further under my short skirt as our tongues touch and taste, lips still soft.

You break the kiss to murmur, “You are so beautiful,” and I smile as you ease me onto my back. Leaning half over me with your knee between my legs you study my face and body, sliding your right hand under my singlet to caress my bare skin. I don’t have to ask if you like what you see because it’s written across your face: awe, acceptance, arousal and love. A potent mix.

You’re wearing more than I am, but my hands move over your arms and chest as you kiss me again, fingers of one hand trailing up to slide through your hair. I sink my teeth into your bottom lip and you draw in a sharp breath, knee pressing harder between my thighs.

“Cheeky,” you mutter when I’ve freed you. “What am I going to do with you?”

You roll off the lounge and stand, tugging me to my feet and slipping an arm around my waist to guide me inside. The bed is right next to the doors, and I laugh as you tumble me backwards onto it. Clothes decidedly rumpled I watch with a small smile as you strip your shirt off and undo your belt, letting your slacks fall to the carpet. I lie back as you move onto the bed in your boxers and lean on one elbow beside me.

“You’re overdressed,” you say with a grin, tugging the bottom of my shirt.

I poke my tongue out and half-sit, pulling it over my head with both hands. While I’m still tangled in it you undo the buttons on my skirt and yank it down over my hips.

“Hey! Easy,” I complain, but you’ve taken my underwear with it and suddenly all I’m wearing is a bra. You slide two fingers under the front of it with one eyebrow raised, and though I blush I turn away so that you can reach it to unhook it. When it’s on the floor I stay on my side, humming with pleasure as you run your fingers over my back before curling your hand over my hip to bring my body back to yours.

“Now who’s overdressed,” I mutter, and then gasp as you push me down onto my front. After a brief tussle I settle down with my head pillowed on my hands, purring as you begin to explore the contours of my body.

“Little cat,” you chuckle, and then let your nails dig into my side so that I hiss on an indrawn breath. But then your lips trail over the same spot, soothing, and I sigh as you run your tongue up my spine and kiss the nape of my neck.

“Ready to stop being embarrassed?” you ask, sinking your teeth into my ear.

“Ow!” I exclaim, turning my head.

When I see you leaning over me, bare-chested, I forget to breathe for a moment, struck by sudden lust. I wriggle onto my back and reach for you, drawing you down so that I can kiss you again. You groan as my breasts touch your chest, letting your lower body rest on mine as you wrap your arms under my shoulders. Pressed down by your weight I curl one leg over your backside, drawing your erection closer to where I want it as my palms frame you face. With a growl you grind your hips into mine, making me squirm under you as we explore each other’s mouths. Then you draw back and scoot down the bed, feathering your palms up my calves as you place a kiss on the inside of my ankle. I shiver as you move up my legs, placing kisses one after another on both sides and gently nipping the back of my knees. I’m finding it hard to stay still by the time you reach the inside of my thighs, whimpering as you touch your tongue briefly to my clitoris before moving upwards to kiss my stomach. Kiss by kiss you make your Escort bayan way up the rest of my body, between my breasts and up the column of my throat. But you only kiss my lips once, hard, before settling yourself down between my legs again, pushing my knees out wide.

I blush, hands linking nervously across my stomach.

“Wha.. What are you going to do?”

You lick one finger and press it against my asshole, ignoring my sudden whimper and the way my hands tighten on the bed sheet. I hadn’t expected this.

“Relax, you’ll enjoy it.”

But I shake my head, trying not to twist as I feel you slowly and inexorably push your finger past my resistance.


I jump when you slap my thigh, gasping as your finger drives deeper.

“Do I have to keep doing that until you relax?” you ask, gazing up my body.

Looking anywhere but at you I do make a conscious effort to loosen up, but it doesn’t satisfy you and you slap me again, pushing your finger right in this time and making me groan.

“Oh, that hurts. I can’t imagine having anyone’s cock up there…”

You slide your other hand down to my pussy and trace the outline of my lips, smiling as I squirm.

“You’ll have mine sometime, so start imagining. But for the moment all I want you to take is another finger.”

I shake my head, but you’ve already withdrawn the first and placed two at my ass, and I complain all over again as you push them both inside. It’s an odd feeling, having my pussy empty with your fingers in my ass. It still hurts, a little, as long as you don’t move. But then you slam two fingers of your other hand into my pussy and I moan, hands gripping the bed sheet for dear life.

“Oh, fuck…”

Your fingers rub each other through the thin wall separating my pussy from my ass, moving independently of each other and I can feel myself getting wetter because your hands move faster and deeper with ease.

“Am I.. going to get… to do this to you? Oh!”

But you shake your head, stirring your fingers inside me.

“Not tonight.”

And then you bend down and lock your teeth onto the inside of my right thigh, sucking hard until you’re satisfied with the mark you’ve left behind. I run my fingers over it when you raise your head, feeling the still-sensitive skin burn. You capture my fingers in your teeth, drawing them down to rest between my legs.

“You could help me out,” you offer, grinning, but I shake my head. Sighing, you slowly draw your fingers out of me, pussy first and then ass, and move off the bed.

“Let me wash my hands.”

Blushing, I nod, curling onto my side to watch you walk away and admiring your backside as it disappears through the doorway. When you come back into the room you pile the pillows up against the headboard of the bed and lean back against them, feet planted on the sheets. Hot with embarrassment and I wanting I stand, so that I can lower myself onto your lap- mortified that my whole body passes so close to your face. But your demeanour is all seriousness as you hold your cock upright, guiding my body to the position you want it in. I hold myself steady as you spread my opening and nudge the head of your cock into place. And then at your nod I let my weight drop and you slam all the way to the hilt on the first thrust.

You shove through that semi-resistance, midway between pleasure and pain and I moan as heat swamps my senses. We stay in that position for a time, kissing deeply and running sure hands over each others necks and arms. I lean back on a sigh as you bring one of my breasts to your mouth, feeling the movement shift you inside me. Your lips on my nipple seems to draw a line inside me from it to the point where our bodies meet, and you suck harder as I squeeze you with my internal muscles. Reaching behind I cup your balls, rubbing them firmly and searching under them for that spot. You twitch as I brush the top of one finger over your asshole, and I press it closer to see what reaction I get. Your hands tighten a little too hard so I take that as a sign to stop, shifting my fingers back to lightly scratch your perineum.

“Fuck,” you whisper against my cleavage. “I’m so glad you’re not blowing me right now, I wouldn’t last.” Bayan escort

Delighted I chuckle, bringing my arms back up around your neck and kissing you hard. I end up with your lower lip caught between my teeth, drawing back slowly until it slides out of my grasp.

“Witch,” you mutter, abruptly raking your nails down my back. But I think you forget how long they are because I can feel you draw blood. It makes my back involuntarily arch, and you shake your head with a mock sigh.

“You are hopeless. Come here.”

I press my face into your shoulder as you inspect the damage, your low whistle far from unexpected: I knew how deep you’d scored me.

“Don’t apologise,” I murmur, rubbing my lips against your collarbone. “Just tell me I can bite.”

“Nothing above the shoulders,” you say with a nod, and then dig your nails in hard on my hips to watch me squirm and whimper.


You trail one nail down my spine, feeling me melt.

“Now, now- no name-calling.”

“Then what am I supposed to scream?” I ask shakily, loving and hating that you’d flipped the passive switch in my body without even trying. If I had your teeth on the back of my neck… oh my god.

But you’ve shifted your body slightly and begun to move your hips, rocking your hardness inside me. I keep my head down, enjoying the friction created by our bodies sliding together.

“What’s it going to take for you to come?” you ask suddenly, not stopping our motion. I lean back to see your face, stifling a gasp as your cock suddenly pushes against my g-spot. You look at me questioningly, waiting for an answer. I have to look away as I say, “I don’t know. I’ve never been able to before. I.. Should I… tell you what I want then?”

Your smile makes me blush all over again.

“That would be a good start, beautiful, though I already know that you like a little bit of pain. I always come second, so I don’t care if it takes all night. Relax.”

I wriggle and mutter, “Easier said than done,” and ignoring your amused grin.

“Tell me what positions you like,” you coax, fingers stroking my back as I try not to look at you. “The bottom, or on top?”

Tracing circles around your nipples I tip my head to one side, watching them tighten.

“I.. like to be on the bottom, with my legs over his shoulders so that it’s deep and hard. And.. and I like being taken from behind…”

Your hands work their way around to my front, mimicking what my fingers are doing with greater effect.

“Could I have you on your side, facing me, with a leg over my hips?” you suggest.

The heat of my blush nearly knocks me out, it’s so sudden and hot.

“Oh, god, yes.” I reply fervently.

“Then move,” you order gently, lowering your knees and tipping me off your lap. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more exposed as you direct me onto my side with your hands, lifting my knee up so that you can move into position. I’m wide open, but it takes a bit of wiggling from both of us before you’re back inside me and I curl my leg over yours to pull you closer in. It’s like I can abruptly feel all the little things: the warmth of your skin, the way my shaved legs slide over the hair on your thighs, guitar calluses on your hands, and that incredible sense of comfort that I always feel around you.

“That’s better,” you murmur, gliding your left hand up my side. I lay my right arm over your hip and gasp as you start moving in me. Your right hand moves down to my buttock, digging in to help our movement.

“You’re always tense,” you explain, your head on our shared pillow so that you can see my face. “But you’ve just now completely let go. I think you trust me.”

Caught in the intensity of our closeness and the gentle coupling I nod, biting my lip to hold any sounds in.

“You know I do-oh!”

Chuckling you brush my lips with yours, pleased.

“Then let it all out, because hearing you moan, and all those little noises you make, turns me on. I’m not moving from this position until you’re begging me to let you cum.”

With that image burning its way through my brain I whimper, my hand finding its way into your hair as your tongue enters my mouth. I don’t think I know myself Escort for as long as we’re locked together, totally absorbed in you and what you make me feel. Your lips explore my face and neck, your hand alternating between grasping my hip and trailing between my legs to where our bodies are joined. I don’t know how you keep it up, but you move almost constantly in me, tiny circles with your hips that drive me nuts. Each time you put your fingers on my clit you build me up, stopping at a certain point so that I don’t climax. And with each wave I grow more and more frustrated: my kisses become desperate and my hand presses harder into your back. You whisper to me as you tease- promises of what is to come, and what you’d like to do to me. When you roll me onto my back I reach for you eagerly, but you push me back down on the bed and loom over me on your elbows. It’s agonising how slowly you move back inside me, a smile hovering on your lips as you find amusement in my impatience.

“We’ve got all night…”

I groan and thump your arm, trying my hardest not to turn into a jellied mess as your cock eases in millimetre by millimetre.

“You’re not even shaking from the effort, damn you.”

But I get my own back when your full length is in me and I tighten my pelvic muscles around you. Hard. You gasp.

“Fuck- what the hell?! Wipe that damn smug smile off your face!”

I twine my arms around your neck and pull you down.

“Not when my ass is still aching…”

You kiss me again, and I can feel the muscles in your body work as you move your hips in tiny circles. I want you to keep going, but I also want you harder and faster. But, taking your own time you build the pace slowly, ignoring any of my efforts to cajole you into more. So by the time you’re moving faster over me the world is starting to blur, every part of my body unbearably sensitive as I struggle to keep touching you and not just enjoy the ride.

I don’t hear it the first time you ask, lost in the joining, but when you pull right out I open unfocussed eyes, struggling to find your face in the haze.

“Beg,” you repeat, arms holding your weight above me.

“No…” I whimper, hands tightening on your biceps.

But you shake your head.

“Say it.”

I close my eyes, arching to try and get you back inside me. You smack your palm on the bed. “Say it, damnit! Ashley!”

Hearing my name from your lips my eyes fly open again and I look into your intent gaze.

“Say. It,” you enunciate clearly, arms now shaking with the strain of holding back. “Say it.”

“Please…” I whisper, my body shuddering. “Please!”

And then you drive into me, hard and fast so that our flesh smacks together. Now your strokes are deep, and I push up against you to make it even harder.

“Fuck,” you pant. “Don’t make me break my word.”

I know what you mean, feeling the heat rising inside my own body- but too slowly. Taking a deep breath I move my right hand from your shoulder and offer your mouth two fingers, shuddering when you suck them between your teeth. When they’re wet I draw them out and take them between my legs, placing them tentatively on my clitoris.

“Do it!” you groan, picking up your pace so that the bed is shaking from the pounding. I stroke myself a couple of times, and then find the rhythm that matches yours: unbelievably turned on as I watch you watching my hand. My muscles tighten unbearably as we move, your cock slamming over my g-spot with every thrust. So caught up in it all I can’t feel the first contractions, but you must because you close your eyes a moment before I scream. My climax hits and the world explodes, everything focussed on your cock buried between my legs and the near-agony on your face. Teeth gritted you only last four more strokes before you slam into me to the hilt and let your cum spurt, falling onto your elbows as we shudder together. Wave after wave hits me until the stars disappear and I pass out nerveless beneath you.

When I open my eyes again the breeze is blowing in the open balcony doors and your body is still pressing me down into the mattress. I shift slightly, wincing as various parts of me throb in protest.

“Quit it,” you mutter, face buried against my neck. “I’m not fucking moving.”

If I had the energy I’d chuckle. I settle instead for snugging my arms tighter across your back and curling one leg around yours again.

“I don’t want you to move. I’m comfy. And thank you.”

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