The Motel Meeting


I have been traveling all week to different towns to sell my products. Sitting in my motel room I decide that I am going to spend the weekend here so I can get out too see the city and finish up my paperwork from my week. Wanting to relax I get a shower and go down to the bar to have a drink.

As I sit at the bar and sip a glass of wine you come over and sit close to me. You look amazing dressed up for a date night and I ask you where your date is. You tell me he is stuck in a traffic jam and should be here soon. We talk as you wait for your date to arrive and your phone begins to ring. When you answer the phone you keep saying ok but you don’t want to. You hang up the phone and I ask what it is you don’t want to do.

You tell me he kept telling me to use his card and have fun tonight because they are not going to clear the road for a couple of hours. Asking if you would show me around the city you tell me that you are not sure. I say that your boyfriend is stuck in traffic and dressed the way you are. You need to show it off.

You agree that you need to show off the way you are dressed and tell me about a place close where we can go dance. When we get there you look around and say there are plenty of guys here to dance with and I tell you that I want you to dance with me. We get on the dance floor as a slow song is playing and I get to feel your face against mine. You are soft and feel wonderful touching me cheek to cheek.

Unable to resist any longer I turn to you and kiss you softly. Your soft lips feel wonderful against mine and my excitement builds higher. Our breasts are pressing against each other and I can feel your nipples getting hard. I ask you if you would like to go back to the motel and we can get to know each other better.

We get back to the motel and head for my room. As we get inside I kiss you tenderly then we sit on the bed and talk as we softly touch each other. I slide my hand softly up and down your leg moving it close to your pussy each time. You open your legs as I slide my hand under your dress and tenderly touch your pussy. You caress my breasts and we kiss passionately as I slide my fingers up and down your pussy.

Standing up I take your hand and pull you up as well. Putting my arms around you I find the zipper for your dress and begin pulling it down. We kiss tenderly and you start unzipping my dress also. When I have your dress undone I pull it off of your shoulders and let it drop to the floor. You finish removing my dress and we let our bodies touch.

As our bodies press together I softly slide my hands down your back and gently squeeze your butt. Feeling your nipples pressing into my breasts has me tingling all over. Sliding my hand between escort izmir us I softly rub your pussy and gently touch your clit. When I touch your clit you jump with excitement and kiss me passionately. Slowly I push my fingers inside your pussy as we stand kissing each other.

You suggest that we lie down on the bed and we lie down and embrace each other again. My fingers return to your pussy and I slowly slide them in and out of you. My excitement is sky high as I rub my hand against your clit and you start kissing my breasts. I feel your body trembling as I slide my fingers in and out of you. Your lips are around my nipples as you suck them into your mouth. Shaking you tell me through your moans that you are cumming.

You kiss my breasts one more time then push me onto my back as you get between my legs. Softly you kiss down to my pussy and gently kiss my clit. Trembling with anticipation I moan loudly as you kiss my clit. Softly you slide your tongue up and down my lips as I reach down and grab your hair. Pulling you against my pussy tighter you suck my clit into your mouth as I feel your fingers slide inside me. My mind is spinning as you slide your fingers in and out of me. I begin to shake as you suck my throbbing clit harder and my orgasm crashes through me.

Holding onto your hair I pull you up and kiss you passionately. Having you move up farther I pull you on top of me and softly kiss the inside of your legs. You reach down and open the lips of your pussy then start rubbing it in my tongue. Your hard clit rubs against my tongue as I massage your breasts and pinch your nipples. Your moaning causes my passion to soar as I put my lips around your clit and begin sucking it. I can feel you trembling as your orgasm gets close. Your body starts shaking and your moans grow louder as your orgasm rolls through your body.

Lying down beside me we kiss passionately as our bodies press together. Moving around I get between your legs and put my legs around you. As our pussies touch it is like electricity is running through us. Rocking my hips back and forth our pussies rub against each other as our desires rocket skyward. You grab my breasts and squeeze them hard as I push harder against your pussy. Our clits rub together and our moaning gets louder as the excitement between us is out of control. Screaming out from pleasure we begin to shake as we erupt in a beautiful orgasm. Exhausted we lye on the bed and snuggle up to one another. Holding each other close we fall asleep drifting off to dream.

In the morning I am awakened by a phone ringing. As I look for it you wake up also and tell me it is your phone and it is your boyfriend calling. Taking your phone out of your pocketbook you answer izmir escort bayan the phone and after you inform him you are fine you start to argue with your boyfriend. You hang the phone up and tell me that he is upset that you never called him to let him know that you were safe and going to spend the night with me.

We get dressed and you show me around then you take me to an adult store. Going inside we look at the different toys that they have and we pick out a couple of them for tonight then think it would be fun to get back at your boyfriend for his phone call this morning.

We wait for your boyfriend in the bar with our plan all figured out. When he walks in he comes over and sits down beside you. You talk with him for a few minutes then whisper in his ear and you both get up from the bar. You take my hand and we start towards my room. As we are walking he keeps squeezing your butt and pulling you against himself.

When we get in my room we both begin kissing him as we remove his clothes. When all of his clothes are removed he starts helping us take each other’s clothes off. When we are all naked we press our bodies against him and both of us wrap a hand around his erection. Slowly we slide our hands up and down his erection as we have him sit in a chair. As he sits down you get on your knees between his legs and start kissing his erection.

You slide his erection in and out of your mouth as I take his hand and tie them to the back of the chair. As you are sliding his erection in and out of your mouth you tie his ankles to the legs of the chair. When we have him secured and unable to move you stop sliding your mouth up and down on him.

We move over to the bed as we leave him tied to the chair with a raging erection. We kiss tenderly as he watches and your hand slides between my legs. Softly you slide your hand back and forth over my pussy sending chills of excitement through me. You slowly push your fingers inside me and knowing that he can only watch makes the feeling even more exciting. The passion between us is sending my head into a spin as I begin to shake and my orgasm rocks my body.

He is asking us to let him go but I push you down onto the bed and get on my knees between your legs. Slowly I slide my tongue up and down your pussy. I can feel you trembling with excitement as you moan and say how wonderful it feels. He tries to get loose and begs us to release him as I softly kiss your clit and send shockwaves through you. Your moans grow louder as I start sucking your clit and slide my fingers inside you. Moving my fingers in and out as I suck your clit has you shaking and your moans getting louder. You start screaming that you are about to cum as my fingers move izmir escortlar in and out of you faster. Your body tenses and you start jerking as your body is reeling from your orgasm.

You get into the bag of toys we purchased at the adult store and pull out the strap on dildo. I help you put it on and I am tingling all over just thinking about what you are going to do to me. When we have it in place and pulled tight you bend me over on the bed and tell him you are going to show him how to take care of a woman.

He begs us more wanting us to let him go so he can join us as you place the dildo against my pussy. I am trembling with excitement knowing what you are going to do and that he can only watch as it happens. You slide the dildo inside me and hold my hips as you move your hips sliding it in and out of me. You start spanking my butt as you push in and out and my excitement is soaring. My moans become screams of pleasure telling you to do it harder. I reach back and start rubbing my clit as I begin shaking and screaming that I am cumming.

I rise up and we put our arms around each other as we kiss passionately. You take the strap on off and I put it on then we get on the bed. You have a good view of everything as I get between your legs and slowly push it inside you. As I move up and down sliding the dildo on and out of you I lean down and kiss your nipples tenderly. Gently I start biting your nipples as your moans get louder. You wrap your legs around me as I push into your harder. A feeling of desire I have never known is rushing through me as I feel you starting to tremble and shake. Your moans are loud as you tense your body and your orgasm thunders through you.

We get up and go over to him then we both sit on his legs and rub our pussies against him. You ask if we should untie him and let him join us. I tell you that we should and see if he has learned anything about pleasing a woman. First we untie his ankles and as we remove the ropes you kiss his erection and he immediately erupts in an orgasm. We begin to laugh at him and tell him he will have to do better than that.

We untie his hands and lead him over to the bed. You sit down and lean back as you wrap your legs around him and pull him to you. He places his erection against your pussy and pushes into you. Slowly he slides his erection in and out of you and I move over top of you and put my pussy against your tongue. Your moans vibrate through my clit as he slides in and out of you. He is rubbing your clit with his fingers as you suck my clit. Both of us are moaning loudly as we start to tremble and the excitement has him sliding in and out of you faster and harder. We all start shaking and we explode in an amazing orgasm with fireworks bursting in our minds.

I have to leave early in the morning so we get in the shower and playfully wash each other. When we finish we get out and as we dry off we make plans to meet again in a month when I return.

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