Confidantes Confidential


It started out innocent enough…a couple conversations between friends. In the two years since Charlotte and Sadie had first met at their Mommy and Me classes, they were finally bridging the gap between casual acquaintances to close confidantes.

Both women were young and pretty. They actually resembled each other and often were mistaken for sisters when in each other’s company. They had both shared the histories of good-for-nothing ex-husbands, custody battles and evil ex-mothers-in-law. Now, they were both happy enough, with significant others, but as many women so recently divorced, a little gun-shy. Still, both shared a little bit of a wild streak, and that nagging yearning for freedom felt by those almost, but not yet 30.

Charlotte had been the first to bring up the taboo topic of infidelity. She had been abandoned by her older husband for a newer model. Body issues after having 3 stair-step children, and being left for someone younger while still in your 20’s, seemed to increase her sense of being stifled exponentially.

“I’m going to tell you something, but you can’t be all judgy on me…and you have to swear not to tell anyone else.”

“Ummm,” Sadie giggled. “Ok…and since when am I ever judgy?”

“I know, I know, but I’m just saying…this has to go nowhere. I haven’t told this to a soul.”

“Alright…pinky swear? I mean who am I really going to tell? You’re like my only friend here,” Sadie affirmed.

“So, Brock’s cousin, Jonah, that lives in upstate New York- you remember me telling him about you, right?”

Sadie nods, tossing her dark bangs into her sage green eyes. She absently wipes them away, anticipating her friend’s revelation.

“Well, we’ve had these conversations…like really long conversations…as in stay-up-all-night soul-baring conversations.”


Charlotte leans into Sadie, licking her full, pink lips, nervously surveying the park, taking stock; unconsciously counting her 3 little ducklings, before starting again.

“Well, they’ve sometimes not been super appropriate.” Charlotte bites her lip and looks down at her French manicure.

Sadie’s eyes widen. “So, number 1, does Brock know, and 2, what exactly are the nature of these conversations?”

“Well…hmmm…it started out as joking, and then kinda turned into something a little more.”

“Charlie, out with it! How much more? You’re killing me!”

“I don’t think Brock has a clue…but Jonah and I have had phone sex a couple times.” She cringes, for a second and then faces Sadie.

“Wow…how do you feel about that?”

“What are you, my shrink? Umm, well, I liked it. He turned me on. We are so in sync; it makes me wonder if I picked the wrong person. He’s coming on the 22nd, and staying the week to visit family.”

“Holy. Shit. That’s in 2 days. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. Brock has arranged for me to pick Jonah up at the airport and entertain him while he’s at work.”

Charlotte’s illegal bahis boyfriend Brock was vanilla. He was average looking. He had an average job, managing a chain grocery store. He was good to her kids, and was stable, safe and above all: predictable. She loved him, just wasn’t convinced she was in love with him.

He came over Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. They went out every Saturday. According to Charlotte, they were stuck leading the same life, with two very different perspectives. Brock was thinking marriage and more children, while Charlotte was feeling backed into a corner.

Finally, on the morning of Jonah’s arrival, Charlotte arrives at the airport, nervous energy making a monkey knot of her insides. Sadie’s words ringing in her ears “Do what’s best for you. You deserve it.”

“Damn right, I do,” she reinforces out loud, as if there were someone externally arguing with her. “I’ve been thru enough shit in my life that I shouldn’t have to make excuses to be insanely happy.”

She checks her make-up and hair once more in the mirror. Her auburn waves are perfectly cut, angled toward her best features: her brown doe-eyes, violet lips, and high cheekbones. She hops out of her station wagon, smoothed the wrinkles from her green halter top dress that, like her haircut, showcased her best features of her body: her large breasts, long athletic legs and trim waist.

“Well, Jonah, it’s now or never,” she sighs, as she starts in to the building.

“C3, C3…got to find C…” She trails off and sucks in her breath as she sees him standing there, carelessly handsome as ever.

He was wearing a black pinstriped oxford, with rolled sleeves, exposing his full sleeve tattoos; ripped dark wash jeans, brown canvas sandals, and had his guitar and rucksack slung over his back.

“Hey there, hot stuff,” he says, with a big grin enveloping his entire face.

“Hey, Jonah. How was your flight?” She asks reflexively, greeting him with a hug and a polite but awkward peck on the cheek.

He pulls her in, close to him, and she can smell his woodsy yet complicated cologne.

“Why don’t we go somewhere a little more…private?” He suggestively whispers into her ear.

Taken aback, she scans the airport; looking for some place they can be alone.

With a fleeting moment of bravery, she grabs his hand, and she yanks him into the bathroom: a clean one-staller, and locks the door.

Instantly, they’re entangled in a heated fit of passion like neither have ever encountered before.

Jonah slams Charlotte up against the cool, marble wall and ferociously kisses her. She gasps for air as he nibbles her lips, slowly making way for alternately sucking each of her lips between his own. He thrusts his tongue into her mouth, not forcefully, but then playfully gives her long hair a jerk and then pull her into him.

She melts into his arms, putty, for the taking. After a lifetime, of control, it is so nice for someone casino siteleri to finally take over. Her hands explore his shaggy dark hair, and then slip down to feel the strength in his upper back. She starts to notice the temperature rising in the small space, and the fire growing in her belly.

Jonah pulls back, looks at her and then licks his lips, surveying his prize, offering herself to him. He then starts to nibble on Charlotte’s neck, ever so slightly giving light kisses and running his tongue over her collarbone. His hands drop from her head to her waist as he pulls her in closer. He can feel her breath catch as he lingers over her earlobes.

“Sensitive, huh?” He impishly grins, and then runs his tongue up the edge of her ear.

Charlotte groans with pleasure, as she is instant goose bumps.

He continues to lick, suck, and nibble at her neck, earlobe and collarbone, all the while, calculatingly rubbing up and down her back with his hands. He traces the outside edge of her ribs slowly dragging his fingers over each one. He makes it to the top, ever slightly grazing her nipples with his large hands on the way down.

Charlotte’s nipples harden in response, and she leans back, unconsciously begging him to fondle her ample rack.

Instinctively, Jonah runs his hands up her stomach until he palms each of her breasts, giving them a light squeeze. His tongue moves from her collarbone to her décolletage, tasting the salt of the sweat that has started to form on her skin.

His now very erect cock gives a bounce in pleasure as she closes her eyes and lets out a soft moan.

She can feel his arousal, as it brushes against her bare, tanned leg. His hands, tired of exploring her breasts from the outside of her clothing, reach around back and unsnap her bra with one hand.

“That was fast,” thinks Charlotte, as Jonah’s effortlessly quick hands undo the tie on her halter and remove her bra, tossing it aside.

He immediately goes to work caressing, fondling, and suckling each breast in turn. First the right, then the left. He starts by circling each areola with his tongue then sucking each nipple erect.

Again, Charlotte moans in pleasure, suddenly aware of the pangs of urgency in her gut and the increasing wetness between her thighs.

He responds by raising his lips back up to hers, softly, sensually kissing her, and then running his hands down the length of her body to the knee. He then works his way up her short dress, slowly, lightly running his fingernails up her inner thighs.

She takes a small step to the side, inviting him to touch her where he seems to be having the most dramatic effect.

He slowly starts to massage her inner thighs, as she sighs, and her body temperature, yet again rises.

“Why’s it so damn hot in here? Can’t the airport afford A/C?” she thinks.

He works his way up to the top of her thighs, skimming over her wet panties, with his agile fingertips. She shudders poker siteleri in response.

She wants, needs him inside her so very badly, and he wants it too, as she can feel his cock jump and throb every time he touches her.

Just as he skims over her clit, once again, she catches his hand, and grinds it into her. They both moan with pleasure. He slips his fingers into her panties and finds his target. Harnessing her wetness, he plunges his middle finger into her.

“Mmmm,” she moans, leaning into his finger, as he slips his pointer inside to the knuckle as well.

“God, you’re so tight and wet,” Jonah muses, as he pulls his fingers out and licks them, “and you taste so good.”

Charlotte slips down her panties and kicks them aside.

“God, I’ve wanted this for so long,” she muses internally, as she starts for him. She outlines his cock in his pants and fumbles for his belt.

“Not so fast.” Jonah says, as he drops to his knees, and lifts her skirt, burying his tongue in her clit.

“Oh, fuuuuuck,” Charlotte croons, as he runs his tongue from her slit to her clit, “don’t stooop.”

Her body starts to quiver, rocking her pelvis into his tongue in rhythmic motions, “Jonah, oh, fuck, that feels so fucking good- Oh God, Oh God, Oh YES!”

She grabs the back of his head and he shoves his tongue into her, simultaneously sucking on her clit as she explodes into his mouth, grinding her snatch into his face.

Her body is wracked with uncontrollable spasms as she cums harder than she ever thought possible. Jonas immediately massages his tongue over her clit, starting to lay the groundwork of another unbelievable orgasm.

In no time at all, her erect clit is coaxed into another and another orgasm.

He lifts his face from her crotch, grins, revealing his dimples, and gives her a wink. He loves having this effect on her.

Before she knows it, he takes her and bends her over the sink, losing his pants all in one motion. He then spreads her firm, round ass cheeks, revealing her swollen, sopping pussy lips. He enters her from behind.

“Oh, fuck, baby, that feels so goooood.” he moans, firmly thrusting his hard cock deeper and deeper into her warm, wet little cunt.

“Oh, shit,” she starts, awakening from her cum fog, “Oh, shit…shit…shit…I’m cuuuuuuming…oh fuuuuuuck meeee…” she trails off with a gasp as another set of spasms wrack her body, and her pussy again gushes and tightens.

“You keep that death grip on my cock and I’m going to cum.”

“Maybe that’s what I want,” she sassily replies, with a giggle, and promptly displays her Kegels prowess, milking his cock with her pussy.

“Holy- Ohhhh…just like that…do that…mmmmmmm…mmmm…Oh, my, that’s something new. Fuck me, don’t stop…just like that…oh, shit…fuck…fuck…FUCK!” He screams as his cock explodes inside her.

They stand, suspended upon one another, leaning on the sink, covered in sweat, smelling of cum and sex for a few minutes before they hear a sharp knock at the door.

“Someone’s in here,” they both reply, in unison, clapping their hands over their mouths, realizing their mistake, giggling.

They then compose themselves and prepare for the walk of shame out the door.

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