Corporate Fantasies Ch. 02


Michael’s first day arrived and Erin was a little nervous. She’d have to be professional and reign in the animal attraction she had for him. Having to pass his office on her way to anywhere in the building was going to be a exciting and a challenge. Would he become attracted to her? If so, would he make it obvious or would he be discreet? Could she act on it? Should she? Oh yes, yes she should. And she made up her mind that she would.

As she approached him in the lobby to escort him to his new office, she gave him a long look. Now dressed business-casual, he didn’t appear as serious as when he’d come in for his interviews. He wore khaki suit pants and a blue sweater that perfectly matched his piercing eyes. He was talking with the receptionist when Erin arrived.

“Michael,” Erin softly spoke.

He looked up and a large smile spread across his face. “Erin, so good to see you again,” he replied.

The sound of his voice was enough to get her juices flowing. Erin could feel her pussy swell. “God, he is gorgeous. One day I WILL fuck him,” she thought to herself. “Let me show you to your office,” Erin said aloud.

As Erin lead the canlı bahis way down the hall leading to Michael’s office, she could feel his stare on her back. Or was it her ass? She turned her head to look over her shoulder as she said, “Right this way.” To Erin’s delight, it WAS her ass he’d been staring at. With a smirk she lead him to the door of his office. “There’s some paperwork left to finish, but I’ll get you started with your computer and then I’ll come back once you’re settled,” Erin explained. Michael sat at his desk and Erin stood next to him. She leaned next to him so she could walk him through the login process. She stood close enough that she could smell him – he had a clean, natural scent, like he was fresh out of the shower. The thought of Michael in the shower, water dripping off his amazing body, made Erin’s pussy wet. “Ok, now that you’re logged in I’ll let you get things set up and I’ll be back in a little bit,” Erin said.

While she walked to her office she went back to the thought of Michael in the shower. In her mind she could see him standing there, his eyes closed as hot water poured over his hair then face, kaçak iddaa down his chest and stomach, then finally dripping off the end of his dick. She pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped in the shower with him. He smiled and pulled her close, water pooled in between his chest and her tits as they begin to kiss deeply, their tongues dancing. Erin reached down and took his hard cock in her hand, stroking him as they stood under the cascading water. Michael guided her to her knees where she took in the sight of his magnificent cock. Slowly she licked the underside of his purple head, teasing him. Michael closed his eyes and his head dropped back slightly at the feel of her mouth closing around him. Erin took her time licking up his shaft, teasing around his head, and taking him in her mouth briefly. She tasted his pre-cum and licked away every drop of it. When he couldn’t take the teasing anymore, Michael placed a hand on Erin’s head guiding her down his shaft. She gripped his cock with one hand at the base of his shaft and used pressure on her tongue as she went down. She took him as fully as she could in the back of her throat kaçak bahis and sucked as she went up, slowly at first then escalating her rhythm. As her head bobbed up and down Michael’s cock, Erin’s other hand cupped his balls and she placed her finger on his taint applying pressure. Michael’s breathing became heavy and fast and he bucked his hips slightly at the rhythm of Erin’s sucking. Erin felt the urge to cum herself but needed a little stimulation. She removed her hand from his balls and began to rub her clit. Michael looked down to see Erin enjoying herself immensely – sucking him and getting herself off at the same time. It was more than he could take. “I’m gonna cum,” he groaned. She removed her wet finger from her pussy and slipped it in his ass just before he came. As his cock pulsed with the first ejaculation, Erin took it from her mouth and let him spew across her tits. When he finished she slowly stood to face him.

“What are you smiling about?” Michael asked.

Erin looked up to see him standing at her desk. “Am I interrupting? Looks like you were in pretty deep thought,” he said.

“Oh… um, no, you aren’t interrupting,” Erin replied with a slight flush.

“I know you said you’d be back in a little while, but I was wondering if you could show me where I can get some coffee around here,” he asked.

“Sure, no problem,” she said as she stood up. Her panties were soaked.

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