A Hard Week Ch. 03


Well I’ve heard there was a secret chord
That David played and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
Well it goes like this:
The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

Stretching out my arms as the sun filtered through the window, I awoke that morning to Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah. My phone alarm had been set to that song, inviting me to wake to an angelic voice. The rays of sunlight fell onto the bed and illuminated particles of dust that floated like snowflakes. It was one of those gloriously peaceful moments you wanted to capture in your mind to relive over and over again in the inevitable chaos that future days would bring.

My eyes turned from the black velvet draped window of Alexander’s bedroom and I rolled over with a smile, anticipating the naked man sleeping beside me. Instead I was met with a crinkle of white sheets and an empty space.

Alexander was gone.

Dressing myself quickly with a hasty flurry of buttons and yank of a tie, I knew I had to leave for work. Running my eyes across the paintings and photographs in Alexander’s living room, it felt strange being in this man’s apartment all by myself. Some part of me felt jealous of the smiling faces in those photographs. Pictures of close friends or family that clearly held a piece of his heart. Would I one day earn a place on that table?

Did I want that from a man I knew so little about?

On the kitchen bench a black mug was placed neatly and beside it a coffee plunger, some beans and one cigarette. A note sat under the mug and I curiously opened the folded message, no doubt intended for me.

Craven my darling,

Sorry I had to leave early for work this morning. I’ve left you the essentials. Last night was divine and I find myself delightfully distracted with all that is you. I shall leave you with a quote from Keats, one that perfectly describes how I part from you this morning:

‘You are always new. The last of your kisses was ever the sweetest; the last smile the brightest; the last movement the gracefullest.’



Placing the note into the pocket of my shirt, I couldn’t help but smile. Even his written words made my stomach flutter.

The tedious affair of being briefed on a new case that morning in my chambers was softened by that note sitting against my chest. As my instructing solicitor droned on about witness statements and answers to interrogatories, I found myself willing to entertain the monotony. It was a glorious morning from where I was sitting, and nothing could make it otherwise.

That evening I retired to my dark apartment and felt a pang of desire as my mind wandered to the previous night. My skin shivered in excitement as I recalled Alexander’s warm hands running over my chest. The glorious feeling of his deft fingers teasing my arse before easing his thick cock deep inside me and making me feel so full.

Grabbing my phone, my fingers texted the words before my mind could even process what I’d sent. There was nothing in my mind but an uncontrollable urge to be with this man.

Let’s have dinner on Friday? x Craven

My heart raced waiting for a reply. After microwaving a dinner and downing a dirty martini, my eyes drifted back to the quiet phone. Disheartened by the lack of reply I fell onto the soft sheets of my bed and drifted off to sleep.



A loud vibration woke me up, and I reached tiredly for my phone in the dark. With bleary eyes I read the message before drifting back to sleep with a curl on my lips.

Sounds perfect. I’ll make a booking at Grossi Florentino. See you tomorrow at 6.


But baby I’ve been here before
I’ve seen this room and I’ve walked this floor
You know, I used to live alone before I knew ya
And I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch
And love is not a victory march
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah woke me that Friday morning and I opened my eyes with a smile on my face.

Tonight I’d be seeing Alexander.

The day was spent sipping coffee and reading briefs in my barrister’s chambers. My usual long hours spent in chambers always ensured I had a wide range of shirts, ties, shoes and pants ready in my work wardrobe. Running my fingers across the cotton sleeves, I stopped to pick out my outfit as the end of the working day drew near.

By 5:30 pm I was standing before the mirror in my office, replacing the barrister’s wig and robes for a lilac striped business shirt with French cuffs and purple jewelled cufflinks, black pants and black crocodile loafers. Running a comb through my sandy hair, I encouraged a precise spike at the front before running a hand across my unshaven stubble.

Rugged yet neat, I knew I was a walking contradiction.

Skipping along eryaman escort the cold pavement of Old Melbourne Town, I joined the bustling work crowd eager to finish the long week. The clang of trams and stamping of heels on concrete played out the glorious tune of a workday ending and I eased past black suits and crisp shirts to arrive at the Italian restaurant Florentino five minutes before the agreed meeting time.

My eyes scanned the bustling bar with nervous anticipation. Where was Alexander? Was he here already? Was he watching me with his dark eyes right now?

A smiling waitress greeted me, and I uncertainly inquired if there was a booking under the name of Alexander Cennes. To my relief there was, and I was led upstairs to the intimate Mural Dining Room. Softly lit, the room radiated romantic Italian renaissance charm. Many antique red tiffany styled lamps were fixed to the muraled walls and drooped down to radiate warm light upon each table for two that lined the walls of the dining room. The ceiling was etched with the charm of Edwardian architecture, and two large crystal chandeliers hung from above.

In a sea of unknown faces, a pair of familiar dark eyes caught my attention as the waitress led me to my table. Alexander stood politely as I arrived, a smile on his lips as he leant forward and placed a sensual kiss on my cheek. My eyes darted to the other patrons in the room, fearful of their eyes watching our intimacy. If anyone noticed they did not react. Being a private person in a city where I knew so many by association was difficult. Having a beautiful man kiss my cheek in a popular restaurant wasn’t helping my covert ways.

‘Hello darling.’ Alex greeted, running a playful hand along my waist. ‘You look utterly delectable tonight.’

If I looked delectable, then Alex looked mouth-watering. His beautiful features of pale white skin and dark eyes made him appear almost vampiric on this night. His raven black hair remained casually loose and he wore a black shirt unbuttoned several buttons down to reveal a hint of his upper chest. The dark velvety scent of Valentino Uomo drifted from his neck and I fought the urge to drown in his sensual aroma.

‘Have you been waiting long?’ I frowned, noticing his glass of red wine was almost finished.

Alexander waved a hand at my concerned look. ‘Not at all. I arrived early and enjoyed a moment at the bar downstairs with a man that I know.’

He grinned, noticing my feigned indifference at the mention of him entertaining another man.

‘It was business my darling, not pleasure.’ he added devilishly.

My heart pounded in my chest as I watched Alex watching me ever so calmly. I’d always been a man in control of my senses and yet now I felt shaken being before this person. We’d been intimate but still I felt nervous before him. I wanted Alex to push me against the wall as he had done in his bathroom and fuck me. I wanted so much more…

‘So, pasta the other night. Dinner here tonight. You must like Italian?’ I observed playfully.

Taking a sip of wine, Alex ran his finger around the rim of the glass. ‘Oh, I like a lot of different cuisines.’ he confessed with a wicked curl of his lip. ‘A variety of different tastes is essential for a sophisticated palate.’. Running his dark eyes up and down on my figure, he took a pleasured sip. ‘Purple suits you, my dove.’

Shifting in my seat, I could feel the blood rushing to my dick. The way Alex called me pet names excited me. A lot.

Shrugging casually, I looked to my sleeve. ‘It’s just something I whipped out of my cupboard.’

Alex grinned, as if he wasn’t convinced.

‘Purple is an intriguing colour.’ he observed pensively, swirling the wine in his glass. ‘It’s a colour associated with luxury, power, wisdom. Magic?’. Alex smiled, taking another sip. ‘A combination of red and blue. Red brings passion and blue brings relaxation. Some even say purple is the colour of sexual frustration?’

Raising a brow, I was entertained by the mysterious analyses of an otherwise normal business shirt.

‘You’d like that, wouldn’t you?’ I replied mischievously.

Alex laughed. ‘Yes, I was rather hoping that was the reason for you choosing that colour. Who doesn’t like a little sexual frustration served with their pancetta?’. He waved a hand at me. ‘Don’t mind me, I studied psychology in my medical degree. I have a fascination with the human psyche.’

‘Can you tell what I’m thinking now?’ I asked playfully.

Alex raised an amused brow. ‘I’m not a mind reader.’

‘Your loss then.’ I teased, taking his wine and drinking deep from his glass.

As if Alexander sensed my arousal, he pointed a casual hand to the staircase.

‘Excuse me for a moment, the bathroom calls.’ he informed, a smirk on his devious lips.

Alex passed me, running a subtle hand across my shoulder. sincan escort It was an invitation to follow and I knew I was helpless to refuse now I was under his spell.

Waiting several minutes I followed on downstairs to the bathroom and entered the quiet powder room where Alex stood waiting with a grin.

‘What a surprise seeing you here!?’ he teased, drawing his hands to my jaw and placing a deep kiss on my mouth.

‘Is it synchronicity or fate that brought us to the same place at this very moment?’ I whispered playfully.

‘Neither.’ smouldered Alex ‘I just read your filthy mind.’

Melting into Alexander’s strong arms, I submitted to his ravenous kisses as he passionately embraced me. His soft lips fell to my neck, licking and bitting my skin.

‘My dick is throbbing, I need you.’ he smouldered, pulling me towards a cubicle.

‘You want to have sex in the toilet of a nice Italian resaurant?’ I observed with a chuckle. ‘It sounds like the sort of thing I’d defend in court.’

The dark-haired man raised a suggestive brow.

‘Craven the real question is; what would you like to do right now?’ asked Alexander deviously. ‘Your reality, physical or not, is just a state of mind.’

Untucking my shirt, Alexander’s fingers explored the tightness of my abdomen. He threw me a wicked smile as he brought his body against mine and his hands ran along my back.

‘In your reality, we are in a restroom.’ whispered Alex ‘In my reality, I am with a man that fills me with an urge I cannot resist. Eating pasta isn’t going to make my cock feel any better. Fucking your sweet derriere right now will.’

The warm buzz in my belly told me there was no way I could leave this bathroom without exposing my concealed hardon to a packed restaurant. There was no way I could eat dinner without enjoying this entrée first.

My lips fell to Alexander’s and I hungrily kissed the man.

‘Right now, I want you to do whatever you want.’ I replied lustfully.

‘An offer that I can’t refuse.’ mused Alex.

Nudging his head to the cubicle, we entered quickly and locked the door. Huddled in the small space, our lips met each hungrily.

‘Get down on your knees.’ encouraged Alex, unbuttoning his fly as he let his trousers sink open.

His hard cock bulged under his black briefs and he eased them down to reveal his smooth hot rod springing out at me. Running an endearing finger across my lips, he drew an excited breath as he looked down at me.

‘You have no idea how hard I get seeing you looking up at me with those blue eyes and gorgeous mouth.’ he murmured. His hand ran along his cock, pumping it slowing before me. ‘Beg for it, my thirsty kitten.’ he whispered with a smile.

‘Please.’ I smiled, opening my mouth as Alex brought his cock to my lips. ‘Fuck my mouth with your exquisite cock.’

I couldn’t believe the words leaving my mouth or the position I was in. On my knees, begging this man for his cock. This newfound role of beggary was making my cock feel like it would explode at any moment.

Alex gently held my head as he pushed his hips forward, easing his warm girth into my mouth. Freshly trimmed dark hair made his dick look huge as it extended before me. I licked the smooth head of his dick, delighting in the sensation of having another man’s cock in my mouth. Something so intimate as licking the precum off his delicate slit made my dick swell. His salty liquid was something I could drink all day.

As if Alex could sense my enthusiasm, he suddenly pushed his cock further into my mouth and down my throat.

My eyes watered as I held him deep. He was very large. Alexander moaned, a quiver shaking through his body as he sunk into my throat over and over. Each time he filled my mouth he let out that animalistic moan of pure pleasure. His hands laced stronger into my hair and he thrust a little more forcefully, accidentally gagging me several times. Each time I pulled off with a splutter and in that moment of gagging I could feel Alex’s cock twinge in excitement.

Alex groaned as I continued to suck greedily at his cock and after several minutes of soft thrusting he reluctantly pulled out.

‘No more.’ he protested with a voice drenched in desire. ‘Craven I need to fuck you. Turn around my darling, let me see that gorgeous bud of yours pulse for me.’

Spinning me around against the wall of the cubicle, I was intoxicated by the heat of the moment. Alexander’s hands yanked down my pants roughly, as if the urge to fill me was overwhelming. The heat from his palms smoothed over my naked arse and I presented it to him with a glorious arched back. My cock ached as he ran his cock lovingly up and down my anus. A warm trickle of his saliva fell onto my bud and he rubbed his cock to lubricate my eager bottom.

To my delight Alex lowered to his knees and I felt etlik escort his breath on my buns. His hands pulled my arse cheeks apart and his tongue swirled at the entrance of my passage. I’d never told Alex how much I loved a man licking my anus but it was something I was very partial to. My anal ring had always been so sensitive that I could easily come just by letting another man lick me down there. And I had enjoyed the experience many times.

I groaned in pleasure as Alex went down on my arse, intent on licking my anus like a juicy maraschino cherry. He teased me with artful rolls of his tongue and playful flicks that sent tingles of pleasure to my prick.

Alexander’s strong hand reached around for my hard cock as his tongue probed my anus. The soft wetness of his mouth slurped greedily at my arse and I cried out in tortured pleasurable agony as he slowly pumped my cock in his hand. Pushing my arse onto his hungry mouth, I clawed desperately at the wall as Alex stroked me harder. The slurping noises from behind and the feeling of being completely opened up by his ravenous wet tongue sent me into a frenzy and I exploded with a groan, ejaculating over the wall and in his mischievous hand.

With sticky come-covered strokes, Alex pumped me until I was empty.

The bathroom door squeaked as someone entered the room, but I was too spent to care. My head fell forward limply as I caught my breath, but the moment of stillness was short-lived as Alex brought his hard cock to my anus.

‘Shhhh.’ he whispered, pushing his cock into my anal ring. ‘Someone just entered the bathroom.’

Indeed the door had opened and someone entered, no doubt eager to relieve themselves. Alex and I stood still as statues, unwilling for the intruder to realise we were rutting in our cubicle. The silence was unbearable and keeping still even more so, especially when there was a man’s cock stuffed in my arse. The sound of pissing filled the room and for a moment the odd reality of fucking in a bathroom returned to me.

What the fuck were we doing?

Alex brought his arm around my chest as he pushed his cock up into me and I bit into his forearm to stifle the moan from my mouth. Refusing to stop his pleasure for the sake of the intruder, Alex held himself deep into my arse and rutted me in short thrusts. Hitting my prostrate repetitively I was being pleasured beyond control and a groan escaped from my lips as the intruder began to wash their hands at the noisy sink.

‘Shhhh.’ urged Alex with a grin, running his hands up my shirt.

His fingers pinched at my nipples and roughly moved up to wrap around my jaw and neck. He directed me to his mouth and kissed me deeply as he continued to fuck my arse with intense deep penetrations. Moaning softly into his mouth, I accepted each thrust with a deep kiss.

As soon as the door closed and the patron had left, Alex pulled out his cock and rammed back in hard.

‘My god!’ I groaned ‘Your cock is amazing. You are…fuuuuuuck.’

Alexander stretched my ring with the tip of his bulbous head, enjoying the site of my gaping hole as he pushed in and out at the tip. My body opened for him and begged to be filled. It was obvious from our previous night that my companion enjoyed seeing my arse open and close for him as he played with it.

‘You have no idea.’ he purred, pushing his cock back in once more. ‘Craven I need to seed you, my darling.’ he growled into my ear. ‘Relax your bottom now and let me go as deep as I can reach. Let me take you completely. I want my cream deep inside you.’

My nerve endings were screaming at his cock pushed hard into me. I submitted obediently to him as I fell into that state of hazy lust. In that upcoming crescendo there was nothing but his large cock fucking me senselessly. Alex could have fucked me in front of that entire restaurant and I would have let him in that heated moment. His pelvis bounced against my arse as he thrust harder and harder, causing the cubicle to bang noisily. His meaty hardon drove deep and he held me flat against his chest, his abdomen tightening as he groaned in ecstasy and spurted his seed into my bowels.

At that moment I knew I was his.

The sensation of his final thrust sent me over the edge and I came again, my cock throbbing in delight as I spurted once more in a pulse of ecstasy. Sweat drenched my skin and I turned around to be greeted by Alexander’s hungry mouth.

‘Craven you make me feel so fucking incredible.’ smouldered Alex ‘Wicked one, look at the mess in this cubicle. Look at the mess you’ve made of me?’

Alex chuckled as he tucked in his clothing, neatening himself up as he exited the cubicle. Running the tap, he carefully wiped away the incriminating splashes of semen that had flecked on both our trousers. Thankfully we were wearing dark colours.

‘I think you may have played a tiny part in that?’ I teased, pulling up my trousers. ‘Fuck me, what a fantastic entrée.’

Alex laughed, shaking his head. ‘The food here is intolerable compared to that.’ he mused.

Raising a brow, I grinned. ‘I thought this place was five stars?’

‘Oh, it is.’ informed Alex airily, lacing his fingers through mine. ‘Come on, let’s eat before I get ravenous again.’

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