Ben Around Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Snowstorm

The snowstorm seemed to come out of nowhere, either because it surprised the weathermen, or because Ben hadn’t paid attention to the news in a while. To him, it was an ordinary Wednesday on the road, so he had stopped by the local mall food court on his way back from work.

This week, work had been meeting with general contractors in Cleveland for a building development he helped design. His architecture firm probably didn’t need to send him to another city to meet with contractors, but they liked to look like their firm was “involved” every step of the way. Ben didn’t mind. Getting away once in a while wasn’t bad, and while Cleveland was as unremarkable as he suspected, it was a change in scenery at least. And yet he had just finished a chicken sandwich from a fast food chain in a food court that could have been anywhere.

He headed back out to the parking garage, nearly forgetting where he had parked the rental SUV, and was suddenly thankful that the gas-guzzling 4×4 was the only thing the rental agency had left. Huge flakes of white snow were falling fast between levels of the garage. It looked like it was going to be a real blizzard. He found his rental, got in and started it up.

Just as he was getting ready to back up, a group of five people began to approach a minivan to his right. The first climbed into the driver’s seat and attempted to start it up. Click click click, followed by cursing.

“Not working again?” he heard another person say.

Ben threw the shifter back into park, stepped out and asked if the driver needed a jump.

“Gotta check under the hood,” said the goateed man. By then, the other four were grumbling and shaking their heads. This clearly wasn’t the first time this man’s vehicle had broken down.

The hood propped open, Ben could see the driver shaking his head. “Geez. I fix one thing, something else breaks.”

“Sure it isn’t just the battery?” said Ben.

“Nah. Put a new one in yesterday. Probably the sparkplugs or something,” the driver replied. “I’m sure I can fix it with parts from the store.”

Ben presumed the group must have been employees of one of the stores in the mall, probably Dex’s.

“How long’s it gonna take?” asked a stringy-haired blonde woman.

“Couple hours,” the man responded.

“This blows.” “Seriously, Marty?” “I gotta start driving myself to work.” It was a roundtable of complaints.

“Just a couple of hours. They’ll get the roads clear by then. You can hang out in the store while I fix it,” Marty defended himself.

“I have a dog at home, remember?” said one woman. She was a woman of average height, with greasy brown hair. “I can’t say any longer or he’ll pee all over the apartment.”

“Sorry, Rachel,” said Marty. “Nothing I can do but try to fix it.”

Ben looked at the woman. “How far are you all from here?”

The stringy-haired blonde answered for her. “Most of us are about twenty minutes from here, but Rachel only lives seven miles away.”

Rachel shrugged. “I could walk home faster than it would take for Marty to fix the minivan.”

“If you’re only seven miles away,” said Ben, “I can give you a lift. In fact, I can try to drop you all off.”

Marty chimed in. “By the time you got everyone back to their homes and got back to wherever you live, you’d be stranded in this.”

“Well, I’m in a hotel about ten minutes from here,” said Ben.

“Tell you what,” said the stringy-haired blonde. “Why don’t you just get Rachel home to her dog? If the storm dies down and you’re able to get back here, I’m sure none of us would complain, but I’m sure Marty will get this beast running again, so don’t worry about it either.”

“Are you sure about this?” Rachel asked.

Ben smiled. “It’s no problem, really.”

Rachel shrugged and climbed into the passenger side of Ben’s SUV. “Later, suckers,” she joked to her coworkers.

Ben started the engine and pulled out of the parking garage. “You’re completely okay getting a lift from a total stranger?” he asked.

“I’m Rachel,” she said.


“See? We aren’t strangers anymore.”

The roads were bad. Even with a 4×4, ice had been building up on the road and it was slow going. Ben did his best to ease Rachel’s fears with small-talk. “How long have you worked at Dex’s? Are you originally from Cleveland? Do you have family in the area?” Things of that sort. “Too long. Indianapolis originally. No.”

If Ben had to guess, Rachel was about thirty. She wasn’t a beauty queen, but she also wasn’t unattractive. She Escort Pendik carried some extra weight. At least it seemed like it, based on what he could gauge under her thick jacket and sweat pants. She spent much of the ride to her apartment making sarcastic jokes about her carpooling coworkers and asking Ben questions. “Where are you from? What do you do? Is this your first time in Cleveland?”

“Baltimore. Architect. Yes.”

It was a good thing Ben didn’t take all of the carpoolers. Just the seven miles to Rachel’s apartment took fifteen minutes, and while his hotel was ten minutes from the mall, it was ten minutes in the opposite direction.

He pulled into the parking lot of a two-story row of apartments.

“Really, Ben,” Rachel said, “thank you so much for the lift. I can’t even tell you what this means to me.”

Grabbing her bag and opening the door, she nervously, quickly leaned over and kissed his cheek. Then she stepped out, closed the door and headed to the apartment.

Ben smiled to himself. He was always being told he was a good-looking guy, but it wasn’t every day relative strangers gave him a kiss. He put the SUV in reverse and looked over his shoulder out the back window. Rachel stood by the door to the apartment waving as her Chocolate Labrador bounded around in the snow nearby.

As Ben started to press down on the accelerator, he nearly missed getting run over by the shovel of a snowplow as it barreled on by, throwing a mountain of snow at the back of his vehicle.

“No way,” he muttered under his breath. Rachel was running toward his SUV, shouting “Are you okay?”

Ben got out and looked at the pile of snow that blocked his way. “Yeah. I’m alright. You wouldn’t happen to have a snow shovel would you?”

“Wouldn’t do you any good,” she said. “By the time you cleared it out, they’ll be back through again and block you in. Why do you think I carpool with those misfits?”

“Great,” Ben sighed.

“I’m so sorry,” Rachel winced. “This storm is nuts. You’re welcome to come inside. I don’t think there’s anything we can do until it stops snowing.”

Ben weighed his options. Being stuck in a stranger’s apartment for what was looking like hours could go very badly. Then again, it wasn’t like he had much of a choice, given the circumstances. “Yeah, alright,” he said as he walked up one side of the snowy hill and down the other.

Rachel lived on the second floor in an apartment that looked more like a college dorm room than a place for guests. Clothes were bundled on the floor. She obviously wasn’t expecting visitors. “Make yourself at home,” she joked. “I’ll try to clear you a spot.”

She lifted some items from a nearby chair, tossing them to the other chair in the room. Then she removed her jacket and gloves, tossing them onto the same chair. “That’s the junk chair,” she laughed to herself. “It’s where I put the junk.”

Ben sat down and looked at Rachel. Her jacket removed, she wore a tee shirt with sweat pants. Her ample breasts looked to be about a G. She carried some weight and had a bit of a tummy. She turned around and walked toward the refrigerator, opening the door and bending at the waist to peek inside. Her ass was plump and round, and suddenly Ben felt uncomfortable.

“What do you want?” she asked. “You want water or… all I have is water.”

“I’ll have that, then,” Ben laughed.

Rachel walked over, handed him a bottle of water and then sat on the arm of his chair with her own bottle in hand. Her plentiful backside molded to the contour of the chair arm, pushing her thigh against Ben’s shoulder. She tipped her water bottle toward his, pretending to clink glasses. “To snowstorms in Cleveland,” she toasted.

Ben smiled. “To snowplows,” he followed suit.

Rachel took a swig of her water. “To hot guys coming to my rescue.”

“Oh, please,” said Ben. “To a place to wait out the storm.”

Rachel smacked him on the knee and stood. “The remote’s on the coffee table if you can find it,” she said. “And really,” she said, “I don’t know what I can do to thank you.”

The news coverage of the storm became pretty much the same thing over and over after a couple of hours. One thing was for certain. It was going to be a long time before Ben was getting back to his hotel.

He turned off the TV and looked out the window at his SUV. It was firmly lodged behind a wall of snow. “Wow,” said Rachel. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” Ben said.

“If you hadn’t volunteered to take me home, you’d be back at your hotel by now.”

“And I’d probably be plowed in.”


“Any word from your carpool friends?”

“Yeah. They’re still at Dex’s. Fran and Debbie keep texting me with ways I can thank you.”

Ben laughed uncomfortably. “Any good ones?”

“Gift certificates to Dex’s,” she smiled.

“Ah,” Ben smiled. “That’s not necessary.”

“Also, they said I should bake you a cake.”

“Really,” Ben said. “There’s no need for anything like that.”

“The third option was that I could blow you,” she grinned.

“You could do what, now?”

“A blow job,” she repeated. “It’s when a girl puts your cock in her mouth and…”

“I know,” Ben scratched his head, unsure whether she was expecting a laugh.

“And I know a good suggestion when I hear one,” said Rachel as she gently pushed him back into the chair. “It’s not like we’re going anywhere for a while. I’ve never heard of a man turning down good head, and I’m damn good at it.”

She lifted her tee shirt over her head and tossed it onto the junk chair. She leaned over him, her hands on the chair arms, her cleavage on full display, her lips near his.

“Well?” she breathed.

It was as if he didn’t even think. His hands slid up her arms, pulling her closer and his lips pressed against hers.

She relaxed onto him, as their tongues peeked slightly between each other’s parted lips. She pulled away, wet her lips with her tongue, giggled and slid backwards toward the floor, letting her arms and hands trail down Ben’s body. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling out his fully erect cock.

“Mmm,” she said, stroking it in her right hand. “You have a really big dick.” She was nearly salivating as she massaged his erection in front of her face. “Want me to suck it, hero?”

“Well, after all,” smiled Ben, “you do owe me for the ride.”

Rachel bit her lower lip and smiled mischievously. She licked the tip of Ben’s cock, then slid her lips over the end and began to suck him. “Oh, that feels so fucking good,” said Ben.

Her tongue curled around the sides as she slid him into her mouth and back out. She ran her lips down the length of his cock and then drew them back to the end. Then she licked from the base of his shaft all the way up the underside and plunged it back into her mouth.

He ran his fingers through her slightly greasy hair and pushed it back away from her face. His hand remained planted on the back of her head as she slurped and sucked. There were only the wet sounds of her blowjob and Ben’s occasional moans.

“Oh yes!” he exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum.”

Rachel sped up her pace as though on a mission. Tension built in Ben’s body as he neared completion. His balls tightened and a hot overload of sensation ran up his cock. It overpowered him as he released, shooting his cum into her mouth.

His whole body collapsed into the cushion of the chair, and Rachel swallowed his cum, licking his still engorged cock to prolong the experience. She looked up at him, lust in her eyes. “Not a bad way to warm up on a cold day,” she laughed. “I think you’ve been saving that up for a while.”

Ben was thankful to be spared the awkward what-do-we-do-now routine. Rachel simply threw her tee shirt back on, stood and checked the weather report. Ben fastened his pants and listened in.

“They’re saying that the storm has passed this area,” she said. “They just plowed. Did you want to try digging out?”

“Got a shovel?” he replied.

“There are two down by the door. Let me throw my jacket on. I’ll help you out.”

It turned out that Rachel wasn’t terrific help when it came to snow removal. Digging out became a two-hour-long battle with a mountain of wet snow, and definitely got Ben’s blood flowing. It didn’t help that the sun was setting. Rachel took a lot of breaks, stopping to complain about her coworkers or joke about the pranks they played on each other after hours. It was fine by him. Listening to her helped pass the time during the tedious process, and it was likely more helpful than when she had moved small amounts of snow.

She asked him about his job, about his relationships, and whether his girlfriend would be angry if she knew he had gotten a blowjob while away. Ben certainly knew the answer to that question. Jenna didn’t need to know any of this.

“Why do you think I have a girlfriend?” he asked.

“Oh, please,” Rachel replied. “No ring, but a guy that looks like you do always has a girlfriend.” She looked at him with a satisfied look on her face. “It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t give a shit, but I’m totally right.”

Ben laughed and went back to shoveling.

“Yeah, I thought so,” said Rachel. “I’m gonna head in and check the weather report.”

It was dark by the time Ben finished digging out. He set the shovel by the door and walked up the Rachel’s apartment. She stood in front of the TV, lit only by its glow. It was clear she had removed her bra. Her nipples were evident through her tee shirt.

“Where did you say your hotel was?” she asked.

“It was ten minutes from the mall, the other way,” he replied.

“Well, there are car accidents all over, and there was a major power outage throughout Palma and Shaker Heights,” said Rachel. “Why don’t you hold tight for a while so I know you’re not gonna get in an accident or get stuck without heat.”

“Okay, sounds good,” he agreed.

“Want a drink?” Rachel asked as she headed toward the kitchen.

Ben watched her from behind as he followed her. “Sure,” he said.

She opened the cupboards and leaned slightly in to look for a couple of glasses.

Ben stepped up behind her, grabbing onto her hips and pressing his erection against her ass. She wiggled her hips and he slid his hands up her sides, lifting her shirt on the way to her full tits. He squeezed her soft flesh as he kissed the back of her neck.

“Oh, fuck me,” exclaimed Rachel.

Ben’s left hand drifted toward her ass, pulling down the back of her sweatpants. His right hand unzipped his pants, and he pulled out his hard cock. He ran his cock head along her ass crack.

A playful chuckle escaped Rachel’s lips. Ben placed the length of his shaft between her ass cheeks and slid up and down.

“You like that, you hot fucking hero?” she said.

Ben’s moan was the only answer she needed. She planted her elbows on the countertop. Ben slid down her crack until he reached her pussy. He slowly glided in, letting her savor the sensation. A little bit. A little deeper. A little deeper.

He fucked her from behind as he ran his hands over her erect nipples. Her soft, doughy body undulated with each thrust.

He pulled out, grabbed her by the arm and spun her forcefully, pressing against her and kissing her deeply. “Mmm,” Rachel moaned. “Take your clothes off and fuck my brains out,” she said.

Ben stood back and unbuttoned his shirt. He slid it off at the sleeves and threw it aside. All the while, his big, hard cock stood naked and at attention. Rachel ran her left hand over his chest as, with her right, she tugged on his pants until they fell. Ben kicked them off his ankles.

He grabbed her wrist and walked backwards to the bedroom. He lifted Rachel’s tee shirt until the shirt was around her wrists, over her head. She fell backward onto the bed, and Ben held the tee shirt against the mattress with his left hand, pinning her wrists. He kissed her. His tongue invaded her mouth as his right hand slid down under the waistband of her sweatpants and rubbed the slick mound of her pussy.

He pulled the tee shirt the rest of the way off her wrists and kissed down her chest, over the swell of her big, soft tits. His tongue licked at her right nipple. His lips caressed her breast as he sucked. His fingers, now wet with the arousal of Rachel’s pussy, rubbed her clit and then slid into her. His mouth tasted her ample tit as his fingers fucked her.

Her head was thrown back. She was deep in sensation. Ben was hitting all the right buttons.

Her moaning became louder and louder, until Ben, sensing her desperation, pulled her sweatpants and panties down her legs, casting them aside. He lay atop her naked body and slowly slid his hard cock into her pussy.

“You feel so good,” she said. “I want you.”

Ben moved in and out, slowly pleasing her swollen pussy. She panted. Sweat dripped from his body, mixing with the sweat that fell in heavy droplets from her own skin. Her hair was wet with exertion as she pushed back on each thrust.

“Mmm, yes,” Ben said. “Take it deep.”

She began to cry out as she built to her first orgasm. It was intense, but wasn’t to be her last. Quickly after, as Ben fucked her so hard the bed shook, her pussy erupted again.

He prompted her to roll over, got behind her and pushed back in. He fucked her deep and fast as he neared orgasm. Finally, he slipped his cock from her pussy and erupted, shooting hot cum over the surface of her big, fat ass.

Rachel looked back at him, strands of wet hair clung to her face and a wicked smile crooked the corner of her lips. “That was fucking great,” she said.

Ben fell down onto the bed. “Oh yeah,” he said. “That’s how to pass time during a snow storm.”

“Fucking a stranger?” Rachel asked.

Ben laughed. “Yeah.”

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