Cum and Gone


Have you ever got comfortable on the couch after hustling around your house? Struggling to gather everything you need to bring into your living room to enjoy a relaxing evening with your man?

I know I sure have! Then 25 minutes goes by, and you realize that the erotic story you have been reading seems to be going on and on about the characters past and what they do for work, or something that you just don’t care about. So here is my point, I am not wasting any time with that kind of detailing, I’m getting right into the hot and heavy story that you all have been dying to read.

As he drove out the laneway I quickly jumped out of bed and started running around the room. I knew he would be back home in about an hour, so that only left me with a small window of time to make our bedroom into the image that was going through my mind.

First thing is first I said to myself, off with the clothes! I ripped my shirt off and pulled my pants down, jumping around the bed trying not to trip and fall. I made the bed with red cashmere sheets and couldn’t stop thinking about his enormous cock. I threw on a robe, sprayed my perfume throughout the room, closed all the curtains and went into the kitchen.

I let the dogs out, grabbed myself a few beers and all the fixings I needed to make him a drink or two. The aroma of my pussy was drifting up the front of my robe, I could feel my clit starting to tingle and my pussy was getting wet. I was so excited to surprise him; excitement turns me on.

Back into the bedroom I go, as I sat my ass on the chair beside our window to catch my breath, I started touching my nipples. At this point, I thought to myself, what can a woman do in this situation? Wet pussy and horney. I shoved my fingers deep down into my cunt, feeling my juices in Escort bayan between each finger. All I wanted to do was cum! My knees started to shake as I bucked my hips trying to get my fingers even deeper inside myself. I could feel an orgasm building up in me but I stopped myself from cumming because I wanted to wait for my man to get home. I relaxed my muscles, got off the chair and away I went to have a shower.

I couldn’t help but touch myself so I rubbed my clit back and forth as I felt the hot water bead down on my hard nipples. Adrenaline rushed from my toes to my ears. Then I heard his voice. OH SHIT!! He is home way to early I said to myself.

“Babe I’m home, I brought the dogs in.” he yelled from the patio door in our kitchen. I hopped out of the shower and yelled back to him. “Thanks babe, I’m just getting out of the shower.”

My heart was pounding hard in my chest and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. “Awww babe, the room looks wicked, good job baby” he said to me in a loving voice as he walked over to his side of the bed.

I was in our closet trying to get dressed while freaking out about having no make up on. When it comes to our sex life, I am super anal about matching my make up with whatever it was I was wearing.

Finally, I was ready to jump his bones. I slid open our wooden closet door, wearing sexy knee-high white boots with a white bikini to match. He had his back towards me so I slowly walked up behind him and gave him the best five-star slap on the ass that he has ever received. The stinging sensation in my hand was real, so his arse was surely stinging too.

“YES baby, that’s what I like, do it again,” he said to me as he turned his head towards me. His eyes grew big and his body went numb as he laid his eyes on my sexy Bayan escort body. “Where did you get that sexy get-up babe and why haven’t I seen it yet?” he asked. “I just got it today off of Wish; took three months to get here but hey, I got it,” I said to him in a humorous voice. “Yep you sure did get it, look at you rocking it like a pro; now come rock this!” He said as he pulled out his big, hard erection.

My eyes skimmed down his sexy body and my hands followed… slowly…tickling him from neck to cock. His formation was perfect. Skin soft like velvet, his belly was big but not to big, his treasure line was trimmed to perfection, and his dick was to my satisfaction. “Your so hard I want it in me right now, would you just put it in.” I begged him as I slowly put his long thick cock into my warm, wanting mouth.

I cupped his first-class balls with my left hand as that five-star dick slipped between my luscious lips. My nipples were demanding attention, so hard and so pointy. I used my right hand to play with them, flicking them continuously with my finger tips. Sucking off my man was an action that for me, requires no hands to perform.

I stopped to catch my breath and guided his hand towards my dripping pussy. No words needed to be spoken, he knew what his job was so I started sucking him off again. He shoved his fingers into my slippery cunt, and worked his pinky finger into my tight ass. I had goosebumps from head to toe just moments after his fingers entered me. I could not hold myself back any longer. I pulled him out of my mouth and screamed I’m going to come.

Then, all of the sudden he pulls out a new toy, YAY! It was called the rabbit, and it was out of this world. This thing vibrated, it rotated, heck it moved up and down and even came! He Escort spared no time, ramming it into my pussy with all the functions on high, and that’s when I started squirting everywhere. So overwhelmed with arousal I squirted all over his arm, all over the bedsheets and everywhere else.

My pussy pulsated, throbbed and leaked juices everywhere as he slowly stopped fucking me with the Rabbit. Then without any hesitation I started working on that cock again. Putting him deep inside my mouth and using my “Oh-Snatchural” juices as a lubrication. I put my hand over his face to let him smell my aroma. His muscles started to tense up and out blew his thick, creamy load. It shot in my mouth, around my mouth and down my chest, covering my tits. I kept a tight grip on the base of his dick working to get more cum out of him. I love making him cum and seeing it all over my skin. It makes me feel like my job has been completed with satisfaction.

“That was just fucking amazing babe, where did you learn to suck dick like that?” he asked me as he got up out of bed. I rolled over and shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know babe I just put it in my mouth and hope for the best.”

“Well your mouth is magical just like that tight pussy of yours. Wanna…”

“Come here babe, bring that dick here for a second” I said to him as I reached across the bed for his cock. He walked around the bed and stood Infront of me. I grabbed him and guided his cock into my mouth. He started to moan as he ran his hands through my hair. Then his phone starts to ring.

“Yo what’s up man I’m leaving my place in five minutes.” He said to the person on the other end. He looks down at me and says, “I got to go babe but I won’t be long.” I sucked his cock harder and faster then stopped. “Wow, k, you have fun.” I said to him pist right off. I got up and stormed around him into the bathroom and slammed the door. I could hear him saying something to me but couldn’t make out whatever it was he was saying. I guess it’s a cum and gone kind of night.

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