Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 13


This is a fictional account with everyone over eighteen. Special thanks to my editor. For those of you waiting/wanting this to end, hold tight please.


The next day, after finishing up my last day at work, I began to collect all my stuff for school in the basement for easy packing in my car. After I had most of that done, I decided to wash the car and change the oil. I figured I’d clean it up for my date with Katie that night. A little sweaty, I was just finishing when Anna and Penny showed up in the driveway of her house in Anna’s mom’s car.

“Hi, Davey,” Penny said first. “Working hard?” She seemed friendlier these days.

“I’m just getting ready to head off to Cornell on Sunday.”

“So soon,” Anna said, acting disappointed.

“What’re you up to tonight then?” Penny asked, showing me beer in a bag she held.

“Got a date,” I said too quickly.

“Oh, with Megan, huh?” Anna said.

“Ah, yeah,” I lied, not wanting them to know who it really was, or that Megan was already at Penn.

“Too bad…we could have had fun,” Penny lamented, licking her lips seductively.

We said our goodbyes and I watched the two of them go into the garage. A few minutes later I could hear music playing. I assumed they were cracking beers and from past experience I wanted to be up there. I couldn’t, though, so I just finished up and went inside to clean up for Katie.

Coming in I ran into Darci heading down into the basement. I’d seen her since the time in the basement, but mostly just in passing. This time I had to say more than hi as she stood basically blocking my way.

“Do we need to talk?” she asked. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I guess I’d had too much to drink.”

“No…we’re cool,” I said.


“Really, Darce…everything is fine.”

“Ok,” she allowed and let me by.

I showered and dressed in a half hour. I still had a few minutes before I had to leave for my date with Katie, so I decided to spend it with Darci to show her I meant what I said. I probably wouldn’t have though, if I’d anticipated the questions.

“What’re you watching?” I asked, sitting down on the couch with her.

“Big Bang,” Darci said.


“You look like you’re going out.”

‘Oh shit, another lie,’ I told myself. “Out with the guys before I leave.”

“When are Pete and Zach off to college?” Darci questioned.

“Pete leaves this weekend, too, but Zach isn’t until next weekend,” I replied.

Darci also had another week to go. “You should have told me; I could’ve joined you guys for a beer. I wouldn’t mind seeing those guys one more time before school.”

“Ah…sorry,” I said. “I better get going.”

“Ok…I’ll just be here,” Darci complained. “Katie’s busy and Ellen is too.”

‘I know Katie’s busy,’ I thought as I took the steps two at a time, again saying goodbye.

Not only was I possibly cheating on Megan, I was secretly occupying Darci’s best friend without her, and lying to most of the other women in my life about everything. Suddenly, I felt miserable about the whole evening. This promise to Katie had me lying like crazy to practically everyone I held dear.

I arrived at Quigley’s early and got a soda at the bar. They let me sit at an unoccupied table until Katie arrived. There was a baseball game on and I watched, but with little interest. I was feeling a bit down, but when Katie came in I tried to smile and not show it. Actually, it wasn’t that hard. She looked gorgeous and I felt like the luckiest guy in the restaurant suddenly.

“Hi, Davey,” Katie exclaimed excitedly.

“Hi, Katie…you like great,” I added.

“Thanks…shall we get a table?”

Katie talked nearly non-stop at dinner, and her enthusiasm for getting back to school and the year ahead had me feeling good too. We had a wonderful meal and great conversation, but I sensed nervousness in her as well. The whole meal seemed to take twenty minutes, but it was really over an hour. We finished and left, still joking around. It felt to me more like time spent with a cousin or step-sister than an actual date and certainly not the prelude to a night of hot and wild sex.

Walking into the parking lot, things suddenly felt even weirder. My first sort of date with Katie and now we were supposed to go somewhere and screw. But where? And in whose car, or was one of us supposed to follow the other? I think Katie felt it too, but at least she had a plan.

“Follow me,” she said.

I did so for fifteen minutes, and was totally lost when we pulled into a driveway in an apartment complex. I was beginning to think that maybe Katie had a love pad or something crazy like that. She parked in front of a unit and got out. She indicated I should park across the way in a small lot. I did and soon joined her, still not sure what we were doing here.

“This way,” Katie said as she led us to an apartment door.

“Where are we?” I asked, a bit shocked as I watched Katie retrieve a key from under a plant on the small porch.

“Barb’s a friend of mine for years from bedava bahis church and junior high, but moved away our freshman year of high school. She moved back after high school. She is out for the evening and said I could use her spare room. Don’t worry, neither Darci nor Ellen know her too well. They’ve met, but they haven’t seen her in two years. She also has no idea who I’m with.

Katie opened the door and put the key down on the coffee table. It was a small apartment, but it had two bedrooms. The place was comfortably decorated and the bed in the spare room looked to be a double.

“Want a beer?” Katie asked. “She said I could grab a few.”


While Katie got the beers, I tried to get some music on the stereo. It wasn’t hard as the channel the receiver was tuned to sounded good right away. Katie returned and handed me a beer. We sat on the couch and tried to make conversation. Suddenly, it wasn’t as easy as before.

Katie and I had known each other forever it seemed, but faced with never having a history of dating, setting the mood for sex was difficult. Our previous sex had been spontaneous and without preamble. We hadn’t even really kissed much other than on birthdays or holidays. Katie felt it too.

“Good song,” Katie said.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“You ok with this?” Katie asked.

“Sure,” I said, but it lacked real conviction.

“Davey…we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I don’t want to force you.”

“You’re not. I do…it’s ok.”

“God, it’s not! Katie suddenly seemed to scream to the ceiling. You’re right. We shouldn’t do this. I see it now. You shouldn’t because of Megan and I shouldn’t because of Darci. Your sister is my best friend and she’d be hurt if she found out. I’m sure of it. Besides, I hate all the sneaking around and lies. Don’t you?”

“Yes…I hate lying to people.”

“We should stop this right now while we can still feel ok about it.”

“You’re probably right.”

“That’s it then. Let’s just go.”

“What, just like that?” I found myself complaining, shocked at how fast things had changed. I was so torn wanting her and hating myself. I needed and wanted the sex, but my heavily suppressed conscience took over. “I guess so.”

“I think we’ll both feel better in the morning,” Katie said, trying to sound convincing to both me and herself.

We straightened up and left the apartment. I couldn’t believe we’d planned this whole thing out and dropped the plans at the last minute. I was still torn, wanting Katie, but I somehow felt much better about our decision.

“You know where you are?” Katie asked.


“Just follow me. You’ll be on Rock Ave. in no time. Will you know your way from there?’


“Are you ok? Disappointed?”

“Yes and of course. You know I think you’re hot,” I told her.

“Thanks. You too, but this is better. It just feels wrong. I’m sure of it now.”


“Ok…follow me until we hit the light on Rock Ave.”


Katie gave me a peck on the cheek. “I feel better already. I thought I knew what I wanted, but this is better. Don’t you agree?”

“You’re right, it is.”

“I’ll be off to school this week, so I won’t see you till Thanksgiving break. Have a good early freshman year. Try not to let all those cute freshmen women find out your hidden talents right away. Study hard.”

“Thanks…hope school is good for you too.”

“Bye, Davey.” Another peck on the cheek.

“Bye, Katie…you’re the best.”

“Maybe not the best. You’d better go before I change my mind.”

“Ok, bye.”

I followed Katie and realized where I was. We parted at the light at Rock Avenue just like she said. I waved and she honked back. I drove on with mixed emotions. My male hormones were screaming at me, ‘You fool. You could have fucked that fabulous body once more and this was probably your last chance.’ My better half was relieved, though, that I had nothing to regret.

Back at home, I started packing my stuff in the trunk and back seat. Darci helped me until I had everything in the car that I didn’t need for now. She acted sweet, but I could tell she was still a little disturbed, or was it forlorn, from what happened the other day. ‘I need to say something,’ I thought.

“Hey, let’s grab a beer in the basement,” I said when we were done.


We went down into the basement and I got two beers as she sat down on the couch. I handed her one and sat on the couch with her. You could hear the muffled sound of the TV upstairs in the family room. It was getting late, so mom was probably already upstairs and it was just dad watching.

“Thanks,” Darci said, taking the beer.

“No problem. You’re looking forward to going back to school?”

“Definitely. I’ll have far more fun there than here.”

“I’m glad you will, because I know you didn’t like it here much this summer.”

“Yeah…I miss my college friends. Katie and Ellen are wonderful, and we’ll always be close, but I need different friends too.”

“You have some good guy casino siteleri friends there?”

“Yes…why do you ask?”

“Just talking,” I said, trying to sound casual.

“David…are you concerned for me?”

“Well…sort of. I just want you to be happy.”

“I’m happy. Don’t worry about me. Nothing’s wrong a good night out at school won’t cure,” Darci declared.

“Glad to hear it.”

“I’m sure you know from the other day what it is I need.”

“I’m guessing.”

“Why guess? It’s no great secret between us. Your poor big sister hasn’t been laid all summer. And before you ask, those guys down the shore were ok, but we never ended up in the sack, just the front seat if you know what I mean.”

“I think I do.” Actually, Katie had told me pretty much what happened.

“It’s been a little frustrating for me watching you screw like a rabbit, too. I’m not jealous. I’m happy for you, but it doesn’t help ease my need, either.”

“I can imagine.”

“I’m sorry about the other night. I was a little drunk and you just happened to be right there. I’m afraid I lost my head. Maybe it’s because I love you so much.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t more considerate, and me too. Loving you, I mean.”

“Nonsense. You were right. We’re brother and sister. That shouldn’t happen. I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again.”

“Well…I hope we always remain close.”

“We will. In many ways, we just have each other, besides Mom and Dad.”

“True…and you’re the greatest sister ever.”

“Thanks, brother…I feel the same way.”

We changed the subject and each drank two more beers. By the time we headed up to bed we were talking and laughing about different things. My dad was already in bed, so we tried to be quiet climbing the stairs. Darci kissed me on the cheek at her bedroom door. I said goodnight and headed to bed.

I’d struggled to fall asleep after drinking and talking to Darci. My own frustrations were building, what with Megan off to college, Katie out of the question now, and trying to stay away from Anna and Penny. I also knew that once I got to Cornell it could be a month or more before I got to see Megan again. I had my own hand and nothing more to look forward to for a while. After all the incredible sex this summer, the prospect of limited or no pussy for that long was very disappointing.

I thought about calling Megan and driving down to Philly for the day. It was Saturday and I was leaving on Monday for Cornell. I might even try to spend the night with her. That way we could do it a couple times and maybe that would help carry me for a while.

On the other hand, she might have other plans with her new roommate or school work to do. Maybe her parents were there, too. I’d taken her initially because her grandmother took a bad fall and was in the hospital when Megan needed to be on campus. Her parents probably wanted to see their darling daughter off to school despite missing the original drive down. Besides, Megan might be miffed at me if all it seemed like was a trip down for sex. Sure, I wanted to see her and be with her badly, but the truth was I needed her too.

Anna and even Penny could be easy scores without having to drive to Philly, but that presented other complications. I could justify it in my head as one last summer fling before school. However, I knew that was just a rationalization for my own desires.

I decided to call Megan and see what was happening. Were her parents there or was she alone too? I went out to my car for some privacy. Megan’s voicemail kicked in by the fifth ring. The message I left was just to ask how she was doing and to call when she could. Getting out of the car, I was disappointed and hoped Megan would get the message soon.

Rounding my car, I was headed to the side door of the house when I heard Anna call. I turned to see her shutting her back door and coming down the steps. She looked very hot in a very short skirt and with her hair in pigtails. Her blouse fit very tight over her tits. From the look of her bouncing breasts and her nipples poking as she neared, she lacked a bra too. I could feel my cock stir as she approached, smiling.

“Hi, David…how’re you?”

“I’m fine…you look gorgeous.”

“Thanks…I’m going out.”

“Lucky guy.”

“Yeah…ah…oh, hell…it’s not just one guy…I’m working a bachelor party again.”

“Oh…similar to last time?”

“Should be,” Anna said. “I got to go, sorry. Penny might be around if you want. Call her.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Maybe…have a good time.”


I walked inside, suddenly disappointed Anna wasn’t around to take care of me. I was feeling like Darci now, sexually deprived. With Megan at school, I was as frustrated as my sister. Katie’s change of heart at the last minute had been the right thing, but still teased at me. Feeling sorry for myself, I went down the basement to play some Wii.

When my cell went off, the noise from the Wii almost prevented me from hearing it. As it was, I probably heard more the noise of it vibrating on the table than the actual bahis siteleri ring itself.

“Hello?” I said, not recognizing the number.

“Hey, Davey,” I heard Penny say. “Anna called me to say you might be free tonight.”

“I guess I am.”

“Want to hang together in the garage?”

“Sure,” I said without even thinking. I was bored too.

“I’ll meet you there in fifteen minutes?”

“Ok.” I knew where this was headed, but didn’t care. This might be my last time with Penny, too. ‘It was just sex,’ I told myself. ‘Megan wouldn’t care.’

I bagged up a few beers from our refrigerator and finished the Wii game I was playing. In exactly fifteen minutes I headed next door. I got there first and put the beers in the fridge. I was just figuring out how to turn the TV on when Penny showed up. She came up the stairs with a smile and her hair in pigtails. I smiled back seeing her hair like that and the tiny shorts she wore along with a tight tee shirt. No bra, I could tell as she neared.

“Hi,” Penny said.

“Hey…good to see you,” I replied and meant it. I’d never been with Penny without Anna.

“Anna tells me that Megan is off to college.”

“Yeah. Hey, would you like a beer? I brought a few with me.”

“Sure…sounds good.”

I got Penny and me two beers and she helped get the TV on a good channel. We sat down together on the couch and sipped our beers. Penny sat sideways towards me on the couch while I just stared mostly at the TV.

At first, conversation with Penny was tense and limited. There had been so much we had done together, but it was always coordinated through Anna rather than just the two of us. It seemed strange to be slightly uncomfortable with a girl whom I had fucked numerous times and eaten her pussy, and who had sucked my dick.

By the end of our second beers, Penny and I began to ease up. I could see her nipples poking at her top and the tightness and skimpiness of her shorts in her crotch. They were so small and figure-hugging, that with her leg on the couch sitting sideways they molded around her pouty pussy lips.

“God, you look good enough to eat,” I finally blurted out.

“Promises…promises,” Penny replied, laughing.

“I’m ready.”

“Me too,” Penny responded, her fingers twisting her pigtails in her hands.

“Wearing pigtails tonight,” I stated and chuckled.

“You know what that means?”

“I do and I’m glad.”

“Excellent,” Penny said, and looked into my eyes as she suddenly stood by the couch.

I watched as she stared at me and started to undress. Her tee shirt was off in a second and her breasts practically jumped out at me. Her cute tits were pale and the nipples pert. Her shorts were gone quickly, dropping to the floor and then kicked off. She turned so I could check her out in her tiny panties. They clung to her and gave away all the curvy shapes I loved on her body.

“I love your tits,” I said with sincerity.

Penny dropped her panties to her feet and looked at me, “These small tits? They don’t compare to Annie’s and you know it,” she replied.

“I still love them. They’re so cute and perky and pink.”

“That’s nice to hear,” Penny said moving in front of me. She looked me straight in the eyes. “We’re always good together, aren’t we, Davey?”

I didn’t answer, just stared into her eyes as she dropped to the floor at my feet. She pushed my knees apart and shuffled between them. My cock had been reacting to her striptease and the tent in my shorts gave it away. Penny’s hands crept up my legs to my belt, but her eyes never left mine.

“What’s this?” Has he missed me?” Penny asked jokingly.


“Stand up so I can get these shorts off you.”

Standing, I helped her totally remove my shorts and boxers. My cock was practically erect and pointing at Penny’s face as I stood there. She looked up into my eyes and then to my dick. Her hands came up to caress it and she looked back up at me.

“Megan’s so lucky to have your heart and this nice cock to look forward to.”

“You think so?”

“Definitely,” she said, as she kissed the big mushroom head.

I suddenly saw a different side of Penny. A side I’d never contemplated before. Her teasing and joking I had taken for disliking me. Maybe the truth was something else entirely. Maybe she’d become interested in me somewhere along the line this summer. I’d certainly changed my attitude about her.

Penny took most of my cock deep into her mouth. She sucked on it and her tongue flicked full life into my dick. She backed off to suck just the head and it felt wonderful. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked the head like a snake. Penny certainly knew how to please a cock orally and she seemed intent on showing her considerable talent. I was beginning to feel weak in the knees and my balls started to respond.

“That feels great, Penny,” I told her.

“I could suck your delicious cock all day, Davey.”

“Umm, I’d love that.”

Penny smiled at me and resumed sucking. She took me again as deep as she could and I felt the back of her mouth. She couldn’t deepthroat me like Anna, but she tried and gagged deliciously on my cock. Tears formed in her eyes and she tried repeatedly, but just couldn’t do it all the way. It didn’t matter, the feelings to my dick were incredible, and I had to sit or fall over.

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