The Explosive Interlude


She was a middle-aged woman, over weight, shy and lonely. If she let the truth be told, she was horny as well. The loneliness/horniness got her started dabbling with cyber sex. She had been cybering for about 2 months. She found it to be very empowering. She didn’t have to be beautiful or appealing, just able to express her hidden desires in an erotic way. It came to her like second nature she was amazed how easy it was for her to type the things she wanted to do. And how willing men were to respond to her.

She originally started chatting at a different site and had come across a lot of different types of men. Some she blocked immediately, others that were just a one time chat and a very few that she talked to regularly. She talked not only about sex but about personal things as well.

She had been brought to Lit by one of her “regulars” for a little game he wanted to play with her. She immediately liked the site and became a frequent visitor. She would log in, be very quiet and scroll through the names, looking for one that peaked her interest. When she came across such a name she would read the profile, if still interested she would PM them and wait for a response.

That is exactly what she was doing when she found him. His name was very sweet, his profile very intriguing so she PM’d him and waited. It didn’t take long for him to respond, she liked that it let her know that he pays attention. Their conversation started casually, small chit chat, sharing basic info. She is 38/f/ky divorced, he is 49/m/oh married. He apologized about the divorce and she told him there was no need, she was very glad about it. It had been very freeing for her. She felt very comfortable talking to him so she began to share more about herself. About the marriage and it’s problems, her children, she has 4 teens, her abortion. That is a big step for her to share that and he was gentle and very understanding about it. He shared with her as well. They talked personally for quite a while with occasional hints of sexual innuendos, very small hints. She liked him he was very intriguing and he didn’t seem to be hung up on what she looked like, as a matter of fact he never asked.

The conversation started to turn more sexual; he was feeling her out seeing what her boundaries were. They talked about phone sex and she let him know that she really enjoyed it. One of her turn-ons is to hear men speak. She called herself a connoisseur of male voices. This sparked his interest and put the thought of them talking live in his head, (as if it wasn’t already there). She asked him to describe his voice and he said that he really didn’t know how to but he would love for her to hear it. She had already entertained the idea herself. He said that he would give her his number and she could call him. She told him that she would give him hers. He said it was only fair they exchanged numbers and that he would like to send her a picture as well. She gave him the email address and he sent it. She told him that he looked familiar to her.

She decided to send him a picture as well, not something she did lightly but, there was something about him that drew her in made her want to share with him. He opened her picture and said that she had a beautiful face and he loved her eyes. He felt the same familiarness that she had, like they had met before. With that she gave him her phone number and he called her.

With the word hello from him she was hooked. She told him that she loved his voice; that he has a voice she can fall into. He wasn’t quite sure what she meant. She explained that when he speaks she feels completely surrounded by him, by his voice, his tone, his words. It is very erotic goes straight to the core of her being. He loves that he is having this effect on her. He tells her that he likes her voice as well, it is Midwestern with an underlying hint of southern, very sexy.

He said the word pussy and she melted instantly, wet from the way he pronounced it. She let out a quiet but noticeable moan of delight. Must get him to say this word again, she thought. What an affect it had on her body.

They ended up talking all night, discussing anything and everything. There seemed to be no bounds. They talked about what wording she was comfortable with. He definitely knew the word pussy was good. Every time he said it she softly moaned. He liked that, liked that his voice had such an open, pleasant, erotic affect on her. They teased about meeting. He said he had a trip coming up that would be fairly close to her and she could drive up to see him. Both laughing about it, but underneath both considering it seriously. Neither could put their finger on it but some how they knew this was different.

As their conversation started to come to an end she told him that he could call her whenever he wanted, even three in the morning, this appealed to him. He told her he would be traveling home that day and he would like to call her while he was enroute. She said that would be fine, butterflies fluttering in her stomach. They said their sultangazi escort good-byes and the line is disconnected.

It was hard for her to get through the day, not only from lack of sleep. Although that was a small part of it, but mostly from the excitement of hearing his voice again. It had penetrated her. She called his cell number out of curiosity. She ended up in the VM but didn’t leave a message. He called her back, which surprised her. He said that he had been in a meeting and saw it was her so he excused himself so he could return her call. Truth be told her voice had penetrated him as well. He told her that they would talk while he was waiting for his flight. The line is disconnected.

She rushed home after work not wanting to miss his call. Just as she pulled in the driveway he was calling. They spent the next couple of hours engrossed in each other. The comfort between them was amazing. They talked about the each others picture and the fact that it felt like they knew each other from somewhere. They can’t put their finger on it but know it is there somewhere in their past.

He was sitting in an airport in MD, in an out of the way corner. They discussed any inhibitions either might have. She let him know that she would be open to try anything. He asked her about anal and she told him of her unpleasant experience with her ex-husband. But that she felt with the right person it would be wonderful. He thought to himself he would like to be the one she experience it with for the first time. He couldn’t believe he was talking to her like this, not only having small talk with this amazing creature. But having phone sex with her as well. She was so erotic and uninhibited. He loved the sound of her breathing as he described what he wanted to do and with her. The sound of her gentle moaning man what a turn on.

They discussed her upcoming trip to Canada to meet someone from online. He knew then that the possibility of them meeting for real was even greater. After all she was willing to drive 2300 miles to meet someone what would 450 be. And he knew that he must meet her, must at least experience her sexually once. There was something about her, that he just had to make love to her for real. What he didn’t know was that she felt the same way.

It finally was time for his flight. He let her know it would probably be Tuesday evening before she would hear his voice again. It was hard to call on the weekends, he would be traveling again on Tuesday, hoping to entice her to meet him.

She jokingly told him that he would not be able to wait that long he would be online or call her later that night. That he would be laying there awake at 3am thinking about what she said, “call me anytime even 3 in the morning”, and he would be drawn to her. Either online or by phone. He gave her a smartassed laugh, but he knew it was true and he knew he would have to fight the urge very hard. The both reluctantly ended the call. The line is disconnected.

She waited up that night hoping to hear from him somehow, but he was quiet. He lay in his bed battling the urge , the draw she had on him. He was able to beat it. They both lay in their separate worlds, sharing the same thoughts and remembering every second of the last 24 hours. Amazing what a difference a day can make.

He did call her a couple of times throughout the weekend. They discussed seriously their desire to meet and the possibility of her coming to him on Thursday. She said that she would check on Monday if she could get Friday off, if so then she would be there. He anxiously waited for the answer. He was experiencing butterflies now.

She phoned him Monday morning, wanting to tease him about the answer but she couldn’t contain herself. She told him that she will be off on Friday and would be there Thursday night. They both couldn’t believe it. In four more days they would be together, he told her it was fate. That fate had been carrying this whole thing so far. She had scoffed before when he mentioned this, but was now starting to wonder. He told her he would call her while he traveled on Tuesday. The line is disconnected.

They both had the same thought, they had only met four days ago and were now going to be meeting face to face. Were they crazy or just fulfilling fate? Either way there was no turning back.

They talked early Tuesday, very briefly. She knew he would be driving later that day and tried to reach him around 1:00 her time. Hoping to catch him while he was on the road. She got his VM but again didn’t leave one, she rarely does. She called him again about 3:00 her time and was able to reach him. He said something about a message that she didn’t understand and she didn’t ask him to explain. She told him she hadn’t gotten his message yet. He mentioned fate again and she still didn’t get it. They chatted for a quick moment and then told her he would call her from the hotel later that night. The line is disconnected.

When she got back to work she listened arnavutköy escort to the message he was talking about. It told her to call him at about 3:00 her time. So that’s what the comment was about, she had done this without even knowing. Oh my the fate thing playing another card. She was starting to believe it more and more. It seemed as if everything was falling into place.

He called her that night and they talked the majority of it. At first talking on the phone and online, then taking a 2 hour break. He called again at 3 and they finished out the night. The intimacy between them intensified, if that was possible. She told him that she was laying on her be naked playing with her clit. He talked to her while she continued. He told her how he would massage her. Rub her all over, gently caressing her, moving his hands to her nipples. Running his palms over them making them hard. He would slide his face down to her pussy (moan). Run his tongue over her opening, just barely touching it. Looking up into her eyes watching her reaction, feeling her body respond to him.

She lay there playing with herself, being absorbed and surrendering to his words. Then she hit the point of approaching ecstasy. He could tell she was starting to roll. He talked to her so gently, she closed her eyes and imagined him there touching her, doing all he said he would to her. She heard him ask if she was rolling, a term she had never heard before but she knew exactly what he meant. She moaned yes. She could not speak just listen and feel his words as they penetrated her, made her hotter and wetter.

He talked about rolling her onto her stomach, rubbing her shoulders, back, thighs, calves, feet, toes and then when she couldn’t take anymore her ass. Gently spreading her ass cheeks, sliding his finger into her pussy (moan). Getting his finger wet and then gently, slowly sliding into her ass. Going as far as she will let him. Being patient with her wanting this to be a wonderful experience for her.

Once her ass is comfortable with the one finger he will slowly slide in a second, again slowly letting her become comfortable with it. And as she adjusts to that he will slowly exchange the two fingers for his dick inside her virgin ass. Filling her, letting her relax. Then moving it in and out slowly, wrapping his other hand under her thigh, playing with her clit.

She laid on her bed imagining all he was saying wanting him to be touching her in this way. She played with her clit and continued to roll. She knew that when he does this to her for the first time it will be wonderful. This is the most erotic experience of her life. Listening to his words, imagining his touch, she continued to roll. He tells her that after she is relaxed he starts to move in and out of her ass . That she instinctively pushes her hips back to him spreading her legs and opening wider for him.

Her breathing becomes heavier, more labored and he knows she is getting ready for the big climax. That she has been gently cumming for the last 15-20 minutes but she has finally built to “the” point. He continues to talk to her tell her how much he wants to be in her. Sucking her pussy (she moans), licking her pussy (moan), touching her pussy (moan), finger fucking her pussy (MOAN), pussy (MOAN), pussy (MOAN), my pussy (MOAN). He repeats pussy to her over and over. She moans louder and louder. Her breathing faster almost panting. PUSSY (YES), YOUR PUSSY (YES), MY PUSSY (YES), I WANT YOUR PUSSY (YES), IT IS MY PUSSY (YES), PUSSY (YES), PPPPUUUUSSSSYYYY (YYYYEEEESSSS). She feels it flowing , feels the explosion between her legs, feels all the blood rush to her head, feels herself border on blacking out. He continues to say the word PUSSY, she lets out the last of her moans along with releasing the last of her cum. She moans, yes, oh my yes. This is the strongest orgasm she has ever had. All she can think is if he can do this over the phone imagine what it really feels like in person.

It is now the wee hours of the morning, they have spent another amazing night together. He kisses her tells her goodnight. She begs for one more minute. He kisses her again. The line is disconnected.

The talk Wednesday. The excitement building for Thursday. They discuss her trying to get off early to get an earlier start. It is after all a 7 hour drive. He tells her that he wants her in bed early tonight to save her energy for the drive and their night of passion. He asks if she has any special requests, anything to drink, eat, toy, anything her heart desires. She says, “Peach Schnaupps, the rest is up to him.” She wants him to surprise her.

He tantalizes her imagination just enough. Tells her that he will let her take a shower when she gets there to freshen up from the road. There will be candlelight, alcohol and a special toy for her. After the shower they will sit on the couch and have a drink to relax both of them. He will massage her neck and shoulder, and the next move will be up to her. No pressure, başakşehir escort she calls the shots. All she can think is “Damn, he is good.” She can’t wait. She does share with him her apprehension that he might be disappointed with her looks. He tells her no, he won’t be. But she does not believe him, she thinks that he will be and then won’t know what to do to get out of the situation. She will think about that and provide one for him. The rest of the conversation was fine tuning details, sweet words spoken. Then the good-byes. The line is disconnected.

Thursday morning she is filled with anticipation, tingling all over. She asks about leaving early and it is approved. She can not believe it is all falling into place. He keeps talking about fate and she is starting to believe it. She gets through the day, works her ass off to get everything done to be able to go. Her bags are already loaded in her van, there is one last minute errand with the kids and she will be on her way to him. He does not know of her early departure and she decides to toy with him a little. See what his true reaction is to her visit.

He calls her at about 6 her time to see how it is going. She tells him that she hasn’t even left yet. There is a hint of disappointment in his voice, though he tried to cover it up. He asks what’s going on. She says she got out of work late and it will be a while, about an hour before she will be able to leave. Again a hint of disappointment in his voice as he tries to sound understanding. And then starts to calculate her ETA, if you leave there in an hour you will be here in about 7 which would make it between 1 and 2. Disappointed hinted at again, “but we will still have 6 hours so that is good.” She is very pleased with his reaction knowing that he is looking forward to it as much as she is. She decides to let him in on the joke and tells him that she left at about 3:30 her time and is making good time. She hears a sigh of relief from him. He doesn’t want her to know how much he is looking forward to this. How much he is desiring and lusting for her. He tells her he is going to nap and he will check in on her later. The line is disconnected.

They talk several time throughout her trip. When she gets to the toll road (the last let of the journey), she decides to be facetious again. She calls him, tells him that she thinks she has messed up she hasn’t gotten to the ticket booth yet, she thinks she made a wrong turn. He asks her if there is a highway sign, sounds of franticness in his voice. She is loving this she can tell he wants her so bad and this makes her pussy wet. She starts naming off towns that she sees on signs, tells him she doesn’t see a highway sign. He still hasn’t caught on. He says, “let me get my map.” He is desperate to find her to guide her to him.

She says wait here is a highway sign. She reads it to him, letting him in on the joke. Again he sighs with relief, this time it is more noticeable, he loves her sense of humor but damn if she isn’t trying to give him a heart attack. His body needs her. She knows that he wants her, that he can already feel her, taste her, smell her, his desire for her is growing stronger. She is still afraid he will be disappointed with her physical attributes and admits this to him. He tries to reassure her. She tells him that if he is not happy to let her know. She will go stay somewhere else and it will be fine. He tells her in a soft tone not to worry he will not be disappointed. She says, “Ok”, reluctantly letting it go. She also told him that she was with in 40 miles of him. He tells her to call when he gets to the exit so he can wait for her in the parking lot. She says ok. The line is disconnected.

She makes a planned stop at the last gas station before his exit. She went out and bought a sexy white spaghetti strapped tank top with a built in bra. It makes her tits look bigger, (this is totally out of her character). She figures if she makes her nipples look great he will ignore the rest of her. She goes in and changes clothes, putting on the white shirt, her jeans and sandals. She freshens her make-up, fluffs her hair and heads back out to the van. She wants her nipples to be really hard so that he can see them through the shirt so as she is driving she lifts her shirt and lets the cold air from the vent hit her nipples making them hard.

He is sitting there wondering why she hasn’t called, why she isn’t there yet. He phones her, she tells him that she needed to stop. He asked if it was unplanned, she said no planned and he was intrigued. Wondering what she had up her sleeve now. He is doubting that she is really coming, thinks she is pulling his leg again. He asks where she is, she starts to count the mile markers for him. He is not going to let her go until he at least knows she has gone through the toll booth. She tells him that she is approaching it. He hears a man tell her the cost and she pays. She knows he is doubting and asks if he believes her now. He says yes that he thought she was sitting at home teasing him, but now he believes her. She says that she still could be and that she could have a guy there acting like the toll booth attendant. He chuckles and is still wondering. He knows what she drives she told him. He says that he should be seeing her…… there she is, he waves at her. He now believes she is here and is so relieved. The line is disconnected.

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