Concerts and Cars


I stood in front of the mirror in the back bathroom and dragged my razor along my cheeks, trimming up while you changed in the bedroom. As I rinsed the razor I glanced down at my cock… even after a shower, it still hung heavy from making love to you so many times earlier that afternoon. I couldn’t help myself, I reached down with my left hand and gave him a little squeeze. I felt it throb in my hand and my knees got a little week at the warm sensations it sent through my body… kind of like a full-body massage taking place at every point on my body at the same time for a brief moment. I let out a low growl and finished shaving, replaying in my mind everything we’d been doing for the last few hours. I rinsed my face, brushed my teeth, and stepped into my favorite jeans… an old pair of Lucky’s with a button fly and both of the knees torn a little. I tucked my favorite tool down the leg and buttoned them up, smiling as I ran my fingers down the tag that read “Lucky You” just inside the fly. I finished getting ready, then headed back through the house to find you.

I had to hold back a laugh as I saw our clothes scattered around. It reminded me of those Family Circus cartoons where you can see the tracks the kid made all through the neighborhood… you could trace our path from the line of clothes from the door to the pool table to the couch to the kitchen before we ran out of clothes to take off. When I saw the pool table, I actually did laugh out loud.

You called from the bedroom, “Whats so funny babe?”

“Nothin hon, we were just really messy.” I called back as I grabbed some paper towel from the kitchen and quickly cleaned up the rather large puddle we’d both left on the cover to the pool table.

I was throwing the paper towel away when I heard your voice in the kitchen behind me.

“Well, what do you think?”

I turned and looked at you and had to put my hand on the counter for a second while I took you in. You were wearing those cute, high-heeled, black Mary Jane’s you had on the night I met you, and thigh-high fishnets that just let me catch a glimpse of bare thigh below a short plaid skirt. You wore a white long-sleeve t-shirt that didn’t do much to hide every beautiful curve of your body, and you’d done something about your hair which I can’t describe but must have taken a long time, and looked absolutely amazing.

“Well? What do you think?” you repeated.

“Oh yea.” was all I could growl before I stepped to you and pulled you to me. I kissed your lips and pressed as close as I could to you, wrapping my arms around you. I turned and pressed you up against the wall when I felt your tongue slide past my lips. I reached down behind your knee and pulled your leg up around my hip. I swear I could feel your heat through my jeans. I moaned and started sliding my hand up your leg. You made that cute little moan that means “Honey, c’mon, stop it” and pushed me away.

I put on my best sad puppy face, but it didn’t work.

“Don’t even start, Jack. We’re gonna be late! C’mon…” You were almost pouting, and I just about lost complete control. Just the sight of you there, breathing heavy, leaning back against the wall with your hand on my chest, those big blue eyes looking up at me… I could have swallowed you whole. But you were right, we had to get going.

“All-right, all-right. You ready? Got your purse?” I reluctantly backed off and grabbed our coats while you grabbed your bag. I sipped into mine and held yours open for you. You smiled and turned in front of me, letting me help you. When your arms were in, you pressed up against me, gently grinding that amazing ass of yours against me, and I responded by copping a quick feel of your twins when I wrapped your coat around you. I didn’t know how I’d get through the night without totally ravishing you, but I loved the way we still flirted with each other after being together for so long.

As we stepped out of the house, you asked, “Your car or mine?” I just looked at you like you must be kidding, and you laughed. “Allright, fine, we’ll take yours. You waited long enough for that thing, I guess you’re gonna want to drive it everywhere.”

I just grinned and stepped towards the passenger seat of my car, opening it for you. You sighed lightly, jokingly, “You know Jack, you don’t have to try so hard to impress me… you’re gonna get lucky tonight.”

Just before I closed the door, I leaned in, quickly nibbled your earlobe and whispered in your ear, “I know, Heather. This is gratitude.”

I closed your door and walked around the back of the car, letting my hand glide along the well polished surface. There’s something about the feel of a just-waxed car under your fingers… its so slippery it feels like you’re not actually touching it, like theres still air between your fingertips and the paint. I’d spent almost a year looking for the car, a 1970 Dodge Challenger, and another year restoring it and modifying it. The deep black paint still looked liquid, especially at night. I got in, nestled into the leather seats, started her up, listened for a second to the throaty Hemi, and turned bonus veren siteler and looked at you. The car wasn’t the only thing that made me feel like I was living a dream. I leaned over and kissed you, deeply, sincerely. You felt the change from our underlying horniness, and looked up at me, questioning. You didn’t say anything out loud, but I responded, “for being more than I ever thought I’d ever have.”

You grabed the back of my head and just about tore me out of the seat, kissing me over and over again.

“Cmon, Heather, we’re gonna be late!” I teased, and you smiled at the irony. I put the car in gear, eased out the clutch, and headed off to the concert.

I knew of a small garage on the opposite side of the block from the arena that wasn’t really well known. It was a little bit of a walk, but it meant that I could park the car on the roof and not have to worry about other cars coming anywhere near it. We made our way to the concert and found our seats. The place was absolutely packed, and I was glad I knew about the other lot. People would still be trying to get out of the building long after we were at home.

I looked over at you and your eyes were just smoldering at me. It was the same look you give me after I’ve licked your pussy and you need my cock… speaking of which, somebody was suddenly awake. I leaned over and kissed you, then sat back and tried to discreetly rearrange the bulge in my jeans as the first opening act came on. It was just a girl on stage sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar; singer/songwriter type. Not the greatest, either. Sounded like a watered-down version of early Jewel. They dimmed the house lights down, and you really couldn’t see anything but the stage.

It wasn’t hard to get distracted. I leaned back and draped my arm over the armrest, gently stroking the inside of your knee with my fingertips, exploring all the little holes in your fishnets. You put your hand on mine, and started to caress my forearm and the back of my hand and fingers. I started to slowly move my fingers up, pretending to pay attention to the girl on stage. I got to the top of the fishnets, and slid one finger between your leg and the elastic band at the top of them, lightly stroking, teasing. I heard you gasp and I looked over to you. You met my gaze and just shook your head slightly. You might have been saying, “Be good,” but I think you were saying, “What am I going to do with you, boy?”

I leaned over and breathed softly in your ear, whispering, “Why is it that no matter how many times a day I do you, I just want you more and more?” And then I leaned my head down a little further and kissed your neck, just below your ear behind the base of your jaw – that spot that drives you crazy – gently sucking and stroking with my tongue, then I sat back and acted like nothing had happened, totally teasing you.

The rest of the concert went pretty much the same, the two of us exchanging little mini-foreplays and working each other up to a frenzy while we enjoyed the show. When it ended, we took a hallway to one of the back exits, closer to where we’d parked. We talked about the show and the strange people we were sitting next to while we walked, both of us trying – poorly – to convince each other that we weren’t nearly as turned on as we really were, but we both knew better. The hallway turned to the left just before the door, and realizing we were alone, I spun you around and picked you up, pinning you against the wall. Your legs wrapped around my waist and I almost devoured your neck. I slid my hands up the backs of your legs to your ass and squeezed, then realized that you weren’t wearing your usual lace panties. I stopped kissing and looked up at you smiling while my hands kneaded your cheeks.

You laughed, whispering, “Surprise!”

I kissed you hard, pressing your head back against the wall. I pressed myself into you, and you could feel how hard I was. I turned my hands inwards and lightly stroked the outer edges of your pussy while I supported you. You were almost as wet as I was hard. I pressed my body against you harder, and you squeezed your legs around me tighter. I slid my hands up and cupped your breasts, squeezing. Your nipples were so hard they poked through your shirt and bra, and I grazed over them with both hands while I started to grind into you slightly. You moaned and started licking my ear, sending chills right down my spine.

You whispered, “Do me.”

“Not here,” I growled, then set you down and grabbed your hand, practically pulling you out of the building. We got to the garage where the car was parked, and we tackled each other as soon as the doors to the elevator were closed. This time, I pulled your shirt up and your bra cup down, then sucked your nipple into my mouth. I sucked rhythmically while my tongue went crazy, back and forth, small, urgent flicks. I love the way they feel in my mouth. You were stroking me through my jeans and I was about to slide my finger into you when the elevator stopped and we pushed each other off of each other and arranged our clothes just before the door bahis opened.

The roof level was deserted and we both laughed, then tried to make it all the way to the car without ever breaking lip contact. We finally got to the car, and I pushed you against it, but you pushed me back, smiling devilishly and raising your eyebrows quickly.

“Get in, tiger,” and you slid the door open and sat down.

I did my best to act cool, but I couldn’t pull it off. I could have totally done you right there on that roof.

After I got in, you leaned over next to me, pressing your breasts against my right arm. You, of course, knew exactly how I felt. I started the car and you whispered into my ear, “I’m so wet that I’m dripping through my skirt.”

I just groaned in response, my cock pulsed in my jeans, agreeing with me.

I put the car in gear and you whispered, “I almost came when you sucked on my nipples in the elevator. I want you so bad…”

When I pulled out of the garage, you started stroking me through my pants, and as soon as I hit the expressway, you started unbuttoning my fly. By the time I set the cruise control, you had me out in your hands, gently sliding your soft fingers all over me.

I reached my hand over and stroked your thigh while you stroked my cock. Without any notice, you dropped your head down and took me in your mouth. For a split second, I was stunned with surprise, then I was lost in the feeling. It took every bit of concentration I had to stay on the road. I leaned the seat back a bit and grabbed the top of the steering wheel, trying to give you as much room as possible. I reached over and pulled your shirt up – a little awkward with one hand on the wheel and your very talented tongue licking over my shaft, but I got it up over your breasts. I reached back, my elbow between the front seats and unhooked your bra with one hand (more than a little pleased with myself that I could still pull that maneuver off, I might add) With your bra loose, I reached up and cupped your right breast, loving the feel of its weight in my hand, the feel of your hard nipple pressed against my palm. As you started to bob your head up and down on me, I tweaked your nipple.

You pulled your head up and gasped, “God, I love your dick.”

“Not as much as I love your tits,” I replied and pressed your full D-cup against your chest before pulling it down with my fingertips and stroking the soft underside. You pushed your head all the way down on me, swallowing all of me and moaned, sending those soft vibrations right through me. I reached down and slipped my fingers between your thighs, cupping your soaked pussy in my hand. Your lips were already swollen and pulled apart, and you spread your legs further, opening up for me. I split my fingers and ran two on each side, stroking from front to back while you lapped at my cock. When I started rubbing your clit, you moaned, and you froze, concentrating on the feelings I was causing with my fingers. I circled your clit with the base of my thumb and slid two fingers into you as deep as I could. Your hand gripped me, but you were too lost in pleasure to keep blowing me. Good thing, too, because I don’t think I could have kept control of the car if I came in your mouth, and you were getting me really close.

I tried to stroke just my fingers, but I couldn’t really from that angle, so I started moving my whole hand, with my two middle fingers inside you – the base of my hand sliding over your clit with each stroke. I knew you were close by your moans, and I sped up a little, wanting you to cum so bad. You moaned louder, and I sped up even more… my palm almost slapping your clit with every stroke. When it started, you buried my cock in your mouth and moaned against me. Your hips shifted and you squeezed down on my fingers so hard that I couldn’t slide in and out of you any more. I was still stroking, but I was moving your whole body. I felt you drip off my fingers, and I started to cum. I couldn’t help it. It took everything I had to keep my eyes open and the car on the road while my body went into tiny, beautiful spasms. It lasted so long, too. I thought I’d never stop cumming, and you just kept milking me for everything you had while your own orgasm slowly peaked and ebbed. To this day, I don’t know how I kept control of the car, and I’ve never been able to do it since.

“Holy Shit, Heather. That was amazing!” I leaned down for a quick second and kissed you deeply before returning my attention to driving. “I mean… wow… I never… shit.” I felt your pussy start to squeeze my fingers in little contractions, and I moaned a deep growl. “Damn girl, what are you doing to me?”

You smiled and sat up, and I reluctantly pulled my hand away from you as you got situated back in your seat. You looked around and asked, “When did we get off the highway?”

I looked around and realized that we were only two blocks from home. I didn’t remember getting off the highway, either, but I said, “A little distracted?”

You looked at me with this content-but-still-hungry look in your eye and said, “Mmm hmm. deneme bonusu And I want more. I want you inside me. Do me, Jim.”

As I pulled into the driveway, I squeezed your leg, looked into your big, pretty eyes and said, “I think I can handle that, Heather.”

We got out of the car and started walking up the driveway. I was having a hard time keeping my hands off you, and no luck keeping my eyes off you at all. You stopped at the front of the car, and gave me an evil little grin. Your hair was starting to come undone, and apparently you’d taken off your bra while I wasn’t paying attention. I moved towards you, but you put up your hand, signaling me to stop. I raised my eyebrows and watched you lift your skirt up while you sat on the hood of the car. You pulled your shirt over our head, and I gasped as I saw your breasts swing free. Magnificent. Your breasts, even after we’d been together for so long, never failed to make me speechless. Full D-cup, perfectly symmetrical, and -most impressive of all for their size – upturned and perky.

Your whole body had a light flush, and you didn’t seem to notice the chill in the air at all. You propped the heels of your shoes on the front bumper and slowly spread your knees, letting me see your beautiful pussy. It glistened in the lights coming from the house, still wet, and it was swollen and red with how hot you were. You leaned back, putting one hand on the car to hold you up, and started stroking your breast with the other. I pulled my shirt over my head and stepped between your legs after taking off my belt. I leaned forward and kissed you, wrapping my arms around you and pulling you upright. Your hands went straight to my jeans, unbuttoning and sliding them down my thighs.

I took my cock in my hand and pressed the head against your clit, moving the soft tip of my head slowly around your sensitive button. Your hips bucked forward, wanting me inside you, but I held off, teasing you for as long as I could, which wasn’t easy for me at all. I had to have you, but I wanted to prolong it as much as possible.

I lifted the head of my cock and pressed forward, sliding the underside between your lips, and I stroked you like that while I leaned forward, pressing you back down on the car and giving your breasts the attention they definitely deserved. I gently sucked and stroked one nipple with my mouth while I did the same to the other with my fingers. Both of my hands were cupping and stroking the rest of your breast, all the while my rock-hard cock was stroking against your lips and clit.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I tilted my hips back, positioning the head of my cock at your opening. I put your nipple against the lower row of my teeth and started to flick it rapidly with the tip of my tongue as I slowly pressed into you. You were soaking wet, but still tight from being around my fingers. I pushed the head in, then came back out a tiny bit, then pushed back in a little more than the first time. I took as long as I could to push into you, loving every tiny sensation of being in you, of feeling your soft, velvety vice pulling at me, wanting more and more. I stopped moving forward and lifted my head to your lips. I felt you start to move your hips around, feeling me in you, then I pushed forward the rest of the way, burying myself in you, my pelvic bone pressing against your clit. We goth moaned at the feeling of being completely together, after wanting it for so long that night.

We stayed like that for just a second, relishing in the warmth before I started to stroke, and I’d run out of self-control by then. I started with short, rapid thrusts, and quickly built up to long, hard strokes – nearly coming all the way out of you, then slamming back into you. I had to put my hands on the hood, on either side of you to keep my balance, and the view of your breasts shaking as I pounded into you almost sent me over the edge. Instead, I slowed down a second, leaned back, and lifted your legs over my arms. I grabbed your hips and held your ass off the hood of the car, then started going at it with everything I had. Your moans turned to almost screams as I pulled your whole body against me with every stroke into you, my balls slapping against your ass, my pelvis grinding against your clit with every stroke. I felt the heels of your feet dig into my back as you pulled yourself against me with every stroke. It was all I could do not to explode at any second, so much so that I didn’t realize how close you were until you started cumming.

Your back arched hard, so that the only part of your body still touching the car was the back of your head, and you got suddenly quiet as I felt you clamp down around my cock in powerful, squeezing spasms. I knew I was at the point of no return myself, and I put everything I had into it, I didn’t slow down as you came, I sped up, going faster, harder, pushing you higher and higher… when you screamed, I started to explode. I buried myself in you, and slid my arms under your shoulders, picking you up against me. My lips locked to yours as I dropped all your weight onto my cock and erupted against your cervix. Wave after wave of tension drained out of me as I came so hard it left me breathless. I could feel our combined juices dripping down my balls already and we were both still coming, wringing out every possible second of two monster orgasms.

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